The Outrage

Oh my goodness, I know that I am just as bad. Hence why I haven’t been on Twitter for about three days now. But do we have to be outraged by EVERYTHING. There are things we SHOULD be outraged about. Children dying in…camps…We should all be outraged. One died and there should have been no more. Nope. These are the things that I believe we should be upset about.

Sometimes I think we lose all perspective. I follow this live feed called “SafariLive” It’s fantastic! It’s basically a live internet feed where you can watch people who know what they’re talking about. Take you out on a safari, all from the comfort from your own home.

Lately, they’ve gone through a lot of changes and they are getting rid of a lot of people. I think, from what I’ve read, it’s based on a last hired, first to go, type deal. So on all the pages this has caused all sorts of confusion and snipes. Mainly from the people who run the safari live pages on Facebook. It’s really annoying. Instead of being like this is what is happening (which they don’t actually know. They’re going off of Facebook pages). They’re saying to people “Do you REALLY think they wanted this to happen”. Which I keep finding unnecessary.

People are upset and actually don’t know what happened. Just because you have access to someones Facebook page, doesn’t make you an expert on a situation…At all. So to have a go at people, it’s just stupid. I actually told them off,lol. I wrote a post about stop sniping at each other and to stop speaking to others like a “know-it-all”. Just because there’s Laws to employment in South Africa, doesn’t mean they follow it.

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Lets get back to what matters.




Finding it in your heart to forgive can be healing for you

(I don’t know if it’s still there…I found it a little ironic, that the article was all about forgiveness. Then the next related article was “Things we can’t forgive Prince Charles for”)


Half Way There

Can you believe that we are roughly halfway through the year?

Are you satisfied where you are up too at the time of the year? Have you been meeting your goals? I thought I might just give a quick run down of where I’m up too now.

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Goodreads: So far in Goodreads, I am behind my Goodreads goal, only by one book.

Currently Reading: “Caraval” by Stephanie Garber and “The Confessions of Catherine de Medici” by C.W. Gortner

Any issues: I actually DNF for a very popular book. So popular I don’t even want to write the name of the novel. I was so sad about it as well, I bought and it looks huge. But I was finding myself getting bored with all the romance. It was kind of like watching Fantastic Beasts 2, I kept waiting for more Beasts and it just never seemed to happen.


So this has been an interesting one. It goes up and down so quickly! I still have to work out what people like about my page. Just when I think that I’ve got it together, I go and lose like 10 followers in one day. It’s bizarre! Find me here.

But Instagram is probably my favourite social media feed. I connect with others about our anxieties and how to handle them. I’m always finding new artist and new animal pages. I want to utilise it more, but trying to figure it out, because it’s so fickle,lol.


Past: So my cholesterol was really high a couple of months ago. My Doctor decided that instead of going straight onto medication, to change my lifestyle for the next couple of months and see what happens.

Current: Now I am currently seeing an nutritionist and a excersioligst. So far, through diet and low-impact exercise. I have lost three kilos, which is fantastic. I have no idea though what my cholesterol is right now, I’ll find out in about another months time.

I am so over struggling with finding fun recipes though.

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