Is it in my face?

Does this face say…

Does that face say…

I watch Married at First Sight

Watch “Romantic Comedies”.

I watch Love Island

I read romance novels?

Okay … Maybe a little bit

Do you know how many times I’ve been told “You watch married at first sight, right”?

Okay, people … I am the same person who threw a Halloween party, and none of you knew who the real killers were in that game, where you have to guess who the real life monsters are/were. I said to every single one of you, that maybe…just maybe…I am obsessed with real life crime.

No, I would not like the romance novel for Christmas, haha.

I know its the thought that counts, and I would read any book I was given…But if given a choice…No, lol

Listen to the Music

I love music, it definitely can change my mood. Halloween music can definitely get me in the mood of Halloween, and Samhain type Celtic music, makes me feel humbled, and that I should do more to honour those who have passed. Now I was thinking of doing my 5 favourite Halloween and 5 favourite Samhain…But I think I might stick with Samhain, for the moment. Everyone else will probably do a Halloween one anyway, lol

This probably my most favorite one…I even have it on my ipod…The Spiral Dance

Bernard Alvarez

If you haven’t heard this one, this one makes me feel wicked, but in a good way.


Heather Dale

Lisa Thiel is a well known Celtic and Pagan genre type singer


I have so much of her music!

Yao Wen Liang

She is one of my favourites

Loreena McKennitt

166K subscribers

Getting ready!

I am spending this weekend getting ready for Halloween. Here is Australia, we not as “crazy” as Americans are about it…Well I would like it be more crazy, one of the things I like about America (haha). There’s going to be no party this year though =( Too many ‘crazy’ things, especially with my Gran. We have no idea when she’ll be accepted into a home yet, and from what we know you only get a couple of days to get her in there.

HOWEVER! I am still going to be doing “trick and treat”. I figure that to get into the “spirit” (haha) of some fun, I’ll start to set up for that. I’ve got all sorts of things, and trick and treat type buckets from previous years and previous Halloween parties. Halfway through the month of “Halloween”, good time to start. I probably need to think of something to wear, to answer the door with.

I am a Unicorn Child…

So a TERF yesterday tried to insult us all, by calling us Unicorn Children. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I’m not usually too bothered by “insults” Especially when they’re repetitive insults, and not really that affective, or even close to the truth.

Like Unicorn Child…

Who would you rather be? A hateful, bitter “old” bigot, or a Unicorn child? It’s not even a competition really, haha.

I’m scared of kids, but the biggest reason. They see the world as it is, they see you as is. Kids are like horses, they know I’m scared of them, but respect them too. Kids and animals just GET this world, and we lose that as we get older. We really do. Then I think for some, it does change when your children have their children.

Little Mix

What a Friday!

Oh my goodness, what a Friday this has been! Even from this morning, it’s just been go and go and go.

It started off with the food delivery, sometimes my partner and I get “lazy” and order our groceries to be delivered. Well, we got everything we bought, not even a single substitution. However, we got 10 cans of dog food, special clothes washing powers for sensitive skin (which might actually work well for me), and fancy toilet paper. When I rang to tell them about it, because of COVID we can’t even take it back to the store.

Then when I dealt with that, I got a call from my Mum. It’s a working day for her, I never get a call from my mum on a working day. My heart went instantly into my mouth. Turns out, it’s all fine, she was just nervous, because she’s looking at a home for my Gran, without my Aunt, because it is also a working day for my Aunt.

THEN, you might notice. I am not writing a post about my new working website. That is all sorted now, HOWEVER, after the call from my Mum. I think got a call from my job provider about a job, I had applied for and how the people want to see me. Now when I applied for the job (and it does really interesting. Digitising History), it said “casual”. When I went a talked to my provider, they said it’s likely going to be full time. That isn’t casual…at all! The interview is next week, so I will ask about that…But, if I get it and it is full time…

THEN…! The NSW Premier (Sydney’s state leader) had a important announcement. She’s resigning! For a second, I was relieved, she is SUCH a snob, and such a Federal Government lackey. She is the reason that NSW is in the state it is now in, she’s one of those “leaders” that chose to ignore health and medical advice. Honestly, I don’t think she’s thought about the Hospitals or ICU’s in NSW once.

This is the big news though. She is not resigning over COVID.

Live updates: NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigns after ICAC announces investigation into relationship with Daryl Maguire

This has been going on since last year.

Mid Week…Stupid Tweets

Have I got some good ones for you!

You know Trump sent a love letter to Kim Jong Un…Maybe ask him for some advice?

You know, though transphobia and TERFs aren’t part of a cult. They’re just going around with porn folders in their phones, but it’s trans people with the fetishes.

This is Victoria’s Opposition (Melbourne, Australia), complaining that the current popular leader didn’t need to buy 4000 ICU beds in the end…I don’t even know how to end that, lol.

Not a tweet, but, if you need a cartoon or animation to be more “life like” to feel better about your body. May I suggest a better support system, or a therapist?

Money, Money, Money…

Must be funny, in a rich man’s world.

So, here’s my deal today. I have to wait one more week until I can get my site up and running properly. I will need money to set it up properly, lol. That is so life, isn’t it? You need money to make money, haha. I’ve been trying to find my way around certain things all week, and I just can’t.

I get welfare next week, and though it will impact me trying to save for Christmas it’d be worth it. You gotta get money to make money, haha.


I was also this old when I realised that Anni-Frid, was the lead vocals on this song…Good for her! Now Princess Anni-Frid, by the way…

Countries need better journalists.

We just do. I think it should be a rule or a Law, that is you spread misinformation regarding serious situations like COVID. If it was intentional, you should be pulled off air. If it was intentional, but that journalist’s what to “play”, be pulled off the air. When they make mistake, not only should they correct it in a BIG way, but they should go back to journalism school and re-learn how to verify things.

The ones that are any good, you rarely hear from, because like Murdoch. A lot of loud journalists like to make themselves the story. I think we, as a society, all over the world need to promote these good journalists ourselves. Murdoch and co aren’t going to do it.

I say it’s time the people start listening and start promoting the journalists that they want to hear from, rather than let industries like Murdoch do it for us. Let’s do this thing!

I would LOVE to hear of any good journalists, in each of your countries.

One week!

Okay, next week…My website is going up. I am doing it! No more putting it off! Yes, money is a big part of it, haha =D

This week I completed a advanced spreadsheet class, as part of study that I’m doing. It was a big part of way I was putting it off. I realised how handy spreadsheets can be, especially when you’re doing something on your own. Like, there is SO much you can do! This next is going to be setting up a spreadsheet to help myself.

I also still haven’t been able to figure out how to cancel payments, or give refunds. Which is pretty important, lol.