Disappointment thy name is 2020

I was just thinking of the first time that I was disappointed in a celebrity. I started to think about it, after, well, you know, the millionth celebrity to come out as a horrible person this year.

A lot of the cast of MCU seem to have a SERIOUS case of the man flu. I also remembered WHY I unfollowed Chris Pratt too begin with. Last name pratt, PRATT by nature…I initially unfollowed Chris Pratt because he got rid of his SENIOR CAT…The excuse? He and Anna were having a new baby soon, only new parents would understand that they shouldn’t have to clean up the cat as well. By the way…YES, YOU DO! If it was a kitten or a puppy, sure…but a SENIOR ANIMAL! NO, they are family!

You clean them up like you clean a new born.

So apparently, this inspired the meme game which Chris is the worst Chris. Chris Pratt…overwhelmingly, the WORST, and can’t say I blame them. Also, there’s a rumor he may be a Trump Supporter. Anyway, for some reason some of the MCU cast, decided that they just HAD to defend Chris.

The reason people are angry at this clear tone deaf response?


The only evidence I was shown was ONE interview with James Gunn, defending the choice of Zendaya, because she’s POC…Oh! Of course the AMAZING Don Cheadle stood up for the ladies ❤ Much love ❤ But he was IT.

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One other EXCUSE I heard was that she had asked them not too. Which isn’t really the world’s greatest defense. Yeah…I’m sure that was TOTALLY it!

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I see a lot of transphobes say “The reason they hate us, the reason they call us bigots, is because we’re women”!

First…Deluded or what!

Second and most importantly…If the people on your “side” are:

  1. Racists
  2. Conservatives
  3. Conservative Christians
  4. Tories
  5. Trump
  6. Johnson
  7. Other bigots
  8. People who have literally been kicked off of social media for their bigotry.
  9. MRA’s
  10. Anti-Feminists

Call me crazy, if you will. But people MIGHT be calling your side bigots, not because you’re women, but because you are a bigot!lol

Also cis people, quit speaking for communities that are not your own!

Let’s just go for it!…Nudity!

I am starting to wonder if a lot of people’s problems these days, are because they’re just really uptight. Even when people insist it’s everybody else that has the “pervy” problem. It’s normally the person projectng their own insecurities.

Which got me thinking.

How often do you actually hear of nudists having a sexual harassment or violence problem? Maybe that’s the trick! We all just need to become nudists and then maybe we wont all be so hung up on our bodies, and the bodies of others?

I am a Lioness! So are you!

I don’t know about you all, but I am so over other women acting like women are delicate little flowers. We’re not!

What is up with TERFs needing men to defend them as well? I was just thinking about this the other day. All the TERF’s I’ve interacted with also refer back to a man, or to a man that is CLEARLY using manipulative gas-lighting techniques.

Abortions – No uterus no opinion.

Trans women are “erasing” women…Oh, let’s totally get the men to speak for us then.

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Because that makes total sense. Men are trying to erase women, so let’s go to them for help…

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Every single “Woman Ally” that’s a man, also clearly uses manipulative gas-lighting techniques. When did we women get so freaking dumb?

So bad, they’re GOOD!

All day good feel posting today @ Mr Bump =P

I just wanted to know who is your favourite bad guy/lady? Can you relate to them? What first made you really like them?

I’m going to post below some of my favourite “bad guys” … *shivers all over* They do say that good girls, adore those bad boys!

Of course…Joker…

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Darth Vader…cause…well…IT’S DARTH VADER!

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Probably the worst of all the bad guys…

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They’re not so “bad”…Well, they think they are

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Ohhhhhhhhhh…can’t forget this guy! He’s so bad…he’s good! Well, actually he is a bad guy…LOOK AT THAT LOOK

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Cannot stress this enough!

Just because a person writes children’s books, (or children’s books that adults secretly read) does not make them an automatically a good person. You all are aware of this, right? Although I am going to mention Rolf Harris, I am directing it at another child’s author. A author who transphobes are trying to use that as justification, as why she can’t possibly be a bad person.

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot this year…It doesn’t matter if you’re a sci-fi writer, a romance writer, a crime writer, a children’s writer, a non-fiction writer…The writing, the book, does not make a person good or bad. A person is just bad or good.

Rowling, fantastic, that she got both children and adults (even though I always have…Yes, I’m gloating,lol) to read again…Stiiiiiiiiiill a bigot,lol. Just like Rolf Harris got people, children, into reading and being creative…Stiiiiiiiiill a pedophile.

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Funny, because they’re true

  • We have more tools than ever to communicate, but we communicate less.
  • We have better Science than the Dark Ages, but we still choose to listen to the Dark Ages (well, WE, don’t).
  • We understand better how humans works and think, but we still have no sympathy.
  • Transpeople have been around for decades if not centuries now, and transphobes be acting like they’ve just popped from a cabbage patch.

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  • We have better understanding of a lot of things, but we (not us “we”) still think that we know everything, while proving that we don’t.
  • We accuse others of what we do ourselves, while having the world at our fingertips to find out what we CAN do, rather than accuse others.
  • We have so many “Rights” for ourselves, but what about others?
  • Too be honest, there’s not much to be “funny” about. Does that make this sad, but true instead?

Be a Proud Sheep With Me!

Come my fellow herd! Come and be “sheepish” with me!

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Let’s … flock … together and show others that there are humans out there,that do care about them.

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Let’s be … wild … and show these bigots what sheep can do together! I’m sure that those clowns don’t know what we can do when put together.

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(no animals were harmed…I’m assuming…That terrier is rather small).

I’d rather be a sheep, than “them” any day! Which one do you trust more?

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So come at me, you bigoted, trump supporting, non-mask wearing, boot licking clowns!

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I’d rather be a sheep, than dead, a bigot or a trump supporter any second of the day! So why do they keep calling us that, like it’s a bad thing? And aren’t they just being a sheep, by not wearing a mask, because other people told them they don’t need too? I wear a mask because the Doctors and Scientist told me too. I wear a mask because Trump said we don’t need too,lol.