The Vatican Princess

I actually had a few people who seemed to be interested in this particular book. So I have finally sat down and wrote about this book. It’s been great to be able about this book in more detail.

The Vatican Princess: A Novel of Lucrezia Borgia:By C.W.Gortner

the vatican princess

*I just want to start this review off by writing that is purely based on my personal opinion. I have not been paid by anyone or any company to write this*

Too this day in modern History, Lucrezia Borgia, is one of the world’s most famous villainesses. Whether or not that’s completely justified, we will probably never be able to prove. Accused on incest, murder and poison vixen, luring men to their deaths. But what she just an unwilling pawn in her families games?

The biggest reason that I enjoyed this book was because, in the beginning at least. I really enjoyed the way that Gortner wrote Lucrezia, I absolutely believe that she was sweet and innocent. Someone who just wanted to love her family and their environment and just to basically be left alone. I felt like Gortner did Lucrezia Borgia a lot of justice with her character. She is written like a complete sweetheart. In other shows and books I’ve read of Lucrezia, they have written and given into the Myth of Miss Lucrezia Borgia.

Even with her rumoured romantic relationship with her brother, Cesare. A lot of other shows and books write like she enjoyed the incestuous relationship. Whereas with this book it’s written like Lucrezia, although not 100% without feelings, she has issues with it. This becomes even more apparent after Lucrezia begins to realise that Cesare is probably more obsessed with her, rather than in love with her. She does really her adore and treasure her husband in this book, Alfonso of Aragon. Which is probably a reason behind his murder by her brother.

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This is where my happy part of the review ends.

As soon as the book gets to about halfway through, it just seems to get real dark really quickly and seems to be purely for shock value. Rather than based on anything factual, and it really disturbed me. I think because I have a basic understanding of what the Borgia’s did. There was just one part that sincerely shocked me and then it put me off of the rest of the book.

I don’t mind a shock in a book, when it’s necessary, but I felt like the shock in this book was completely unnecessary. There was no proof of what was written even took place. Which I get to some extent that a lot on the Borgias are based on other people’s perspective, rather than actual fact. But I feel like, at least try. Don’t just write something completely horrible and shocking, just for the sake of it. Especially even when no one has heard this “myth” before.

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Muller Hearings

I felt like I needed to say a last thing about the Muller Hearings. Muller has never said that Trump is innocent. The situations shows that Americans need to #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica . I think that Trump Supporters thought he was a safe “bet” before, but I think they’ll be voting on mass now. Their complete and utter denial proves that too me.


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The funniest thing has been about how Trump supporters, and what they have been saying the Hearing clearly showed. That this Hearing showed that Trump was innocent and that it was a witch hunt. Cyndi “Lynch them” Hyde Smith actually said that Muller had said it was nothing more than a witch hunt. Where, she couldn’t actually point out.



The Outrage

Oh my goodness, I know that I am just as bad. Hence why I haven’t been on Twitter for about three days now. But do we have to be outraged by EVERYTHING. There are things we SHOULD be outraged about. Children dying in…camps…We should all be outraged. One died and there should have been no more. Nope. These are the things that I believe we should be upset about.

Sometimes I think we lose all perspective. I follow this live feed called “SafariLive” It’s fantastic! It’s basically a live internet feed where you can watch people who know what they’re talking about. Take you out on a safari, all from the comfort from your own home.

Lately, they’ve gone through a lot of changes and they are getting rid of a lot of people. I think, from what I’ve read, it’s based on a last hired, first to go, type deal. So on all the pages this has caused all sorts of confusion and snipes. Mainly from the people who run the safari live pages on Facebook. It’s really annoying. Instead of being like this is what is happening (which they don’t actually know. They’re going off of Facebook pages). They’re saying to people “Do you REALLY think they wanted this to happen”. Which I keep finding unnecessary.

People are upset and actually don’t know what happened. Just because you have access to someones Facebook page, doesn’t make you an expert on a situation…At all. So to have a go at people, it’s just stupid. I actually told them off,lol. I wrote a post about stop sniping at each other and to stop speaking to others like a “know-it-all”. Just because there’s Laws to employment in South Africa, doesn’t mean they follow it.

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Lets get back to what matters.