Not the obvious

I was watching a Documentary about Robin Williams, and my Mum and I were saying how much easier, we all could have gotten through the last few years with Robin Williams around.

Who do you miss, that may not be so obvious? So not like a family member or a friend. Robin Williams passed two years before Trump was President. Watch the Critic Awards Speech! Gold!

What is those people?

I don’t know if anyone else gets this happen to them too, or if it is just me. Do you have people who, you never hear from (mainly social media) wise platforms. Except, to tell you when they think you’re wrong? It’s just weird. I have a few people like on that on my Facebook and Twitter. Like, “friend” why are you here? If you never post to support me, why are you here, if you’re only “job” is to tell me how wrong you think I am about something?

I’ve never claimed to be perfect, and do, in fact, get things wrong. But when you only post to me when you think I’ve done something wrong, especially times when I know I’m not. Your reading comprehension is not up too me. Why are you my “friend”? Why are on my “friends list”.

Like, why write to someone to tell them how wrong you think someone is, when you clearly haven’t read what they’ve been talking about. Or even chatted with them recently, to get where you’re coming from?


One of the things that I REALLY love about Christmas is how much more people are willingly to donate or help others out. So I thought that I would post about a couple I’ve heard about or have donated too. This year and definitely more than other years, I’ve been donating. $5 dollars can make a lot of difference, especially if a lot of people do!

The first is for the animals, because who doesn’t love the animals.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The next is for the Rape Crisis Centers in Scotland. Now normally, I wouldn’t speak about just one rape crisis center. The way though the Centre was run OFF of social media by so called “concerned women”. It literally made me want to throw up. Especially when these “women” accused the Rape Centers of being on the wrong side of History. After though, people donated to them like you wouldn’t believe!

It made me believe in the GOOD in people again.

Just Giving Fundraiser – Brenna Jessie – 16 Swims for 16 Days.

One for the children. This was actually really hard to find, because a lot of charities that support children, have come under scrutiny for not supporting anyone who doesn’t fit their “criteria”.

I’ve gone with UNICEF, mainly because I don’t *think* I’ve heard of them being bad. How terrible is that? You might need to look at your local charities for the kids. In my state, in Australia, a lot of retail stores do what is called a “Christmas Wishing Tree”. Where you can either give a gift (has to be new or not ruined), donate money, or you can donate money to buy a gift to be put under the tree.

Good Cheer

Start the fire place, except if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, but on that jumper…except if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Crack open the bubbly, except if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere…then it’s … beer …

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I don’t drink beer, by the way, lol

Everywhere, it’s time to start playing your Christmas tunes…Yes, even we here in the Southern Hemisphere, we still have “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”.

When I’m putting up my tree, we always have at least one cd playing, that I bought from my teen years!

Hanson “Snowed In”.

A “new” cd that I have now. Well I call it “new”, but we always played it when we were younger and were putting up the Christmas Tree at my Pa’s and Gran’s house. Every year, since we’ve stopped doing that, I always sing or hum it around Christmas anyway. About two years ago, I decided to actually buy the cd.

Boney M Christmas.

Now I LOOOOOVE watching all classic South Park Christmas episodes, but I have one song in particular that I just adore.

Taurus Satoshi

You all didn’t have to agree so eagerly that I’ve been grumpy by the way! Hahahaha … Totally kidding!

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Ask and you shall receive

So, in case you hadn’t noticed that I have been a trans ally for a few months now. I always was really, but I’m actually getting involved. Mainly with the British and Scotland blatant transphobia. Trust me, when I say. It’s be the weirdest experience. Even though Trumps in charge, the American have been so much more accepting of their trans community. It feels odd to say that, that under a Trump Presidency, despite what he has done. Americans ARE accepting for the trans community.

Whereas the UK and Scotland, feel like with their trans “acceptance. It feels more like they want to follow Putin’s “idea” of acceptance. Which is to me is so bizarre, my mind literally cannot comprehend.

Anywhooo, so Australia’s pretty progressive’s with that stuff. Like, America, despite our Government, the people are more accepting. When Elliot Page came out as trans, it was the first time I saw “trans rights are human rights” trending in Australia. While I’m annoyed that it took someone famous for others to see TERFs, FARTs and GCs for who they are. I’ll still take it.

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Over the last few months I was a little disappointed to see quiet a few book shops then advertising a lot of “She, who shall not be named”. books. However, I decided during transgender awareness awake to reach out to a couple of them.

The response I got was …

Christopher Eccleston Yes GIF by Doctor Who - Find & Share on GIPHY

While a couple of them couldn’t end up doing anything for it, because COVID shut them down. They really loved my ideas, about having books out that were about the trans community, written by trans authors. So they promised that next year, they’ll do that. I was really happy that one, that they even got back to me and two the ones that couldn’t do it, have promised to do it.

Matt Smith Boss GIF by Doctor Who - Find & Share on GIPHY
…Well…who da cis woman!

So I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, until next year. For now, I feel comfortable buying from them again. I had to grab a book for someone for Christmas, but I always end up buying a book for myself as well…

Just some light reading

World Kindness Day

What can you do for others and just as importantly, for yourself as well:

Find some way to donate to a charity for the under privileged. For example Kmarts – Wishing Tree

Have a bath, maybe a glass of wine (or not, might make you feel tired).

Compliment a stranger (but don’t make it creepy).

If you’re on Twitter follow the New Zealand #PureKindness hashtag

Look in that mirror and tell yourself … out loud … You ARE beautiful!

Don’t just drive past that cat, make sure it’s not actually lost and miles away from it’s home ❤

Be Kind to your body.

Consider taking up knitting, and knitting for the animals! – WIRES

Write a letter to someone telling them how much they’ve influenced or improved your life. Your choice whether or not you send it.

Defend someone on twitter!

Buy that nice top on sale.

Don’t expect.

Being Kind costs nothing (or very little) and is calming to the mind.