Grow, GROW!

So I did it, I went out with my Mum, got the seedlings and they are all planted!


I went with the chamomile, because well everything I take these days is Chamomile. The other two are spinach and spring onion. I thought spinach, because we have a lot of spinach with salads. The spring onions, they are just really handy to have around. It’s funny in a way, spring onion sometimes can be too spicy for me. They bring so much flavour though!

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I think I may have already killed the spinach though >.< I couldn’t get it out of the pot it was already in. So it kind of fell out and I think that I cut some of it’s little roots,lol.

Radical, man!

  • Sanders isn’t the nominee,
  • He endorses Biden.
  • Trump IS President (whether we like it or not, or how he got there).
  • At the moment the American Green Party is going to get nowhere, and honestly, they are just wasted votes.
  • THIS time, there are only two parties – Democrats and Republicans.
  • No one wants a radical straight after Trump. They need calm before another storm.
  • Fact checking is not censoring someone.
  • You don’t leave people with much of a choice, other than to riot, when you never listen.
  • Whoever comes after Trump WILL have to clean up Trump’s mess.
  • There are literal Bible Quotes where God wants people to pray in private.


…Of which the Trump family have none,lol

She’s not wrong, but…

Uhh…Maybe she should have told that to Trump during the Impeachment?


For those who don’t know (like Ivanka) Ivanka is quoting Jefferson’s denial that he’d raped and impregnated a girl he kept as property. Which he did, in fact, do. So she’s not wrong either,lol

Funny thing is, they’re not wrong in anything they’re saying (apart from Joe being a paedophile). It’s just that everything that they accuse others of. Not only ARE they doing it, but they’re worse at doing it.

How’s it going?

I am literally writing this on the spot, so let’s see how I go. A lot of my posts are pretty much scheduled, but I didn’t have this one scheduled. I didn’t end up planting the seeds today >.< I’m not going into to much details, but my partners been having panic attacks. He’s a teacher who, kind of volunteered, to take on extra classes this year…

So you can only imagine what’s going on in his mind. No one would take them on last year, so he said he’ll give it a go. He’s also go a terrible mindset. He’s one of those, even when nothing goes wrong. His mind always goes to the worst, and it will go there for a long time. It’s hard, but I’m hoping everything he’s going through will help to change the way he at least thinks.

Other than that, I’ve still got not job. The weather was terrible, but I’ve put holes into the containers to get them ready for the seeds. Originally I was going to leave this post open to talk about that. I’ve decided to go with herbs in those containers. I think anything else would be far to big to grow in them.

The Australian Government have now been caught out underfunding Australians with the Jobkeeper payments, and telling us the wrong number of unemployed NOW. Which is also about a half, but a half more than what they were saying. How much this will affect the recovery, getting people back into jobs, getting the debt repaid. They don’t know…But you can’t pay something back with money you don’t have.

So I’m having a couple of drinks tonight, getting drunk. Apparently, Bars and Pubs/Restaurants are now opened back up in South Australia, but with limits. So some are still not reopening, because it wouldn’t be worth it. I, personally, wont be heading out straight away,lol. How about yourself? When things start to relax (and they will) will you head out straight away?

Discuss…The Batman!

I don’t know how to feel about this. I admire him for it, but I don’t know how to feel. I guess, part of it is that I’ve spent a life time seeing “buff” Batman’s. So it’ll be interesting to see! It is actually making me want to see it more, because I think it’s an interesting perspective to take! Discuss

Trumpter #34

You know, considering how offended Trump supporters get by people who are able to speak more than one language. You would think they could get at least English right,lol. You know, as a common curtsy. If you’re getting all offended by someone speaking another language, get your own correct first!lol