Looking Forward

33. Something you look forward too

I wish that I could honestly say that I wish I knew! There just seems to be very little to look forward too. I am trying REALLY hard, but I’ve had a horrible week. Without too much help or helpful words either. I keep getting horrible work shifts and I don’t understand why, and nothing much else to look forward too, other than working…terrible shifts…It’s really quiet depressing. I ended up saying no to a work shift because I was sick of getting certain ones and then just to be asked to do another horrible one -.- All people can say is “get your licence”…How is that helpful?! Even if I went and got my “L’s” tomorrow, I STILL CAN’T DRIVE BY MYSELF. Since they have all said they are not teaching me, it’s a pretty pointless thing to say. It is UNHELPFUL…I’m getting annoyed just writing all this,lol.

So quiet honestly, I pretty much have nothing to look forward too. No parties coming up, no events, nothing.

Flashback Friday

Last Friday I saw a lot of Tweets or Twitters about how John McCain isn’t American and how he’s a traitor and blah, blah…You know, the type that seems to think the whole of America voted while living in America and should perfectly well know that only a little over half of American even voted, keep telling American celebrities they should stick to acting, even though they elected a celebrity. Talk about shooting and using the second amendment to hurt Liberals just because they don’t agree, but it’s the Liberals dividing American…You know, those types.

Has anyone mentioned to them that politicians do this all the time? That it’s something they should be used to be by now? Politicians will say one thing and then do the other? I mean have the even seen what their President has said and changed himself? Do these people know anything about politics or is it just more how “unfair” they think they’ve had it?


Assistance Dog Day

If you can see to the right of my page I have a list of important dates (well dates that I think are either interesting or important). Today is a great to talk about Assistance Dogs. I actually sponsor or sponsored an Assistance Dog (I think that we change dogs over time) and I can proudly say that “my” dog that is an Autism sponsor Dog.

There are so many different types of Assistance Dogs and they are all types of different Assistance animals and I think it is such a worthy cause to help. My work situation I do not have a set wage coming in each week/fortnight. So I’ve been having to look at the different types of charities I support and cutting them off. The Assistance Dogs are not on my list of charities to cut off.

Animals are just amazing and I quiet honestly believe that they are just inherently kinder than humans…Except for Crocs, Alligators and Octopuses…I hate those guys,lol

So of course I had to share a video of animals being jerks…Enjoy! I love the cow one, you’ll see what I mean!lol

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Published on 11 Mar 2013


Memories…All alone with my memory

29. Your favourite memory

Wow! This was so hard to break this down to one, I have a lot of “favourite time” memories. From significant things to when I got some great retail therapy deals!

Which then got me thinking and then I started feeling grateful, just because I have so many favourite memories  and that is definitely something to be grateful for. I feel like I have a lot more favourite memories than unhappy ones, I have been very lucky. That is something bee extremely grateful for. The good outweighs the bad.

The good and bad memories both remind me of how far I have and remind me of how I overcome things in the past and who overcome them with me. Even the bad ones have ended up good!

See inside Ipatiev House where the Russian Royals were executed…

I have been so fascinated with all the programs of the executed Romanov family that were brutally murdered. I’m not 100% sure if this year is a significant year for the executions, but there seems to be a lot of works coming out about it, like this one:

See inside Ipatiev House where the Russian Royals were executed (Courtesy of nine.com.au)

For a quick break down of who the Romanov Royal Family is, here it is:

  • After the Romanov Royal Family were excuted there has been no royal family to rule since.
  • There have been many rumours that one of the daughters “Anastasia” managed to escape (although very unlikely). Disney even made a movie on this myth.
  • The father or leader of the Royal Family was also known as the “Tsar”.
  • The day after the Royal Family were killed, other close Royal Family members were also killed.
  • Some of the daughters/Princesses did not die easy deaths. Their clothes were sown in with diamonds, which actually protected them from the bullets and bayonets.
  • The time of the actual execution was a big mess as the soldiers were drunk and just threw in gas type bombs, which didn’t just injury the Royal Family, but many of the people in the room.
  • No one knows exactly knows how much influence Rasputin had over the family, but it was definitely a strong old, especially over the Queen Alexandra Feodorvona.
  • You should all watch the documentary “Russia’s Lost Princesses” The Princesses seemed like they were really sweet girls.

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Published on Aug 18, 2010

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