“Good” Friday

So why is Good Friday, called Good Friday, when on Good Friday, Jesus is flogged, has to carry a heavy cross, then get his hands and feet nailed into that same cross. Doesn’t sound like it was a good day for Jesus! Some sources suggest that the day is “good” in that it is holy, or that the phrase is a corruption of “God’s Friday”.

Either way, it’s not really appropriate to say “Happy Easter” or “Happy Good Friday”. It’s not really a day that is “Happy”. Easter Sunday is a good day to say “Happy Easter” as that is the day of rebirth and joy. Not Friday though, never Friday. Do you have any traditions on “Good” Friday? The closest I can think of with my family, are eating a whole lot of these!

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

So close to the end…Block

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned here before, but I am studying at the moment. At the moment, I am very close to finishing a report, but trying to get my mindset to finish is proving really difficult. As I sit here, I have the report open and it’s very nearly completed, but I cannot complete it. My mind is not letting me do that last little bit.

Like, I am writing this, as I’m supposed to be finishing it off, haha

I had another post ready to go, it was actually to announce that site is up and running. However, I realised the timing is all off. We’re up about to come to a long weekend and all days, except one I am off somewhere else. So not the best time, right now.

Do any of yourselves experience this too?

World Story-Telling Day

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. It is celebrated every year on the March equinox, on (or near) March 20. On World Storytelling Day, as many people as possible tell and listen to stories in as many languages and at as many places as possible, during the same day and night. Participants tell each other about their events in order to share stories and inspiration, to learn from each other and create international contacts.

Please feel free to read anything. I think that the world needs to read again.

The Theme for this year is: 2021 – New Beginnings … Isn’t that lovely!

Do you have a favourite story? I have so many! I would say the list would be shorter ones I didn’t love, but that would be lie. I don’t think I’ve probably even read HALF the stories in the world!

I would love to hear about new stories and authors you may have read already this year ❤

Run Away with me

I had a completely different post all ready to go. I went to see my therapist for the first time in over a year. I left feeling completely terrific! Within a hour, I realised I don’t think I should be on social media for at least a couple of days after, lol. I got so irrationally angry.

I saw someone talk about Dr Seuss, but it was all crap. They wanted to “flood” Facebook with Dr Seuss, but the pictures they wanted to “flood Facebook” with were all the ones that are still being republished. I don’t know WHY it set me off, but it did. This person also though, said “If you find Pepe Le Pew offensive, well you’re a special kind of stupid”.

Then there are so many drama’s going on. So, I’m going to spend a couple of days off of social media.

In a world of reactionaries, learn to read, before you post.

I’m fine, I just wish that human beings could stop be so cruel and stupid for even ONE day.

A Thread … By Me =D

This is a thread I wrote on Twitter, in response to ANOTHER one of these … (below).

Now post what they were replying too. I’ve gotten worse than this from women, who Rowling follows. Their accounts have been deleted. Tiffany “Women4Women”, threatened to beat up trans kids and wished rape on me and my family.

Joanna Cherry literally donated to a group that says “Yes to Hate” Sarah Phillimore account was deleted for a time because of anti-Semitism. Graham Linehan is being continually being kicked off platforms for being a bully to women and lesbians.

Sasha White was fired, because she stupidly posted about how gleeful she was that a trans women was beaten up a cis woman. Maya Forester’s “opinion” was deemed unworthy in a Democratic Society. LGB Alliance, constantly attack feminine gay men and lesbians who don’t agree.

And PP and KB are all for having men, in the women’s bathrooms with guns. Because that’s NEVER been a problem. But yeah, the problem is completely those few trans people who went after Rowling, after she WENT AFTER THEM FIRST.

Oh, let’s not forget the whole Suzanne Moore. Where her name wasn’t even mentioned, and yet, she decided to go on every single BBC and UK media outlet, to say how she has been “silenced” Forgetting that the trans people who had to leave because of her, we still haven’t heard from.

If you want to say how gross someone is after YOU’VE come after and attacked them, if you want me to be on your side. I’m gonna need more than a few angry and justifiable replies.

What a weird week …

My anxiety has had me on edge all week. The only thing that has been been keeping me on track is Planet Zoo, also if any of you are on Steam, we should totally “hang out”.

What I would like to know though is …

The Phantom of the Opera

If I was to talk to about why this song makes me cry every time, I would cry, just talking about it. It not only reminds me of those I love who have passed, who loved me, fully. Pippy included. But it also helps me not be afraid, because I remember I was loved, and they wouldn’t want me to live in fear, They would want me to be out there, showing my talents, my thoughts, wear my heart on my sleeve. Live for them. And now I’m crying again, lol

I also woke up to a lot of feathers, I’ve posted a video on my Insta about it, but the splat you hear on the video ended up being the dead bird. Which turned out to be a pigeon. I promptly threw up and then locked the cat inside. I suspect, it was either the Ravens on the Magpies, I just hope it was a quick death, or the bird was dying. Then later on, it got worst. It had a tag around it’s leg =/ Which means it was somebodies pet, possibly racing pet. Still a pet though.

A lot of death today/tomorrow. Pippy passed away sometime this week, a year ago. I have a horrible feeling that’s it was tomorrow. I suspect Facebook and Instagram will gladly let me know that.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Before I get onto asking so what are we going to read today. Something really odd happened over night, and was just trying to see if it happened to others too? I guess it was kind of like a fairy tale? Can’t possibly be real, lol

That was a nice thing to sign into this morning, but my goodness, I don’t believe it, haha. I think there’s been a bug somewhere. The views have mainly come from America.

Back onto topic.

Today is “Read a Fairy Tale” day and I would love to hear what some of your favourite fairy tales are. Are they ones we may not have heard of before, are they ones shared in your own family from generation to generation? Is there a Fairy Tale that you love above all other, is there a fairy tale that you love the lessons that are taught.

Personally, my favourite Disney one is Beauty and Beast, up their with The Lion King. One of the original type Fairy Tales, I enjoy is “Snow-White and Rose-Red”. This Snow White, is not the same Snow White in the classic Disney films. This Snow-White encounters a bear and only one dwarf. I believe the moral of the story is to help others, even those who are ungrateful, and of course, kindness is it’s own rewards.

Thursday Theories – Words

Watching the generation that mocks Greta Thunberg for being “overly emotional”. While having near break downs over the Health and Medical professionals using the word “chest”, to make others feels more comfortable about coming in . Is oddly satisfying. Whose being the overly emotional ones now! lol

Does this need to actually pointed out as well, to “grown ups” like Janice, Victoria … whatever her name is. That not all pregnant people are going to be that fetuses mother or parent? Not all babies and children end up with the person that gave birth to them.

Oh and now to the “chest feeding”. I can’t decide (and I’ve warned my mum and partner) whether or not to call it #chestfeeding or #wallawallabingbang feeding and see if the baby cares, or if my breasts suddenly “disappear”.

I wonder if we got this hysterical when we went from wifman, to women?

Words like everything else in life, changes. Linguistics actually do consider that language evolves, rather than changes. They usually change depend on that present society. Take the word “gay” as a good example. It used to be known as being happy and care-free. Now, it describes homosexuality. That’s probably only happened in the last 50 years or so.

Do Languages evolve or merely change? – Science Direct


Language dynamics is a true evolutionary process, because it exhibits variation and selection.•

Language variation arises through social learning, performance deviation and creative language use.•

Language selection is based on communicative success, increased expressive power, and the reduction of cognitive effort.