A weird kind of beauty

I didn’t think Twitter would fall so fast, and I didn’t think the Republicans would be THAT stupid to stop making inflation their main priority, that fast either. It’s kind of nice to keep being shocked, in a weird way lol.

Kind of poetry, haha

My minds a’twitter,

It’s all happening, far too late,

My mouth sighs again,

It’s all too draining.

It will end, but how?

That’s the fear of most,

Oh yes, it will definitely all end.

With one big roar, or with a silent whimper.

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T.S. Eliot prize for poetry announced, 2022

Now, I will be asleep when this is actually announced. In the meantime though, I have decided to write a little poetry of my own. How this is will go, will be anyone’s guess though, haha

First the news:

T.S. Eliot Prize 2021 shortlist – Poetry Society UK

My hand is on that page,

closing my eyes,

I can feel the ink soak up, through my finger, hand, elbows and the rest.

I feel the words soak into my blood, into my DNA.

The ink, words and letters, wrap around my neck. They don’t strangle me, they comfort me.

I can SEE the words, I can SEE the letters.

If I just reach out, I can see all the words and the letters becoming real.

As I concentrate the words turn into colours, shapes and make believe character.

I smile to myself.

Everything I believe in, right at my finger tips.

Without that page, I don’t live. I don’t live without that page.

Can you feel it?

Owl City

A Christmas poem…of sorts…

Christmas isn’t a present, or food

It’s a feeling deep down,

A feeling of joy and love,

of wanting peace for all people kind.

Santa Claus is real,

It’s a feeling deep down,

He comes still comes every Christmas Eve,

but this year I hope he brings joy.

Santa Claus is real,

He is watching us when we’re sleeping, and he does watch us when we’re awake.

He knows we need to be better,

so be better for goodness sake.

One Day … Too Your Face

I will let you know the power you gave too me,

this horrible human being.

I will let you know the voice you gave too me,

after I treated you “horribly” for years.

I will let you hear me roar,

as I laugh if your face.

You think you could stop me?

You think I wouldn’t speak?

One Day … Too Your Face, I will let you know the voice you gave too me.

One Day … Too Your Face, I will expose how you did know me. So when you realised that I knew you knew, it was all over.

One Day … Too Your Face, I will TELL you how I don’t waste another single second on useless toxic emotions.

I will say too you, all that you taught me.

I will say to you, you taught me to listen for the people who WILL listen too me.

One day and too your face … I will tell you how I could never cruel and unkind to others, like you are.

Too your face … I will tell you how my friends ARE friends.

I will tell you to your face that I will never again, spend my life, waste a single second on someone who never thinks of others and their lives.

I can’t be cruel or unkind to you, because you taught me the biggest lessons in my life. How can I be cruel or unkind, to someone who did teach me so much about myself?


Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own all ’cause you won’t

Some days

Some days, I don’t want to fight with anyone anymore,

Some days, I just want to relax and ignore the whole world,

Some days, I want the solution to be easy.

Some days, I’d do nearly anything to win the lotto … (nearly anything…nearly)

 Some days, I could honestly sleep all day and still feel tired.

Some days, I couldn’t fall asleep even if I tried.

Some day, I can’t believe I was so unhappy the day before.

Those days are days where I try to do everything.

Some days, I just want to do everything but I become tired again,

Some days, all I want to do is read, but can’t =/

Some nights, I just want to read all night!