Angry Karen’s at the Mall.

I am sure that by now, we have all seen at least one video of the angry white “Karens” at the supermarkets and in the malls. Throwing a fit, and causing damage to properties and products.

Do you think, a single one of these women, have watched themselves later and gone “Maybe, my priorities are wrong?”. I doubt it…But I live in hope. How are these grown ass “woman” NOT embarrassed by their actions? If you want to see what privilege is, watch one of these “meltdowns”. It is EMBARRASSING.

Soldiers, Police, Front line workers put their lives on the line every day. Possibly never coming home…And these “woman” are having a tantrum, fit for a child, because they don’t want to wear a mask.

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Good god, I hope they DON’T have children!

Sure, they have a right to protest about not wearing a mask. But is it REALLY want you want to be known for? That you don’t want to do literally the very least you can do to help your fellow Americans? I would be willing to put a bet on it, that these “women” are also the FIRST to say that America is a Christian nation.

Why everywhere else is better than Sydney

I don’t know why Sydney is as popular as it is. Many people say that Sydney should become our new capital city…Except for the fact, that it SUCKS!

As a REALLY good example, when Australia voted in “YES” for marriage equality. NSW, where we have the Mardi Gras, only JUST scrapped in with Yes. They were actually the state that voted the lowest “Yes” vote. I forgave them, because at LEAST they managed to just squeeze the “Yes” in -.- Sydney also has the biggest bunch of white conservative elites out of the entirety of Australia.

Sydney, where they have the Mardi Gras is had the biggest voices against “Yes”. My state is the “State of Churches” and WE had a bigger majority for Yes, than NSW did.

Because they have largest group of Conservative elites. These elite have systemically been shutting down and shoving away anything “out of the ordinary” in Sydney.

My narcissistic ex-best friend lives in Sydney, and she could not SHUT UP with how Sydney is just better than everywhere else. Which is probably a good reason why I dislike Sydney too. One time I went over there for her birthday. She had not bought a new red top for the occasion. The day of her party, she decided to finally go and look for one I asked “Why didn’t you get on already?” Her reply “Sydney’s MUCH better than Adelaide, I’ll be able to find one, if not two, so easily”. She didn’t and sulked the whole night, because she had wanted to wear something special -.-

Having a brother in Melbourne, I know how true this article is. Sydneyer’s think they are literally “the stuff” because they live in Sydney…and don’t they act like it! It’s not like New York, where people are actually good and pretty welcoming. Sydneyer’s are more like “I live in Sydney, I’m better than you”. -.-

Go to Sydney for the attractions, but travel literally anywhere else in Australia for the true warmth of Australia.

You too?

Anyone else feeling like these days that they are having more and more days that they just want to punch people in the face? Or is it just me?

Between Trumps demands for an apology for an hoax, that never was. The racist bigots, people saying that they agree with some of what Kanye West says, but never actually saying what they agree with. The transphobic lists of things that are neither real or ever going to happen. The Karen’s throwing child tantrums in stores. Or the white people saying “White people don’t get antsy around the police, so why do black people”. (I posted the picture of George Floyd being kneed in the neck, and ultimately killed and said “cause”.).

It’s like … OH MY GOD…

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Is it SO hard for other people, to just let other people live? Get a freaking brain!

Mrs Sherlock Holmes…Police Reform

I decided to write about a book I have recently finished and I want all the book lovers to go out and read it. I think that I loved it so much, because it is so relevant to everything that we are going through right now.


Mrs Sherlock Holmes by Brad Ricca 

I HIGHLY recommend this one! Especially at the moment. When I first started this one, I thought it was just going to be about the Ruth Cruger case. It was so much more than that!

It’s all about police corruption, the “buddy buddy” culture within the police. It writes about her rise and ultimately how the Patriarchy tried to bring her down. Where it touches on a little about the suffragette movement. When people ask me now which three people, living or dead, would I ask around to dinner. One will be Mary Grace Quackenbos. I don’t want to write anymore about it. Just read it, and read it NOW.

For those who don’t know this book is based on a real person and a real famous case. Mary Grace Quackenbos, was a real person, a real lawyer and a real “detective”. Ruth Cruger was a real missing girl. Apart from the missing girl case, Quackenbos was really known for helping people get out, who were laboured with peonage or the person slave trade. Although peonage was officially outlawed in the states in 1867, it still went on. The reason why MGQ was called in, was because when Ruth Cruger went missing, there was a lot of alarm around the white person slave trading going on.

One of the reasons I found this book so fascinating was because how many of the issues and situations in this book, are still prevalent to this day.

When Ruth first disappeared, the police put it down to Ruth being a “bad girl”, and that she had just run off with some unknown man. Even though there was absolutely no proof of this. The only thing that Ruth took with her were her ice skates, no extra clothes, no money, just the skates.

The police did not thoroughly investigate Alfred Cochi’s, motorbike shop, where Ruth was heading to get to her skates sharpened. When it came out later, it was found that Alfred repaired and adjust a lot, if not all of the NYPD motorbike patrol bikes, at the same time.

When Mary Grace Quackenbos, started to investigate the Army though. With underage girls being taken back to their local training camps, a couple had disappeared. That was when she went too “far”. That’s when people started to question her, even though, by the evidence at the time, she was correct. Some of the local soldiers, were taking underage girls back with them. The Patriarchy decided that was a “step too far”. She was trying to smear the name of the Army…All of a sudden all the police originally question with the Ruth Cruger case, were suddenly let off, some got promotions, most were welcome back. MGQ, lost all her prominent positions. The media were HORRIBLE to her. After, they decided to credit the male detectives with the discovery of Ruth Cruger, even though it was because of MGQ constant poking and prodding. The male detectives physically brought out the body.

Quackenbos, just you know:

  • Got the search warrants approved.
  • Talked to Alfred’s wife, who was being a pain.
  • Actually questioned the police and dug more into the original witnesses accounts.
  • Listened to the family plea’s of “She had been kidnapped, she would never have just run off”.
  • Did some ACTUAL investigation into the Cochi’s.
  • Found the blue prints for them to dig around the Cochi’s cellars.
  • Oh, bought the Cochi’s house. So the detectives could get into the Cochi’s old cellar.

You know though, it was the male detectives.

Sound familiar?

This could literally be today, and it makes you wonder, really.


…Why, yes I am Trump Supporters…How are you not?

How, as a rational thinking and feeling human being…Look at the current state of America and say “I look at POC in a different way, they are clearly the violent ones (with the looting) and Obama is at fault for all this racial discourse”. WHILE stating at the same time that you don’t like violence…But the police…They’re cool.

Is being stupid a new trend?

Before I go into my little “rant” here. I just wanted to start this off by saying that until Trump, Johnson and Morrison were voted in, especially considering the bet was never on them winning. I used to feel dumb. I really did. I used to think that I was dumb and had no sense. 

Literally NONE of the mentioned above were SUPPOSED to win! Well, maybe Johnson, Corbyn should have left.

And now, the ones who didn’t vote for these people are left looking at all the comments the “silent majority” make with this expression on our faces.

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I have now gotten to the point, at this stage and think to myself quiet often. “Well, what can we honestly expect? Dumb Australians, bought the Morrison’s lies. Outright lies, some quiet literally…For some reason. Trump probably was elected in by the Russians. Johnson, well who did the UK, have? Corbyn?”

Sometimes, though, the stupid becomes too much. Especially when the stupid are in power to begin with. When the stupid get away with the lying, cheating and corruption. Then it becomes a problem.

When the stupid, who are in power, start attacking the people who they are supposed to watch over you. Whether they like you or not. Then it becomes a problem. That’s the problem with our politicians and this is what our white culture had brought us too.

Notice how all the stupid, dangerous leaders, are white, middle aged men? The white not middled-aged men, at least have a bit of sense.





Trumpter #35…I laugh…

When I see a Trump Supporter call ANY major Liberal/Democrat “Idiot” or “Dumb”.

When I see a Trump Supporter call anyone else on earth a “slut”.

When I see a Trump Supporter say “You’ve just always hated Trump”…Well, yeah.

When I see a Trump supporter call Melania “classy”, but Michelle is not.

When I see Melania ask for an apologise for talking about her son…You first Melania!

Melania Trump called racist birther – Melania didn’t think of Sasha and Malia Obama’s privacy

When I see a Trump Supporter say “Who ever has been racist towards Obama?”

When I see a Trump supporter support anything Trump does and says.

One has to wonder if they have heard of the saying:

“Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”




Share Your World – 29/06/2020

Share Your World – 06/29/2020

Member of Share Your World


Must we have evidence to know the truth?

Ahhh…In a court room, you usually do need evidence. Generally though, a lot of the time, we don’t always need evidence. In fact, some people just ignore it all together *cough Trump was not exonerated* *cough there are more than two genders*. Personally, sometimes I don’t need evidence to know the truth, but it is helpful.

How much control does a person have over their life?

I think about 65% control,lol. We have control over certain things, but we don’t have control over everything. We don’t have control how others choose to treat us, we don’t have control over people to give us that job we really want. We do have control over, if we don’t get the job we wanted, what’s our next step then? We can control how we react to others. Then there are things like cancer, having anxiety feels like you don’t have control sometimes. But we can control, as an example, getting yearly checkups, watching how we treat our bodies. I have reasonably high cholesterol, as does most of my family. So I’m on tablets right now, but I can control my diet and exercise to help bring it down too.

What is gravity and how does it work?

Well gravity, in space, makes you float. Gravity on earth means that we don’t float. It has something to do with how fast earth goes around the sun. I want to ask my partner, he’s a physics teacher. But I’m going to answer it on my own…Can you tell?lol. It has something to do with the sun pulling on earth. Or any planet really.

Can a person be happy if they have never experienced sadness?  How about vice versa?

Of course! I don’t know, but sure,lol. It’s hard to think of anyone who hasn’t experienced both of those, who I can think of.


Please feel free to share a song, a poem, a quote or an image or photo to show what you were grateful for during this past week.    (Optional as always).

The control question actually inspired me to apply for potential jobs. I’ve always thought that I would do really well at a doggy day care centre, or something similar. So I cold-canvassed a couple of places today. The worst they can say is no, right? At least they have my information and can tell my enthusiasm, if they want.

Nurture Thursday – I Am Willing

Nurt Thurs – I am willing

I am willing to stand with you…What are you willing to do?

I am willing to listen, are you?

I am willing to help you, are you?

I am willing to stand up for you, are you?

I am willing to listen to your heart, are you?

I am willing to work with you, are you?

I am willing to help you win, are you?

I am willing to help you work, are you?




I must you warn you, I am using the picture of George Floyd for this. I’ve been trying not too…But I felt, for this post, it’s appropriate. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I regularly like to social media “detox”. This week I have been detoxing off of Twitter.

I went on yesterday, just to say RIP to Carl Reiner. I realised why I wanted to come off this week. This last time I came off for a detox, I had been drinking and I was getting mad at just people’s stupidity. I didn’t really know if I was getting mad or incredibly sad. It was just depressing.

Some of the things I was finding just, plain dumb.

TERFS, are just my Achilles heel. I knew a few transpeople, and the trans people I follow on here and on Twitter, Instagram, are the loveliest people. I don’t understand the utter hate that TERFS show towards them. It really does blow my mind. It makes NO sense to me whatsoever.

Or those racists who keep using crime stats for black on black crime, as some sort of proof that that is justification for this…(picture of George Floyd).

george floyd

One, there are more POC than police, and two, it’s still not justification for police who kill unarmed, completely innocent POC. And I don’t know what world you must live in, or how you can yourself a “Christian”. And try to justify this? That is not the job of the police, is it? Too murder people? They’re the ones supposed to be protecting people FROM this!