I never liked her…

Now, this is going to be a “I REALLY don’t like Rowling” post. I didn’t really like her before this whole transphobia thing came up, but now I just KNOW, she does not care. She’s very much one of those people who needs reassurance all the time.

Reasons I don’t like her:

  • Harry Potter is actually based on another book, she took from.
  • I now think when the rumors’ that Goblins in the Bank were thought to represent Jewish people, I think it’s not just a rumour.
  • She is CONSTANTLY jumping on fans popular theories with “Yes, that exactly what happened”. Except it can’t be found in the books. That’s just weird to me.
  • Her whole “Don’t blame me” for the Johnny Depp casting.

But NOW, I KNOW she doesn’t care. I don’t think the women has one OUNCE of self esteem within her. I think she’s probably even a little bit of a sociopath.

When everything started to get out of control. I thought that Rowling would say at SOME point “Not in my name”. But when she posted on her Twitter account the VERY anti-trans merchandise, that’s when I KNEW. She wasn’t going to do a damn thing. As long as she get’s “I love you, you’re perfect and brilliant” in a hour more than people get a life time. She ain’t doing a damn thing.

Clearly I don’t know the woman, and am not a therapist. Reading about sociopaths and knowing what she has done. It pretty well fits.

“False Names” Rowling’s other pen name is Robert Galbraith. Now she claims different reasons for the name, but this is WHO Robert Galbraith Heath is. He started conversion therapy. So while Rowling claims things like Robert Kennedy was a hero of hers and all sorts of shit. Her pen name just HAPPENS to be the exact name as the man who “created” conversion “therapy”. Without Heath at the end. Like she does think people are stupid?


Share Your World – 30/11/20

Share Your World – 11-30-2020


What would you enjoy if you could do so without someone getting annoyed with you for enjoying it?  It MUST be something you aren’t supposed to enjoy because it is “bad for you”.

I guess the best I can think of, I LOVE Charlie Bears. I’m not a collector, but when I’m really down, I much more likely to buy one. The look I get from my Mum, or my partner when they’ve realised that I’ve bought another one. I just love cuddling them. The reason they’re bad for me? Have you seen how much they are! lol. I cuddle all of them, I never buy one I think I’d get sick of. They’re still expensive though. See, I’m trying to justify it, even with you all, lol.

Is it okay for men to wear the color pink?

Of course! Some can really pull it off well as well. It’s like with any sex really, some can and some can’t. I have noticed though, that when a white guy wears something pink, it might make him look a little more paler. Darker skin men, can pull of wearing pink really well. Like phwoar! I think with brighter colours, like pink, the darker skin make the colours pop out. It does also depend on the shade of pink as well! There are some shades of pink that make me look like I’m pale enough to look sick! So I don’t wear those shades anymore, lol.

It’s like with anything, some look good, some don’t. The paler the pink, the more pale you’ll look.

Can you curl your tongue? 

I think so? I can fold it in half, or is it called tongue rolling?

What, in your opinion, is the best room to put a fireplace?

A lounge room, in a log cabin, with a rug.



Nurture Thursday – Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Nurt Thurs – Gratitude and Thanksgiving

While Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Personally, I am still very grateful and thankful that we’ve managed to make this far and not completely lose our minds. Or our kindnesses for others. We may have lost some people and furries along the way this year, but we’re all still kind. We haven’t, like some others, giving into grief and fear, and this year, that has been more important than ever!

Missing You <3

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and I knew it was going to be hard this year. My brother’s not coming home and I am really missing someone very special ❤

When I saw her little outfit, I couldn’t help it, I started crying and I couldn’t let it go. You know with this year, being so messy, I don’t know if I’ve actually mourned her ❤ The other outfit was our very sweet Zali’s from Bali (she wasn’t actually from Bali, but I like to rhyme) I can’t find a picture of her wearing it, but I am pretty sure we have one ❤ My baby girls, we miss you ❤

Pee Pee, I love you ❤
Zali from Bali ❤

We HAVE been listening

…and that’s your problem.

Has anyone been noticing recently that a lot of people who “sympathize” with bigotry always say the same thing? “Let’s just hear them out” That is their problem, we HAVE been listening. It’s how we KNOW they are bigots.

I remember Melania Trump saying “Donald has never lied to you once about who he is” and I remember sitting there thinking “Oh, we know” lol. I think it’s the most honest thing to come out of that party, lol

I am a cis woman drained.

Oh my goodness, I am still mentally recuperating from the high jacking of FARTS and GCs on Transgender day of Remembrance. How people can be filled with such hate for people. It is literally beyond my mind to comprehend. That in THIS year, people can be so utterly disrespectful THIS year.

You don’t HAVE to like trans people, but you do nothing for yourself, by being so disrespectful. The only one who looks bad, is you. No one else, you don’t make the trans community look bad, by YOU playing. You make WOMEN look bad. Which is not helpful.

I can’t believe in 2020, having to explain to ADULTS. When parents have a child taken away because they were abusive. That is NOT a cue to feel sorry for said “parents”. I don’t care how “wrong” you think something is. There is no excuse to be abusive, you have your child taken.

There are women out there, who looked at Trump, the past four years and went to themselves “How, can we be worse than him?” I swear to god! There is a politcian in Scotland, who is the worst TERF I have ever seen! She’s doing exactly what Trump does, does something REALLY stupid and then denies that she did it, while being shown the proof that she, in fact, did it. Problem is there are these other women, saying that’s she being bullied, while going around bullying 16 year olds for pointing out the fact, that she did, in fact, do what she’s been accused of. Of course, she threatening to sue, which everyone’s saying do it. Because she’d have not a leg to stand on.

It made me question if these cis “women” actually care about women, or do they just hate trans people more?

After 4 years of Trump, there are women in both the UK and Scotland, who just to have willing taken up where Trump left off. Like we can SEE what they’re doing.

They don’t care about women or girls, they just hate trans people more. I am so sorry, as a cis woman, I’m so sorry ❤ Bigotry is bigotry and they’re trying to hide behind women. Just like all bigots, they hide behind others saying they’re “protecting” them. #InmynameIsayNOtohate

Elementary, dear Watson

December the 1st is a huge day for many different reasons. One of them, being as the title suggests. That today is presumed date of publication of the first case of Sherlock Holmes. It is debated, but … you know … This year, I don’t have the brain power to get into that, lol

It is also World AIDS Day. So, shout out to the people in the world suffering from AIDS and H.I.V. I follow some really awesome people who are thriving well. We are very lucky in this day and age to have medication that can help mean that having AIDS/H.I.V doesn’t automatically mean a death sentence.

World AIDS Day – Australia

It is also the first Calendar day for Summer, in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though the start of our fire seasons, get earlier each year. You know though, who believes that climate change!

Most importantly though, I can officially be all…

And NOBODY can stop me!lol

Show Yourself

I don’t even know if I told you all, but I recently went back onto Facebook.

One of the first things I did was to apoligise to people who I’ve been unpleasant too in the past. EXCEPT for those who have actually deserved it. Mainly too people who I’ve reacted out of pain.

For all of them, I said they didn’t have to respond. I was doing this for myself, and to just plainly apoligise to them. Even though you say something like that, and you mean, it is nice to to know that they at least got the message,

All but one has let me know in someway that they did get it.

All but one, and that one was the one who just disappeared on me. They hurt me the most too, by doing that. I felt like I had to force them to talk to me, to actually break up with me. Like all my ex’s, he went and back stabbed me too. But still some of things that I said after were pretty nasty. I don’t think he ever apologized for being a bastard.

So not hearing from him and only him. Was like an instant heal. You know that saying “No answer is a answer”.

It showed me who he IS, and always has been.

Also, as a note. He’s the one who gave me my leg troubles/pains, because he was bad at “it”. A literal reminder of how much of a pain in the butt he is!

The Christmas Spirit

I read the saddest thing and the sweetest thing. A mother asking how she can help her children celebrate Christmas, when it’s going to be so small this year…and the suggestions! The #ChristmasSpirit is alive and well!

I have written up all my international Christmas cards/letters. Sent them off. So some people on here, watch out for those! I’m hoping those will get there before Christmas, lol.

Do any of you have any plans on doing something different for Christmas this year? I am donating a lot more things to charities, mainly for the kids. I’ve putting thing and money aside specifically this year to do it. Normally I just get bits and pieces for my own Christmas. I put money into tins, but this year, I went “No! Children need more joy than they’ve ever needed before!”