I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been thinking a lot this week, about this and that.

Something needs to be done.

Today I went kind of shoe shopping with my mum. She starts a new job on Monday…Well it’s actually her old job, but she was treated so badly at her new one, she asked for old one back. But either way she needs new shoes. She said we can talk wedding stuff, which I was generally fine with. We didn’t even get to the shops, before she made a judgement about the dress…That she has no idea what it is, the colouring, the style, nothing. I don’t even 100% really know yet.

I had made a joke about the dress, because my brothers making it. I started off with a simple nice dress, but there was this other one I liked better. I just didn’t want to stress him out. When I mentioned he said that it’d be easy to make. So I told her this, and her only reaction was … “But will it suit you”.

Again, neither my brother or I are 100% on the style, we’re still discussing it. I refuse to tell anything more than the colour theme, and even that was a issue. “Oh, but will the bouquet go with the dress”. Again, she knows nothing. Oh, she showed me a video about how I should do my hair. It was horrible, it was SO cutesy and ick.

The whole day was like this. I haven’t really told anyone anything about my plans, because of this. When I make a joke, there’s a judgement.

AND THEN…Oh, it gets better.

My Dad sends me HIS rules.

I’m just like “You all need to stop, right now” I am not having this for another 10 months.

So people I am writing a strongly worded email, lol.

I am nearly 40 years old, I just want to have fun.

Oh, people it just KEPT going ALL day.

I just wanted to have fun with this.

Like, I’m doing stuff by myself, because I know what’s going too happen. I even made a joke about wearing white crocs, and my mum goes “No, no daughter of mine will crocs on her wedding day”. What are you going to do? Throw me out of my own wedding.

I swear, these people don’t know who I am at all.


What would you do?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little post about George Pell. A now dead…Archbishop? Who protected pedophiles within his Churches.

No state is having a state funeral, but NSW is having like a general cemetery. Which too me is fine. I have no respect or love for the man, but you know…big figure…dead.

The police though, have been in a legal battle with people who want to protest at his funeral. Which I am fine also with. I think people should be able to protest at his funeral.

That “man” harmed and help to harm children. I have a saying “If you want to be respected in death, be respectful in life. On some level I understand the police’s wariness. It will be a really emotional place to be. Let’s be honest here though. If the “people” attending his funeral didn’t want protestors, why didn’t they hold him to accountability?

I am sure that I don’t speak for all child abuse survivors. But a little accountability, would have a gone long way.

What do you think?

It also explains why none of the states wanted to do a state funeral. This is honestly the first time I think I’ve heard of people wanting to protest at a funeral.

So tired

I was going to write this as a theory, but it’s not a theory, it’s a fact.

Oh you will make #History, just on the wrong side of it #WomenWontWeesht Karen. “Space” Karen here likes to block women and likes the posts of white males who ask complete strangers what they name their body parts. #protectwomenfromKarens

I am so TIRED. I will keep fighting for trans rights. But I am SO tired, of seeing these utter LOSERS have to admit over and over again, that they’re wrong. They #lose over and over again, and yet they *think* they speak for women. I wish they would #wheest

“Sex Matters” are a big anti-trans “company” that regularly get to be heard at important discussions, like the GRR/GRC in Scotland. See, not the first time that they’ve had to admit they’re wrong either. But, they’ll keep being heard over trans supportive women, and trans people, about trans people situations. Even though they are regularly wrong and admit so.

I am not even kidding how many MORE times, do we just have to sit back and let these bigots talk over us?

100% Absolutely Agree

Just for reference, when talking about Sam Smith, please use they/them pronouns. Once you start using they/them pronouns, I’ve found anyway, that when you start to use them regularly, they actually become quiet easier.

I have seen some vile comments about Sam Smith. The biggest irony has been, of course, the denial of course that it has anything to do with someone sexuality. When it clearly is their issue. But how many people complaining about Sam Smith, have, in fact dressed way more “scandalous” than they have. One old lady, was complaining about them, and everyone showed her “get up” at the…get this…ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

And they were NOT dressed as Janice.

I always was like “Yeah, Sam Smith is alright” but now I am like…” I’M NOT WORTHY, I’M NOT WORTHY”

Excitement News!

We’ve paid the first installment of the deposit for the reception and ceremony…As I’m writing this, I have just realise that I have got get in contact with a celebrant.


Now I know what’s happening, I can actually plan things. Now, I know that you don’t want to hear about the more boring details and probably my little family dramas. But I am planning on making a lot of the decorations myself. So, I am hoping that you will join me or encourage me with helpful wedding ideas.

I’m planning on making each table, with a little theme. So far I have, Magic the Gathering, LotR/Hobbit, something to do with crystals, lol. As far as I am aware, not including the “bridal table”. I’ve got 9 other tables to think of. I did think of Warhammer, but that would only work if I can invite those people, otherwise, it’s useless.

I’ve even got ideas for kids. My partner and I, and my brother, as the only ones without kids. Since a lot of them have to travel far, it seemed a little unfair to not bring their kids with them.

One of my biggest problem, I’ve got too many ideas, especially for the tables I already have selected. Just not enough ideas for the ones I have not…As I write this, I’ve realised I can do a table about books.


I am watching currently, what I take is the Canadian take on the UK’s very popular series “The Coroner”.

Its really weird, it’s not making any sense, and almost feels like the Canadian coroner is high the entire time. Is she? It does feel very American, even though apparently Canadian. I really do enjoy the UKs version, but the Canadians version honestly feels like everyone is on drugs. I don’t think they actually are doing much about the person whose murdered.

The reviews for it seem good, maybe I just happened to stumble across the worst episode or something?

Have you ever watched a show and thought another version of it was better? I do admit, I regularly enjoy the Brits shows more.


I was so quiet over the weekend, and I do apoligise for that. Nothing really exciting happened. I just kind of was not feeling it. We’ve decided on a place, date, time of wedding that sort of stuff. But when you talk to people about money. Icky, lol,

I am one of those people, if you can afford it, pay it as soon as you can. Don’t beat around the bush, just do it. Unfortunately, not everyone else is like that. It’s very frustrating. My partner sort of fobbed around with paying the first deposit payment, so he was happy to let my Mum do it. I was not. It’s not even the money thing. Its the fact, that she will need to see the arrangements. She doesn’t HAVE too, but it makes things easier. Guess what that means…

And it’s already happened.

I’m not talking to my Dad…Again. Let’s be honest here, he doesn’t care what I think. He’s just trying to get at my Mum. Yes, even 30 years later. I unblocked him, after nearly a year, to tell him I was getting married…and he goes “Your Mum didn’t even tell me you were getting married”. Like, it’s not her responsibility to tell him, that is on me. It’s even on me really, if I didn’t want to tell him. I didn’t want too.

He doesn’t give a shit about me. He’s been telling my Mum all this stuff about the wedding, that he’s not telling me, things I need to know about. He told my brother about his suit, and not me, he told my Mum how he’s got money, but he told me he’s got none. Don’t even get me started with them constantly telling me what my brother “thinks”.

I am enjoying my time up too my wedding, and I don’t blame my brother for one thing. But I am going to have say something. I just have to word it “correctly”. I’ve already got one sentence, tell me what you think, lol.

“Reminder, I am the Bride, not *insert brothers name here*. If I want a poo coloured dress for my wedding, I will have a poo coloured dress for my wedding, and I will happily blame it on you. It’s like you people don’t know me at all”.

I have NEVER been the type of person who jumps when told too. I do the opposite, I would lie down on the ground, rather than jump. So telling me to do what my brother “thinks”, is absolutely NOT going to work. Funny thing, my brother has been really good about everything.

I will wear a poo coloured dress, just to piss them off, lol,

For Marla’s World!!!

Challenge for January 23, 2023

The challenge is:

Pick at least three bullets from the list of ten and write a poem, a story, sketch picture, show us pictures you’ve taken. You can use any variation on the word, and have a blast! Ping back so that I can read everyone’s contributions!!!


Pictures I’ve Taken and a little poem:

An ode to my Harley Quinn Cup

Ohhhh, thee Harley Quinn cup!

Many a cup of smooth coffee and tea, one had in thee,

Until tiny little terrors, with teeny tiny hands,

Took upeth the nerf gun.

Why didn’t they just shoot myeth, straight into my heart?

Little shards of red, black and white, scatter across the floor.

Like repeated stabs to thine heart.

Ohhhh, the Harley Quinn cup!



Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the girl you want me too be?

Do you see the heart, that maybe as big as a tree,

Do you see the brain that, dreams a thousand dreams.

Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the soul that’s as wide as the sea?

A life that’s been from here to there, and around again,

Can you see the gentle hands that wants to heal the diseases beneath.

Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the real me?

Sticky Tab:


Sticky tabs are my favourite. They are so small and so handy and they go everywhere, and you can put them everywhere! I notebooks full of sticky tabs. I have sticky tabs “we missed you” messages. The more colours the better. You can never be disorganised with a sticky tab!

Invasion Day

Today I would like to #acknowledge that I am on #Kaurna Land If you would like to know, please check out this:

Map of Indigenous Australia

Some call today “Australia Day”, and some call it “Invasion Day”. I also call it, Invasion Day. Observed annually on 26 January, it marks the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip following days of exploration of Port Jackson in New South Wales.

Basically, when the white people came over to wipe the Aboriginal people.