When you read a good article

I love it when you come by a good article, and you can see yourself so much in it.

“White Psychodrama” and the culture wars: A self-reinforcing cycle, going nowhere

Émile P. Torres – 20h ago

Firstly, I don’t buy into the “culture wars”, I get it gets people to read an article. I hate it when it’s written like that though. There is no “culture war”, it’s just right vs wrong. There is no “culture” in banning books, banning human beings from being them, banning abortions. That’s not a “culture” that’s just wrong.

I’m just going to post a couple of post quotes from the article. It’s quiet a long article, and it was quiet funny. They allowed comments on there, and all the usual “suspects” aka supressors were saying how bad it was. I started to laugh because I know they had feel “seen” in the article, IF they had read it at all. I don’t agree with some of the article, but most of it.

(1) First, you have the Repenters, who “see the group they identify with as having committed horrible crimes globally and domestically, and they are ever so aware of the ways in which present material conditions generate continued deprivation for black people alongside relative comfort for many white people.” As such, Repenters are wracked by “an overwhelming sense of guilt,” a hard-to-shake feeling that one is blameworthy for having benefited from historical injustices, and for continuing to benefit from the racist systems currently in place.

(2) Next, you have the Repressers. This group is keen on downplaying the importance of race in America. They advocate for a “colorblind” approach to understanding inequality, and are quick to dismiss those who single out skin pigmentation as “playing the race card.” Repressers worry that people are “too easily offended” over “mere” peccadillos like wearing Blackface at Halloween, and suggest that those who whine about such infractions fail to appreciate just how far America has come from the bad old days of slavery and Jim Crow.

(3) The defining difference between these two groups is how they react to this problem. As alluded to above, Repenters react by feeling guilty and trying to assuage this feeling through attitudinal shifts and everyday acts. In contrast, Repressers react by trying to avoid the question of race altogether by suppressing talk of racial differences, which they disparage as “identity politics.”

(4) re Repenters and Repressers willing to do this? No, which is precisely why the Non-Aligned person does not engage in their bickering but, instead, uses what resources they have to investigate alternative solutions focused on reshaping global systems themselves, rather than on tweaking particular components of the system currently in place 

It is a really long article. So I suggest that you do read it.

What I got from the article though, is that we need to change our minds way of thinking and become a more non-aligned movement. The article brought up a few interesting points, like how the Black Panthers wanted to make the police are more community based force. So not “defunding” the police, and not letting them be ruled by one leader, like a Mayor or a political candidate. Instead though, to be watched over by the community. Which I find a really fantastic idea! After they’re all, the police are supposed to protect US. Not serve, who ever meets their political alliance.

I will also say this article, is based off of American life.

Magic Monday

So it’s been a week, since I’ve been pro-actively taking out US news. Every now and then something comes up where you just cannot ignore it. But during the week, as I wrote last week, even after a few days my mindset changed a lot.

I probably spent most of the week, other than working. Just starting to organise stuff, like really clean. Since, my partner and I don’t have children, at the moment. Sometimes I let the cleaning slack off. The toilet, bathroom and kitchen get cleaned a lot. Cause ewww, if I didn’t. But even saying that, I don’t always clean the bathroom cupboard surface.

So when I say organise, I did things like transfer the Christmas stuff into a bigger box. I tend to keep buying things for Christmas, lol. I’ve got things to help me organise the bathrooms better. Chucking out cardboard boxes that aren’t needed. Keeping a couple though, because they will more than likely be needed for Christmas. I am also looking into bathroom organisers and those little hand held vacuum cleaners.

I did a lot of gardening too, it needs to be done. One week I had a hurt leg and the weeds just popped up everywhere. We might have to get a gardener in, cause I can’t handle it with my leg.

What am I learning?

I don’t know people, I don’t know, lol. It’s been an interesting week, just taking away “news” stories, especially from Fox and Sky News, has made life that little more bearable. I am not sure that I’ve really learnt anything this week. I think what has happened though, my brain has been able to think. Which sounds like I don’t think,lol. Taking out the unnecessary “news”, feels like my brain is freeing up. Too think about things a little bit more clearly.

I find that I get so consumed with the stupidity of it all, that I don’t see the good news. But the good news is out there. I totally get it why my brain is so consumed with the negative, but it’s so stupid, lol. You all know what I mean. All the things happening right now, it’s all dumb and unnecessary. Like just shove Trump in jail. If people “rebel” shove them in jail too.

Since trans people are real people and fought for their rights, like all groups who are not white religious straight men and , every human right Law, should be afforded to them, not taken away from them! Like, that’s not even a question too me.

No, one group on this planet can claim “perfection”. If we start punishing people because of one, we all need to be punished.

What I have become more clearer though. One of my problem this week was that I really hurt my leg. It’s an old injury and I had to walk fast through the rain one day and it flared it up. So I couldn’t even do things around the house and I had horrible sleeps, because of the pain. Because it’s not technically a week yet, since I started to want to pro-actively change my mind set. I’m not going to everything I’ve done this week, so far. Probably Monday.

I can feel already a change, just refreshing news stories, and blocking “news” papers/stations from completely pointless, Right Wing “news” people. I am also noticing that if I do ever come across, I am a lot more calm as well. As Right Wingers, tend to say the same things. So when you see what the “news” article is about. You know what to expect, which can be very useful. Sometimes I didn’t even have to read the comments to know what was being said.

The Right and it’s total oddness

This isn’t so much a rant, as it is a “discussion” as to how weird the Right really are, and why it can be difficult to “debate” them. I’ve stopped trying to do it, because they’re so weird, lol. I know why they do it. These days, I just point out the flaws in their original statements and tend to stay away from “debating” them. They don’t do it, lol

This week, I’ve been looking at “news articles” and unfortunately a lot of them these days, you can write comments. And a lot of them are from right wingers with no lives clearly, lol.

Its just been funny, looking and reading them. Mainly because they can be on a topic, and ignore everything about it and call everyone else “deluded” or they go right off topic. You don’t even have to have a debate with them, they just make it difficult to have a conversation with them.

I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that they just really don’t care, do they. They are just more interested in telling us what they *think*. I’ve always known this. Just not really going into “fight with them”. Reading what they’re writing.

They don’t care about the fetus, the babies, the women, the millennials and the elderly being able to get a job. I doubt that they even care about God. They just want it all their own way. Which is impossible. They are never going to compromise, unless they are made too.

The Story of Me =D

People, fellow readers. I am starting to think something … I am, in fact, really odd, lol.

Or maybe it is, just everyone else?

I actually really like the Royal Family, except for Andrew, of course. But I also understand that people don’t want the Monarchy as head anymore. I like the mystery that the Royal Family bring. The myth and the “magic” of a Monarchy.

I also don’t have a huge problem with Religion, I have a problem when people use Religion to harm. In the right hands, Religion can be an amazingly positive tool, because in the right hands, it is nothing but love. In the wrong hands, well I don’t need to tell you people.

I am not going to feel truly happy again, until Trump is taken down, and trans people, both youth and adults have their rights back.

I just want the world to be kind again. I just want the world to be happy again.

I love to read, and I want to write…but I have a bad habit of trying to do three things at once. The writing tends to get pushed to the back. I am big romantic, but not many people are, so I keep that secret.


I was talking to an American friend earlier this week and we were talking role playing, and I said I don’t want to role play online with characters that require “rumpy pumpy”, and they couldn’t stop laughing! They had never heard the term before.

Rumpy Pumpy basically means, making sweet love.

What is a word you say that may be either made up or something you say that people may not have heard about?


Today is most of Australia’s “public holiday” to mourn the passing of the Queen. At first everyone was like “Yeah, public holiday”, but it’s getting weird. Because people are cancelling cancer scans etc. Which is so not cool. It was also made the Thursday, because on Friday, Victorians have a public day off for the Football Grand Final, haha

How Aussie, haha.

It was “nice” to watch the Funeral. It was so simple and lovely. The important parts were all there. Even before the funeral, funerals just make you think. No matter whose it is. Life, love, death…all the things.

Funerals, no matter the age are a chance to look at your own life and reflect. If you’re 9 or 99, another day is another gift, that not everyone gets.

Hey, look at that! Not so alone =D

I’m just going to quickly post two things with you today:

Analysis: A definitive rebuttal to every racist ‘Little Mermaid’ argument

Oh, look out by the way. The racists, are finding out that Hans Christian Andersen is gay. It’s almost like they have NEVER read a darn thing in their lives.

Why Adult Children Are Cutting Off Their Parents More Than Ever – Sophie Lloyd – Yesterday 9:30 pm (Thursday 15/9/2022)

I think the best take away from this article is:

“There’s a lot more support out there now, a lot more information,” said Bose.

“If someone feels something about their life, they look it up, they join forums, they follow accounts on Instagram of people sharing their experiences.

“When people are feeling this way, they now have support to validate their choices.”

What a disgrace!

I could not watch any of the Queens Funeral, with Australian “journalists” I just could not do it. I was so pissed off.

At least 3 of our “journalists”, they do breakfast shows. At least 3 were only a couple of weeks ago, calling Meghan a tosser. One in particular, Karl Stefanovic has been attacking Meghan and Harry for YEARS. And, YET, they had the audacity to say how rude it was. That how people who are staunch “want Australia to be a Republic” are “rude” because the Queen wasn’t even buried yet.

Oh, shut up! Karl Stefanovic went on, what used to be a respectable news program in Australia “60 minutes”. Too do a big ‘expose’ on Meghan Markle, his “lead” quest speaker…M/Fraking Katie Hopkins! For those who don’t know Katie Hopkins is, she’s a big racist in the UK. Getting banned on Twitter several times, I don’t think she’s on there still. I doubt that Harry or Meghan even know who she is, let alone know them well enough to be A LEAD guest speaker!

And he’s been bashing Harry and Meghan ever since!

This is who Channel 9, thought would be a good idea to send over? What the fuck! I can’t describe my disgust at Channel 9 enough! And the he talks about the Australians who want a Republican, as rude! Some one PLEASE slap him!

I only wrote about him, I think last week? He was the one whining about “wokism” after a mother was told to remove a basketball hoop from a nature strip, next to the road.

I even wrote a complaint, I was so disgusted.

*Next Day* He freaking embarrassed himself three times. At first I heard an Australian “journalist” was slammed for tasteless comments. In my head I’m thinking “Don’t let it be him, or I am going to be pissed”…It was…

This is what needs to happen…

This is of course only my opinion, and I know that some of these things are quiet impossible. Especially at this time. A girl can dream. I thought about this after watching “In Memoriam”. A documentary on survivors from American mass shooting’s. I was shocked by one girl when she said “The world needs to see this is real”.

We do see it sweetheart, and we are horrified. How is your country NOT seeing it, when it’s right on your doorstep?

  • A total overhaul of the American Justice System.
  • All the social media websites need to come down for a week, at least. I did a think a day at one point, but that is not enough.
  • We need to keep COVID isolation for at least another Winter season. What I mean by that is, in Australia, if we get a positive result for COVID, we have to quarantine for 5 days. They’re thinking of scrapping it altogether.
  • Trump NEEDS to be arrested, put on a bail or something. He does NOT “deserve” special treatment
  • The Supreme Court “Justice” need to remember their job is NOT too help ONE Religion, but to help ALL Americans.
  • And hey Christian Americans, if you could have a word with De Santis how you treat other HUMAN BEINGS. That’d be great. YOU need to send letters with Bible proverbs to his office about how you treat other human beings.
  • And if McConnell doesn’t want to do his job. Then he NEEDS to be fired. You would literally not put up with that in any business.

WE know it’s real, so what are you going to do about it America?