Too bad, too sad, for you…Trumpters #31

I got so angry last night on the insta. Trump did a good thing, he passed…well, he signed a bill. That makes animal cruelty a felony, which should have always been. So on this particular page we were saying that we appreciate it, but still doesn’t make us like him. It’s not like Trump looks bad right now or anything…oh wait…He does. I have no doubts why he did it, but I am glad that did it.

But THEN the Trumpters got mad, because we still don’t like him. On top of that they completely disregarded the Obama era wildlife protections that Obama put into place. Saying that Obama did nothing! Oh, that really pissed me off, because it’s not true and the only reason Trump signed that Bill was because he thought it’d make him look good.

Trump rolled back numerous Obama protections for wildlifem and previous wildlife protections:

  • Changed the way the Endangered Species Act is applied, making it more difficult to protect wildlife from long-term threats posed by climate change.
  • Opened nine million acres of Western land to oil and gas drilling by weakening habitat protections for the sage grouse, an imperiled bird with an elaborate mating dance.I
  • Overturned a ban on the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on federal lands.
  • Overturned a ban on the hunting of predators in Alaskan wildlife refuges.
  • Ended an Obama-era rule barring hunters on some Alaska public lands from using bait to lure and kill grizzly bears.National Park Service; Interior Department |
  • Withdrew proposed limits on the number of endangered marine mammals and sea turtles that people who fish could unintentionally kill or injure with sword-fishing nets on the West Coast. In 2018, California issued a state rule prohibiting the use of the nets the rule was intending to regulate.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | 
  • Amended fishing regulations for a number of species to allow for longer seasons and higher catch rates.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Rolled back a roughly 40-year-old interpretation of a policy aimed at protecting migratory birds, potentially running afoul of treaties with Canada and Mexico.
  • Overturned a ban on using parts of migratory birds in handicrafts made by Alaskan Natives.Interior Department 


  • Proposed relaxing environmental protections for salmon and smelt in California’s Central Valley in order to free up water for farmers.Executive Order;

Dear Melania Trump,

I don’t care about your porn past, because quiet frankly we don’t need to bring it up. From your birther comments about Obama’s, resulting in Malia and Sasha themselves, receiving death threats. Up until current day. You haven’t actually done anything kind, everything you’ve done is cruel and toxic and all “ME, ME ME”. That’s what I care about. That you went to tv and put Malia and Sasha in harms way, and have you apologised, yet? Nope. You, instead, went BACK onto tv and said how you’re the most bullied person in the world.

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So not pro-military

I truly don’t understand how anyone can keep saying that Trump is “pro-military”. When he takes money from them to pay for his wall.

Let alone…

Faking bone spurs

Constantly fighting John McCain

Fire purple heart awarded vets who are doing their job and tell the truth

Then pardon ones who have done war

Pulled the US out, just to have our allies slaughtered and release ISIS fighters.

Trump is just anti anyone whose better than him, which is pretty much 80% of the global population.

Apparently Trumps finally visited the Troops overseas for Thanksgiving.

Just to sit there and basically tell them that it’s alright they commit a war crime – oil related

Fined $2 millions dollars because he took money from the Vets and put it into his Campaign.

If that is what makes someone “pro” something…Then we are all Pro-Trump!

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The Classics

I was just sitting down and was watching “Cheers”…What a fantastic show! Even if Shelley Long should have never left and Kirstie Alley is a Scientologist. What a fantastic show! With Danny Elfman saying as well that they think the Simpsons will be ending still, it got me too thinking. I personally would love to see #TheSimpsons continue, I don’t think it’s THAT bad. Still better than a lot of stuff on tv right now. But I can take comfort in that there will definitely be reruns of it for years =D

Do you have any favourite classic shows that you could watch over and over again.

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