Daily writing prompt
Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

This will be a short post.

The one simple thing that I do that brings joy to my life, is too keep everything simple to begin with.

Even with the wedding, I am trying to keep it simple. Much to the disgust of others I am sure. I like things simple as I get older. I want things simply done, I like the simple life really. Lets others have the crazy and weird life.



Don’t worry, its not about to get lewd.

I was listening to the radio, and they were talking about private vs public break ups and it reminded me, that I have “faked” a break up.

What on earth are you talking about, Lolsy?

There is one relationship where, in the end, I knew I was causing problems. I didn’t want to be with guy anymore, but I had also just lost my grandpa, the first big lost in my adult life. So I didn’t want to “lose” anyone else. The guy wasn’t abusive or anything, he was just an over confident loser, lol. Its okay, I am not friends with that ex anymore, which is sad, only because I like his wife, she can do better, lol

Anyways, the day we did break up, I pretended to be really upset about it, did the whole running away and everything, hehe. I went and called the guy I had a crush on at the time, and pretended to be upset there too. You know, sleeping with my ex after we broke up is the only time I felt ashamed of myself. He made me thought he had changed, and we might get back together, but he was seeing his now wife and sleeping with me. It’s one of the reasons why I can never be friends with her. It’s not that I would just straight out tell her, but I would worry that she would put two and two together.

Have you ever “faked” something?

Thursday Theories – Religion

I am going there people! What I’m writing about today though are the hateful “religious” people, not the kind ones.

One thing that has been driving me “nutty” lately are the “Christians” mostly found on social media. You know the type, totally hateful, but because they’re “Christians” that means they’re automatically good people? I have a theory about those kinds of Christians.

I would say “do you wanna hear it?” I’m gonna write it anyway, lol

They are complete psychopaths’ and the only reason they haven’t actually killed anyone is their “Faith”. That’s it. They need religion for themselves, to stop themselves from physically harming other people. There is no other explanation for it.

Support Pride!

These are the artists that #Target in America, have now taken off the shelves. Target is a multi million dollar company and their only solution is to take away products from small #LGBT businesses?

I would love for allies to start using #Pride as a time to help small #LGBT businesses, rather than buy a $2 dollar flag that was made in China, for underpaid retail staff to sell. We could never bankrupt Target but we CAN absolutely help small businesses thrive!

Buy from here too!


Daily writing prompt
How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

I actually did this last night, on Twitter. After two days “arguing” with white people about even though being part of a cult is horrible and makes you do and say horrible things. When you say something horrific like celebrating the murder of three black people, one a child. You do not make excuses and have to have people drag an apology out of you. That’s not an apology and if the last time you, as white person, made racists comments about George Floyd. You are not then cured and absolved because you transitioned. That’s not how it works.

Then of course you’ve got the transphobes who think they have the “right to offend”. I mean, you do, I guess, but people also have the right to debate that. You are not being silenced when you are on every single media outlet, uncontested. And you are not on the right of History when the leaders of the most corrupt and stupidest political parties, back you up.

Then of course there was the whole Rowling calling trans people and the activist the actual Nazis.

There was a moment where I was going “I hope when I log back on, I’m banned” and then I was…

I don’t NEED to be here. I have got plenty of outlets and I have got plenty of ways of keeping in touch with others.

For the moment, I am keeping Twitter up, but only as a way to let people contact me until I get rid of Twitter for good. There are some people, who for the moment, don’t have else where to go. I will be encouraging them and supporting them to leave Twitter.

Seriously, I am getting my root canal finally done later today, and what if I got hit by a bus or a car. My last days on earth would have been me fighting with grown ups, about how to be better grown ups. As much I have this weird/odd need to fight for everyone. I shouldn’t be fighting other adults on how to be, at the very least, sensible human beings. That’s not my job. I highly doubt that’s my lot in my life.

I literally called someone beneath me, because they said that trans gender people were having a “gender” gap year. This person actually chose’s to follow me. So I let them have it, lol.

Just, enough

Before Pride starts, I just want to ask you one thing. Too stop buying ANYTHING Harry Potter. Rowling is blaming trans people for literal Nazi’s being on HER “side”, in Melbourne. You cannot make this shit up. Who could have possibly foreseen when JKRowling like the tweet of anti-trans and anti-Semitic Magdalena Burns, that Nazis would have been on her side.

This comes only a couple of weeks AFTER a male account calling himself Suffragents, was followed by Rowling and he bragged about it. Within a day she quietly unfollowed him, because it was found out he bragged about beating up his girlfriend.

Rowling was “defending” her friend KJK, who came to Australia (for some reason), paid for by CPAC. KJK’s “Let Women Speak” has BEEN constantly attended by Proud Boys, EDL and in Melbourne, Nazi’s. There are photos. While in Melbourne, it has been proven, that the Neo Nazi’s were invited, with KJK speaking with wife basher Avi Yemini.

Like, really? As someone much smarter than I said, “JKRowling is a fictional children’s author, she is not a thought leader”.

I wouldn’t even care, but its like Trump. She is causing REAL damage. This is who agrees with JKRowling so far:

Nazi’s/Proud Boys/EDL




Matt Walsh




Religious extremists

Elon Musk

She did what she did

Do you ever look back at something and think to yourself “Oh, I wish I had said that then”.

I had a moment like that recently, but I also thought to myself that they probably knew I knew what I actually wanted to say. They probably realised that I saw through them and that’s why they “cut me off”.

The thing is though, at the time, I didn’t realise I had seen through them, but they knew I had.

Where am I going with this? I had a moment where I thought if I had been who I had been know, but back then, I would have kicked my “best friends” butt and her grossness. You know something? I think she knew that. Imagine saying to your 30 year old “best friends” that you’re only happy when you’re single, when your ‘bfs’ are getting abused or are unhappy in their relationships.

After this thought I actually went and…okay…I stalked a little on my old “friends” FB pages. Except the one who said she likes hearing how her best friends are getting bullied and are having a hard time in their relationship, she blocked me.

One of them has a Eight with Kate, or whatever that show was called, haircut. Funniest thing ever. It’s a total Karen haircut! I found it even funnier because she hates kids.

The other is constantly changing her cover photo to say how confident she is, and how this is her year. You’re nearly 40 dear, it’s time to put away the 20 year old “I am confident” posts, you are not confident. I felt sorry for her actually. No one actually likes her, but she’s a useful tool at telling the narcissi’s what a good person she is. I am not surprised that at nearly 40, she still has to convince herself that she’s “confident”. She literally liked the comment when the narc said she was happier when we were miserable.

That’s the thing though, I think she knew that I got it, but I hadn’t got it, quiet yet. So she found an excuse to get rid of me, before I REALLY got it.

The Comfort

The last week and bit I was fighting off a flu/cold. It seems to be going around here at the moment. Then the past weekend, because I hadn’t eaten heaps and then ate too much, and threw up.

Which means that the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to restrain myself to eat better and not as much.

The first food I had was chicken and corn soup. I have actually been craving it for a while now. My partner isn’t that interested in soup, and when he does its usually tomato. Which is completely fine, I like tomato too, but sometimes you need to have something different. My partner is more, he likes what he likes, which is fine. I’m more I need something different every now and then.

I would love to say as well that I made the chicken and corn soup from scratch. I did not though, it was canned soup. I do make though a lot of bakes, that I love as comfort food. So your pasta, chicken bakes etc. I just didn’t have the strength or patience to make it, haha. If I’m not sick, I’ll make it, have some that night and then more a couple of days later. You know, I am going to learn to make it from scratch.

Is there a comfort food you must have?

I should try some of these this Winter.

27 healthier comfort foods we’re making this winter, –

I am supposed to be losing weight, haha.

Not Drag Queens

The LGBT hate in America and in the UK, is becoming ridiclous!

Despite Bud Light, despite Target, despite Drag Queen hour. There is only two, mostly one group of people, DAILY, being charged or arrested for pedophilia.

That’s AGAIN…