Thursday Theories – Hot Topic! Beliefs!

I am going there people!

I mainly was inspired to write this, because I was retweet an atheist friend who wanted to know why do other atheists thinks Christianity is such a popular religion. It got me thinking.

See, I am not an atheist and I am not religious, I’m agnostic. So generally I don’t believe there’s a “God” persay, but I do believe in spirits and ghosts, and guardians. Not all Guardians are human too, just so you know,hehe.

It did make me think why is Christianity so popular? Too me it’s not really a hard question to answer. I know one religious family that have sent myself and my gay family members bibles with bible quotes. We normally take pity on them. A few years ago, the father of that family had a complete break down thinking his mother, my mum and myself were going to “Hell” because we do Tarot and Reiki, etc.

So, in a way, we pity them.

I would still though the other 97% of Christians I know, are good people too. In my mind, Religion, like everything else in this world is extremely powerful, when in the right hands, for good. It is also powerfully destructive, when in the wrong hands of extremists.

For me as well, not for a single second would I call a right wing republican a “Christian”. There’s nothing there for me anyway, to say that they are Christian. I was saying yesterday to people who kept saying that Kate Forbes is left wing and she’s progressive, she they must be too. That’s not how it works. Kate Forbes was in the running for FM in Scotland, she didn’t win, thank goodness. Well done to Scotland again, for Humza Yousaf, by the way. Just because Forbes was in a progressive party, doesn’t make her progressive or left wing. Her views were literally being celebrated by likes of Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage is pretty much the God of Brexit, it was all his doing. Yes, Brexit, the biggest disaster to hit the UK in a long time. I include COVID in this.

Claiming to be something, doesn’t make you that. It’s like these people have never heard of “Your actions speak louder than words” before. Calling yourself, left, right and center, doesn’t make you left, right or center, your actions and what you support does.


Watch Your Words

I found out yesterday that one of my brothers closest friends passed away, by their own means. The anti-lgbt was too much for them too handle anymore. You probably wont hear about him on the news or any media outlet. He was just another soul lost in the world.

I’m pretty tired of it really. How many more are going to lose their lives, because bad witches speak. Because bad witches wont shut up. Because bad witches wont think of others, only themselves.

I came off of Twitter, because I couldn’t handle the stupidity anymore. People are REALLY dying though because of the anti-lgb and the anti-trans hate. People are REALLY dying. Real Human Beings are dying, because bad witch lady has an “opinion”. And she wont shut up.

I only know about three of them.

One of the last things that happened to me was someone tried to “bait me” with using the Hogwarts Legacy game. I’ll tell you what I said too them. “Go ahead, waste your money on a game that isn’t even in the top 20 in the first month its out. Thank you for proving, once again, what a weak, cowardly and quiet frankly, pathetic generation we are”.

I never met my brothers friend, but that doesn’t mean his loss is any less than Brianna Ghey’s or Eden Knights. People are actually dying from the bitch who I wont name. I don’t want your forgiveness, when I get mad about her. My anger is completely justified. I don’t understand how people can keep justifying her.

For Brianna, Eden and Liam ❤

Thursday Theories – Rights, Freedoms and Opinions

This will be my first “Thursday Theories” for the year! Lets make it interesting!

Hows 2023 going for you so far?

What makes your opinion, worth more than someone else’s reality?

I was “inspired” to write this post as again, another TERF said and I quote “Deep sigh!! Another Gay man Mansplaining our rights away! And his also, ironically.”

So I said

“Deep sigh!! What rights.?”

It’s been two days and they tweeted other stuff. I did recently say to a transphobe, that if it wasn’t for Rowling, no one would be listening to them. I stand by that.

It’s with everything though really. Every single aspect of life. It is just like we just have to ‘accept’ peoples opinions, and no ones allowed to have Free Speech to disagree. It’s always THEY get to have Free Speech, the amount of times I’ve had to explain, After Andrew Tate protectors, after watching another week of people ignoring Prince Andrew, again. Watching transphobes getting upset by a single Firework display that also included the Queen, the Monarchy in general and Sir Thomas…that older UK guy who run a lot.

You can say what you want, and other people are free to use their Free Speech and disagree. That’s all I say now, I refuse to keep getting into “arguments” with idiots who keep insisting they’re allowed to have Free Speech, but no one else.

I want you too wheest

This is a total opinion, but there are so many celebrities, politicians and general people who I wish would wheest. Two of the big ones are Rowling and Kanye West. Can someone please shut that danger down NOW.

Jaden Smith walks out of Yeezy fashion show over ‘White Lives Matter’ top

Kanye West is absolutely a danger to society. He harassed Taylor Swift, because he made himself look like an idiot. He harassed Amber Rose for simply existing. And now his ex-wife and his own children, including anyone she dates. Now this. White Lives Matter was used by white supremacy, for obvious reasons. For the record, Candace Owens was there too, with a top saying the same thing. How is that even allowed?

Who would you wish would wheest?

What does Wheesht mean in Scots?

demand for silence

(hwiːʃ ) or wheesht (hwiːʃt ) Scottish. exclamation. 1. a plea or demand for silence; hush. verb.

This is what needs to happen…

This is of course only my opinion, and I know that some of these things are quiet impossible. Especially at this time. A girl can dream. I thought about this after watching “In Memoriam”. A documentary on survivors from American mass shooting’s. I was shocked by one girl when she said “The world needs to see this is real”.

We do see it sweetheart, and we are horrified. How is your country NOT seeing it, when it’s right on your doorstep?

  • A total overhaul of the American Justice System.
  • All the social media websites need to come down for a week, at least. I did a think a day at one point, but that is not enough.
  • We need to keep COVID isolation for at least another Winter season. What I mean by that is, in Australia, if we get a positive result for COVID, we have to quarantine for 5 days. They’re thinking of scrapping it altogether.
  • Trump NEEDS to be arrested, put on a bail or something. He does NOT “deserve” special treatment
  • The Supreme Court “Justice” need to remember their job is NOT too help ONE Religion, but to help ALL Americans.
  • And hey Christian Americans, if you could have a word with De Santis how you treat other HUMAN BEINGS. That’d be great. YOU need to send letters with Bible proverbs to his office about how you treat other human beings.
  • And if McConnell doesn’t want to do his job. Then he NEEDS to be fired. You would literally not put up with that in any business.

WE know it’s real, so what are you going to do about it America?

In my personal opinion (haha)

I probably turned off at least 100+ people with that title, lol

I was just doing some general thinking, as one does in the shower. This is what I think the problem is.

I see a lot of people SAY they don’t agree with what Rowling has said/done, but HP means a lot too them. They don’t like being yelled at, because HP means so much too them. Here’s the thing:

Some people are literally buying Harry Potter just to put money into her pocket, a billionaires pocket. So they can just “stuff you” to trans people and TRA’s. I have seen literal political people/leaders, buy a Harry Potter Lego set. So they can and I quote “hope this goes directly into your pockets”. So NOT spending a weekend of quality time with their children, literally spending money to put it into the pocket of ANOTHER bigoted billionaire.

So yeah, trans people and people like me get a little angry, when people purchase HP products.

It’s very easy to say you don’t agree with her. Here is my solution, that’s simple and easy, and I think would work well.

When you want to write about or show off a new, anything Harry Potter. Just put a simple hashtag at the bottom there. #transrightsarehumanrights. IF you do actually support trans people, no big deal, right?

In my opinion…

So, as I will warn you. This is based only on my own thoughts, and life experience. It does not mean in any way, that this is fact.

K? lol

For myself, there is only left, right and extreme. Except in cases of Politicians, they are all so sus and they are totally playing a game.

I was talking to a friend whose also has been targeted on Twitter. On a really old account of theirs, she saw another trans person who has targeted her as well, defend herself…again. It’s ridiculous, this person runs a “network” and yet, they pick and choose which trans people they’ll protect and keep safe. Which does not include any trans person who works in the justice system.

Any who, they were saying that they keep getting targeted because people don’t like their “hard left” views. You know, it can’t possibly be because they’re just not a nice person.

I will be honest here, I have yet to meet a “hard left” person, whose a nice and decent person. Because they’re not nice people. There are as bad as the “easy” Right. Which is why I say there is only ‘left, right and extreme”. Hard Left, as far as I’m concerned is the same as the Right. They are (every time I’ve dealt with them), arrogant, they think their way is the ONLY way, they are only willing to accept you if you comply with their way of thinking, they take no responsibility for their actions. Who else does that sound like? lol

That’s not “Left” on any planet, lol


Over last week I read two stories that made me go…

One was Joe Rogan saying that he would never interview Trump, even though he was asked to several times. Right so, the guy who agrees with all Trump Supporters and is all for Trumps ideas, doesn’t support Trump, himself?

Then there was Kim Kardashian, who was lamenting who she was always the “under dog” and how she was fine with that. Personally, I’m still waiting for her apology to Taylor Swift.

Aren’t celebrities odd.


I don’t like Wednesdays, and I don’t like lame people even more!

I was inspired to write this post, after another person AGAIN, decided to write about something, admitting they don’t know the full story but wanted everyone to know their opinion anyway. I said to them “Well did you think about writing NOTHING, until you actually know SOMETHING”.

Then another person who keeps liking her comments, and kept using the laughing emote to laugh at everyone who disagreed with her. Laughed at me.

“That’s all your little brain can muster up. Lame”.

I don’t care, like it is totally lame to not be able to think of a witty response. It’s lame to say your opinion accusing a victim of not being a victim, without knowing a story. But why do people keep doing it? lol

Controversial Opinion!

Do you have an controversial opnion? Well here is one of mine and I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Trigger topic/warning: Rape

In the UK since (I think 2003ish?) they created a Law, which meant that women can’t be convicted of rape. Which lacks all common sense, because women rape and in, fact, since 2003, women in the UK, have been charged with it.

Anyway, my topic has nothing to do with that specific Law, rather the notion that that Law, and transphobic people believe, that women can’t rape. Now, my topic is really going to ask, do you consider what I’m about to write, is it rape or not.

I used to have a friend who is obsessed with babies. So much so, she now has (I believe) 6 kids and half of them don’t know who their father.

This is where my controversial opinion comes in.

Her first child knows who his father is. I believe though, she realised she had made a “mistake” by doing this. She even gave her first born the same name as the father’s surname, so the child would have her last name instead. The father’s surname is a first name scenario, so you know like: John or Peter or William.

The next three kids don’t know who their fathers are. Too me, what she did is borderline rape. Because she went into those situations without telling those guys that she was literally doing it to get pregnant. If she had, I doubt any of them would have consented to have sex with her.

She didn’t get their consent and took it away.