I agree with a lot of these songs, but not necessarily in the order and I feel a lot songs are missing.

These songs have been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be the happiest of all time

Story by BANG Showbiz 

Do you have a song on the list or not, that makes you instantly happy ❤


100% Absolutely Agree

Just for reference, when talking about Sam Smith, please use they/them pronouns. Once you start using they/them pronouns, I’ve found anyway, that when you start to use them regularly, they actually become quiet easier.

I have seen some vile comments about Sam Smith. The biggest irony has been, of course, the denial of course that it has anything to do with someone sexuality. When it clearly is their issue. But how many people complaining about Sam Smith, have, in fact dressed way more “scandalous” than they have. One old lady, was complaining about them, and everyone showed her “get up” at the…get this…ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

And they were NOT dressed as Janice.

I always was like “Yeah, Sam Smith is alright” but now I am like…” I’M NOT WORTHY, I’M NOT WORTHY”

Bad Me

I am so sorry! I feel like my post yesterday made people sad, oh my goodness! I apoligise. I promise it’s not a bad thing to be comfortable to be alone.

I also apologise also, my posts have not really been Halloweenie, have they? The world is falling apart, I got put back some happiness in there!

Halloween and Samhain, have got the best music.

From Classics such as “This is Halloween” to the famous or infamous “Psycho” theme. What sounds/music/theme/tunes makes you truly believe in the spirit of Halloween?

I hate everything about you

It is time for a rant everyone! On the way from my Mum’s house to my partners, I kept saying “I hate people” haha

Okay, so maybe I don’t HATE people, but I certainly grow tired and weary of them. So today, you are all so lucky that you get a lovely list of everything that I just hate. Feel free to add to my list

Calling yourself Ugly, when you’re really pretty, haha.

People talking second-hand information about Meghan Markle,

People’s driving,

People being miserable over nothing…again…haha

Depp, Pitt … All “good looking” men, who are terrible people,

It’s Fathers Day next weekend, and I don’t want to even give a card to mine, lol.

Always the last day of work…It goes on and on and on and on


Theme Song

I almost ended up in tears the other day. There’s something that was told too me that I can’t let go of. It was pretty disturbing and very “deaf”, what they told me. Sometimes I really do feel like I have to put out my hand to people who have known me a long time and say “Let me introduce myself, my name is Lauren Bolton”.

Like sometimes, someone says something to you and it makes you go to yourself “God, I really had no chance, did I”.

If I was to tell you that I have a “secret” theme song, would that surprise you? Or do you have a secret them song too?

Week 1

So today has been one week, since I was got FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM and was allowed out of isolation.

My jebus, I am tired!lol

So this is going to be short and sweet. One night, my partner and I actually fell asleep listening to boy bands on YouTube. We were trying to guess what boy band sang what song. We were both tired, but we were having trouble sleeping. This actually helped.

Not saying the songs or bands are boring, but I think it actually did help us to relax a little.

It was actually fun, lol. I don’t think this was the actual one, but another could one. Try and guess!

Family Guy

This actually has nothing to really do with the series. There is an episode though where Peter gets his own theme music. Although I am hit and miss with some Family Guy episodes, I LOVE the idea of having my own theme songs.

(I apoligise as well, I didn’t have my laptop charger for about 24 hrs. Trying to catch up now).

Let’s use our imaginations, what would your different theme’s be? After all, we have different emotions and experiences. Is there a song that you play every single time that relates to a mood? Little note, my partner has hummed through every single song, lol.

Learning through the pain:

Screw You!lol

You are my beautiful my friends ❤ … “Rooting” for my friends

Just happy, lol

And not my final song, but for this post it is…

“Feeling It” =D