The Story of Me =D

People, fellow readers. I am starting to think something … I am, in fact, really odd, lol.

Or maybe it is, just everyone else?

I actually really like the Royal Family, except for Andrew, of course. But I also understand that people don’t want the Monarchy as head anymore. I like the mystery that the Royal Family bring. The myth and the “magic” of a Monarchy.

I also don’t have a huge problem with Religion, I have a problem when people use Religion to harm. In the right hands, Religion can be an amazingly positive tool, because in the right hands, it is nothing but love. In the wrong hands, well I don’t need to tell you people.

I am not going to feel truly happy again, until Trump is taken down, and trans people, both youth and adults have their rights back.

I just want the world to be kind again. I just want the world to be happy again.

I love to read, and I want to write…but I have a bad habit of trying to do three things at once. The writing tends to get pushed to the back. I am big romantic, but not many people are, so I keep that secret.

Thursday Theories – Not Okay

Okay, so I can get people not liking the Monarchy. This is not that, and if you HATE colonialism, THAT much. Why would you CHOOSE to work and live in the US?

Professor cries ‘racism’ after backlash for wishing Queen ‘excruciating’ death

Me dear, you wished a painful and excruciating death on someone you don’t know. You CHOOSE to live in America. I know the UK has it’s racism issues, but have you SEEN the US lately?

This has nothing to do with her colour skin. I don’t care what she calls herself, that is not “Left” that is extremism. Wishing a painful death is not acceptable. It’s what makes us different from the Right. It just quiet frankly, makes you a bit of an arsehole really, lol

She seems a bit lost and a little misled really. Not in terms of colonialism, but how she’s directing her anger.

Colonialism is (for those who don’t know):

Colonialism is a practice or policy of control by one people or power over other people or areas, often by establishing colonies and generally with the aim of economic dominance. In the process of colonisation, colonisers may impose their religion, language, economics, and other cultural practices.

Generally, and very sadly, a lot of “first world countries” are based on colonialism. The US, Australia, we are all based on it. We’re in 2022 now, and we know better. So let’s be better, okay?

Thursday Theories – Pride

I am going to be ‘straight’ up with you folks. I grow tired of transphobia, at this point, they’re just embarrassing themselves. I’m straight and I am SO embarrassed for them.

What IS Pride?

LGBT pride (also known as gay pride or simply pride) is the promotion of the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people as a social group. – Wiki

Pride is for:

Alan Turing

Barbara Gittings

Bayard Rustin

Bill Thom

Christine Jorgensen

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

Harvey Milk

Actually, nearly everyone in this list…

26 People From the LGBTQ Movement You Should Know

By Adam SchubakJun 18, 2021

Sadly, a lot of people on that list, are not alive today.

Pride is not just about ONE group, nor is it about what that ONE group think what everyone else should be like. It is about embracing who you truly are. Especially when being who you are has been a literal crime for centuries.

Funny thing is, I would give money for LGB “Alliance” to have their own “Pride” march. One it would be hilarious to see them make butts of themselves. LGB Alliance membership, as I’ve mentioned before is only 7% LGB, the rest are all straight. Might as well be a straight Pride. Two, the things they do attend, there is so few of them, it would just be hiliarious to see if people could tell there was even a march going on, haha.

Thursday Theories – Twitter payback.

I watched as Rowling joined in with bullying a trans person who has CPTSD, while she tried to destroy Stonewall. I heard her silence as someone she followed wished rape on myself and the women in my family. I was mass reported by transphobes, and the ONLY thing that they could get me up on, was my banner picture of a Minion in a bikini.

So, excuse me when I say that death threats are ALWAYS wrong, but it seems that it’s only not okay when certain people get them. While interacting with people who have given them out. And sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee, I find it pretty funny that Twitter didn’t take it down. Just like Twitter doesn’t take down the rape threats. Just like they didn’t take down Allison Bailey tweets talking about teenage girls bodies (the Lawyer that “sued” Stonewall with Rowlings help) Just like they didn’t take down the bullying tweets of said trans person. Just like they haven’t taken down the transphobic merchandise that Rowling advertised.

So, please transphobes, shut up with the “Free Speech” crap. It’s getting tiresome and really boring, and really is not having any impact on anyone anymore.

Man, I am OVER that “woman”.

I am really over her.

You know, I am going to think about this with less emotion. If the transphobes hadn’t had mass reported me I would have reported that threat. Interesting that it’s still up there. That’s what transphobes normally do.

Thursday Theories – Oh, the irony

Oh, how the mighty idiots are starting to completely freak out. I cannot lie, it is a nice change.

I heard about the FBI raid while at work, and it was really funny. Because all the “news” articles” on my computer, mainly from Sky and Fox “news” were saying how the raid is actually a WIN for Trump. For a moment I was like “cuse you” Then I remember that my work computer had been updated. So the news that I read through my lunch break and had been reset.

Got rid of those.

It is hilarious too see the Republicans and the GOP react they way they have to the FBI raid, with NO sense of irony, whatsoever.

The Party that brings you “Blue Lives Matter” and constantly say that black men wouldn’t get shot, if they complied, now want to defund the blue lives, and don’t want too comply.

Let’s be honest here, not the first time they’ve behaved like this. I would be willing to bet that NOW they wish they had impeached Trump, because it’s all gonna come out now.

The Republican Party of now, have absolutely NO sense of reality. When I came back from work, I knew it. No one with a brain thought “This is a win for Trump”. No one with a brain thought that this was going to be a good thing to be weaponised against the Democrats in the next election. No one who has any sense of reality is thinking that, at all.

What? Taking the 5th Trump?

Thursday Theories – Tik Tok

I will start this blog post with a warning. I am not 100% sure what happened on there, all I know is that there were a lot of parents who stopped posting tik toks of their kids on there. It seemed to have involved child exploitation on there too. One of the reasons I have not written about this before is because I am not a parent. At the same time though, I keep wanting to say

*warning* child/minor exploitation


A lot of social media sites have an age limit for a reason. There’s a good reason why a lot of social media, will not allow you to post naked, even sweet pictures, of your children, say in the bath.

We all get it. There’s people out there who “do not” though. There are some sick people out there, who literally do not get it.

Even if you do not post naked or semi naked pictures of your kids, in all pure goodness. There are some sick people out there. I don’t even want to imagine what they’d do with videos, clothed.

Now onto the other different topic. Too lose a child, I can’t begin too imagine. Unfortunately, I don’t think the parents suing Tik Tok for negligence, will win.

Dear parents, you are NOT your child’s friend. You are their PARENT. You are responsible for them. Not a social media company. The age limit for tik tok is 13, not 9 or 8. Most people say common sense, it should be 15 really. We’re in 2022, sorry, but that is not tik tok’s fault, you didn’t say no and clearly did not monitor your child’s activity.

People in there’s teens, 20s, 30s 40s+ Cannot handle social media. Why in HECK would you not be monitoring your 9 YEAR OLD!

Ask me anything…The answers.

You asked and I am now delivering!

OK, crunchy or smooth peanut butter?! Asked by Meerkat Musings

For the lovers of peanut butter, this is the question to end all questions. Smooth or crunchy. I genuinely had to think about this one. In the end I went with smooth. The literal only reason being that when you have a sore throat, it really does hurt trying to swallow the crunchy down. Do not ask me how I know that, lol. That’s the ONLY reason I could choose.

Favourite dish? Asked by LIFESFINEWHINE

I thought of this question, as if being asked what would I want for my final meal. The first thing that came to mind was lasagna. It has been the one constant favourite meal in my life. I have literally either gotten food poisoning or I couldn’t keep it down when I’ve been heartbroken, from the rest.

What do you consider to be the 5 most beautiful things in the world? Asked by Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

  1. Nature. Even when it’s really scary, it’s still so beautiful. How it know’s what it’s doing, unlike us.
  2. True Love. I don’t mean that sappy “oh he’s so romantic” ‘true love’. I mean that, you look at your partner, a friend, a family member, your child, heck your pet and you just feel with that warmth. You all know what I’m talking about.
  3. This is going to sound odd, but there’s nothing more beautiful too me than silence, but also beautiful noise. That peace of silence when you’re alone, and have a break from other’s noises. Yet, at the same time, drums in the same motion, just as beautiful.
  4. A poem that you just love.
  5. Kindness, too others. It’s severely lacking lately. That I swear, if you get to see it or experience. Obviously kindness towards animals, is a must. But when I see a human doing it for another human being. That takes a lot of power, it’s beautiful.

Did I do good?lol

Sunday Poser #88

I am choosing to do this on the next Sunday, after this post was posted by the beautiful Sadje.

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Where do I even start with this one? Haha … I guess the biggest assumption that people make about me, is that I have never been angry person. Clearly you all know, especially lately that I can easily angry. Generally because people are just not thinking of others.

I was an angry teenager, as I’ve gotten older I understand why. But even now, a lot of people assume that I just never get angry. I wasn’t a violent teenager, just a lot of grumpy moods and a lot of yelling and slamming doors. I use to LOVE slamming doors! It really was the only way that people, especially those I lived with at the time…not naming names, haha…To notice me at all.

There was a girl who said too me that if I was ever angry, you know you’ve done something wrong. About two years later she was joining in on cyber bullying me, lol.