The Legacy of Lolsy

Daily writing prompt
What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

I am starting to enjoy these word prompts.

I would like to leave legacy behind of kindness to others and ourselves.



Daily writing prompt
Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

This will be a short post.

The one simple thing that I do that brings joy to my life, is too keep everything simple to begin with.

Even with the wedding, I am trying to keep it simple. Much to the disgust of others I am sure. I like things simple as I get older. I want things simply done, I like the simple life really. Lets others have the crazy and weird life.

Thursday Theories – Religion

I am going there people! What I’m writing about today though are the hateful “religious” people, not the kind ones.

One thing that has been driving me “nutty” lately are the “Christians” mostly found on social media. You know the type, totally hateful, but because they’re “Christians” that means they’re automatically good people? I have a theory about those kinds of Christians.

I would say “do you wanna hear it?” I’m gonna write it anyway, lol

They are complete psychopaths’ and the only reason they haven’t actually killed anyone is their “Faith”. That’s it. They need religion for themselves, to stop themselves from physically harming other people. There is no other explanation for it.


Daily writing prompt
Are you a leader or a follower?

Writing this while my nose is running…away, haha.

Very recently my State Government decided to team up with the opposition and push through, quickly, an extreme measure AGAINST peaceful protest. Three months in jail or a 50,000 fine.

I voted for our current State Government.

What ARE “politicians” doing in 2023. The PEOPLE are…were…voting Labor in, because we don’t WANT the Liberals. Apart from Tasmania, the rest are all Labor…Why do you *think* that is. Recently the UK had a local election of their own. Most of the Tories are losing their seats, and yet, again the opposition party is going to do NOTHING to stop the harm that the Tories have done. And it’s kind of the same in American, a Democrat is President.

If our current State Government doesn’t fix this up toot sweet, I wont be voting for them again.

This what I mean by I don’t believe that I am either a leader or follower. I lead myself and I follow where I think is the path. But I don’t follow and I would make a terrible leader.

So what does that make me? Is there an inbetween?

Magical Monday – Freedom

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?

I love this writing prompt. I actually whacked my head yesterday and it took me a little bit write properly, so hopefully, this makes any sense.

Freedom definitely means to something different to people. One thing I do agree with is that I don’t have freedom, until we are all free.

I think of these two quotes.

When you see what is happening now. It started with bigots, and bigoted politics targeting trans people…As it’s gone on to then abortion rights, gay rights (in general), immigrants and now they’re starting to ban books. More and more mass shooting’s. How can we say that we are free?

When I think of people saying they have the Freedom to have gun if they want too. But what does that mean? Why do we get the Freedom to have guns? Because some old dudes a couple of hundred years ago said so? What have we/I done to deserve my Freedom.

I wrote a short post a week or so ago, about how this UK journalist said that “we defeated Fascisms” I made a comment about how “we” didn’t. The soldiers of WWI and WWII did. I fight against fascism every day, as I see a lot of my readers do here as well, but it is not defeated. As is proven every day.

Fascisms History offers lessons about todays attacks on education. By Eden McLean on April 7, 2023, Scientific America

Neo-Nazis clash with police and counter-protesters at anti-immigration rally in Melbourne Nino Bucci Sat 13 May 2023 16.22 AEST, Guardian Australia

Suella Braverman tells Holocaust survivor she will not apologise for ‘invasion’ rhetoric PA Media Sun 15 Jan 2023 06.53 AEDT, Guardian Australia

Then there’s my own personal belief that anyone who NEEDS a gun, is not free. Why would they be? A lot of people feel they NEED a gun, because someone is always “after them”. That’s a fear. They are a slave to their fears. Having an addiction, or a need for something is not Freedom. That’s why even though most of the time I am okay with my anxiety. I try to handle them on my own. But that’s not Freedom either. Sometimes you need help. There is a difference between needing helping and 100% relying on someone all the time to help me.

I also think we do have to earn Freedom. We don’t just get to be free, because we’re born. Now we may not have a World War to fight. I believe we can do it in other ways. Now I know supporting someone Twitter whose being dogpiled by bigots, may seem like nothing. I have been thanked enough by people to know, that stepping in, is enough. Most of the time I don’t even know what the conversation was about. I just get an instinct about these things.

This part is not actually in the books.

Thursday Theories – Generally Entitled

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “stuff” and I figured out what’s annoying me the most, about everything, generally.

It’s the entitlement…long post, incoming!

Privilege comes in all shapes and sizes.

I was inspired to write this post when I saw three things. When I went to text my brother to send my condolences about his cat, and I was reminded how awful he was too me, for no reason, let alone a good one. Seeing that Joanna Cherry is suing “The Stand” after they “cancelled” her. The British media not acknowledging that the Coronation took place Prince Archie’s birthday, until, of course, they could “make” Harry and Meghan the bullies.

Just a question first, when did the feelings of children stop mattering more than adults?

There was someone who actually wrote and I quote “Meghan is so selfish, why didn’t she show up for her FIL, he’s kind of important” Guess what, her SON will always be more important than her FIL. I don’t care who King Charles is, he will never be more important than someone’s child. I just don’t get it. Only a few weeks beforehand one of Charles and Camilla’s friend and “royal expert” made a “joke” about dangling Prince Archie over that balcony. Yet people will STILL say that Harry and Meghan shouldn’t complain, they should be silent. Even AFTER Jeremy Clarkson, close friend of Camilla, said that he has violent sexual fantasy’s about Meghan, STILL people think that Harry and Meghan should say nothing. Charles, Camilla, William and Kate could put a stop to it. Nope, they choose to Knight the people who first spread false rumours about Meghan.

STILL, people think Harry and Meghan should be quiet.

Thinking Meghan and Harry should be quiet, is an absolute privilege. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to say that Harry and Meghan should be quiet. Too believe you wouldn’t say anything while being treated like that, is ridiculous. For Chris Rock to say “Meghan should have know better” is privilege. When you look at the facts, not just what the media repeat. You start to realise pretty quickly that Harry and Meghan are on point. Too listen to the media, and never question it, is a privilege. Too assume that media is telling you the “truth” is a privilege. We don’t live in Russia, China or North Korea. People are choosing to take a side, people are choosing to listen to the media.

That is a privilege

UK tabloid group admits it unlawfully gathered info on Harry

When Laura Ingraham said that LeBron James should “shut up and dribble” She was speaking from a place of privilege, why shouldn’t LeBron James talk about what he wants?

Which then leads me to Joanna Cherry.

If you don’t know who she is…Lucky you, lol.

Cherry is a Scottish politician, and a lesbian ( she really likes reminding people of that one), and is transphobic. If any of ask me “how has she been transphobic” I am swearing out out and then blocking you.

Cherry was (for some reason) invited to speak at the Stand Comedy club in Edinburgh. However, the plans were thwarted by the staff, who didn’t want to work. Due to Health and Safety, it meant that they had to not allow the show to go ahead. WELL, there’s now 10 of my Google pages talking about how much she’s been cancelled and silenced. Why 10 pages of Google? Well because she was EVERYWHERE!!!

So yeah, 10 pages of Google links after just searching the name Joanna Cherry.

The biggest irony came from a young lesbian. When she wrote an article about how no one is obligated to listen to Cherry. So Cherry “responded” by being ageist and talking down to her. And then went the next day and threatened to sue “The Stand”.

That’s a place of privilege. One, that she was even invited and allowed on…and after 10 pages on Google. I feel confident enough to say that she is neither cancelled or being silenced.

Dream a little dream of me

Daily writing prompt
What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

There are three jobs, I would like to try at:


Successful writer

Working at a Charlie Bear shop

I have a dream, that if I win the lottery I will open my own shop, full of reiki, tarot and plush toys. Its more than likely going to stay a dream though. I actually did work in a “new age” type shop as a tarot reader and I was really good at it too. I brought in a lot of customers, and you know, I think that’s why my “best friend” got me sacked. It was fine though, the place was totally dodgy. She brought me and got me the sack. Like I said it didn’t even matter really, I wouldn’t have been able to use them as a referee, they were ripping off the Government. I got sacked because I didn’t know, and was reporting my income too them, lol

Anyways, I could see myself having a shop all of my own. With Charlie Bears, new age things.

Thursday Theories – Tell me I’m a good girl, I am

Also good luck to the UK.

Just a little explanation. My brothers cat had to be suddenly, kind of, put down the other day.

I was talking to my mum she said that he had been “copping” it from everyone lately. So I sent him a care package. I went to unblock him this morning, mainly to make sure he gets it, but just in case he wanted to say something. Then I saw all the text messages and it reminded me why I blocked him. Especially his last few text messages. Yes I am really sad that his cat had to be put down. I’m okay with the package still being sent. But I decided to not unblock him.

The other story I want to write a little bit about. The first time I was cyber bullied. It was around the time of Myspace, haha.

Only a couple of months beforehand one of the girls that was bullying me said too me “If you’re mad at someone, then they must have done something wrong”. I’m not even kidding, it was like two or three months later that she joined with the other bully.

This seems to be a reoccurring pattern in my life. Like my brother said “no one hates you” which they probably don’t. Calling me a bitch though, isn’t really full of love either.

Do you know what I’m saying? Like it is very confusing when someone says that they don’t “hate” you, but then call you a bitch, say you think you’re inferior too them, that you’re creating problems, that you sit there in sadness and negativity. Just like it’s very confusing when someone says to you “you only get mad when someone’s done something wrong” and then a little time later your bullying me.

If that what’s you call someone you “love”, how do you talk to your enemies?

If I’m upset with you, then you’ve done something wrong.

“Some say I got a bad attitude
But that don’t change the way I feel about you
If you think all this might be bringing me down
Look again cause I ain’t wearin’ no frown”

*insert picture of the thinker statue here*

Daily writing prompt
Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I usually have a few. There’s two though that have a big impact on myself, daily

To thine own self be true

it is a line from act 1 scene 3 of Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. It is spoken by King Claudius’ chief minister, Polonius as part of a speech where he is giving his son, Laertes, his blessing and advice on how to behave whilst at university

“There’s some good in the world, Mr Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

What I like about both of them, and I think why I like them both so much, is that they are two completely different types of quotes. One is too take care of yourself, by being honest and true with yourself, and the other is about reminding one of others. But they’re kind of the same too. They’re both about being kind and taking care, just one is about self and the other is about others.

It really is quiet simple to be kind. It is really hard to remind oneself of that. Its so easy to make a snark or mean comment, its takes real strength to be kind even when you want to be really, really, really…mean, lol.

This also a powerful quote

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”

Robin Williams

It sucks being a nice person sometimes, lol