Thursday Theories and a cup of tea

I sit here in the hotel room, and wonder…WHAT CAN I WRITE?!

The flight over was going alright, until that descent! I can’t remember that last time I just felt terrible on a descent. Guaranteed, it has been a while since I’ve flown.

There was a moment where I really did feel that my breathe had just been taken away. It has too be at least over 5 years since I’ve flown. I forgot how the ascent and descent can be a little scary. Mainly because of that whole gravity thing. I literally grabbed my partners arm at one point.

Then when we got to where we were going, we went out and got … TACO BELL! … As we were waiting, I stepped in gum…Eww, but here’s the thing. It was inside the shop, so even more ewww, lol.

You know how hotels always have that free tea and coffee in hotel rooms, well now I’m sitting down, after getting the gum off my shoes and having a free cup of tea, hehe


Happy, Happy, Happy

So, the UKs BBC is just full of…well … crap really … However, yesterday BBC came out with their

“BBC 100 Women 2022: Who is on the list this year?”

Guess what? No Rowling, or her little cult…But THREE trans women, are…You read that right! NO ROWLING AND THREE TRANS WOMEN. I’m just going to be over here, having a little dance, until the TERFs get a hold of it. Then its back to fighting.


Do you ever look or listen too say, your parents and wonder how you’ve managed to turn out the way you have? Like, how you’re starting to realise that you are the total opposite to them, probably always have been?

My mum got a new job recently, which made me go “yay” and also proud of her. She was scared, at her age, to do a job she has never done before. She was completely whining about it beforehand, but I thought once she gets into it, she’ll be fine. Her boss told her, that she didn’t expect her to “get it” for another 6 months, so don’t panic. My mother has been there three weeks and she’s already talking about quitting, because she’s not perfect.

Seriously, I sit there, not looking at her thinking “Is this really going to go on for another 6 months” I don’t think I can handle it. I’m already going to say “Apologies to them and Claire (my cousin, who got her job) Be absolutely humble and sincere, blame yourself. Go back to your old job with your tail between your legs and NEVER complain about them again. Then today she had a “good day”, so she’s going to keep going.

I’ve started to realise why my Mum keeps letting my Dad talk to her the way he does, even though they’ve been divorced for nearly 30 years. I think she likes the attention, I think she really likes how he makes her feel. The attention, the “this is what your Dad said too me today, what a loser”.

I don’t even talk to my Mum. My therapist asked me this week “How does that makes you feel, that she still talks took him”. I said that I just don’t care anymore. If this is how they want to spend their lives doing this, that’s their life, not mine.

I am kind of getting tired of feeling like I’m the parent, especially emotionally.


I am starting a new hashtag.


Elon Musk’s promised Twitter exposé on the Hunter Biden story is a flop that doxxed multiple people (

I do take comfort in that Elon Musk, the worse and worse it gets, the more “karma” will happen to him. The more that he will come tumbling down. Hopefully it doesn’t get too bad, beforehand though.

Monday Peeves … Celebrities

I don’t know which category to put this one honestly, lol. So I thought I would add it to Paula’s Monday Peeves.

What a disappointment celebrities have been this year.

I unfollowed Orlando Bloom recently, he posted that “obligatory” I stand with the Jewish community, here’s the thing. Bloom only follows about 1,500 people on Instagram. Kane West is one of them…I had a crush on him since like High School, so over 20 years…I’m so old, lol

Then we come to his “wife” Katy Perry. Herself and other’s wanted people to vote for Rick Caruso, by stating about the “homeliness” problem. Caruso was part of the Republicans, but suddenly switched to Democrats. He also, by sources, voted against same sex marriage and abortions. That wasn’t even what got me, Katy Perry and the other celebrities who endorsed him, are worth over a billion dollars. They could literally solve the homeless problem in Los Angeles, themselves. When was the last time you saw any of them at a soup kitchen.

Caruso lost.

All these middle aged celebrities telling us that Rowling isn’t the bigot, she is. Then hound the young ones who rightly stand up and say who/what she is.

Thursday Theories – Tells You a Lot

This week or to has been annoying for a lot of reasons. Despite the gums, human beings still being stupid, is getting worse.

*Trigger Warning* Domestic Violence

What inspired me to write this post was seeing a Depp supporter say “The fact that Rihanna choose Depp over Heard, tells you all need to know”.

Yeah, like she makes poor choices.

Rihanna defends Chris Brown collaboration – Chris Brown, by the way, continued to harass, stalk and abuse women.

I believe I can fly! Rihanna steps out in R. Kelly T-shirt with leather trousers and coat as she prepares to jet to Canada for her tour

Depp “part” in her show. Was him (a white man) walking a group of black men, dancing, to a tree. I’ll admit when I first saw it, I thought maybe I was reading too much in to that. Nope, I wasn’t the only one who had a problem with that *symbolism*

Women, can make bad choices, some of them especially, when you have people rubbing your ego 24/7, continually make them.