Well, well my Barbie!

I started to giggle, when I heard that Barbie has a girlfriend. Then I saw that was a thing 2-3 years ago, so why it’s come back up again…I don’t know, lol….So here’s a bit from a show I love, and everyone else would laugh at me about, lol Start at about 1:00…You’ll see why I love it so much, hehe =D

Funny, because they’re true

  • We have more tools than ever to communicate, but we communicate less.
  • We have better Science than the Dark Ages, but we still choose to listen to the Dark Ages (well, WE, don’t).
  • We understand better how humans works and think, but we still have no sympathy.
  • Transpeople have been around for decades if not centuries now, and transphobes be acting like they’ve just popped from a cabbage patch.

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  • We have better understanding of a lot of things, but we (not us “we”) still think that we know everything, while proving that we don’t.
  • We accuse others of what we do ourselves, while having the world at our fingertips to find out what we CAN do, rather than accuse others.
  • We have so many “Rights” for ourselves, but what about others?
  • Too be honest, there’s not much to be “funny” about. Does that make this sad, but true instead?

Not anymore!

I refuse to keep telling people when I’m putting ear phones in to listen to something actually important. Does anyone else have the problem I have? EVERY SINGLE TIME you tell people you’re putting your earphones in, because you need to listen to something important. THAT’S the time they’ve decided, after not talking to you all day. THAT’S the time they want to suddenly have a deep and meaningful???!!