The Right and it’s total oddness

This isn’t so much a rant, as it is a “discussion” as to how weird the Right really are, and why it can be difficult to “debate” them. I’ve stopped trying to do it, because they’re so weird, lol. I know why they do it. These days, I just point out the flaws in their original statements and tend to stay away from “debating” them. They don’t do it, lol

This week, I’ve been looking at “news articles” and unfortunately a lot of them these days, you can write comments. And a lot of them are from right wingers with no lives clearly, lol.

Its just been funny, looking and reading them. Mainly because they can be on a topic, and ignore everything about it and call everyone else “deluded” or they go right off topic. You don’t even have to have a debate with them, they just make it difficult to have a conversation with them.

I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that they just really don’t care, do they. They are just more interested in telling us what they *think*. I’ve always known this. Just not really going into “fight with them”. Reading what they’re writing.

They don’t care about the fetus, the babies, the women, the millennials and the elderly being able to get a job. I doubt that they even care about God. They just want it all their own way. Which is impossible. They are never going to compromise, unless they are made too.



You all know how I got “banned” from Twitter, right? Well I got banned, I was mass reported by TERFs, again. I will post at the end of this post, what I was banned over. I’ve appealed it, but I honestly just do not care about it anymore.

Anywhooooo, so around the same time, I had decided to just stop talking to, and bringing up certain members of my family, to my Mum. It’s just so utterly pointless. She’s getting to the point with them, where you don’t even bring them up, but she will and stand up for them. Even though they’re in the wrong, and what she says about them is completely incorrect.

Take for example, we were just talking about Trump supporters and she goes “Yeah! Which is why I was so surprised that so and so like him so much”…

Anyways, she said to me a few weeks ago “You’ve been so much nicer, well not nicer, but more relaxed since being banned off of Twitter” I nearly burst out laughing, I’m thinking in my head “Yeah, that’s just a coincidence”.

It is! When “I” came off of Twitter, my mindset found it so wonderful, that I just happened to keep it up. If you read my post earlier in the week, instead of arguing with stupid TERFS. I just blocked them. Being banned off Twitter, has just been this rolling affect of positivity. If she wants to waste the rest of her life, being their bitch, go for it, it’s her life.

My partner laughs when I say that, because he knows I would never say that to her face. It’s also the reason I am trying to let it go though. I was coming pretty close to saying it, mainly because I started to realise that she has more sympathy for them, then she does her own mother. Who has dementia. That made me feel extremely ill and disgusted. Still am really.

Love You ❤ ❤ ❤

Seriously, cis transphobes, get yourself self esteem

So I got “dog-piled” by TERFs the other day, what was my offense?

I explained that cis isn’t offensive, and how it’s just descriptive. I ended up having to mute the conversation because I seriously worried about these people’s mental health.

And as for the “well I find cis offensive”

Being cis, is a subset for men and women. It’s not a sex specific thing. It’s a simple description, that you acknowledge that that is the body you were born in. Being trans, simply means you don’t. So again, cis isn’t “oppressed” related, it’s just simply, I acknowledge this body I was born into too.

Make Sense?

I literally do not know how to make it more simple, lol

You can try here, if you like though:


I know I am

I don’t identify as a #Goddess#Witch#Unicorn, I know I am one

… Everything from

Why do I know I am one, because according to Allison Bailey, a lawyer suing Stonewall for saying they “made” people talk about her badly, knows she is a lesbian. In fact, Allison Bailey is a dirty TERF.

Alison Bailey, went into this court case saying that she doesn’t wish to be called a cis woman, despite her actually being one. But she is allowed too call trans women “men”. Unless they have a REALLY thick judge, or an extremely biased one. I can’t see this succeeding.

The fact that these people are SO close to getting it. Guess what Bailey, trans people know they’re women/men too.

I don’t interact much with Allison Bailey after she blocked me, when I told her how much she could help women with that money. But you know, I’m even more annoyed after seeing that crap that is coming from her. She didn’t want to spend the money to actually help women, for this?

In good news though for trans youth and Gillick. Keira Bell’s appeal to the Supreme Court has failed, due to her “case” having no basis in Law. What KB and her little fan group did was at first, successfully, STOPPED medical help to trans youth in the UK. Everyone was in shock, we all thought it was a slam dunk. The appeal to overturn the first trial was won, so KB took it to the SC. Where it has now ultimately failed.

So KB won, then lost on appeal, and lost with the SC. Still, transphobes think she’s still “won”, because she got to take it too court. If you’ve got money you can take a lot to court. It doesn’t mean you’ve won anything. I think every single transphobic court case had crowdfunding. During the COVID pandemic, people like Bailey, Bell have been crowdfunding from mainly middle age people, their money.

Thursday Theories – Hyacinth Bucket

My mum was telling about the article she was reading about a famous chef from South Australia. It was about how in only the last couple of years, all these people go to these top end restaurants. Instead of simply enjoying the meal, instead of savoring the perfectly put together flavour of the meal. Living in the moment. Customers come in now and go:

“I saw a Google recipe and I want this, this and this instead of that”.

Sound familiar?

But these people have forgotten that they’re dealing with top end, 5 star Chefs. So of course the answer is:

Gordon Ramsey Idiot GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

For the first time in a couple of years, I am all “THANK GOD FOR CRAZY CHEFS!”

When did we get so entitled? You’ve got people going to restaurants that are top class, and demanding that these Chefs cater to you?

Oh no darling!

The only difference between society and Hyacinth Bucket, is that Hyacinth Bouquet … spelt …. B-U-C-K-E-T. Usually gets her comeuppance. Whereas these people learn nothing, other than “Well I’m never going there again”. Which I am totally fine with, by the way.

This is just getting stupid

Recently I’ve been spending a little more time off Twitter, it’s just STUPID on there. Not even with the transphobia, just literally EVERYTHING.

What I saw today I think just topped the cake of it all though, lol

This has been the main contention of transphobic people’s problem. Why can’t trans people have their own bathroom space. So Manchester Airport FINALLY created a bathroom space for trans/non-binary/unisex bathroom. And they’re STILL complaining! It’s so funny!

They are not even complaining about anything logical. It’s all “Oh, it’s a fair walk to that other toilet”. I will be laughing about this for the rest of my life. The thing that I found amusing was how many of them clearly think that they’re being the “normal and rational” ones, and it’s trans people with the problem, lol.

I mean the person above who is the original poster, just got angrier and angrier at the DUMBEST things. Like the tweet highlighted was her second post about it. Again, they think they are the reasonable and rational ones, lol.

It’s a joke, right?

Did you know:

Harvey Weinstein lost 0 awards after he was arrested and jailed

Roman Polanski had to accept his last award from a different country. He has fled America, after a warrant is out for his arrest, for raping a minor.

In November 2017, Louis CK confirmed that a series of sexual misconduct allegations against him were true. He recently won a Grammy.

What a weekend! So many emotions right now. But this is how it started. With the “Academy” banning Will Smith for 10 years. I get what Will Smith did was wrong (despite my little glee about someone FINALLY getting what was coming). Violence is wrong.

You know what I find “funny”, the Hollywood Awards, the Governments, the mainstream media. They REALLY just don’t know the people.


Well, this will be the only thing that I say about that “slap”.

We’re in 2022, believe it or not, and since 2020 life has been HELL, for everyone. Even people we don’t like, although they seem to rolling in happiness in our misery.

The only Comedy that I can honestly say I have been enjoying at the moment is “Our Flag means Death”. I don’t know why, but even with everything that everyone’s been going through the last couple of years. A lot of OLD comedians, have decided that NOW is the time to tell “jokes” that dump on others. I think a lot of people saw Will Smith and thought to themselves … YES!.

I don’t usually commend violence, but Chris Rock has been coming after Jada Pinkett Smith, since at least 2016. I WANTED to slap him.

I’ve been watching a lot of the older comedies, so like Golden Girls, Full House, Dads Army, lately. There are not many modern comedies that I enjoy. There’s a Comedy called Doll Face that I am enjoying, but you wont here about that. It doesn’t dump on others. It’s just a comedy, you know? It’s not trying to be overly woke, it’s not trying to appeal to Conservatives, it just is a sweet comedy show.

We’re in 2022 now people, not 2019. Keep Up!

If your “joke” dumps on vulnerable people, redo it. That’s just lazy. I think a big reason why shows like Golden Girls, Full House, Dads Army etc survive to this day, is because everyone can enjoy them. You can enjoy ALL of it. You’re not really sitting there cringing through bits of the show. Do you know what I mean?

I think everyone is getting tired of how easy it is to just dump on people and get away with it. Come on! Trump, Johnson, Morrison, don’t give you enough material? The Rights obsession with minors and adults genitals? You’re not getting enough material there? You have to go after WOC whose suffering from an autoimmune disease, instead?