The Christmas Spirit

I read the saddest thing and the sweetest thing. A mother asking how she can help her children celebrate Christmas, when it’s going to be so small this year…and the suggestions! The #ChristmasSpirit is alive and well!

I have written up all my international Christmas cards/letters. Sent them off. So some people on here, watch out for those! I’m hoping those will get there before Christmas, lol.

Do any of you have any plans on doing something different for Christmas this year? I am donating a lot more things to charities, mainly for the kids. I’ve putting thing and money aside specifically this year to do it. Normally I just get bits and pieces for my own Christmas. I put money into tins, but this year, I went “No! Children need more joy than they’ve ever needed before!”

Craziness! Wednesday Weekly Wisdom.

Is it just me or is it crazy to think that Christmas is in one month!

Michael McIntee

As some much more wiser than I said as well “This year, lots of other religions and cultures have had to cancel meeting up with their families, for their festivals and celebrations. Why should it be any different for Christians and Christmas”.

I can’t possibly be the only one?

My mum keeps making fun of me because while not 100% ready, because that would be ridiculous. I’ve been getting bits and pieces for Christmas already. I have my brother pretty well covered, and since we just had Fathers Day and it’s my Dads birthday soon. I’m nearly out of gifts for my Dad already.

This has not been a good year, so I just want to make sure that I’m prepared. Is that so unreasonable this year?lol

I don’t think I actually have anything for my Mum yet though, should I tell her? She is the HARDEST to buy for, with both Christmas and her birthday. We’ll ask her with enough time to make sure we can actually get stuff for her. But she literally waits until maybe one or two days before the event, before she actually tells us what she wants.

Share Your World – 16-12-19

Share Your World

Share Your World – 12/16/19


  • Do you enjoy receiving Christmas cards through snail mail? 

I really do enjoy them. I actually went to write letters to people this year. Some of my cards have letters in them, so I felt this year, I should do the same back. When I started to hand write the letters though. Ouch, it really hurt my hand. I tried to remember the last time I just hand wrote something, I can’t even honestly remember. So I cheated and wrote them up on the computer…at work,lol

  • Do you like the taste and/or smell of peppermint?

Oh yes! It’s one of my favourite smells.

  • What is your least favorite holiday side dish?

Roast pumpkin…I’m sorry! I love pumpkin soup and just don’t like pumpkin =/

  • What is the coolest (best) gift you ever gave someone?

It has to be when my brother and I *mainly me mind you* paid for my Mum to go over to Melbourne for New Years. That’s where my brother lives, and we booked them a hotel that overlooked fireworks.

  • Bonus question because I thought it was nifty:   What is a Christmas song that makes you cringe?   (Please insert the word “Holiday” for Christmas if Christmas isn’t your thing or bothers you or something?


Please share some of your favorite music around this time of year.  

The entire Boney M Christmas album, I grew up on that one. We used to get the family all around and helped to put up my Grandparents tree with that playing in the background.

Christmas Specials…Magical Monday #9

Basically I just wanted to write a little about my favourite Christmas specials. I also want to know about yours. I’ve been finding that sharing our favourite specials, I’ve been also finding out about other good tv shows!

I only just found out recently that this show is even going still, and I’ll be honest. This shows a little “out there” and can be completely wrong, but somehow they make it right at the end.

Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics.

I mean, who doesn’t love this show. I’m not sure that they had huge Christmas specials, but there have been a couple.

If you’re a Dr Who fan…you must love the Christmas tv specials. Which one is your favourite? I don’t think there’s been one I haven’t enjoyed!

Dr Who Christmas and New Years episode – Wikipedia

Without a doubt my all time favourite television specials. Are the ones from the Royle Family…Not THE Royal Family…But the royle family…


Share Your World…Christmas Month

Share Your World 12/2/19

Share Your World


What’s your remedy for the Holiday blues?

Just comedies, comedy and even comedies! There are some fantastic Christmas comedy specials out there!

Your favorite beverage (if it differs) during the holiday season?  If it doesn’t differ, just answer the ‘what’s your favorite beverage” part. 

I have an entire assortment of favourite beverages. I have actually recently gotten into egg nog. Oh my goodness, I was missing out there! I enjoy more milkshakes around this time of year. Here in Australia, it’s Summer, so the weather is warmer. Anything minty as well. The same with my response last week with the mint chocolate ice-cream. I also enjoy glasses of white sweet wine,lol

This one has been asked before, but what’s your take on pumpkin spice?

I’ve never honestly had it,lol

Is there is a person or god connected with your holiday? 

  • Who are they and do you believe in them?
  • If you do not believe in these people or gods, does the celebration/honoring of that being, bother you in any way (e.g., ignored, dismissed, angry, etc.)?

I don’t really believe in a God for Christmas or anything. I believe in what the spirit of Christmas is supposed to be. The only thing that bothers me is when people say that people are at War with Christmas, because Starbucks put “Happy Holidays” on a cup. Or when Trump says things like Obama wont let people say “Merry Christmas”, when there was absolutely no proof of that. That bothers me.

I have no problem with “Happy Holidays” in general, anyway. Not everyone on planet Earth celebrates Christmas. We celebrate Christmas, but my family doesn’t celebrate a Christian Christmas. But we all enjoy the holidays and breaks we get because of it, and why not?.



Share a song that you enjoy during this Winter season (whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, The Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa and so forth.

Oh, there are so many that I love!

Christmas’s in July

Do any of you celebrate Christmas in July? It’s becoming a big thing over here. I think because it actually is Winter and cold in Australia during July. So it’s a bit more appealing, than the usual hot summers we have in Australia.

Satisfying Hot Chocolate GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

17 Festive Party Ideas for Christmas in July party – Southern Living

How to throw the best Christmas in July parties – Better Homes and Gardens Blog

Christmas in July in Australia – The Christmas Cart

I know there’s not much time left for a Christmas in July party, but here are some ideas. I’m going to be having some hot chocolate myself tonight!

Share Your World, Wk3, 2018

Share Your World, 17/12/18

Share Your World

What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a parasitic plant?

I don’t actually know, I feel like I’ve been told this in the past though. Too the Google! Oh my goodness, it’s Mistletoe!

Tim Burton Christmas GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Name something about this holiday season (whatever version you may celebrate) that most people like, but you dislike?

I think just liking Christmas?Hahaha…Maybe it was just the mood this year. I have to be honest, I don’t “dislike” but I don’t consider New Years, to be a “New Year” I feel like our own birthdays are a “new year”. I know that it sounds weird, and I get it’s a new Calendar Year. I like to do the “refreshing” new year, new me. On my birthday.

What’s your favorite – or least favorite –  song sung traditionally at this time of year?

There’s actually an entire Christmas cd that I love and loved for years. If you know who Boney M is (Ra-Ra-Rasputin) In 1986 (I believe) they brought out a whole Christmas CD and I play the whole cd every year!

And the last one ———>  In the song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” what “incriminating” evidence was found on Grandma’s back?

Oh my goodness, Christmas is quite dangerous!lol…I had to Google this one too because I don’t even think I’ve heard of the song before. Is it Claus? Or “Claws”?

Finally:    What would you like to share with the world, if time or cost were no object?

Without a doubt, kindness. I sometimes feel the world is sorely lacking that these days. I got into an argument with someone I use to respect today. They actually think Trump saying they’re taking the US Troops out is going to happen. Not only that though this person does not seem to care that Trump doesn’t actually seem to have a plan. Then, for some reason, this person turned it into a whole Liberals just don’t want the Troops home? LITERALLY NO LIBERAL IS SAYING THAT! We are saying that there needs to be a plan. History has not be kind to the people who are suddenly taken away, people tend to get more aggressive. Not “Oh, okay then, we’ll just let you leave”.

Mental Health vs Social Media

As it gets closer to Christmas, for some this time of year is just SO hard. Now I want to start off this next bit being completely honest. I don’t like Justin Bieber or Hailey Baldwin. I think separately I’ve never really liked them and together I like them even less. The reason I bring them up though is because Hailey Baldwin was complaining about how bad social media is for mental health with all the nasty comments she receives.

Justin Bieber GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Why has anyone said it was good for mental health?

First, as above, duh. Social media especially when you are not nice people to begin with are not going to be nice to to you. Selena Gomez could tell you that one. There’s a difference between Hailey and Selena though. Every now and then Selena will actually come off of social media. It is not for complete random strangers to take care of your mental health. It’s YOUR responsibility. Reality is, there are always going to be nasty people. That is reality, put yourself first. As someone who is not a celebrity, there is no need for a celebrity to actually to even allow people to comment. They don’t make money from the comments, they make money from advertising a product. Since Baldwin does not make her own products that she advertise, all she needs to make sure is that people can link to the products page and let them deal with it.

Our mental health is our responsibility, otherwise you end up like Michael Jackson, Prince, my ex-friends. You end up relying on others for YOUR happiness and for your safety.

Stop It Neil Patrick Harris GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Share Your World Dec, Wk2, 2018

Share Your World

Share Your World 10/12/18

What’s the worst topping you could put on popcorn?   (credit to Teresa for this one)

For myself personally it’d be chilli, because I am not good with chilli, but I love eating popcorn at the movies.

In what country did Silent Night originate?

Off the top of my head…I think it’s German? When I actually go and Google it, it is pretty much German, it comes from Austria.

(WARNING! The following question is NOT meant to start a fuss.  It’s merely a good discussion question in my opinion.  Most everyone knows where I stand on this. If you feel like arguing about it, please give it a pass.) We’re all adults and sensible ones at that.  We can be mature about such things, right?

How would you react if there was irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist? How about if there was irrefutable proof that God does exist?

For myself, personally, it doesn’t really matter either way. I am not religious, I’m more spiritual. I believe something is out there, I just don’t know what.

Chow Yun Fat Yes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

And last question:

What is the scariest non banned item you could take on to a plane?

I actually find this question more “scandalous” than the God question, I wouldn’t taken anything scary on a plane. I suffer from anxiety, so I would never do that.