Can my childhood take it anymore? Thank-you Disney!

I had a pretty bad this week, feeling pretty down, letting things get to me that I am always having to have keep under control, just to survive. Especially when I was doing so well, had one bad time and now I’m feeling fed up and frustrated, which is making me feel like I’ve taken a step backwards.

However something that completely made my weekend and made my brain not able to handle the awesomeness.

Not only did I find out that they are making a live action Lion King…Yes! You heard me right, they are making a live action Lion King…Which I’d assume would be more of a CGI thing, rather than getting actual Lions etc to act. The even better news though:

“Breaking: James Earl Jones and Donald Glover join the cast of the Lion King”


I am a Lion King-Alcoholic

In case you hadn’t been able to guess, I am a bit obsessed with “The Lion King”. Which is a little funny because I have real trouble even watching the film, it make me cry every single time Mufasa dies…I just cannot even!lol

Reposting…It has “pride” (get it ~.^) and place in my room

My Little Treasure

However, I found this article…Who knows, maybe because I don’t watch the film that often…But I did not know these!

10 Things you didn’t know about the Lion King

I love my Fantasy

If you had read from last week, my partner and I went on a bit of a movie marathon over the weekend and it was great and it also was really interesting. Usually seeing one movie apart I don’t usually get to compare themes or acting ability or even really see if I like one genre more than the other. Once seen one and then maybe the next month or even the next week, I’ll forget how the previous one made me feel.

I am one of the people who just never listens to the critics, if I want to go and see the movie, I will go and see it. I would suggest that others do the same, never listen to the critics, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to see, go and see it. Let’s face it, unless the movie is some hard hitting, deep, meaningful plot…The critics are going to not like it. I don’t know how they stay in their jobs personally.

The two movies that I saw were Warcraft: The Beginning and Independence Day: Resurgence.

To begin, I realised how much I just love Fantasy films, they just hold my attention more than other genre’s of film. That’s not to say that I didn’t like Independence Day, I did, it was felt much more of a cliche of the original. I would suggest that you see it out on film, just so the enormity of the action and aliens are not wasted on a little screen.

Funny Fact 13th Friday Mummy Wrap-Up

In case you had missed it…Today is Friday 13th…FRIDAY THE 13TH PEOPLE!!! Watch out for black cats, broken mirrors and just to make sure thrown some salt over your left shoulder! This is the only Friday the 13th ALL year!

Here’s Why Friday the 13th Is Considered Unlucky (Time online)

(Article written by Melissa Chan)

The origin of why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky is believed to originated from the Middle ages and has a biblical beginning, with some believing that Friday the 13th was the day were Eve ate the apple given to her by the snake.

On Friday October 13th 1307 Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar..

Even before Christ though, the number 13 was considered “unlucky”. There are 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Descendants of Muhammad Imams, among many other patterns, historically.

Scientists have even noticed an increase in hospital visits on Friday 13th. Although this could be stemmed from people being more paranoid on a Friday the 13th than other days. We all know what happens when someone becomes more anxious and paranoid than usual.

Friday the 13th: How did it come about and why are we afraid of it? (The Telegraph:UK)

During more modern times a lot of movie makers have their horrors films come out on Friday the 13th, or at least the week of Friday the 13th’. So are you, my readers, into horror films? Which ones are your favourites? Even the scary films that I can watch, I tend to watch them from my behind my hands, if you know what I mean,lol

#TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman

I saw Batman vs Superman over the weekend and I have to say that I was really impressed, it was a lot better than I thought that it was going to be! I am starting to think I have to let good of the whole judging a movie before I’ve seen it…Except for Suicide Squad, I will not go see Suicide Squad…Nope, you can’t make me!

Ben Affleck was awesome, the perfect combination of broody and emotion. Definitely better as Batman in this role, than he was in Daredevil. Henry Cavill, of course, is perfect again as Superman. Yes, there is quite a few CGI moments in the film, but that it is always expected in films these days. I don’t want too give away too much because it hasn’t even been a week yet and I don’t like being a spoilers type person.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was actually good, I can see a lot of little girls being inspired by her … Walked in thinking am I ‪#‎teambatman‬ or ‪#‎teamsuperman‬, walked out ‪#‎teamwonderwoman‬ ‪#‎changeisgood‬

The only thing I still feel was a bit of a miss was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, it might just possibly be myself. I always see Lex Luthor as a older sophisticated evil genius. I just couldn’t get him as Lex Luthor.

You should definitely see this film in the cinema before it’s out of the cinema, I don’t think that it’s going to be as effective on a television screen.

Deadpool vs Zoolander 2

In the last week I have seen both Deadpool and Zoolander and it’s amazing how vastly different the two movies are. Zoolander 2 is one of those movies that has it’s bits, but there are others that just run on and on and I’m not sure who made the decision that it was…well I think they thought it was funny? Deadpool though was amazing when it came to timing. None of the jokes run to long and it kept going, there was a nice flow and it all made sense.

I was disappointed in the Zoolander movie, just because I loved the original so much and I know that there’s the whole the sequels are never as good as the originals, but I really wanted this to be good. Deadpool was just amazing. If there is a sequel (which I believe there will be) I have a feeling it will be good.

It seems kind of harsh to judge these two movies at the same time, even though they are different types of movies. However, I put them together because these are two huge movies of the moment. It doesn’t shock me though that Deadpool is doing so much better than Zoolander 2. I just wish that whoever put the whole Zoolander film together really watched it all together.

Also one of the clear differences was that Zoolander is definitely more “child-friendly” than Deadpool. Here in Australia the rating for Deadpool in only MA15+. Which means children can see it if accompanied by a parent. However, I was shocked by the amount of parents who brought their children into see Deadpool, because I wouldn’t. During the movie I got uncomfortable knowing that there were children in there. It’s not even the sexual scenes, it’s a little gory and there are a few intense scenes.

Vlog Update

About a week ago I wrote a Blog about doing a Vlog, I just thought that I would give you all a progress report on it. I have filmed it. I am trying to do this all on my lonesome, I’ve re-watched it. So I just have to edit it now and all that fun stuff, I’ve just never done it before. I love learning new things and this will be something new. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve never done this before and so it might take me a couple of days to edit it.

The Birds

The Birds

For the first time watching “The Birds”…This movie makes no sense!lol…They stay outside all the time “Oh we heard an explosions, miles away, we should go outside…Were the birds are” But then they don’t want to leave because the birds are massing outside…Even though they’ve pretty much spent the entire time outside up until that point.

They deserved to die…I’m just saying,lol…”Oh I need to take her to the hospital”…No, you REALLY don’t,lol.

What was with the ending?! They drove off to the hospital (even though she really didn’t need to go) and it just ended! Apart from maybe one scene (where for some reason she decided to go into a room that she knew was full of birds, putting every bodies life at risk) where she was nearly eaten alive by the Birds, this just felt like the plot was really weak. I have no idea why this is such a classic film.