Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

19 lies you were told as a kid…and possibly still believe!

I am a personal fan of the sugar and chewing gum ones! For YEARS, I believed them. Until I read this article I believed the sugar one too!


Let’s chat

I have a thing that I want to do, but no idea where to start or even what to do for it…

For those who don’t know, you may be new here to read my Blog. I like to watch a live feed called “Safari Live” (you can catch it on YouTube). I am totally in love with the whole community. What I truly love with it all. I love the chatting, I feel like I’ve got better friends on these feeds, although we’ve never met.

It’d be fantastic if, we, bloggers, could find someway to chat too!

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Have you ever watched a tv series, years after it first came out and realised how much, not only, you have changed. But just how BAD that classic is? Whether it’s because of the effects or because you realised the character were a lot more problematic than you thought.

  • Ross gets angry with Rachel when she loses Marcelle, and calls animal control to help look for the monkey. Even though, you find out. Ross legally cannot even have Marcelle.
  • Well, actually, pretty much every thing Ross does.
  • Monica goes karaoke with Phoebe and Mike and you can see through her top. Neither Phoebe or Mike tell Monica this, and the Phoebe shames Monica about it, behind her back!

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Let’s be honest…Janice was the only really good one on that show,lol

12th Amendment…

After I read the lovely’s Proud Trans Lady blog post about “Dame Strumpet Administration” I became very annoyed, very quickly.  Too break it down VERY quickly. Trump and his cronies want to change the 12th Amendment so they don’t have to afford the same protections to Transgender people as every other single person on Earth. They’re trying to get around it by going to the Supreme Court with it first.

You know Trump and cronies? The EXACT SAME PEOPLE who keep saying you can’t changed Amendments. So what is it Trump and Co. can you or can you not change an Amendment…Despite the fact that that is exactly what the word means. *coughs 2A “protectors* Shouldn’t EVERY American have the right to feel safe? Whether you agree with someone and how they live. Shouldn’t EVERY American have the right to feel safe?


They have the RIGHT to keep a gun to make themselves feel safe. So why not the same for Trans humans? Shouldn’t every human on the planet have the RIGHT to feel SAFE from their own Government! Why do guns seem to have more Rights, than human beings?

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I guess I want this post to be about how do HUMAN BEINGS no longer have the right to feel SAFE from their own Government? Why does a gun have more rights? Why do we live in such a backwards world!

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It’s all about the Bats

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No, not “that” Bat.

This Bat.

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Bats have gotten such a bad wrap over the years. Myths and legends, like Vampires, have been based on Bats for centuries. They’ve been blamed for the spreading of rabies. Yes, Bats can have a real weird and alien like appearance, but they are actually quiet docile and quiet mammals. Just doing what bats do.

  • Bats belong to the order Chiroptera, not Rodentia; they’re actually more closely related to primates than they are to rodents.
  • Their bug-eating prowess is carries economic importance. A recent study showed that bats provide “nontoxic pest-control services totalling $3.7 billion to $53 billion per year.” Bats also pollinate plants and distribute seeds, and their droppings—called guano—are used as fertiliser.
  • Three of the roughly 1200 existing bat species are vampire bats, and none of them live in the United States or Canada (probably in Australia). Those bats mostly feed on cattle.
  • If they do have rabies, it’s different than in raccoons or foxes. Rabies-infected bats become paralysed, can’t fly or roost. If you see a bat on the ground that is behaving weirdly, just stay clear.
  • Bats wont make a next in your hair, they’d don’t really make nests to begin with.
  • At the Des Moines concert, a bat was hurled at Ozzy Osbournes feet, where it laid stunned by the bright stage lights. Ozzy, thinking it was made of rubber, bit its head off and learned quickly that it was real. Who brings a LIVE bat to a show?

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