Wednesday Wives Tales

This isn’t going to become a regular blog post. One of the reasons I love blogging is because of the advice, the information that I learn about every single day. What I would love to know about, how many of you have “old wives tales”, or general advice that you think would be helpful?

Can be anything:

A cold/flu remedy

Help with gut issues?

Sleeping remedies?

How to block a writers block?

Sage Advice, that works for you.

Your Monthly Reminder

Okay, so this is first time I’ve done this as a monthly reminder. However, I really feel like this needs to start becoming a “thing”.

Even if you are gay … You can still be homophobic

Even if you’re a mother … You can still be a terrible parent, who doesn’t think of your children at all

Even if you’re trans … You can still be transphobic

Even if you are a atheist … You can still be a bigot

Even if you’re a POC … You can still be racist

Even if you’re a woman … You can still be a misogynist.

Even if you are Jewish … You can be anti-semantic

Being part of a “group”, does not exclude you from being a bigot in that group. What makes a bigot? A bigot.

Also, just because you thought of something, doesn’t mean you HAVE to tweet that thought, haha.

What Feminism is not

Having noticed that TERFs have been calling themselves “Feminist” a lot lately. I will tell you what it is not.

Firstly TERFism is not Feminism, haha

Whether you agree or call yourself one or not. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t automatically mean you are a feminist.

I consider myself a Feminist, because I believe in Equality. Now there is another term that people like to use “Equalitarian”. Which is basically, equality for both sexes.

I personally, have no problem with either of these terms. They mean pretty much the same thing. Feminism just has a focus on Females/Women.

Feminism itself though, is not a weapon to use against others to “get back” at those who have abused the patriarchy.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind and attack others.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind women and girls, and attack others.

Feminism is for equality.

You can’t have feminism without men either. Men can absolutely be Feminists too. If we choose to exclude men from feminism, how would that make it better than the patriarchy?


I am DETERMINED this Pride to write only positive posts when I write about the LGBTQIA. You all know how horrible it’s been lately. I don’t need to continually remind you, haha

I will be putting them under my Category of Blog Challenges. Because the world is being horrible to the LGBTQIA community. It feels like a challenge, to get through all the mud and the horribleness and find positive things. Because there really are!

What better way than to start with my favourite Drag Queen, who is my non-family favourite Drag Queen, haha

Alaska Thunderfuck – ROY G BIV BBT (Official Music Video)

Alaska Thunderfuck

The title stands for colors of the pride flag – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Black Brown & Trans

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

 Pakistan will host World Environment Day 2021 in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

Join #GenerationRestoration

If you would like to watch the Official Broadcast – Join Here

Letting It Go

Now I am guilty of holding onto things sometimes, but sometimes and as I have gotten older. I have learnt some things are just better to let go of.

I was inspired to write this post after I felt so incredibly sorry for a TERF who admitted that they’ve been waiting over a decade to see the fall of Stonewall. Not that that is going to happen now.

But who holds onto something like that for such a long time? I don’t even know what happened, but it seems a odd organisation to hold onto something for a decade for? Like if a hospital stuffed up your operation, I could understand. Even if a staff member at Stonewall sexually assaulted her, how is that the whole of Stonewall’s fault?

How do people hold onto these grudges for literally years and decades? Don’t they want to be happy and live?


No, not this one…Sorry, Ariel. Please don’t just like and not read this post, only like if you read and like this post. This is important too me.

These Mermaids

Mermaids . org. uk

Mermaids are a organisation in the UK, that are consistently under attack from transphobic people. However, they do AMAZING work! For #Pride 2021 … Mermaids theme this year is #MyPrideFamily … Now I am white, straight and as basic as one can get. But even I know how beautiful of a theme this. Family is not always blood ❤ Home and Family is where the heart is ❤

You can also help this foundation, but donating to their crowd justice fund here

You can read for what for, by looking at the link, but I’ll explain a little bit.

LGB Alliance IS a hate group, who hide behind saying they protect women and children, and are just looking out for “sex based right”. Which is not a thing.

For those in the UK you might have seem them on the BBC, talking about trans issues, despite them being anti-trans and anti-LGB, if you don’t fit into their criteria of LGB.

Whatever sweet nothings the so-called “LGB Alliance” whispered into the ear of the Charity Commission the truth was set out in a speech by LGB Alliance director Bev Jackson on 9 March 2020. She described their real goal as follows:

“We’re applying for charitable status and building an organization to challenge the dominance of those who promote the damaging theory of gender identity.”

So Mermaids, supported by LGBT+ Consortium, Gendered Intelligence, LGBT Foundation, TransActual, and Good Law Project, are appealing the Charity Commission’s decision to award the so-called “LGB Alliance” charity status. 

Quiet a few people have appealed to the Charity Commission already. The response they got? They were being told that they were being too “emotional” So we suspect that the head, may be transphobic. LGB Alliance should have never gotten Charity status to begin with. So far, the Charity Commission, can’t even tell people WHY LGB “Alliance” were given Charity status. The response from them has been less than professional.

There is a little difficulty, because this would be one of the first cases of it’s kind. Where a organisation who are so blatantly bigoted against a group of people, including people from the LGB community, were given Charity Status. They haven’t actually run a cause or tried to get money through a crowd fund, FOR the LGBTQIA community. Any crowd funders they have run, have all been for discrimination against someone else. Or court cases that would discriminate against trans people and those they don’t think fit THEIR standard of LGB.

So please really consider donating to this cause. It’s a first of a kind, and a really important one. After all, who can you trust if a Charity Commission is being run by hateful people?

We also believe that LGB Alliance are the biggest reasons why the BBC wont allow their staff to March or celebrate at Pride, even off duty. Not sure if those in the UK have noticed, the LGB Alliance always talking on the BBC, about trans/women’s issues. Despite being anti-trans and despite coming after LGB people. Why Liz Truss, feels comfortable disbanding her LGBT Equality Panel, and attacking Stonewall. We think they want to replace Stonewall with LGB Alliance. Which would only happen over a lot of people’s dead bodies. Mine included.

The Times, The Telegraph and the Spectator REALLY hate Stonewall, and have no problem bashing them either.

BOSS CLAIMS LGB Alliance co-founder claims there should be no LGBT clubs in schools due to “predatory gay teachers” (By the way he is gay)

LGB Alliance warned by advertising watchdog over ‘potentially misleading’ claims about gender recognition Laws

Neo-Nazis and homophobes are amoung the supporters of the anti-trans group LGB Alliance

The Old Fashioned Way

I know that being the old “fashion” way isn’t always cool anymore…

Sometimes though old fashion is the way! That full circle thing …

Young people play Bowls,

Drinking tea, as since the beginning of time, as calmed people

Nothing more than lovely than a bunch of flowers (trust me, my partner never buys them for me, I buy them for my mum a lot) lol

Reading books to find out information

Pen Pals! I have two now =D

Picnic…Although there is nothing comfortable about them, I still love to do one.

Home made cooking and or baking … There’s nothing quiet like it.

Thursday Theories – Stonewall

First of all #IstandwithStonewall

Stonewall has been under attack recently, but a lot of anti-trans people, and especially in the media. A lot of these people have been jumping on a lot of white gay men who founded Stonewall, who are saying that Stonewall doesn’t represent them anymore. While ignoring and questioning the women who founded Stonewall and who work now at Stonewall that say that Stonewall do (what is up with that anyway).

There are a lot of disputes who started the Riots.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who started it.

Stonewall isn’t called Stonewall after the name of the person who started it. Stonewall is called Stonewall because of where the riot took place. The Riot were the LGBTQIA community stood together.

That’s the point and THAT’S what matters.

The LGBTQIA community came together to stand together to protect LGBT Rights. Not just the Rights of who started the Riots. But for the whole community.

How are we in 2021 and the LGBTQIA are now fearing that Section 28 is going to be repealed? How…

Speaking of Stonewall, Pride here in Australia has not been cancelled, however, it’s only via screen. And yet, the football was allowed to go ahead, no masks, and the population of Australia has only had (I think) about 5% of population even vaccinated…Guess what happened over the last weekend…

Australia Sorry Day

I just wanted to start this post with saying “Sorry Day” is not about how white people feel about the name of the day, and Sorry Day isn’t saying that white people NOW have done anything to harm the Indigenous people of Australia. The irony of seeing the amount of white people saying “I don’t like the name Sorry Day we should change it to this or this”.

How Did Sorry Day Come About? National Sorry Day came about as a product of the “Bringing Them Home” report in 1997 as a means to honour Australia’s First Peoples and to remember the Stolen Generation.

The report also recommended that the Prime Minister (John Howard) make a public apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generations. Howard decided against it. It wasn’t until 13 February 2008 that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued a full apology.

What is Australia’s Sorry Day (26 May)? It is a time to remember the past policies of forced child removal, and reflect on the sad and painful stories of the Stolen Generations. It is a time to recognise the resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the power of saying Sorry.

What is not Australia’s Sorry Day? A chance for white people to complain about how they don’t like the name of the Day.

Interesting Fact about Former PM Kevin Rudd. He is the Former PM currently taking on the Murdoch Media in Australia and it’s influence. Kevin Rudd just had the biggest online petition signed by the Australian People to get a commission to look into Murdoch Media. Kevin Rudd petition seeking royal commission into Murdoch media nears 500,000 signatures – The Guardian: Amanda Mead – 3rd Nov 2020.