Huzzah for the Tsar!

Over a hundred years ago today…(102 years ago). The Romanov family was brutally murdered (not just executed) by Bolshevik agents with gunshots and bayonets at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. Too this day it’s still a mystery whether or not Lenin actually gave the order to kill the family or not.

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There has been so much myth and legend surrounding this Royal family. None more so, than the legend of Anastasia Romanov. Did she escape? Didn’t she? Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia remains were found and DNA tested in 2007, and were found to be that of Maria and her brother. Anastasia’s remains were likely one of the bodies that had been found earlier. It was always very unlikely that the Duchess and her brother had escaped.

Romanov imposters sprang up all over the world. The most famous claimant was Anna Anderson, whose case remained in the German courts for more than 30 years until a 1970 ruling declared no conclusive evidence proving Anderson was or was not Anastasia. Anderson’s story inspired both the French play on which the 1956 film and 1997 animated film of the same name were based.

The Romanov family has completely fascinated me ever since I can remember. I do think though a lot of that was based on, for me, the Boney M song “Rasputin”. The “Sorcery” and magic, this one man’s influence over a powerful family. The story of Anastasia…There is so much magic, mystery and myth, that surrounds this one family.

Just posting this again, for good measure.

“Once Upon a December” is actually one of my most favourite non-Disney Princess, Fox, fantasy song films.  (It’s kind of confusing,lol). Sometimes I like to pretend her father in this, is my great grandfather, or my grandfather whose passed on…They both loved Christmas ❤

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Independence Day

Oh yes…I know it was last week.

Amanda though at Amanda Cade, made me think of Independence Day in a completely different way.

Too view Independence Day, not as necessarily a day to celebrate America (or invasion day). But too look at Independence Day as a day to look at and give yourself permission to be independent.  Independent from something you may consider a flaw, giving yourself permission to let go and be independent from your mistakes.

I felt so inspired, reading it.

What I would like to be independent is from my ever ending fear in myself. The fear to get out there and achieve something amazing. Achieve something I have always wanted too do. I want to run my own business, the only thing is, what do I have to offer. That not only can I offer, but would be sustainable to make a survivable income on. My partner and I were talking about it, the other day. I finally became brave enough to tell him what I want to do.

It would definitely be a new age type store. Some of it, I could do now, but how well it would be. I don’t know. What I would also love to do, is sell new age “stuff”. Do Tarot Readings and Reiki Healing, both of which I’ve been told that I am good at. Now, it doesn’t “get rid” of things like cancer, but I do believe that things like Reiki, can help someone feel calmer. I use to do it for money before, and became quiet popular because of it. But the place that “hired” me was dodge-as. I was actually fired, because I reported the money I made to our welfare system, and apparently I wasn’t supposed to do that. They didn’t want our welfare system (Centrelink) to know that they were running a business.

I would love to sell teddy bears,sell Charlie Bears…Sell “witchy things”.

My partner and I were saying that I could do things like, sell tarot readings, absent Reiki healing’s (I’m a Level 2). I could even sell “witchy” and new age things, look into putting things I’ve said, if you follow me on Insta, you’ve probably seen me write a couple of “quotes” from my own thoughts. Put them on pins, bookmarks, those little canvases…

But, my fear, of not believing in myself is what I need to make myself independent from. I have a lot of ideas, but also a lot of fear in myself. Even THOUGH, when I did kind of do it, I didn’t run my own business, I worked for someone else. I was very good at what I was doing.

I still have that fear.

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Christianity in the Age of trump… — Here’s A Thing…

The stories about Christians that I grew up with (I am now 70) depict a Christian as standing by their religious convictions even if it means being eaten by a lion. An early Christian wouldn’t renounce their convictions even if the result of not doing so meant becoming dinner for the local Roman lion… but […]

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Who is just simply the worst?

My mum and I were talking about the other day, which Trump we think is the worst. We decided that Ivanka is actually the worst Trump, out of the bunch. This is mainly because a lot more people are willing to forgive Ivanka, because of the pretty package. It’s like when we all thought Kim Jung Un was dead (that was crazy). All these people were going on about how “hot” his sister is. The scary thing was, she’s as bad (if not worse) than him! So “no, no, no” she’s not hot. She’s a very bad person.

This bookshop is making a donation to trans children’s charity Mermaids every time they sell a JK Rowling book — Kira Moore’s Closet

Feminist London bookshop The Second Shelf is donating money to transgender children’s charity Mermaids every time they sell a book by JK Rowling. The bookshop, which has proudly spelled out its support for trans and non-binary people in the past, announced its plans in a February 12 tweet. “Making a donation to Mermaids every time […]

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Is it always Sleepy Joe with Trump supporters, because he CAN sleep at night? Joe Biden knows that he’s done nothing wrong? Whereas Trump is always and will always be #alwaysawakeTrump because he does care about others think about him? It’s just funny that whenever a Trump supporter supports Trump. I’ve noticed that a lot of them have a quote saying that “a lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep”…Except Trump is always awake, he has admitted several times that he doesn’t sleep well.