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I think I’ve mentioned this before? I’ve been asked, or it’s been brought up a couple of time before. My Twitter account LaurenBolton3 has been suspended, entirely. I did end up putting a appeal in, but I’m not expecting too much. TERFs are getting worse on Twitter! A TERF wrote that they hope my friend had fire ants go up their micro peni$, and that’s exactly how they wrote it. They do that because they can’t be reported, they can, but nothing is going to happen. When I saw them later on say they never whine, I repeated what they said but without the $ at the end of peni, and they reported that.

Hence, proving that they do in fact whine. Just at mine, trans people and allies expense. Also proving they are not “debating” on Twitter in good faith. Irony is also the friend of mine, also had their account suspended for “misgendering”. The “mis-gendering” was saying this to a TERF, whose apparently a family Lawyer. For saying this below, when this TERF mis-gendered them, called them an “It” and threatened to come after them with Law. What Law, we still don’t know. However, they went and got my friend suspended for misgendering them in the below gif. Then, they’re bragging how they know perfectly well what they’re doing.

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This exact “misgendering” tweet.

Hence, why you can’t see my tweets on the side now. I have taken out the link, however. Even, though we’re not supposed too. I have started another one. For the moment though, I am being very quiet on Twitter.

Appreciate A Dragon Day

Appreciate a Dragon Day began when Donita K. Paul wanted to celebrate the publishing of her first fantasy novel “Dragonspell”, part of the five-volume series, The DragonKeeper Chronicles.

Today is the day to appreciate the Dragon in your life…All Dragons!

Facts about Dragons:

Dragon legends appear in nearly all cultures.

In China, dragons symbolize wealth, power, and leadership

In China, emperors were believed to be descendants of dragons

A little dragon is called a “dragonet.”

In mythology, a female dragon is called a drakaina, which is the feminine form of the ancient Greek word for dragon, drakon.

The word “dragon” comes from the ancient Greek word draconata, meaning “to watch” or “to see.”  The root may refer to a dragon’s reputation for guarding treasure, either real or metaphorical.

Dragons from Eastern cultures are more often depicted as kind, wise, and benevolent. Dragons from Western cultures typically are fire-breathing, evil, and symbolic of the battle between good and evil.

Red-colored stones are sometimes called “dragon stones” because they were believed to be hardened lumps of dragon blood.

The Uroboros, or tail-biting dragon, symbolizes the eternal circle of life. It is also an important symbol for medieval alchemists.

Scholars trace the dragon myth to ancient Babylon, 4,000 years ago. According to a Babylonian creation myth, Tiamat, a giant sea dragon, was murdered and his body cut in two, creating the sky and earth. From the dragon’s blood sprang the first human.

Thursday Theory – The Vlad Curse (Romania)

Source from Atlas of Cursed Places – Nat Geo

I am almost 100% sure that everyone who reads this will know who Vlad the Impaler is. Even if you don’t know who Vlad is, you will certainly have heard of one of the most famous mythical characters, based after him.

Dracula Dead And Loving It GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Vlad the Impaler died (by decapitation). However, hundreds (roughly 600) of years later and after many years of many “curses”. It seems to be the people of Romania have developed, through genetics, to feel not as terrified as say other countries do.

#Itsinourblood – A popular hashtag in Romania.

Curses and Good Luck are strongly believed in the Romania culture. They do believe that after Vlad’s death, he put a curse on Romania. The Witches of Romania have been influential in the business of politics within Romania.

Photographer explores rituals and traditions of Romania’s modern witches

If you understand how DNA works. One part of DNA they believe can be put down to Hereditary factors. Which means, even though the plagues and floods and national tragedies happened in Romania, happened after Vlad. It is in Romania’s metaphorical “DNA” to deal with tragedies and disasters, in a much more calm matter. They’re much less fearful.

Romania is known as one of the most flood-prone countries in Europe. Floods killed 1,000 people in 1926; 215 people in 1970; 60 people in 1975; 108 people in 1991; and 33 people in 1995; 76 people in 2005; 21 in 2010. – Spark (elearning).

So even though, they do live near a river, and the floods. Basically every tragedy can be explained.

When Vlad was killed, he reportedly put a curse on Romania. Basarab Laiotă, who tried to defend his throne against Vlad with Ottoman support. Vlad despised and hated the Ottoman Empire. Vlad and his younger brother, Radu, were held as hostages in the Ottoman Empire in 1442 to secure their father’s loyalty.

Vlad is a hero the Romania people, and they fear him and still believe that he had cursed the lands…to this day!

Religion and Succinct

I will start by saying Religion, I don’t mind it. I just don’t like when those who use it to discriminate and spread hate.

One of my friends on Facebook, has someone “woe is me” because Biden is a Catholic, that is pro-choice. Somehow that means, America is going to be worst off with a pro-choice POTUS. Because America is doing so well with a “pro-life” POTUS.

COVID Deaths are at 365K+.

4 people died in the Capital Hill “take over”…Wait…5 now.

Trump told the people who just walked into Capital Hill “We Love You”.

Now I know that Trump Supporters aren’t the best thinkers in the world. One of the questions she asked me if it’s supposed to be Religion and State separated, why does abortion always come up at election time. Well, because you keep bringing it up?

Then when she brought up the “Thou shalt not kill”. I asked one) if she wants to follow the commandments, why support Trump? lol. But also two) God kills a lot of people in the Bible, including babies.

This is where Religions like Christianity and Catholicism loses me, there are a lot of inconsistencies.

Not with all people, but just those who are like must follow Jesus, Trump Supporters. Except they don’t follow the teachings.

Fake Blog Post! Haha

So I realised last night, that I didn’t have anything posted for now. Not that it matters hugely. I am so mentally and emotionally drained, that I couldn’t actually think of anything useful or fantastic to post for this morning, last night.

Hence, why I’m calling this a Fake Blog Post. Cause I am just going to post a video music clip. Also I really would love to learn the hurdy gurdy.

Patty Gurdy

Personal Adult Responsibility

This is a run on from yesterdays morning’s post.

At what point, did adults just decide it’s up to everyone else to sort them out?

Not all adults, clearly,

It was just startling too me how many “adults” blamed Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews, for THEIR failings. The NSW COVID second outbreak, as been bad. Mainly because it came out at Christmas time, however. Most adults LISTENED to the Health Advice, and we all changed plans. My brother and cousins, ended up not coming over this year. Because we all LISTENED.

I don’t think that’s in a lot of adults vocabulary, these days.

All these “adults” who keep saying “we had no time to get back!” It’s just total bullshit! Vic said on December 18th, this is was their plan, and of course if things get worse, things will change. Then from Dec 20th, it started to get worse. It was suggested by every OTHER states to not travel to NSW, in case. Lot’s of people took up that suggestion, and stayed home, or in their state.

Georgia Runoffs – Jan 5th

This is, without a doubt, and apart from the most the recent Presidential elections. Probably the most important elections in US election History!

If Democrats win both runoffs in Georgia, they get 50 seats overall and a majority on January 20 with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris breaking a 50-50 tie.

If Republicans win either seat, they will hold the Senate majority.

Right now, Democrats may very well defy historical trends and win both races to achieve a Senate majority. If Democrats do it, they’ll probably be able to thank Republican President Donald Trump. Indeed, this election isn’t just about Georgia and the Senate majority. It’s about Trump’s legacy. If Republicans lose in Georgia, Trump will be to blame. Republicans in purple states will have to think long and hard about being attached to Trump in the future, even after he has left office.” CNN

Election Day for the U.S. Senate and Public Service Commission runoffs is January 5, 2021. You can vote in person during the early voting period or on Election Day. You can also request an absentee ballot to vote by mail. There are also additional local elections and runoffs in some areas. Please contact your local election official for more information.