Real Life “Scares”

This post is going to be about real life scary people. I must warn you all, they wont all be murderers, but I will explain why I think they’re scary.

The Queen of Frights – JKTrolling

With all the SHIT she has put the trans and the LGBTQIA community through, she is now Queen of real life scary people. Mainly because of her plain “I literally DO NOT CARE” about others. I have never liked her, which means I don’t read her books. She is the Queen of Trolls, especially when she advertised a transphobic site. Full of pins that said things like “Sorry about your dick bro”. You have too be literally, deaf, dumb and blind to not see it.

I dub Rowling JKTrolling … Queen of the Frights and of the Trolls

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I dub the American Party of the GOP the Kings (and Queens) of Frights and of the Trolls. For far more than obvious reasons. Although to be honest, Poland is probably for a tie there.

While I’m at it…I dub 2020 the scariest year of this generation. SO GET OUT AND VOTE BLUE! Show ALL those “people” above, we wont take HATRED anymore!

These people and groups above is WHY I find it so hard to celebrate Halloween and Sahmain this year.

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I keep thinking how to introduce the next lot of scary real life. All that keeps going through my head is, the more “fun” real life scares?


Ghosts That Hunt Back TV


Movie Scenes That Terrified Actors In Real Life

TERFs being numpties, what they’re best at…

As I said in my tweet, this is not the first time I have come across a TERF. Realizing how bad something is, because, it was so bad and so prevalent, that they had NO IDEA ABOUT IT…

Unfortunately I’ve come across other TERFs who have done things like fight against more rape centers/domestic abuse safe houses for women. In case, a trans woman manages to slip in there. One went so far to admitting that she wasn’t aware that trans women were allowed in, so now she was going to fight EVERY rape/domestic abuse center…You know to own *trans people*. Just you know, that also means that cis women can’t go into them either, because they don’t anymore buildings built. As long as trans women don’t go in them! Even though, they always have!

Even though not a single crisis center has asked for this, because there are no problems. There is NO way you would ever be able to convince me that if there were problems, people would be silent about that. That rape and domestic abuse shelters would be silent about that.

I wonder how TERFs go in the Supermarkets…lmao

I introduce you all to Helen Staniland…Miss “I love staring at other people’s bodies in changing rooms, and constantly talk about other people’s penises”. Someone posted this in response to her obsession…Introduce the TERFs…That’s a rape threat! Someone actually did one of those word map things, where you get the your most used word front and centre…Helen’s was penis, lol. So Helen, or as I like to call her “Miss I can talk about anyone’s bodies that I want…but you all can’t make fun of me” Staniland…I don’t really interact with her anymore. She has admitted to like her hero below, that she would be banned from Twitter, if she actually wrote how she really felt about trans people.

It’s ALMOST like Graham Linehan is in this PURELY for the money…Who could have seen that one coming!

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We have to talk about Halloweenie

Now, I am neither American, and I think I’m about 1/16th Irish. However, I really love Halloween. I can’t explain, I’m terrible with actually scary movies. Not your Addams family, and nightmare before Christmas. I’m talking more your Freddie’s and Jason’s.

Not too mention this whole year, has felt like a whole horror film, all by itself.

Is anyone else having the same problem? I don’t know about yourselves, even though Australia doesn’t really “celebrate” Halloween. We’re already starting to get Christmas stuff in the store! I looooooooove Christmas! But even the mid of October is a bit early for me.

John Oliver’s – History Instagram

I love everything John Oliver. Not only is he funny, but he explains things so that anyone can understand them. What I also love about him as well though, he does love place like Museums and Libraries. During Covid19, we forget about these little places of History. I am so glad that someone with such a big platform, choose to do this.

Remember, that a LOT of Museums are struggling, where you can do a lot for them, online.

“I think we are living in anti-intellectual times….

Oh my god…When I saw this quote…I just went…THAT’S IT! That’s what this WHOLE crazy year has been!

JB: I think we are living in anti-intellectual times, and that this is evident across the political spectrum. The quickness of social media allows for forms of vitriol that do not exactly support thoughtful debate. We need to cherish the longer forms.

Judith Butler

Judith Butler on the culture wars, JKRowling and living in anti-intellectual times.

I implore you all to read this, because I think a lot of us. Despite, the article being about trans and feminisms issues. I feel like Butler is right on point for this whole year, especially when it comes to social media and trying to have some kind of discussion on it.

What an interesting day, World Smile Day was..

How many people looked like this yesterday? Who could blame us! Generally everything was pretty okay, I think because I didn’t get into any fights. Any replies I did do, was all in response to friends and family…

Then it just got…weird,lol

The first thing that I woke up too were the Melania tapes. Which were needless to say, unpleasant. Good god, no wonder she’s still with Trump. They’re pretty much the same kind of person really.

Then Trump and Melania both tested positive for Covid19. Then a few hours later, people started to wonder if they were just faking. Whether that was to get out of the debate. My theory was, that they’re hoping the Melania tapes AND the debate will just leave the social conscious. And who could blame people?

Then there was some GOOD news for trans people in the UK. They are going to take the recent GRA reform and actually DEBATE it in Parliament. Which is absolutely good news! For those who don’t know. They’ve recently reformed some “rules” for the transgender community in the UK. Generally, not much changed, and they took away self-ID. They did make the certificate cheaper though. A

They asked the public, for suggestions, consultations etc. They decided to ignore the results, which were overwhelmingly in favour for more trans rights. I also think 100% that Rowlings little cults, influenced it too. But they blamed TRA’s (Trans Right Acitvists) for skewing the results, and that they said TOO much…Which, what did they think was going to happen?

So they changed the Reform, and THEN the results from the consultations, came out…One, TRA’s weren’t the only group of people who made suggestions and consulted, and they weren’t even the biggest group in favour of more trans rights. I have no idea WHY, they thought they could just ignore that,lol.

So while it was basically all good news. It’s just all … weird…you know?

World Smile Day!!!

I refuse to be unhappy today, so needless to say, I am not any social media today! Hahahaha…So first things first, this song makes me smile…which reminds me, I should listen to it more.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams

Also, if Trump doesn’t get in, I will play this…ALL DAY!!!

World Smile Day Org

Although I miss her, they both make me smile every day… =D

Lasagne makes me smile…no matter how I feel…

Reading a GOOD book!

The two shows that always make me smile, no matter what!

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