I will never…

wish ill upon my enemy,

not listen to my friends,

stop wishing for relief,

not want for the best for those I care about.

I will never…

not try my hardest, even on my bad days,

not stop wishing that I will win the lottery,

I will always be in it to win.

I will never…

kick you when your down,




Basic…Trumpter Logic 26

I’m trying to think how to start this one off…

As an Australian, I have been astonished by the amount of “patriotic” Trump Supporters, who do not understand the very basics of  their own country. Or sometimes, even their very own words.

The whole “Freedom of Religion” thing. The US already has that, under the 1A. I actually got into a sort-of conversation because someone said which Religion was the VP talking about? We all know he means Christianity, but a Trump supporters said “Well the Religion that the US was Founded on, Christianity”. Except, it was not. The Founding Fathers fought for separation for Church vs State, for a reason. Half the Founding Fathers did not follow a Religion. Some of them would be considered Atheists and Agnostics today. But then it got even stupider because then the supporter was all “Why are you bringing up people who are dead?” Because, you stupid person, you’re the one who said “Founded”. Guess what? Founding Fathers were the ones who Founded it. And they did not Found it on Christianity.

Then there was Brit Hume who was all “What Trump said was racist, but he’s not a racist and it was not xenophobic comments”…

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He then decided to “prove his point” by saying to people to read an online thesaurus, which then continued to prove that Trumps comments were also xenophobic AND racist. So, that was a bit of “What…”? Then he brought how people were hating on him for his skin colour, which wasn’t even happening. Then a supporter agreed with him and then used Martin Luthers King Jr quote of “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” In support of Trump and Brit Hume.

I pointed to “Noah” an author apparently. That Noah, Brit Hume, Trump and all of their supporters needed to 100% believe, positively and absolutely, that we were judging them by their ‘content of their character’. Then asked Noah to explain to me how telling a group of American POC citizens to “go back to where they came from” is of good character? I also tagged Bernice King to let her know that Trump supporters who were supporting Trump comments were using her fathers words to support Trumps racism.

I want to say to these people that it’s just really obvious what they stand for. But I’m starting to believe that they really don’t understand, they are, in fact, just that dumb? And that they can’t back down now. I did see a couple of long time Trump supporters say what he said was not alright, but … that was only a couple,lol


Recently I have discovered the “Mute” button on Twitter and i haven’t been happier!

I decided that the type of people I was going to mute where the type of people who are actually well-known, but that’s it. They actually have no real influence on the community and/or they just repeat what they’ve been told. For example, I have recently muted Tomi Lahren. It has been glorious!

I started to think why am I even listening to her? What does Tomi Lahren have to offer, anybody. Other than to parrot what she’s been told? I don’t think she’s done an ounce of research into anything and literally repeats the insults that Trump says. She can’t even come up with her own, that’s how dumb she is! So why am I still listening to her? The “breaking point” for me was when she called Former President Jimmy Carter “jealous” of Trump.

Jealous! Of Trump!

Jealous of what?

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So that’s when I went “For the love of God, why are any of us listening to her?” and pressed that mute button…I’m telling you it has started to make things a lot easier for me on Twitter. So I started to do it, to anyone who is nothing more than a talking box.

So some people I’ve muted and feel the better for it are:

Anne Coulter: The last thing I saw her write was that she was going to enjoy ruining Soccer for everyone. As a lot pointed out to her. How? That the only way she could ruin soccer was by playing in the team.

Piers Morgan

Why am I writing this?

I think that it’s an important message to get out there. Too just mute people who are basically nothing. The comments that were being made towards Anne Coulter, were completely on track. How on EARTH can she ruin soccer for people? Other than playing in it. I feel like we give too much power to these nothingness type people. Pier Morgan is just a morning show host. He’s not actually doing anything, he states his opinion…a lot.

They are not leaders of countries, hell, some of them are only Leaders of their own little World. Apart from people who already think their particular way, they don’t really DO anything.

Look whose coming to dinner

So I was talking to my coworker and we were talking about who we would invite to dinner. The usual, if you could have 6 people to dinner, who would you and why? It was so funny because as I’ve gotten older this has changed. When I was younger it was all about who I thought was “Hot”…Hot to Trot.

As we were talking, I realised how much I ‘d want to have dinner with people who’ve led an interesting life. I want to hear about interesting things these days:

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(I have really been loving Red Table Talk…Check it out!)

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July 4th

I’m writing this now, because I feel like it’s important to get this out there while there is still time…Just a little friendly reminder before the big festivities.

Whether you are planning to go out or not for July 4th celebrations. Remember to make sure your pets, whether they be furry, scaly or feathery, are protected against the fireworks. Especially if you are going out. Before you leave, make sure animals are inside the house. Make sure that gates are secure. You’d be surprised with how strong any kind of animal can get when they are scared.

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Prepare Early.

The problem I find are is that a lot of people letting off fireworks. Let them off a lot earlier than is allowed, and a lot later than allowed. Not too many people keep fireworks going off at the designated times. Other than where there are community festivals. I’ve found that every year, the biggest complaints I have seen. Are because people are letting fireworks off when they shouldn’t be letting them. Either it can be the day before or continue till the day after. So it’s best to be prepared early. Too not assume that people think of others.

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Some tips:

  • Try to keep everything normal
  • Keep all animals indoors, even cats.
  • If you can move horses somewhere safer, do.
  • Be aware that a frightened animal, can be likely to bolt and cause harm to themselves. Be aware of sharp objects.
  • Make sure that animals are micro-chipped and have a tag or collar on them. Make sure contact details are up to date.
  • If possible make sure someone else can take care of your pets, if you plan to head out.

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Last year some people actually got together and instead of going out. They decided to go to the animal shelters and help to take care of dogs. In cramped small cages, they called themselves the Calming Companions. 


I thought that I’d would just randomly let people know about some fantastic charities that some people can donate their money too. You know, this is totally random…not aimed at anyone at all. I’ll just let you know as well though, this is purely Australian based charities.

Shelterbox – At this moment, round 85 million people around the world have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox Australia is working to change this.

3000Acres – Empowering communities with the skills and knowledge to grow fresh healthy food

International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) –  non-profit organisation registered in Australia, predominately operating on the African continent

Little Heroes Foundations