Invasion Day

Today I would like to #acknowledge that I am on #Kaurna Land If you would like to know, please check out this:

Map of Indigenous Australia

Some call today “Australia Day”, and some call it “Invasion Day”. I also call it, Invasion Day. Observed annually on 26 January, it marks the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip following days of exploration of Port Jackson in New South Wales.

Basically, when the white people came over to wipe the Aboriginal people.


Shall I tell you a secret?

I am very happy to be getting married later in life.

There just feels like so much less stress. I feel old and strong enough to say “No, that’s not happening”. Like even yesterday my Dad finally went down his usual rabbit hole. Of how it’s my Mums fault, she didn’t tell him that I was getting married. Even though I unblocked him to specifically tell him. Come on dude, you’ve been split from my Mum for 30 years. I’m nearly 40, I literally just do not care anymore.

When I was younger I would have a crying mess.

I reckon 30 these days is a good age to have a kid. Too get married later.

I do not care, you are the parent, I am the child. He started off reasonably okay, with admitting we don’t know each other. Then it turned into the blame game, except it was everyone else’s fault, but his. My mum actually had a go at him this time. My Dad, for some reason used to complain about how my Mum didn’t work, so my Pa, her Dad, helped her to start her own business. THEN my Dad complained about that, how stressful it was for HIM, for her to have a job. Total gaslighting.

My Pa passed away over 10 years ago.

My mum was all “What do you want me too do? Dig him up (he was cremated) and make him apoligise to you”.

You want to feel bad for him, but he made ALL these choices himself.

I was 12 when my parents split, I turn 40 next year. Technically they split two days before I started high school as well. My Dads big idea of getting my Mum back was to tell me that he would kill himself if I didn’t tell her that he loved her. So after that, my older cousin caught me crying on some steps she rang my Dad, he called me a “Drama Queen”.

Guess what’s going to happen tomorrow if he continues.

Sorry about my little sob story. I am perfectly fine. I am just SO emotionally tired. My parents essentially need to grow up.

I just do not care anymore. This time should be about me, but it’s not.

This isn’t where I thought it was going, lol

WordPress Prompt

What is your spirit animal?

Oh, the Lioness.

I so needed to be reminded of this!

I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual one. I prefer Buddhism and Hinduism over Christianity. I’ve gone to a few Buddhists talks and watched created some magical sand art. BUT, I would never to “subscribe” to one religion, I need my space, lol. I don’t like boxes, lol

I guess to have a spirit animal, you can’t always explain it exactly why that it is. It just is. I guess its why does someone believe in whatever they do, you can’t always explain it. On a base level, I have total respect for Lions in general. Lionesses though, just kind of get on with it. They are great mothers. Quiet frankly whenever I deal with a truly awful “person”, if you could see what’s in my head. When I see bigots try to harm youth.

On a more spirit level. As I wrote above, you can’t always explain it.

They’re just always kind of “there”. When I first learnt about meditation, tarot reading. We learnt to go to a “space”. Mine was a African Savannah, with a Lion, Lionesses. Sometimes a lion cub, sometimes just one, two or all three of them.

Whose worse?

It feels like such a shame that in 2023, I ask this question.

Between the Republicans and the Tories, there doesn’t feel like much of a difference at the moment. I called the Tories the Nazi Party 2.0 yesterday, after seeing about three different stories about all the harm they’re doing to like…everyone.

Yesterday, the UK Government announced it may stop recognising gender recognition certificates from as many as 14 countries, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. This is an unprecedented and spiteful attack on trans people who want to make their lives in Britain. This comes as the UK Government considers whether to block gender recognition reforms voted through in Scotland last month by a decisive majority of MSPs from every party. Reforms that would make it easier for trans people living in Scotland to live and work with dignity.

Being Australian, I cannot write to my MP, but if you live in England and you support trans rights, you can.

Email your MP: Treat trans people with respect

The NHS is literally dying, the Tories want to make striking workers, just illegal. The Tories are one of the only “First World” countries who wont ban conversion therapy entirely. Leaving loopholes, that abusers will use.

The Republicans House Committees have already scrubbed all hearing information and documents on their sites from when Democrats were in control. They scrubbed submitted written testimonies and committee reports. The documents should all be on the wayback machine. It’ll be much harder to find specific documents from committee hearings.

Some Republicans in Arizona turned their backs on Katie Hobbs, who was talking about standing with people who need abortions.

MTG had a go at Dr Dre saying he glorified violence and drugs in his music. I have feeling she was feeling a bit “sore” because she used his music without permission and got herself into trouble on Twitter. What the heck was her video about anyway? “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that” After going on about 9/11 conspiracies’, AND JFK Junior conspiracies’. I think she blamed the Clintons for that plane crash?

What is the point?

I was going to write a whole post about this. It’s just really simple though. Apart from maybe some tourism, which fine. Is it worth it? You’ve got a “family” that will do everything they can, to protect a pedophile, but not their own son, because the media don’t like that his partner is black and American?

Its insanity.

I am over it already

I’ve spent the last couple of days, going through Wedding stuff and the garden. We have a few people coming in to spend a couple of days mid January, and the backyard is a mess! A jungle of weeds, and I am a little annoyed at my partner, he’s had since mid-December to do something. We’re the only house with a bad looking garden, during Summer.

We look like total bogans!





  1. an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.”some bogans yelled at us from their cars”

I put up some plain white lights during Christmas, on the three large shrubbery’s that we don’t have to do much too, lol. I love to Garden, honestly. But I can never get right into it, because I work, lol. I told my partner when he bought this house, you can choose the big fancy house, I am not cleaning it, we will share in the cleaning.

I think he’s done it once in nearly three years. He needs to do the garden, show some pride in his own house that he wanted so much. I can’t complain that much, because he is the bread winner, but still.

I will, lol.

I am already over TERFs and wedding planning. I don’t think the TERFS took a day off on Christmas or New years. What a bunch of losers!

I am also starting to completely understand why some people turn into Bridezillas. I’ve only really “gotten into it” this week, and I am over it. I want it to be fun, but everyone is like annoying me, lol. My Dads still telling me who to invite, I have no control over what I want for a dress. We haven’t even spent a cent yet and my partners complaining about money already. I’ve only just written up my list of who I need to invite. Not all I want to even be there.

I am feeling very much like…

On top of which we have a new kitten, we haven’t even had him for a week yet! He is the cutest little sweetest thing, and I miss him while I’m at work. But he is a kitten. He’s only two and bit months, and so far he has chewed through my partners earphones. Although that my partners own fault, I kept telling him that he was chewing on them and he didn’t move them. I don’t know what he thought might happen.

I just wanted to have fun, honestly with the wedding preparation. I am planning on making a lot of the “stuff” myself. I am not feeling very “fun” at the moment. I am almost at the point where I am actually talking to my therapist about talking to people. I’m trying to figure out with them how to best to approach people.

People are literally texting me while I’m at work “h, have you invited these people”. I have written the list, and so far not making any adjustments. I’ve already had to include people I don’t want too inlue of people I want too. My partner only wants one groomsman, which is fine. But everyone’s like “What are YOU going to do Lauren”. What do you mean, what am I going to do? And my partner is not helping with “What if she doesn’t accept it”.