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Hello all and thank you for coming to check out this post all about advice for creating or running your own book blog. I have seen a lot of bloggers successfully approach this subject so I thought I would throw a few of my own tips into the ring. Book blogging is such a rewarding […]

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*I felt like this was too good not to share! (Is that the right way around?) Anyways…I felt it was good to share, especially as we head towards more rapidly a new year. Time for changes, maybe you want to see where else you can take your Blog? Some excellent ideas!*


Big Cat Week!

It’s that time of the year again! National Geographic Big Cat Week!

Which also means that you can watch the #safarilive live feed on the television! It only shows on the television within America.

So please watch #safarilive on which premieres Thursday, December 14 at 10/9c. For those who are not in America, you can still watch it on YouTube and via Ustream.

Book…nerd Christmas…I am so excited about this!

I honestly didn’t even know what to write as a title, I was just so excited about seeing this and I just wanted to share this with you all!

I love Book Riot! They have amazing stories and just as amazing things to buys including these awesome Christmas ornaments!

Everything from Disney to Marvel to Literary Characters! Unfortunately some of these are not shipped to Australia…You might have to do some digging around, but it’s a good start! Especially for a first Christmas!

Facebook silliness

Oh my goodness, there are some truly vile people on Facebook who NEVER get banned and yet they banned this? I decided to reblog this because as weird and somewhat funny why they got banned. I felt it was wrong for them to be banned and have income stopped or affected because Facebook is becoming so much worse -.- Please read the Blog post and then check out their Christmas Cards on their Etsy website.

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Originally posted on Notes from the U.K.: A British artist’s Christmas cards were recently banned from Facebook for having “adult content.” Adult content? That’s prude-speak for sex. The banned cards showed a robin, a stag, and a squirrel, none of them doing anything unconventional for Christmas cards, although in fairness these are creatures who,…

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SSM – Same Sex Marriage Postal Votes revealed!

Well today has been the day that Australia finds out the results of the Same Sex Marriage postal votes! Yes or No?!

The only problem with whatever this result reveals, doesn’t mean that we WILL get same sex marriage equality…That’s why there has been so much contention with this Vote. Even if the majority is for Yes, doesn’t mean that the Government have to do anything…STILL!

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So pretty much even after the dividing the country for the last few months, instead of “just doing it”. Our politicians still don’t HAVE to make it happen. No matter the result.

All that said and done…

It’s a YES! YES VOTE WON!!!!

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