Force Birthers

I refuse to call them pro-lifers anymore. Especially when they choose to dismiss the recent case of the 11 year old, like 11 years old aren’t getting raped or something? Force Birthers, you do NOT get to pick and choose. Especially when…IT’S NONE YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! Abortion and Healthcare are NOT black and white, it is literally a case by case scenario, of which NONE of us are involved.

Anyone who dismisses an 11 year old being forced to give birth, in AMERICA, because it doesn’t fit into a neat little package for you…You disgust me. For anyone who says, but it’s rare…How do you know it’s rare? The ONLY reason it’d be “rare” is because not a lot of 11 years old are able to give birth, which is why a lot of young ones that age are targeted. (Not, that that makes it any better).

If you pick and choose though, who you can have abortions, doesn’t that make you…


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It’s almost like it’s a complicated choice and not one complete strangers know anything about.


World Story Telling AND International Day of Happiness

What a treat! Two of my favourite things in the whole wide world on the same day! Stories and Happiness!

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Please gaze at a few of my favourite things and some books that I have already read, or am reading so far this year.

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Music Festivals and Drugs

You might have heard of Music Festivals complaining that added charges to tickets are running them out of business. Now these added charges, are being added to supply for more police, sniffer dogs etc, as we are consistently having our young Australians die from drug overdoses.

I feel like the police would never win in this situation. There would be complaints if they weren’t there more and then there’ll be complaints if they are there. What about the drug dealers though? I don’t see people really complaining that? Where are these people coming from anyway? I’ve been to a couple of music festivals and I never encountered one, so I’m wondering if these people who overdosed already knew the people? I’ve known people who do drugs, who go to these festivals and they may have done them before they’ve gone in, but I’ve never been offered them. Adelaide is not that big of a town.

What about yourselves? Would you want a increase of police or not?

Almost there!

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The above picture (well this whole post) was scheduled a couple of days ago…Guess what…I hit today!


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Since I’ve learnt so much from my last give-way (like how to write up a good give away. That not every country will let you send whatever you want…Sorry, Victorious Pages!) … I’ve decided to do another one!…Watch this space for more…

Jussie Smollett

Who isn’t talking about this guy, am I right?

The whole situation, too me personally, is just all really odd. From Smollett to the alleged attackers, to everyone being so gosh darn eager to jump on the “we hate Jussie Smollett” bandwagon.

For myself, I don’t need proof that the alt-right, extreme Trump supporters are not very nice people, you see it everywhere, every day, we do not need someone to make it up.

What frustrates me a lot about this situation though, is just the bandwagon from everyone. While completely ignoring other people who have made allegations that are not true, which are just as bad. Like the MAGA group demanding an apology for the Smollet situation, do they understand we believe him because THEY make it so easy to believe him? What about themselves? Jacob Wohl tried and failed to make false rape allegations against Muller…Where is his apology? He doesn’t even acknowledge what he did. No one is saying that he should have the book thrown at him? #whiteprivilege much?! Not only all that, he keeps talking about Jussie Smollet like he has NEVER done something similar in his life! Despite his rape allegations being less than a year ago!

What inspired me though to write this blog was this “entertainment reporter” from the Morning Show in Australia on Channel 7. I don’t know how he got his job, but he’s very much the type that jumps on bandwagons. Harassing celebrities, he seems very eager to please. He however said something that just made me go…

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The biggest “proof” that this alleged attackers have is that he paid them with a cheque to beat him up. Now Smollett has come out saying that the cheque was to pay them for their workouts, health and diet type tips. This “reporter” said and I quote “Even if the cheques were for these two guys workout, health and diet tips. That doesn’t let Smollett off the hook”…

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If the only proof you have of someone being not truthful, isn’t true…I don’t know how to even finish off that sentence,lol. If something isn’t true, than it isn’t true…Right?

He also went on about how Smollett is on Ice, with no proof.