Thursday Theories – Changing my Religion

I was inspired to write about this after watching a documentary about Nefertiti. I know a bit about Ancient Egyptian Rulers, however, how there Religion worked, I’m not “hot” on.

I was mainly watching it to see if they found Nefertiti, which before I got tot the end of it, I thought to myself “Well that’d be all over the news”. So ultimately they did not find her…Yet.

What fascinated myself though, was under her and her husbands (Akhenaten) rule, they changed the whole Egyptian religion. From worshipping a number of Gods, like the Ancient Greeks and Rome, to worshipping, just one God, just like Christianity. After he died though, they got “rid” of his Religion and went back to the old one, where they worshipped several.

Although Nefertiti and Akhenaten governed over Ancient Egypt at a time of unprecedented wealth, their new religion unsettled the empire. … However, she was also largely hated because of her active leadership in Akhenaten’s sun-oriented religion

It’s just interesting to me within one Religion how many times they all change.

Mental Health Check List

Do any of you have a mental health checklist? I mean when you’re both in the middle of a mental health crisis, and then afterwards? Maybe you found something different to help this time?

When I’m in the middle of a attack. There are couple of things I do.

In the middle of a attack

  • Sing a song in my head. I usually end up singing one sentence from a song.
  • I feel for any of my plushies. Usually they’re just on the floor within reach.
  • I might look for my bag, in the dark. Just to know it’s there.
  • I usually sit up and try to remember to breath.
  • If that all fails, I get my phone and I use my breathing app and I just stare at that app, haha

Learned behaviours to stay in control

  • I’ve been getting better with this, but I always go to the toilet before I leave anywhere. This has been getting better though, which is a relief.
  • Make sure things like my phone and ipod are charged.
  • I have all sorts of natural drugs in my bag, that help relax. I haven’t had used any in ages! Which is also a good thing, but is it because I know they’re there?
  • I actually do think about how I’m feeling before I go onto Twitter, FB, Insta.

Young Divas

Screw people

Over people!

I expect stupidity from TERFs and bigots, but how fed up do you get when it’s people who you are supposedly close to you?

That’s where I am right now. I only truly feel like me, that people listen to me, are you. While that makes me sad, at least I KNOW people who do listen too me. Who actually THINK about me and how they treat me. I am so fed up with everyone right now. I have been fighting for trans people for literal MONTHS now. Everyone single person ignored my trans visibility post. While my brother, everyone LOVED his comment. Even though, he’s pretty much only talked about himself.

At the beginning if the year, the family that’s been hassling me. Managed to get a invitation to a party, that they never should have been invited too…Their excuse? “Oh Lauren, I’m so sorry I had a brain fade”. I never responded to that text. I just sat there and seethed. I would have rather NO text.

I don’t feel like I even have a safe space anymore. This blog is about it. Pippy was my safe space, and that makes me feel so depressed, I have to go cry. I will keep my Facebook and my “family” Instagram space, but I refuse to go on them anymore.

Cher Lloyd

“Good” Friday

So why is Good Friday, called Good Friday, when on Good Friday, Jesus is flogged, has to carry a heavy cross, then get his hands and feet nailed into that same cross. Doesn’t sound like it was a good day for Jesus! Some sources suggest that the day is “good” in that it is holy, or that the phrase is a corruption of “God’s Friday”.

Either way, it’s not really appropriate to say “Happy Easter” or “Happy Good Friday”. It’s not really a day that is “Happy”. Easter Sunday is a good day to say “Happy Easter” as that is the day of rebirth and joy. Not Friday though, never Friday. Do you have any traditions on “Good” Friday? The closest I can think of with my family, are eating a whole lot of these!

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Thursday Theories – TERFs and their VERY low standards

*VERY long post incoming*

So I am sure by now you have heard of the Women’s March and the vigil’s for Sarah Everard.

WELL…Again TERFs and Gender Criticals are making it all about them…AGAIN. I actually couldn’t believe that I had to argue with a group of grown ups. Who complained that because of a sign saying that TERFS were not welcomed, they left! They were scared off by ONE sign. They couldn’t put the prejudices aside for the violent way a young woman died, at the hands of the police, because of a sign. Not only did they leave because of the sign, but the way they BRAGGED about it too! Like, they were proud that they were scared of by ONE sign.

Then “Reclaim the Streets” was “rude” to a TERF, as they were demanding to know that RTS weren’t giving their money to men ie transwomen, and two weeks later they’re STILL going on about how “rude” they are. Not one person complaining has Sarah Everard mentioned anywhere on their profile.

Watching two women being called “brave” because they’re talking together on Spotify, about how much they hate trans people and they’re just protecting the “rights” of children, by not speaking to a single person who is trans, or even a actual health professional. Is a REALLY low standard to have when it comes to “bravery”. I wonder if they would call two men talking about women to “protect their rights” with no women or a single health professional for women there “brave”. Nope. So what’s the difference? Where, in their world is talking about people who are not even there “brave” in their world? I reported that podcast. Whether or not anything will happen, I don’t know.

Imagine having a go at a small company, because they post a picture of a diary with drawn bums and different underwear on those bums. Calling it not feminist, when it actually subtly is. Then calling me pathetic, when I make a joke about how they’re just jelly they’re bum doesn’t look as good, lol. Then of course they started with the whole misogyny thing, when I pointed out they’re getting upset over a pencil drawing of bums with underwear, and calling me pathetic for a joke. They seem upset. Then they said I was going on about it, as I had to point out. They were the ones who chose to bring it to everyone’s attention. You’re calling a joke pathetic. And when I say to actually LOOK at the drawing, instead of reacting, LOOK AT IT. I’m a misogynists’ -.- They blocked me, lol.

You know it’s just a funny thing to me, that these “women” compare themselves to the same struggles that suffragettes and “witches” faced. So much not are TERFs nearly ANYWHERE near that level that “witches” and suffragettes faced. Even the racists suffragettes.

Now, I come to the Queen of the TERFs. I don’t know how much of you have seen her tweets. That are completely transphobic, but I’ve only just begun to realise how they show how little of a self esteem Rowling has to has. Not only are her tweets and “report” transphobic. There’s one sentence in one tweet, that should be a clue to everyone how she actually views women and herself.

“Dress how you want….Have sex with whoever will have you”

Do NOT HAVE SEX WITH WHO’LL EVER HAVE YOU. How much more lower standards can you get than that? I can’t begin to tell you, how much not to do this. The only person who wins out of that is person who you had sex with. YOU WILL HATE YOURSELF. Which might explain as well quiet a few things about Rowling herself.

HAVE SOME STANDARDS WOMAN! For women and men EVERYWHERE…Have some set standards for yourself and stick to it. Also though having standards for yourself, will also help to stop yourself … I don’t know … If you want to fight for women and girls, if you want to really help us. You wont be scared off by a sign. You wouldn’t tell women to sleep with whoever. You wouldn’t block women asking how the money you’re grabbing from women during a global pandemic is for “sex based rights” when you’re court case is because someone said something “mean” about you.

Okay, I guess this isn’t really a “theory” so much as a fact. I’m “starting” to suspect that these women don’t actually care about women, and just want to hate trans women more.

Why I hate TERFs & GCs. I’m a cis white straight woman. Comes with a LOT of privilege even though I’ve been the victim of violence. TERFs are so engrossed in their HATRED of trans people, who’ve never harmed them. They IGNORE the voices of Brittany Higgins, Patsy Stevenson, Who ARE out there, right now. Trying to stop violence against women, and not on Twitter complaining how “gross” the trans community is. They disrespect the deaths of #DanaMartin #NaomiHersi #MheldoyBruno #stopviolenceagainstwomen

Interesting little tidbit. Since I’ve been a trans ally on Twitter, I have been more abused by women and men, more than I have in the entirety of my life.

Celebrate Me!!!

It’s April 1st and I am hoping passed midday for a lot of you, but April 1st means it’s the first day of my birthday month!

I’m still allowed to do this, right? Like I don’t have kids yet. So I get to have a whole month, right? Even if it’s me, haha.

This week, what I’m starting to do is a music challenge for the month of April =D It’s supposed to be a daily challenge, but my weekend is quiet full this week. So apart from today, this rest will be posted on the Sunday.

Day 1: A song you like with a colour in the title.

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison … Let’s get this long weekend started!

One-sided conversations

I think the thing that always frustrates me about bigots and their bigotry. Notice how they always say how they’re doing it for the ‘good’ of other people. Yet, I have to yet see anyone ask them to do “it”. TERFs are a really bad at doing this. They’ll talk about complete strangers genitalia how they’re trying to stop young women from cutting off their healthy breasts. Meaning they’re trying to stop females from becoming men…Yet, no one asked them to do this.

Bigots will usually feign concern, and saying they’re JUST “trying to help” “trying to protect” When no ones asking them too.

Here is my one sided conversation. March the 31st IS Trans Visibility Day. So, now I would like to change the conversation, to make this post a positive post instead =D

Wanted to start the lead to #TransDayOfVisibility with a article from @PinkNews When the MAJORITY of female athletes are saying positive things for trans youth in sports, maybe it IS transphobia. Then again that’d mean people would be LISTENING to women though.

While, technically I wont be able to watch this. It’ll be 4 in the morning for me, I’m sure a lot of you can. Katy is utterly lovely. So while I am sure the subject will be heavy, I am sure it will be talked about in a sensitive manner.

A Guide on how to educate yourself about transgender issues – Life Hacker

Why in 2021…

I just don’t understand why in 2021, we still, as a society, continue to insist. That instead of going, it’s okay for the Church to have flaws, it’s okay for the Monarchy to have flaws, it’s okay for politicians to have flaws. It’s NOT okay to ignore those flaws, protect those flaws, while innocent people and children are at risk.


I don’t get people who hate George Pell, for protecting pedophiles, but it’s all cool for the Monarchy to do them same and have Prince Andrew retain EVERYTHING. And I don’t get people who love Trump, despite his predatory behaviour towards young girls and women, including his own daughter. While saying they’re “safe guarding” women and girls against the trans “cult”. Their “Hero” IS who women and girls need safe guarding and protection from!

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

Really, it doesn’t in the Courts of Law (although sometimes there it does) or in the Court of Morals, what gender, sex, religion, belief, smart, intelligence…

The only way to not be misogynistic, is to not be misogynistic. Being a woman doesn’t stop that.

The only way to not be homophobic is to not be homophobic. Being gay doesn’t stop that.

The only way to not be transphobic is to not be transphobic. Being trans doesn’t stop that.

The only to protect people, is to protect them. Being a police officer doesn’t mean you protect people.

The only WAY to not be a #bigot, is to not be a bigot.