She did what she did

Do you ever look back at something and think to yourself “Oh, I wish I had said that then”.

I had a moment like that recently, but I also thought to myself that they probably knew I knew what I actually wanted to say. They probably realised that I saw through them and that’s why they “cut me off”.

The thing is though, at the time, I didn’t realise I had seen through them, but they knew I had.

Where am I going with this? I had a moment where I thought if I had been who I had been know, but back then, I would have kicked my “best friends” butt and her grossness. You know something? I think she knew that. Imagine saying to your 30 year old “best friends” that you’re only happy when you’re single, when your ‘bfs’ are getting abused or are unhappy in their relationships.

After this thought I actually went and…okay…I stalked a little on my old “friends” FB pages. Except the one who said she likes hearing how her best friends are getting bullied and are having a hard time in their relationship, she blocked me.

One of them has a Eight with Kate, or whatever that show was called, haircut. Funniest thing ever. It’s a total Karen haircut! I found it even funnier because she hates kids.

The other is constantly changing her cover photo to say how confident she is, and how this is her year. You’re nearly 40 dear, it’s time to put away the 20 year old “I am confident” posts, you are not confident. I felt sorry for her actually. No one actually likes her, but she’s a useful tool at telling the narcissi’s what a good person she is. I am not surprised that at nearly 40, she still has to convince herself that she’s “confident”. She literally liked the comment when the narc said she was happier when we were miserable.

That’s the thing though, I think she knew that I got it, but I hadn’t got it, quiet yet. So she found an excuse to get rid of me, before I REALLY got it.


The Comfort

The last week and bit I was fighting off a flu/cold. It seems to be going around here at the moment. Then the past weekend, because I hadn’t eaten heaps and then ate too much, and threw up.

Which means that the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to restrain myself to eat better and not as much.

The first food I had was chicken and corn soup. I have actually been craving it for a while now. My partner isn’t that interested in soup, and when he does its usually tomato. Which is completely fine, I like tomato too, but sometimes you need to have something different. My partner is more, he likes what he likes, which is fine. I’m more I need something different every now and then.

I would love to say as well that I made the chicken and corn soup from scratch. I did not though, it was canned soup. I do make though a lot of bakes, that I love as comfort food. So your pasta, chicken bakes etc. I just didn’t have the strength or patience to make it, haha. If I’m not sick, I’ll make it, have some that night and then more a couple of days later. You know, I am going to learn to make it from scratch.

Is there a comfort food you must have?

I should try some of these this Winter.

27 healthier comfort foods we’re making this winter, –

I am supposed to be losing weight, haha.

Not surprised

I got called a “Harry and Meghan” expert recently, which made me crack up laughing. I don’t consider myself an “expert”. I just pay attention to what’s going on.

This is what I am aware about the car chase incident.

*It would have been extremely traumatic for Harry. That’s literally how his mother died. This IS what he has repeatedly said he is frightened of happening, its literally why they left the UK. You don’t need to know Harry personally to know how traumatic it would have been.

*The paparazzi who did chase the car, have not shown their faces. Every UK outlet whose interviewed them. Blamed Harry and Meghan’s driver for making it dangerous.

*The one person who the UK tabloids outlets (again) who report that the chase did not happen. Was the taxi driver who they transferred to AFTER everything.

*Harry and Meghans security, the police confirm that a chase did happen. Basically everyone who was actually there, confirmed it.

*There are rumor’s that someone, in the UK, paid the paparazzi to chase them. I can believe that. Especially after none of the paparazzi had the guts to show their faces.

It seems that the UK media are the only ones talking to people who weren’t there to say how it wasn’t true.

I think the RF have said they wont be making a public comment, why, I don’t know why, lol. If they have reached out privately I don’t know (lol). I sincerely hope they have. I really do, from the bottom of my soul. I sincerely hope that the RF realize that this situation is real and life threatening. Before there’s another Princess Diana situation. That’d just be cruel.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s

First I’m like Martha Stewart did commit a crime, but then I am also like…Whoa! I think I am going to be doing short posts for a while. Can I just say that I love her for this!

Martha Stewart, 81, becomes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s oldest cover model: ‘Kind of historic’

Yes, she has all the benefits of fame and the good things that can come with that. But, my god, doesn’t it give one hope, lol.

I also absolutely adore Jane Fonda, mostly for her activism. But also, for her total and utter honesty. I absolutely cracked up when she said that republican profilers should be murdered. Oh, the pro lifers didn’t like that. They don’t like when someone suggests we do to them what they would have done to others.

Common sense…Don’t go looking for it, you wont find it.

Sometimes I see things and just say to myself…

We recently had a politcian expelled from the Liberal Party in Victoria, Melbourne. After she demanded that the leader apoligise to her, for saying that she was hanging out with Nazis…She totally was, by the way. There was one of those anti-trans “let women speak” things a little over a month ago.

I went through a friends twitter account, and there is so much evidence of the trans rights protestors being held back, by police, as the Neo Nazi’s walk through, doing the heil Hitler salute.

Then “The Stand” situation with Joanne Cherry continues. The Stand “apologised” and let Cherry have her show back. Cherry and Rowling celebrated how much they’re “worthy of respect”. All the transphobes have been celebrating it. Right up until the moment we remind them. That the only way they get people to listen too them is by suing them and threatening their livelihoods. That’s not them being “worthy of respect”. That’s bullying people into listening too them. Personally, I wouldn’t celebrate it.

Then there was also the whole “well what about the staff that agree with Cherry”. I pointed out, if there were staff who agreed, then they were in the minority. The whole reason this came up was because the majority of the “The Stand” staff, refused to turn up, to work her event. Which meant there were not enough staff to work, safely. Which is why it was “cancelled”. So that would mean the transphobic staff, were in the minority.

People, like transphobes keep acting they are the majority. They are not. Being on twitter, following anti-trans people like Musk and Rowling, does not mean you make a majority.

I think that’s what bugs me the most. Is the whole, trans supportive people clearly out number anti-trans people. It just seems like people don’t. Who could blame people for believing that. You’ve got most politicians who don’t understand that the question “what is a woman” is a dog whistle. Rowling and about 5 other transphobes are in the news, EVERY SINGLE DAY. As I said last week, there were 10 pages of Google results for Cherry being “cancelled”. I have seen day after day after day after day of one actor or actress saying they “support” Rowling. A band playing in Eurovision, fired their transphobic manager for his anti-trans views. Neither the band or the manager mentioned Rowling once. Yet, all the media asked this band the next day what did they think of Rowlings comments about firing their manager.


Even with the Scottish Parliment voted in their new leader, after Nicola Sturgeon retired. One of the questions they were asked was “How much of a Scottish icon is JKRowling”…That was it. Not Billy Connolly or Sean Connery…I don’t even think she’s Scottish! Luckily, the right person was voted in, Humza Yousaf. Who has promised to take on Westminster!

Multiple Perspectives

Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox.

This is my other statement about it. The less we talk about him the better.

You do need multiple perspectives, but Carlson just lies and he’s probably a huge reason why Fox just paid out a huge settlement to Dominion. Of course he was going to go. We are all replaceable. It does not matter than Carlson is one of their big people. He’s probably cost Fox a LOT. Again, we are all replaceable.

Anzac Day

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces became known as ANZACs. Anzac Day is a commemoration of the anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli, Turkey on 25 April in 1915. Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”

Also called: Rā o Ngā Hōia (Māori)