No More “Drama”!

As I wrote a few days ago on my “Share Your World” post, I was going to write about the moment of clarity that I’ve recently had about unnecessary drama and how it just doesn’t happen to myself anymore and how freeing it is!

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What I mean by that is I had a moment where I got to sit down and write a cover letter for a job (I think they are also called cv’s…I don’t actually know what that stands for) Because, instead of having to go on Facebook all day and try to convince my ex best friend that she shouldn’t go back to her abusive ex, even though we know she’s not going to listen to any of us anyway, and she’s going to “blame us” for it as well. I’m not even kidding, one excuse she gave us was because I was single. When she’s single she doesn’t like how happy we are in relationships???

This is the kind of unnecessary drama, I find myself now free from.

Instead of dealing with seriously stupid reasoning like this. I mean, honestly, I spent the whole day trying to “discuss” with her what ON EARTH that has to do with anything anyway? THEN my now other ex-friend (her little enabler) started posting “friendships” quotes about how TRUE FRIENDS are there for you “no matter what”. Tagging everyone else except for me, but that was okay too, because that’s just who she is.

These ex friends of mine are the type that will post these types of quotes:

friendship 1 friendship 2

The funny thing I am there for them, just because I don’t like someones partner (for good reasons too) doesn’t mean I’m not supportive…Hell, if she needed me now I’d still be there, I’d still say goodbye when she didn’t actually need me anymore. Just because you may not like someones partner, doesn’t = not supportive. Unfortunately this is something they do not want to know about. They are also the ones that took themselves out because they didn’t like me writing about how I didn’t want to be treated like shit anymore. These are the SAME people who said she take him back because he keeps talking to her? Not because he’s changed, which he hadn’t…But because he keeps reaching out too her?

I can now sit down and spend my days writing cover letters, instead of hurriedly copying and pasting to get it in.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Birthday

Oh Dr King…What would you be making of the present situation?

One can only begin to imagine

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He’d be 90 today!

Some things you may not know about the man!

  • Martin Luther King was awarded, on June 5, 1955,  a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology from Boston University.
  • Probably the most successful non-violent leader of civil rights.
  • Unlike Gandhi, the Doctor did not lie down with young girls.
  • King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964
  • His father was a Pastor and his mother, a school teacher.
  • March on Washington was held on August 28th and roughly between 200,000 to 300,000 people attended.
  • Awarded “Man of the Year” by TIME magazine and in 1964 (suck it Trump!)lol
  • After King was assassinated, President Johnson declared a day of mourning.
  • Although King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King Day was first celebrated in 1986.

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Change the Day…Australia Day

Recently our most recent Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, apologised to the Church Abuse Victims of Australia…and I was like…

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Now, he’s decided that Councils who don’t agree with the date of Australia Day and have their Citizenship Ceremonies on different days, because that’s what their Councils agreed on…HAVE to have it on “Australia Day”…Nothing like the white colonies making people celebrate Australia Day with a national holiday, that’s only been a “National Holiday” since 1994.

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I swear…Politicians!

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I think we are getting to bogged down with a specific date, rather than looking at a particular day. Instead of making it a specific date, how about making it the last Monday every January, seeing as that’s the public holiday anyway for the next couple of years, like Good Friday, Monday,Easter Sunday, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, AFL Grand Final, Fathers Day, Mothers Day…Every New Years Day is a different day, if it’s on a Saturday, we don’t hold the public holiday for it on a Monday. The Queens Birthday, we don’t even celebrate it ON her Birthday, we make it every second Monday in June, her birthday is in April. Even then not all states in Australia celebrate it in June! #changetheday

Nothing says “Love Australia and Love Australia Day” like forced Patriotism.

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Should I?…And how do I?!

So my partner keeps insisting that I should start streaming…Mainly my Sims 4 games.

For those who may not know “Streaming” is where you play video/console games … COMPLETELY LIVE! (Don’t know why I wrote that in capitals)

It is actually something I have thought about, but I am such a noob!

For those who may not know what a “Noob” is, it’s someone who is really bad at games … Hence why I love the Sims.

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If anyone out there, reads my Blog and does do live feeds…Can we chat?

Why don’t you know?

So, my father is an alcoholic.

My name is Lauren…and my father is an alcoholic…Not matter what he says, he is.

Just before Christmas he decided, after numerous goes at me, he decided he didn’t want to come down for Christmas. Then got mad at me when he decided he was going to come and he wouldn’t change our plans. Then he was not coming at all. Which was fine.

However the night before Christmas Eve, so Christmas Eve Eve. He decided to go on a rant about my brother. They’ve never had a good relationship, all on my father. Seeing us on average, once a month for about 3 hours…Does not a parent make. However he made a comment and I REALLY wanted to respond, if he had kept going I would have, I was in that kind of mood. The comment?

“I don’t know what happened to him”

Now, why oh WHY would you not know what happened to him?

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I wonder if my Dad has ever REALLY asked himself that? Why don’t you know what has happened to my brother? My brother, as much as I do love him, can be extremely selfish. As soon as my parents separated, we never saw my father again, other than when he tried to hurt my Mum, which never worked. It just hurt his own children, who still, kind of liked him. My brother never got told off ever again, it was always put on me.

Not only did I have to contend with people saying that I had to take my Mums side, full grown adults, telling a 12 year old she had take sides. My brother didn’t do any chores, didn’t finish high school and still got the same amount of pocket money I did. My brother is really smart, just one of those really lazy people.

Yet, to this day every adult I know says “Why is your brother like that?”

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Since my brother has moved away, he has gotten better with paying people back and just being generous…But still…I can tell them why!

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