Single in a small city

I am single, I cannot see myself getting into a relationship any time soon. The city I live in is small (not going to say which one in, other than I live in Australia).

I thought that it might be interesting to do a “Sex in the City” type blog. Most of my female friends are in ¬†relationships and sometimes it is hard to talk about the frustrations of being single with people who have forgotten to be single. This blog is rated M15+ I don’t expect it to go too graphic. (Think of me more a Charlotte type person, rather than Samantha).


12 thoughts on “Single in a small city

  1. Is that you in the photo? Then Charlotte is PERFECT…I envy your beautiful hair! How interesting that this is a SITC type blog…I must go read more. (I’ve ALWAYS identified with Samantha, myself…don’t look anything like her, but her attitude? Oh yeah!)

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  2. I came desperately close to visiting Australia once, “way back when” in the Navy. Our ship was in Singapore when we met a group of businessmen from Perth who were such good blokes my friends and I hung out with them the entirety of the few days we were there. We were scheduled to land in Perth in a few weeks and these guys made all sorts of plans to host us and show us all a good time! It was looking to be be the best liberty port of my Navy time!! But alas it was not to be. Another ship in our group broke down and we had to take their place, steaming in circles, launching aircraft in the saber rattling the US was doing towards Iran at the time. So sad to have missed your lovely country!


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