Second Chance…A new romance?

What better magical feeling in the world than the possibility for a new romance…Another chance for love?

In case one could not guess…I have recently been bitten by the “new crush” bug (although calling it a “bug” sounds quite gross)… A completely lovely boy and one of those “I did not see this coming” moments…I truly did not! One of those I really hope he doesn’t see this post, because it will be really embarrassing (he would totally find this video lame,lol). I get shy around him, which is why he thought that I didn’t like him and we ended up in an argument…Of course =D

He thinks I’m intelligent! hehe

That terrifying freeing lovely scary…That scares your heart so much so you want to do nothing else but run…but you don’t…That moment you want to yel “Finally!” The magical moment where all of the happy songs make sense again.

BUT…They have to prove that they will be worth it, for all the future heartache that is going to definitely come…because heartache will come, it is inevitable.

Video uploaded on 19 Mar 2007
Say Ok performed by Vanessa Hudgens


5 thoughts on “Second Chance…A new romance?

  1. I am unfortunately past this stage with my most recent guy, and am at the heartache…and it’s bad. Really bad. I hope that things stay well with this crush and that you are happy and you don’t have to suffer any heartache. 😀


    1. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that! =( You know that saying he’ll come along when you least expect it…I hate that saying,lol…but it’s there for a reason =D hehe


    2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this =( As the cliche saying goes though “It’ll happen when you least expect it”…I hate that saying, but it seems to be always true in my case, hehe


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