Force Birthers

*Note* I will never call force birthers, pro-lifers, unless its too mock their “pro-lifeness”.

Mainly because, they are anything but pro-life.

I decided to write about this after seeing a force birther write and I quote “They just want an excuse to kill their unwanted baby”.

There’s a key word in there…Can you guess what it is?

Yep, people it is “unwanted”.

Hence why I don’t like calling force birthers “pro-life”. There’s life and there’s these thing called “quality of life”.

Now I don’t have children, I have never given birth. For me though, the first job of a parent is to give as good quality of life for your child as best you can. You don’t have to be rich, or live in a good area, or be Einstein smart. If you don’t want a kid, you should not be expected to give birth to a fetus, you don’t want. Why should a totally innocent child be given parents who they are not wanted by.

One thing EVERY child on the planet should feel is, wanted. It’s a usual human want, to be wanted. Trust me. To feel wanted is too feel safe. I feel “okay” with my family, because I know that I am wanted by my partner. Although what I’m feeling and going through right now is very lonely, I know that I am loved and wanted.

Force birthers should be the very last people with children, quiet honestly.

There was another one bragging how her sister gave birth to a baby with only half their brain. They lived for a whole year. Its fine to do that. I have no problem with people giving birth even knowing their child will die. That is entirely a personal decision. But it is not fine for everyone, and it is NOT “gotcha” either. If someone wants to terminate a pregnancy, because they don’t feel letting their child live with half a brain for a short amount of time, is a good quality of life. Then they should be able too terminate. A lot of the US abortion bans are being banned before people even know that they are pregnant.

Force birthers don’t care about life or the quality of it, for children. I am pretty over hearing anything they have too say. Especially the same one who didn’t get their “unwanted” comment, who then went on to call someone fat, because this person has stretch marks without giving birth. Men can have stretch marks too. We don’t get stretch marks because we “give birth”. We get stretch marks, because our skin stretches. Women tend to get them more because our hips widen.

Stretchmarks on men – effective treatments

“Stretch marks in men can appear if you try to lose weight or gain a lot of muscle in a short space of time. Stretch marks occur when the skin doesn’t have time to accommodate its new contents, be that fat or muscle, and the skin tears.”


Thursday Theories – You’re not better

One thing I cannot stand amongst all things transphobic, is the unrelenting annoyance that transphobe thinks parents know their children “best”, and parents never harm their children.

It is totally and utter shyte.

Every single document you can find on child abuse clearly states that child are mostly likely to be abused by someone they know, at the forefront, the parents. So when you see a “parent” at one of those parent/school board “meetings”, ban all the books. Where they’re talking about what their children want, there’s a really good chance that child is currently being abused.

Seeing a lot transphobic birth givers take serious glee when they find out their trans child is suffering is some way. I have seen people treat their enemies with more kindness, I have seen parents of murdered children show more kindness and forgiveness to their child’s murderer. Birth givers think they’re better than their own child.

They do, they really do.

5 remarkable animal moms

Same same

Again, I am still blocked on Twitter, and dears, I have never been happier, lol

Why is it whenever there is ‘in-fighting’ in any group. Doesn’t have to be a specific group, it’s always the SAME people, with the SAME drama’s. Its god so boring, but it also actually harms the cause that you say you’re fighting for. Do you all remember the BLM marches? What people said of those who burned and looted. How many excuses the racists GOP used against BLM because of those people.

I remember listening to Former, First Lady, Michelle Obama’s podcast how black people had to be better than perfect. Its the same of any marginalised community. It’s not fair and it’s not okay, but it’s what must done. It’s what you need to do, to get that first foot safely in the door. And some times it is just better to shut up.

If Rowling came to my front door and said someone was trying to harm her, kill her, whatever, she was in danger. She’d still be welcomed into my house. It’s part of what makes me better than her. Why would any good person, think after everything Rowling and her cult have done, you can turn around and then pick and choose which trans people you want to protect. What’s the difference? If you want to call yourself something like “trans safety network” you can’t turn around pick which trans people you keep safe.

I don’t like Debbie Hayton, no respect for her/him whatever she/he is today. But she probably needs a lot more mental health help, with her inner transphobia than say someone like Laverne Cox. You help her/him, because you’re supposed to be better than her/him.

Online Safety

I’ve often thought about writing something like this. I figure though most of the readers on here are pretty cluey about that kind of stuff.

However, after reading Kemi Badenoch “article” on the Times. It made me feel sick to my stomach. She wanted to make LGB Alliance, who call themselves the new Stonewall. Which is so freaking laughable and the only ones who like them ARE Tories, she wanted to make them STAKEHOLDERS in the Government! She’s one of the worst than Johnson candidates.

What made me feel ill, was that she was mocking the online safety bill. The irony is, of course, it’s too protect people, from people like her. And, when I become unbanned again, I will tell her that. She calls it to help people from their “hurt feelings” Then to go on to say that she will tell people the truth. Seriously, I just want to slap some people.

My Mum does say though that to be a politcian, you have to be a little bit of a psychopath.

Manufacturing, safety and quality control of vaccines part 3 — MEDICINE FOR ALL

How it’s made Typically, companies will work independently to complete clinical development plans for a vaccine. Once a vaccine is authorized, manufacturing begins to scale up. The antigen (part of the germ that our immune system reacts to) is weakened or deactivated. To form the full vaccine, all ingredients are combined. The whole process, from […]

Manufacturing, safety and quality control of vaccines part 3 — MEDICINE FOR ALL

Black Friday

I just wanted to really say…PLEASE STAY SAFE!

I understand a good bargain just as well as the next person and it is one of the American traditions we have been picking up here in Australia, mainly just through the Internet though. I have seen some truly horrible videos when it comes to Black Friday…People have literally been killed…No gift or toy or product is worth it. I personally would prefer to have my family and friends alive, safe and healthy, then dead over a gift for myself or even for them.

Things I’ve taken for Granted

17. Things I have taken for granted.

Oh gosh, where do I even start with this one? Do I start from the beginning of my life, or do I start with random thoughts I have about taking things for granted. Do I write about what I’ve taken for granted in the last week?

When I was younger I took for granted that everybody would just “like me”. Not even because I was spoiled in anyways or was a spoiled child, but just simply because I liked everybody else. So surely, that’s just the way the world worked? UNTIL I got to Year 6 when I first experience bullying and I had no idea how to cope. The worse part of it was one of my bullies was someone who had been my best friend, just a couple of years beforehand. You know something though, a part of that “naivety” has still stayed with me (being friends with everyone). Unless you give me a reason to “hate you” I will consider us “friends”. Even if you date one of my friends and they break up, if I’ve gotten on well with that ex-partner, I still consider them a “friend”. Unless they hurt my friend.

I think that I took being a kid for granted, just that freedom that can comes with being a child. Just being able to fob things off, not having many responsibilities, seeing the innocence in basically everything. It’s like that saying “Why do we want to grow up so fast?”.

I think what I’ve taken most for granted though, is just feeling safe. I used to feel safe all the time and I never realise what a plus I had it. I heard a great saying “We have learned our rights, but not the responsibility”. We talk about freedom of speech, free to be who we are, but at the same time, people with so much hate in their hearts, talk about having the same rights. Those hateful people make me fear more than anything, because they fear things that are basically made up in their minds. For example, there’s a Facebook page called “Ban Sharia Law in Australia” …. Except it is banned and very unlikely to ever become law in Australia, unless in some sort of alternate reality.

My Happy Place…


Being a 32 year old woman, I have a h#11 of a lot of plush/stuff toys…and sometimes I honestly feel embarrassed by the amount I have. Then I have a bad night or day and they are just there and then I feel bad that I felt embarrassed. They are just one part of my happy place. The things they could say! I’ve never been very good at letting people in, when I’ve had a bad day or am just having a bad moment, they’re just there. I don’t have to explain, I don’t have to say anything, I can just hug them and cry into them.

I hope that everyone has a happy place … What is your happy place? If you feel comfortable to share, please do!

Everybody I’ve come across people with such a different variation of where their happy places are and it’s great. For some, very lucky friends of mine who live near the beach. They are constantly going for walks on the beach and the sunset pictures they post, they make me happy. For some, luckily, it is their workplace. I know that when I’ve been down my coworkers have given me some of the best laughs that I’ve ever had!