The Christmas Spirit

I read the saddest thing and the sweetest thing. A mother asking how she can help her children celebrate Christmas, when it’s going to be so small this year…and the suggestions! The #ChristmasSpirit is alive and well!

I have written up all my international Christmas cards/letters. Sent them off. So some people on here, watch out for those! I’m hoping those will get there before Christmas, lol.

Do any of you have any plans on doing something different for Christmas this year? I am donating a lot more things to charities, mainly for the kids. I’ve putting thing and money aside specifically this year to do it. Normally I just get bits and pieces for my own Christmas. I put money into tins, but this year, I went “No! Children need more joy than they’ve ever needed before!”

Say a big fat YES to love and always NO to Hate!

Call me crazy if you will, but I don’t think people like Maya, Debbie, both Joanna’s, Rosie and Posie, Sarah, Fair Cop, Linehann, LGB…Care about women at all. I think they just hate trans people more

One of Fair Cops co-founder Sarah, has decided to sue police after it was discovered they were recording her, based on the fact that Fair Cop ARE a hate group. She was pissed that that they did that without her permission. Why would someone from a hate group be asked for permission. She’s decided to sue the police.

Making me say, well one, don’t be hateful. It’s not that hard, and IF she wins. Can you imagine the ramifications from that? MRA’s, Tommy Robinsons, ISIS! Demanding that they get the same treatment! Can you even begin to imagine the ramifications from that!

Fair Cops LITERAL new “motto” is Say Yes to Hate…But you know, not a Hate group. “We are so going to prove how not hateful we are, but saying we like hate”.

The reason for police not asking for permission, is because what kind of moron would say yes to that! “Oh hey, we’ve got evidence that your group could be a potential hate group, can we listen in to your conversations”. Yeah, people would totally go for that, right.


Never give your energy to Hate

There is a very good reason why you should never ever HATE someone. I include, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, animal abusers. When you hate someone, that’s a very powerful emotion to have. While I don’t blame the victims for hating their perpetrators, and THEY should do so. For us to hate the perpetrators, take’s away from the love and energy you should give the victim INSTEAD.

Now, I am not saying on ANY level to love a perpetrator, but spend YOUR love on the victims instead. Don’t hate the perpetrator, LOVE the victim instead. Also hate is such a wasteful emotion. What’s that saying…

Those who hate us, give us our best ideas.

Seriously! I really do believe this! All of those who read my Blog, probably have seen that I have been coming up with ideas, and thanks to the TERFs and to the GCs’, I have even more ideas!

It seems to be of the two extremes really that inspire us, love and hate. I wonder why that it is? What about a average ordinary day, nothing wrong with that. In fact, that almost seems like a holiday these days, just an average every day, kind of day.

Although an average every day, can seem depressing at the moment as well I guess.

The Power of Music

If this doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what else will!

A touching video showing a former ballet dancer afflicted with memory loss gracefully dancing as she hears the music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake has gone viral worldwide.

The video was recently shared by the Asociación Música para Despertar, a Spanish organization that promotes music therapy for those afflicted by memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Since then, media organizationscelebrities and individuals across the globe have shared the video of former dancer Marta C. González.

So, how’s the weather?

Long Post Incoming

Is that what one always asks at this time? I’m writing this, and it’s so close to Biden winning. But it’s still really close at this time. I think, at this point, Biden only needs one more major state to win. Trumps completely losing the plot at this time. I’m writing this Thursday evening, or Thursday morning US time. We’ll probably know a bit more the day after.

What a time!

At this point, I have managed to avoid the elections and all social media for nearly two days now. Unfortunately, I went to a funeral on one of the days, and the place we went to after, for nibbles and drinks. Had a HUGE television screen, with the election on it. Honestly, I didn’t get it.

I was very confused, it kept saying that Biden was ahead, but there was SO much red on the screen!

I just wanted to share a few things, that I was working on while I was away.

The one thing I am really happy about, is that I started to work on designs for pins. Most of them, I can’t share with you, until I’ve actually spoken with a couple of people. Mainly, making sure that I wont offend anyone. The only other problem I’m up against, is that I’m not actually sure, if I would need an ipad or some specific drawing app, to make it actually happen!

There were a LOT of people I know who were streaming. So not only did I manage to catch up with a few friends, via streaming albeit. I also caught up with a lot of games that I haven’t played for a while.

I also worked on my Website!!! I think I’m getting use to how it works, but I added on a section, which explains more about what I really want to do with the site…Again, though, there are a few people I have to talk too, before I can really put it into action. I think that I actually have to make sure that it’d be okay to start up my own small business … very small, lol. I would REALLY appreciate it though, if you could all go and take a look, and feel free to give me any constructive criticism. One of the areas, I do really feel that there is too much wording.

I have added a music channel to my Book Discord channel. Seems like a lot of us like to listen too music while we read and write. So I thought why not!

And the free therapy that is Gardening!

Fox Tv Dancing GIF by Bob's Burgers - Find & Share on GIPHY

We actually had a lot of weeds pop up, so I have to go around and kill them off. Some where huge though, and I so I cut them down and then poisoned them. It’s just funny to myself, that the first bunch of plants that I grew, all the ones that everyone else said would grow well, they all died and disappeared. The ones that everyone said I would kill, are doing really well and now I don’t know what to do with them, lol.

Oh my god, omg

Have I told you all how much I’ve missed you all!

It’s CRAZY, how things are going down at the the moment! Twitter is it’s usual mess. It’s been a little funny, because, I think in a way, I get why America may be the way it is. Take for example, the spats already happening with the Democrats. I had no idea that Lincoln Project was run by Republican Conservatives … Yet, I don’t think it matters either. People and places change, and they weren’t helping Trump either. While I get why people might be tense about them, I heard nothing about it before. At first I apologise, but then I was like “No, Lincoln Project HELPED Biden and the Democrats”. There are plenty of Republicans who don’t like Trump, or what the GOP have done…


I have written a post tomorrow, about some projects that I undertook while I took my social media leave. Just a quick update here with some of the things, that I don’t write about tomorrow, that also happened too me…Went to a funeral, and had a job interview.

Missing Her Sesame Street GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Literally, went to the funeral on the Wednesday (it was for my partners Aunt), had a good cry. She was literally born in-between my parents. So, wasn’t that old when she passed…alone. One of her sons lives in the UK, and the other in Ireland, leaving two new grand twins behind. What really made me cry though, she’s never going to be able to meet her twin grand bubbas. She lived in Melbourne. Well, she can…Depending how you look at the world.

Then the next day, got a call for a interview for the Friday. Went to that, oh my god, I don’t want it, lol. Everything that I thought it was, wasn’t. Don’t you just hate that?! I went for a PART TIME RECEPTIONIST role for a reputable towing company. They said with my skills, I could easily go to full-time. The worst part…They want me to be back up for their call center! If I wanted to do that, I would have applied for a call center place! Luckily, I don’t think I’ll get it. They’re interviewing all this week too.

Also, something about Christmas happened. Which I cannot talk about until a bit before Christmas, but I am already writing up that post. It’s all about being the bigger person, but also being completely “I got you” as well, lol

After those few days though, my stomach REALLY hurt. So I ended up being sick as well!


US Elections

First off…Good luck to us all!

Second, I have decided to come off of ALL medias…Including this one for the next couple of days. No matter the outcome. Just because either way, I think I’m going to need some way too get myself together. Also I’m going to most definitely cry either way.

Remember, if you are American! If you’re voting in line…STAY IN LINE! Your vote will count, as long as you’re in line before the polling booths close.

I have created a couple of posts, that are a little different, to hopefully TRY and get our minds off of whatever…Also I suspect, others will be doing the same that I do.

Luke Skywalker Good Luck GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What I’ll be doing is focusing more on things like learning to draw, my homework…and my website!!! Lolsys Library – Go Daddy I have quiet a few ideas now. Now I just have to start creating them! I’m going to be doing a Golden Girls, Dads Army and The RoyalE family =D I even have a funeral to go to tomorrow =( So I will be very well distracted.

Save the Black Kitties!

One truly horrible time around Halloween is how black cats and kittens are treated at this time of the year.

Black and the night have long been symbols of evil due to the fears of our ancestors. Many of the old Pagan religions also associated the black cat with witchcraft and evil. … During the witch trials, black cats were often burned at the stake alongside witches.

Halloweens is unfortunately a very dangerous times for Black Cats and Kittens…After all, humans are stupid.

How Dangerous is Halloween for Black Cats

Still, the black cat has managed to catch a few breaks over the centuries. He is regarded as lucky in the United Kingdom and Asia. And in parts of France, we find the matagot (magician-cat) and the chat d’argent — “black cats who have the power to attract wealth into any house where they are loved and well fed,” according to Dr. Fernand Méry, a veterinarian and journalist.

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

We have to talk about Halloweenie

Now, I am neither American, and I think I’m about 1/16th Irish. However, I really love Halloween. I can’t explain, I’m terrible with actually scary movies. Not your Addams family, and nightmare before Christmas. I’m talking more your Freddie’s and Jason’s.

Not too mention this whole year, has felt like a whole horror film, all by itself.

Is anyone else having the same problem? I don’t know about yourselves, even though Australia doesn’t really “celebrate” Halloween. We’re already starting to get Christmas stuff in the store! I looooooooove Christmas! But even the mid of October is a bit early for me.