What should be banned

Last week I wrote a post about what is being banned in America. This week I have decided to write a little bit about what should be banned in America, lol.

Georgia conservatives are purging voter rolls with challenges allowed under GOP-passed law

If you have to cheat to get more votes, that should be a sign. So voter suppression, gerrymandering shouldn’t even be things. There is no logical or common sense reason, too me, to ban things that make it harder for people to vote. IF, you believe in yourself. It doesn’t make common sense to have anything in place or thought to make it harder for the people to vote.

Self Righteous? Me? Never!

Someone called me this the other day, and I didn’t mean too, but I laughed, lol

I am not self righteous, I am just right all the time, lol…I can’t help it, lol

It’s good to have a good ego, right? *looks worried* lol

It’s so easy to be to be right these days, mainly because a lot of people either a)are the right, or b)people react with emotions rather than thinking what they’re saying/writing. I tend too do my “rants” on here, or on my personal social media’s pages. You can just write more on here to begin with. On social media platforms, you can only write a little bit, so it’s hard to have conversations.

It’s not about being right anyway, it’s about what’s sensible. Like, if you are not a vet and you take a guess at what your pet’s seizure was about, that’s not okay, lol. I can empathize with, that seeing your pet have a fit is scary, Travie had a couple of them. We didn’t take a guess though, and then when a vet doesn’t rule it out, but they don’t rule out other things either. I just happen to care about the animal getting the right treatments, more than your ego and feelings about the matter.

You can have empathy, but you can still point out where a person is going wrong.

I was going to write a post about how I would consider myself “new age” with a lot of stuff. But also I wanted to whine about how others who call themselves “new age” actually do a lot of damage. Especially when it comes to animals. No “Judy”, acupuncture doesn’t work on all animals.

He was a cutie ❤

When you read a good article

I love it when you come by a good article, and you can see yourself so much in it.

“White Psychodrama” and the culture wars: A self-reinforcing cycle, going nowhere

Émile P. Torres – 20h ago

Firstly, I don’t buy into the “culture wars”, I get it gets people to read an article. I hate it when it’s written like that though. There is no “culture war”, it’s just right vs wrong. There is no “culture” in banning books, banning human beings from being them, banning abortions. That’s not a “culture” that’s just wrong.

I’m just going to post a couple of post quotes from the article. It’s quiet a long article, and it was quiet funny. They allowed comments on there, and all the usual “suspects” aka supressors were saying how bad it was. I started to laugh because I know they had feel “seen” in the article, IF they had read it at all. I don’t agree with some of the article, but most of it.

(1) First, you have the Repenters, who “see the group they identify with as having committed horrible crimes globally and domestically, and they are ever so aware of the ways in which present material conditions generate continued deprivation for black people alongside relative comfort for many white people.” As such, Repenters are wracked by “an overwhelming sense of guilt,” a hard-to-shake feeling that one is blameworthy for having benefited from historical injustices, and for continuing to benefit from the racist systems currently in place.

(2) Next, you have the Repressers. This group is keen on downplaying the importance of race in America. They advocate for a “colorblind” approach to understanding inequality, and are quick to dismiss those who single out skin pigmentation as “playing the race card.” Repressers worry that people are “too easily offended” over “mere” peccadillos like wearing Blackface at Halloween, and suggest that those who whine about such infractions fail to appreciate just how far America has come from the bad old days of slavery and Jim Crow.

(3) The defining difference between these two groups is how they react to this problem. As alluded to above, Repenters react by feeling guilty and trying to assuage this feeling through attitudinal shifts and everyday acts. In contrast, Repressers react by trying to avoid the question of race altogether by suppressing talk of racial differences, which they disparage as “identity politics.”

(4) re Repenters and Repressers willing to do this? No, which is precisely why the Non-Aligned person does not engage in their bickering but, instead, uses what resources they have to investigate alternative solutions focused on reshaping global systems themselves, rather than on tweaking particular components of the system currently in place 

It is a really long article. So I suggest that you do read it.

What I got from the article though, is that we need to change our minds way of thinking and become a more non-aligned movement. The article brought up a few interesting points, like how the Black Panthers wanted to make the police are more community based force. So not “defunding” the police, and not letting them be ruled by one leader, like a Mayor or a political candidate. Instead though, to be watched over by the community. Which I find a really fantastic idea! After they’re all, the police are supposed to protect US. Not serve, who ever meets their political alliance.

I will also say this article, is based off of American life.

Magic Monday

So it’s been a week, since I’ve been pro-actively taking out US news. Every now and then something comes up where you just cannot ignore it. But during the week, as I wrote last week, even after a few days my mindset changed a lot.

I probably spent most of the week, other than working. Just starting to organise stuff, like really clean. Since, my partner and I don’t have children, at the moment. Sometimes I let the cleaning slack off. The toilet, bathroom and kitchen get cleaned a lot. Cause ewww, if I didn’t. But even saying that, I don’t always clean the bathroom cupboard surface.

So when I say organise, I did things like transfer the Christmas stuff into a bigger box. I tend to keep buying things for Christmas, lol. I’ve got things to help me organise the bathrooms better. Chucking out cardboard boxes that aren’t needed. Keeping a couple though, because they will more than likely be needed for Christmas. I am also looking into bathroom organisers and those little hand held vacuum cleaners.

I did a lot of gardening too, it needs to be done. One week I had a hurt leg and the weeds just popped up everywhere. We might have to get a gardener in, cause I can’t handle it with my leg.

And I’m out…For now…

I cant do it anymore folks. Watching what’s happening in America, it’s too much.

I am of the thought that until we know what’s definitely happening with Trump, I don’t want to read anymore news about it. I will always fight against Trump and Trump Supporters. I just can’t read the news about it anymore.

It wont be that hard to fight against Trump Supporters anyway, they don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time anyway, lol. I’m tired of Republican’s, I am tired of Texas especially, I am tired of the Supreme Court “Judges”. They’re nuts. America will absolutely be doomed, if they’re allowed to continue.

I had to take the decision after, reading one article about a Librarian taking away all the YA books. I was annoyed at the Librarian, but then the next article I read was about this Texan YouTuber saying he was going to kill ANY teacher. Who would dare talk their child about LGBT matters. Suddenly I got why the Librarian was probably taking down the books. They clearly have no problem with violence. That is terrifying!

Then I listened to a podcast with an Australian Comedian, Toom Gleeson. He was talking about how he went over to bring entertainment to the troops, serving. He said that for the “Land of the Free”, when he went to entertain the American Troops. There was a long list of things he couldn’t joke about. All the others, the Australians, the British ect, he could joke about whatever. But America, was a no no.

You cannot be in a world and not able to laugh at yourself. You cannot heal, if you cannot accept what’s wrong.

I’m not sure how long my brain could go on, seeing bad news after bad news, after bad news. I have no intention of not speaking up if I encounter a TS or a religious extremist. I’m just not going to go and look for it. I’m going to refresh my feed. I just don’t want too know until something actually happens. I’m going to be honest, Americans Left, don’t seem to be much better. It’s just that they’re more socially “aware”. The whole “I’m not voting unless my favourite gets is” is just utterly ridiculous.

Its just too crazy. I will say though, the lovely people I’ve met here, please seriously consider moving here! I am not even joking! ❤ Come here and see how wonderful the world can be.

Poll Finds Most Americans Agree MAGA Movement Threatens Democracy–Including A Surprising Number Of Republicans

Of course! The problem isn’t the people, it’s the politicians and judges, and the media, who have nothing to do with the people! The people voted Biden in, didn’t they! 80% of Americans support abortions as well. It’s not the people with the problem. It’s the very loud, Right wing minority. Supported by very anti-social media CEO’S


Over this next week, I am going to try and re-focus my mind.

Which means, over the next week I invite you … TOO MY MIND!!! Hahahaha.

It’s more, I like to write to get my thoughts out. What I thought I’d do this week though is too write here, on the blog. Not about more personal things, I’ll leave that to my journal. Just more things, how I can focus on things around the world. What I want to do is get my mind to remember the good things. The things worth fighting for.

It’s getting mentally tough out there. I need to sit and refocus. I am still blocked on Twitter, and I am so thankful. I know what I’m going to do when I get it back. I plan to really stay off of it still, but I will be making a “post”. Then I really wont be on there anymore.

I hope you enjoy the next week of posts, because a lot are about dreams and ideas I have to make the world better. Well, how I think so anyway.

Cheetahs make a comeback in India after 70 years

By Associated Press11:17pm Sep 17, 2022


This week, I have decided to have a more proactive and kinder to my brain mindset this week. Now that I’ve written it down, it will happen.

What I would like to write about today, is the Right Wing Projection. It may be the most annoying thing about bigotry, in general. My mum and talk about that a lot, because we can’t believe that these “grown ups” are that intentionally dumb.

I was inspired to write about this after seeing another, quiet frankly, dumb, article. I don’t want to post it, it’s so dumb. A tv breakfast “news” station person had a whine about how Australia has changed. Over what? A woman was complaining that the council was going to fine her, after she put up a basketball hoop on a nature strip. I’m going to post some pictures of what a nature strip is…Tell me if you can see what the problem might just be, other than the council owns all of that.

Nature strips are either next too, or close to the road.

I’m sitting there thinking to myself why couldn’t she one, put it in her backyard? Or two, why couldn’t she put up over the car port like everyone else. Why does she just HAVE to put it up next to the road? They were complaining about how Australia’s changed, they use to play in the streets all the time. Yeah, and now when someone has an accident on those nature strips, the council has to pay up. Which means YOUR rates go up, and you know that they’d complain about that.

One doofus even said “Councils should stay out of our lives! They should only mow lawns, and tidy public rubbish bins” I’m like “Sorry, mow lawns? Like nature strips?” Councils don’t mow lawns here, maybe in fancy areas. They do however mow and take care of nature strips.

I remember…

Hahahaha … “A dangerous past time…I know”

I was reminded that Princess Diana, as lovely a human being as she was. She was also actually the first person to “hate” on the Royals. I was reminded of this when her 25th anniversary came up and there was ONE article that talk about how Prince Charles was interviewed about her death.

I don’t remember where I was when she died. I do remember the hatred towards the Royal Family though. I remember the conspiracy theories about how they killed her. I remember how much everyone hated Charles and Camilla. I remember how they blamed the Queen. How much people hated the RF for “making” a young Prince William and Harry to walk behind their mothers coffin and with Prince Charles. I remember people started to dislike the Royal Family a LONG time before MM.

I also remember the outrage at Prince Andrew attending his own Father’s funeral. I also can remember that the was the last time I heard ANYONE talking about him, the pedophile prince. That was the last time…A PEDOPHILE. A PEDOPHILE, WHO IS STILL PROTECTED BY THE ROYAL FAMILY.

So, please, enough with this whole hate on Meghan Markle. It’s beneath you all.

International Day of Charity

The International Day of Charity is an international day observed annually on 5 September. It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012.

I love Charity! I love giving to it, I love shopping from it. There is nothing that I don’t love about Charity. I think my “favourite” Charity at the moment is “The Guide Dogs, Australia”. There is a BIG tie there though with the “Australian Conservation Foundation“. Of course, animals, haha.

We have an ad for a Charity in Australia that helps you get Australian kids to school. I sort of feel weird about it. I love giving “things” to like the homeless, like if I have nice clothing, I get rid of the ones, I haven’t worn in forever or don’t fit me anymore. I just feel with that one, maybe the Governments should do more with that?

Like, if kids cant bring lunch/food with them. Maybe there should be some sort of Government Funding to help kids get a lunch? You know what I mean? Blind people, autistic people, VETS. They’re all things that people need help with, like having a Guide Dog. I don’t know, it makes me feel mean, lol.

We’re Australians, we should be able to do things like give a lunch to kids for school. Have a charity that works for kids getting school clothes, do you know what I mean? Like even if it’s something to do with the local Libraries. You can could have “fashion shows” to raise money to get kids clothes…I don’t know, lol … I remember when I was young, we did that for where I did ballet. I still can kind of remember it and it was fun.

Do you have a favourite Charity?

I won my battle

Oh my goodness, I was so proud of myself over the past weekend.

In case the Murdoch gossip rags hadn’t let you all know, after Salman Rushdie was stabbed. Other authors received death threats, as well. The most well knows was you-know-who. The lovely Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat. Asked other authors who else had received death threats. She made mention of a friend of hers, who had received an odd death threat only the day before, Salman Rushdie’s.

(By the way, did you all hear that the guy who stabbed him. He only read two pages of “The Satanic Verses,”) What a ninny!

Anyway, for some reason only known to themselves, the entire transphobic cult, decided that Joanne Harris mocking Rowling, and was trying to silence her…By asking the question, which authors had received death threats.

Apparently they have already tried to get Joanne Harris, sacked. For being part of a letter that supported trans people. Joanne Harris is the Director, for the Society of Authors, and a popular one two boot.

I actually follow Joanne Harris on the Insta. I don’t know where she lives, but her photos are magical. So when it first happened, I actually argued with the TERFs. I had no idea what they were talking about, because this all went down on Twitter. From what I read though, they all thought Harris was mocking Rowling. I know what about, but, they would never admit it.

This past weekend, I liked another one of her pictures and there were a couple of TERFS harassing her again. Instead of “arguing” with them, I just blocked them instead. It was SO hard to not respond, because it’s all so stupid. But that’s why I didn’t. Because it is all SO stupid. These are all “grown adults” harassing a woman for asking her fellow authors, what kind of death threats they got.

For the last two-three years, the Rowling Cult, have been going on and on and on and on…about how Rowling gets 10’s of death threats a day. Yet, when they show you the “death threats”, they’re crude, yes, but not threats, let alone death ones. A couple of times I’ve asked when are the court cases, because death threats are serious. There’s never been one…and Rowling seems to have actually gotten an legitimate death threat.

So I’m thinking, the reason why they’re accusing Harris of “mocking” Rowling, is because…

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Salman Rushdie wasn’t the first novelist to suffer an assassination attempt by someone who hadn’t read their book