Excitement News!

We’ve paid the first installment of the deposit for the reception and ceremony…As I’m writing this, I have just realise that I have got get in contact with a celebrant.


Now I know what’s happening, I can actually plan things. Now, I know that you don’t want to hear about the more boring details and probably my little family dramas. But I am planning on making a lot of the decorations myself. So, I am hoping that you will join me or encourage me with helpful wedding ideas.

I’m planning on making each table, with a little theme. So far I have, Magic the Gathering, LotR/Hobbit, something to do with crystals, lol. As far as I am aware, not including the “bridal table”. I’ve got 9 other tables to think of. I did think of Warhammer, but that would only work if I can invite those people, otherwise, it’s useless.

I’ve even got ideas for kids. My partner and I, and my brother, as the only ones without kids. Since a lot of them have to travel far, it seemed a little unfair to not bring their kids with them.

One of my biggest problem, I’ve got too many ideas, especially for the tables I already have selected. Just not enough ideas for the ones I have not…As I write this, I’ve realised I can do a table about books.



I was so quiet over the weekend, and I do apoligise for that. Nothing really exciting happened. I just kind of was not feeling it. We’ve decided on a place, date, time of wedding that sort of stuff. But when you talk to people about money. Icky, lol,

I am one of those people, if you can afford it, pay it as soon as you can. Don’t beat around the bush, just do it. Unfortunately, not everyone else is like that. It’s very frustrating. My partner sort of fobbed around with paying the first deposit payment, so he was happy to let my Mum do it. I was not. It’s not even the money thing. Its the fact, that she will need to see the arrangements. She doesn’t HAVE too, but it makes things easier. Guess what that means…

And it’s already happened.

I’m not talking to my Dad…Again. Let’s be honest here, he doesn’t care what I think. He’s just trying to get at my Mum. Yes, even 30 years later. I unblocked him, after nearly a year, to tell him I was getting married…and he goes “Your Mum didn’t even tell me you were getting married”. Like, it’s not her responsibility to tell him, that is on me. It’s even on me really, if I didn’t want to tell him. I didn’t want too.

He doesn’t give a shit about me. He’s been telling my Mum all this stuff about the wedding, that he’s not telling me, things I need to know about. He told my brother about his suit, and not me, he told my Mum how he’s got money, but he told me he’s got none. Don’t even get me started with them constantly telling me what my brother “thinks”.

I am enjoying my time up too my wedding, and I don’t blame my brother for one thing. But I am going to have say something. I just have to word it “correctly”. I’ve already got one sentence, tell me what you think, lol.

“Reminder, I am the Bride, not *insert brothers name here*. If I want a poo coloured dress for my wedding, I will have a poo coloured dress for my wedding, and I will happily blame it on you. It’s like you people don’t know me at all”.

I have NEVER been the type of person who jumps when told too. I do the opposite, I would lie down on the ground, rather than jump. So telling me to do what my brother “thinks”, is absolutely NOT going to work. Funny thing, my brother has been really good about everything.

I will wear a poo coloured dress, just to piss them off, lol,


I refuse too focus on negative this week. I have PLENTY to be happy about.

  • A wedding
  • A kitten
  • The backyard is looking like, a backyard, lol And I can probably do something with it.
  • Blogging and the Bloggers here
  • I actually like my work and the people I work with.
  • I have a roof over my head and within reason, can do what I like.
  • My Dad seems to be getting better too. Which of course, great. I think he might actually be seeing someone about his alcoholism…Maybe, lol
  • Making this : – https://www.tastemade.com/recipes/earl-grey-tea-cakes
  • Making a home.

You don’t have to do it here, but I would like you to write a list of all the good things you can focus on.

What to say

Over the night between Thursday and Friday, my aunt passed away.

Before you start to say “I am so sorry for your loss”, here’s what I’m having trouble with.

She was unwell for a long time, and although you know she’s not in pain anymore, it’s still sad. Like, she’s not in pain and that’s happy, but she’s gone so that is sad. It’s not a sudden thing, but it’s still sad.

This is what I mean by I don’t know what to say.

She had some kind of removal quiet a few years ago, I think gall bladder? Unfortunately, her stomach got nicked and she developed septicemia. She did recover from that, which was lucky. Then though, she had a stroke a couple of months later. Which is then, she was put into a home. She might have been able to recover from that, if she had been bothered, but she wasn’t. So she kind of just slowly succumb. She was the youngest person in her home.

When I wrote this on FB, they said that it was good. I don’t know though.

So here’s what we’re going to do!

I don’t actually know really. I sat on the computer for most of yesterday, just going to myself “I need to do it, but what that is, I don’t know” and I was really tired. 8:30pm comes and still nothing, haha.

But here’s we are not going to do this year!

We are not going to just do nothing, even if not in the mood for blogging, Reading, cleaning and gardening all great alternatives!

I will sit down and write the list of people I have to invite to the wedding. I have to physically write a list, otherwise I’ll forget.

Gotta stream today. Get into a better habit.

We are not, not, going to write this year. We will write this year.

I will start eating better. I need to lose some weight, but not too far!


I know that I have written about this before, but it’s been a while. I love to dream, but unfortunately, we cannot always control what we dream of. As I experienced. It was a total nightmare, the most scariest dream I have ever had. I include the one that I still remember from childhood. Which was of a huge black and white snail eating me alive.

It was my ex best friend trying to apoligise.


I always have wondered if she ever did (she will never), how I’d react. I know that dreams aren’t a 100% factual situation. When I woke up though, I don’t want her to apoligise. I just want to live my life, you know? If she did, would I have to say a thing? I did wonder what I’d say, but after that dream. I don’t have to say a damn thing.

Don’t know why, but felt this appropriate.

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” ~ Sam Levenson

So I’m engaged

I did very well this Christmas.

However, I was asked a lot of questions about the engagement. I hadn’t even got the ring back yet, haha.

So because I don’t have to travel to see my partners parents for the next couple of days (we both have colds/flus and a lot of his side are immune compromised). I have spent today looking up “Wedding Things”. Mainly the fun things, my goodness, there are so many ideas out there! I have been able to find things that my partner and I would both enjoy.

We want a Spring wedding (so for us, that’s September, October and November). That’s all we’ve got so far.

Also, because we have got a flu/cold, because I’ve been going for the last two weeks, pretty much non-stop. Now I know I can relax, of COURSE my body is going full flu/cold, lol.

What I would like to know as well though. I would love to invite all you bloggers to it. I just know that that is not very practical. Would you be annoyed if I posted things about the planning? I do not want to be one of “those” brides. I actually think my Groom may be become a Groomzilla, and I already have enough people driving me nuts, lol. I don’t want to do it to others. I would love to be able to write about the process though and share my ideas with someone.

I wont do it though, if you all find it too annoying.