Tolkien Reading Day

Why 25 March?

The 25th of March is the date of the downfall of the Lord of the Rings (Sauron) and the fall of Barad-dûr. It has been organised by the Tolkien Society since 2003 to encourage fans to celebrate and promote the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading favourite passages

darkness must pass

Regarding a lot of my posts lately, I have been feeling like I want to add more, but the quote sums it up perfectly.



Sometimes you just got too…

Make yourself get out there

Make yourself get over yourself.

Make yourself doing anything, other than nothing.

Make yourself, fake it, till you make it.

I realised, in the shower, as one does, that since my current partner has known me, I’ve been sick. When he first met me I had just gotten sciatica, I still do get flares, but they don’t last that long. Then a couple of months after that had finally gone away, then my anxiety. Then that had started to sort itself out and then my stomach started to play up.

I’ve basically been sick since every day for the past three years.

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Thank you

Like Jimmy Fallon and the very lovely Life Lessons from around the dinner table. I am going to take their lead today and say “Thank you”.

A few days ago, actually at the beginning of last week, I wrote a blog called “I am fine, thanks for asking” . I really needed to vent and my group of readers were the best people to vent too, because you all just got it. You didn’t ignore it, or rolls your eyes *I mean, you might of, but it didn’t seem like it and THAT’S what is important!* For myself, that is incredibly rare. For literal years, it was all about one person. Not someone I was dating, not a family member, someone that I could have let go at any moment.

I never felt like I could say anything, because her problems were always so much bigger than everything else in the world. So I am terrible at expressing myself. By nature I am a worrier and when it’s about other people, I’m much worse, especially if I actually care about those people.

So I guess I am still learning how to express myself. It’s been funny actually because since I did that rant type post, I have really been feeling great. As soon as I wrote the post and I got the lovely responses that I did, I instantly felt better. This past week or so has been amazing! I am actually seeing the doctor today to see what my samples have brought back. My whole stomach area has been doing pretty okay the last few days. It definitely seems like it’s on the mend again, but I would love to know what’s been wrong.

I got SO down, I was terrified I was developing depression or something. If you are sick, don’t EVER Google it! When I read what it might be, it did say that because you are losing nutrient and vitamins when you have constant “stomach issues” you can get depressed. You are losing all the good nutrients, as well as hopefully, losing the bad ones. It is like just not eating food, you don’t gain something when you loss it.(Did that make sense?)

There is so much going on in my head, and of course as well, timing. There’s been a sudden influx of bowel cancer commercials,lol.

Before this gets anymore gross. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly mean that, I heard you.

I agree

*nods head*

Bill and Melinda Gates says that marrying the right person is more important than your career

I find it true because if you have the right person, then they can support you in your career. I know of a person who got married to someone whose chosen career meant they were more than likely going to be travelling a lot and the other worked in retail. Then came the time when they realised they were to going have to move, the marriage lasted only a year after that.

I never understood why they got married, when one person wasn’t really willing to make the commitment, and it was obvious. It’s interesting though because the person not willing to move is still single. The one with the career, is now in a happy relationship.

Whereas my cousin who works in retail, is married to a Doctor. My cousin understood early on that he was probably going to have to move, and since he worked in retail (like the other person) it was easier for him to come with, rather than stay. They are still going strong.

Basically it is more important to have the right partner than a job, otherwise there will be no marriage.

World Tell-A-Fairy-Tale Day

Who doesn’t love a good fairy-tale?

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Fairy tales – Are stories that range from those originating in folklore to more modern stories. 

Ancient Greece and Egyptian fairy tales are also known more commonly as “Myths” and to some these are still very good fairy tales. Usually fairy tales are based on some form of truth, or a collection of truths. A lot of the more modern Disney fairy tale movies are based on old stories by Hans Christen Anderson and the Grimm Brothers. And their stories are a lot darker than the Disney films we know today.

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Behind the Stories: The true stories behind classic fairy tales – Huffington Post

Fairy tales are also good lessons for children (and some adults). They have basic life lessons behind them. It’s better not to look to deep into them, usually because the message is just very simple.


The funny thing about anxiety…

Is that things you really used to enjoy, you start to feel sick at the mere smell of them. Take, for example, I’ve stopped drinking coffee. I wasn’t an addict, but I’d usually have two cups a day and one cup of tea. Ever since my anxiety attack, I’ve got right off of it. I can’t even stand the smell of it. We had a customer come in and he had this huge cup of take away coffee with him, and it made me feel as sick as the musty smell of cigarettes.

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The other thing that I’ve been finding funny, since my dog got sick I came off of them all together. Before you all panic, I was only on 5mg since I had spoken to my Doctor about coming off them all together. I didn’t want to come straight off, so I’ve been doing it slowly since then. While she was sick though, I came off of them, because I couldn’t remember if I had taken one that day or not…So guess what’s happening to me right now too?lol

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I am brain farting all over the place at the moment,lol

You have to find the humor some days!