Jebus Christ

Daily writing prompt
Who would you like to talk to soon?

This post is supposed to be in fun/jest

I would like to talk to Jesus Christ soon and go “what the heck are you doing?” Come get your transphobes, your homophobes and your right wing conservatives crazies.


Can we not

I am not really looking forward to this week. The only good thing about working part time, is that when you’re sick like I was last week, still kind of am. When you’re sick and you work part time, if you take a couple/few days off, you can make up for it on other days. I could also take the leave, but we only have only a little over a month left on this contract.

Luckily, I thought that on the Friday I had to get my root canal finished off, but that’s next Friday. If I knew that the contract was continuing, longer than just over a month I would have taken another day to recuperate.

So, I was a bit quiet over this weekend, still have the sniffles. Since it’s becoming Winter here, if I don’t have to go out into the cold when I’m sick, I don’t wanna, lol.

Which meant that I spent a lot of time of the computer…and reading of course!

I don’t get how people actually function these days. There was some good news that KJK has been temporarily banned, I was clearly happy about this. When I wrote about it a TERF replied to me “Darling it ain’t going to last, and you know why. We never lose.” But what are transphobes winning at?

  • Abortions rights are being lost, left, right and center
  • There’s a video that went viral of a cis woman being chucked out of the women’s, by male police officers. Reported by a transphobes for not looking like a man. Happened in Texas, of course.
  • The hate toward the entire gay community is rising. The gay community that includes women.
  • During COVID, domestic violence rose, which most, if not all transphobes never once mentioned. There’s no indication that it’s settled.
  • Book Banning. Which seems to be affecting women mostly, because women are mostly Librarians.
  • The trans gener banning in sports is now starting to affect cis women of colour (as is usual).

The irony is KJK actually said she thought it’d be a good idea if men were in women’s bathrooms, with guns. That is really the only “thing” they’ve “won” at. Since that’s what happened.

I need a holiday from transphobes, lol

Magic or Peeve?

I am sick with a cold in Winter, haha. At least, I guess its not a cold in Summer, that’s even worse. At least in Winter you can kind of snuggle up.

But it’s so cold!

Things I love about Winter:

  • Some snuggling and a cuddling
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot food in general
  • I get to wear all my lovely jackets and cardigans.
  • Listening to the rain in bed.
  • A few years ago I would have added an electric blanket, but they are just to dangerous.
  • My slippers
  • My numerous, over the lap, blankets aka blankies.

Things I dislike about Winter: Can all be explained in one gif.

Magical Monday – Freedom

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?

I love this writing prompt. I actually whacked my head yesterday and it took me a little bit write properly, so hopefully, this makes any sense.

Freedom definitely means to something different to people. One thing I do agree with is that I don’t have freedom, until we are all free.

I think of these two quotes.

When you see what is happening now. It started with bigots, and bigoted politics targeting trans people…As it’s gone on to then abortion rights, gay rights (in general), immigrants and now they’re starting to ban books. More and more mass shooting’s. How can we say that we are free?

When I think of people saying they have the Freedom to have gun if they want too. But what does that mean? Why do we get the Freedom to have guns? Because some old dudes a couple of hundred years ago said so? What have we/I done to deserve my Freedom.

I wrote a short post a week or so ago, about how this UK journalist said that “we defeated Fascisms” I made a comment about how “we” didn’t. The soldiers of WWI and WWII did. I fight against fascism every day, as I see a lot of my readers do here as well, but it is not defeated. As is proven every day.

Fascisms History offers lessons about todays attacks on education. By Eden McLean on April 7, 2023, Scientific America

Neo-Nazis clash with police and counter-protesters at anti-immigration rally in Melbourne Nino Bucci Sat 13 May 2023 16.22 AEST, Guardian Australia

Suella Braverman tells Holocaust survivor she will not apologise for ‘invasion’ rhetoric PA Media Sun 15 Jan 2023 06.53 AEDT, Guardian Australia

Then there’s my own personal belief that anyone who NEEDS a gun, is not free. Why would they be? A lot of people feel they NEED a gun, because someone is always “after them”. That’s a fear. They are a slave to their fears. Having an addiction, or a need for something is not Freedom. That’s why even though most of the time I am okay with my anxiety. I try to handle them on my own. But that’s not Freedom either. Sometimes you need help. There is a difference between needing helping and 100% relying on someone all the time to help me.

I also think we do have to earn Freedom. We don’t just get to be free, because we’re born. Now we may not have a World War to fight. I believe we can do it in other ways. Now I know supporting someone Twitter whose being dogpiled by bigots, may seem like nothing. I have been thanked enough by people to know, that stepping in, is enough. Most of the time I don’t even know what the conversation was about. I just get an instinct about these things.

This part is not actually in the books.

Let’s Learn!

I have come up with a new topic!

At the beginning of every months, I will decide on one (or maybe more) topics. Something I am unsure about and take that month to learn what I can. At the end of each month, some time in the last week, I will present to you what I have found. It can be controversial, informational or fun. BUT, it will be presented with facts.

Good News =D

I do apoligise for being quiet over the weekend, but I swear its all for good reasons!

I went to my Mums over the weekend, with the thought that she was going to be out, giving me plenty of time to pack the rest of my things. My mum and I have been talking just just neutrally really. But apparently where she was going out too, it was cancelled. Which I didn’t realise till I was stuck there, lol.

It actually went alright. One of the last thing my therapists said too me was that my parents are older and so they are probably ‘stuck’ in their ways. So keeping that in mind, when she would say things that annoyed me. I didn’t make a deal out of it. I just sighed and rolled my eyes. One of things that keeps annoying me is her insistence that I’ve said “I want to do everything by myself” I never said that. When everything first happened I either had no ideas about things, or overwhelmingly too many.

I will ask my therapist about if I should say about that. It feels like she’s trying to blame me for something still? So while we got along mostly really well. That is going to bug me, lol

I am not going to concentrate on the negative though.

We didn’t really watch the Coronation either. We did watch Coronation Streets, Coronations special, but we turned that off about halfway through. I believe it was done by a morning show and they were far too peppy for either of us. We also felt like they weren’t talking enough to the actors, and we both love Coronation Street.

It was all a good weekend.

We also did not watch the Coronation, but my Mum found a tea cup that my Gran was given as a child and see the difference! The second photo is what my mum bought for my birthday. They’re book, book ends, haha.

Gifts to myself

I had a really nice birthday “weekend”. I didn’t really do much, haha. I had breakfast at my house with my Mum and Dad. That actually went really well. There was one moment when my Dad brought up Drag Queens and how he doesn’t “get them” Both my mum and were like “Well you don’t have to get them. You just have to not harass them”…Too give him some “credit” he doesn’t get the Wiggles either, haha.

I had a lot of Nana naps, which I’ve needed. Partner “allowed” me too watch BritBox, which I am completely addicted too! lol

One thing I need to focus on now, since things have calmed down a little bit. Is a little bit on myself. You’d think Id be able too, but life keeps reminding me that it’s not always about me. So I have to look at the things I can actually do for myself.

  • Stop going on Twitter
  • Write more
  • Hand write letters more
  • Send out more birthday cards
  • Eat better.
  • Drink more water, even if it is getting colder. No excuse not to drink more water.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions (there is a job that had an essential criteria that I didn’t have. I asked and they told me to still apply anyway).

National Mother Goose Day

The history of the fairy tale genre

The fairy tale genre is believed to have been initiated by Charles Perrault. This is when his first collection of fairy tales was published in 1695. His publication marks the first authenticated starting point in terms of Mother Goose stories. It was not until 1729 that an English version of his collection appeared. It was these fairy tales that introduced Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty.

Mother Goose’s Melody was published in 1781. This is a book of poems for children. The book has since been enjoyed by billions of children (and adults) around the world. It was then in 1987 that National Mother Goose Day was founded. The creator of the day, Gloria T. Delamar, published her book at the same time. This was ‘Mother Goose; From Nursery to Literature.’

Doing it Yourself

Sometimes the best thing is just to do something yourself. I have been learning that a lot when it comes to the wedding. It keeps making me laugh every time someone says “no pressure” or “do it your way” and then when I say what I would like to do. You just know it’s not going to happen, haha.

Even with the Bachelor and Bachelorette party. Its just so funny! So far I’m okay with the date. Its good. Partners brother is going to come down that weekend and have a fitting for a suit. But my partner doesn’t want a big Bachelor party, so everyone’s putting it on me to have a Bachelorette Party.

So far, in my head, I think my partners male cousins would have no problem having a games night. But my partner just wants it to be him and his brother, he doesn’t want too ‘entertain’ people. I don’t think his cousins wouldn’t be able to entertain themselves, some of them have played Magic the Gathering in the past. I think it would be fun.

My idea for my Bachelorette party is to dress up as a favourite female character from a book. Have a dinner with the Bachelor party, and then go out to do something like karaoke or play pool.

At one point I did think of buying a whole bunch of these from Etsy, but I think I will just make myself =D

What to write?

With all the dramas in my family, I can’t begin to tell you how hard it’s been to write or think about anything else. I’m sure though you have all been through it yourselves at some point. I didn’t even realise how much it must have affected myself until yesterday when I saw that I had taken several days to get back to comments.

That’s the annoying thing any mental health condition, anxiety, depression, etc. You don’t always realise until later what happened. I do think I’ve been depressed the last few days. Not because though, I am sad about what’s happened. I think its because for a long time, this what I thought was going to happen. I always thought it might happen when I have kids, and that life conflicts with what my mum, the Maskalls and brother think are “right”.

I think what annoys me the most, is the hypocrisy. My mum complains about the Maskalls the most, my brother did everything he could so they wouldn’t meet his last partner. Yet, of course they don’t do anything wrong too me. Why do I have to keep dealing with them, and be degraded and humiliated and they don’t treat anyone else like that.

This is the first birthday that I’ve looked forward too, for about 5 years now, because I don’t have to cater too them. The last two I have literally had to have my birthday on nights that suited them, and one…I wasn’t even invited too originally. That was probably the most embarrassed that I have ever been. I was only allowed to invite about 5 friends to “my” birthday, and that was last minute. My partner didn’t come because he was angry with them.

So, to say my writing has taken a bit of a dip lately, is a bit of an understatement.

Do you have a way to get out of a writing block funk?

  • I forgive myself first of all. I always sit down and tell myself that it is okay to stop.
  • This might sound “odd” but I try to eat better as well. That’s mainly because even I don’t feel any changes, mentally. I know I’ve done something well for my body.
  • These days I’ve started to do gardening. Unfortunately, we’re heading towards Winter again. Still in Autumn, but it is getting darker earlier already. So gardening isn’t always an option.
  • I also do a little cleaning, there’s always something to clean!

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