I want to be a Witch!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been thinking…a lot…lately, about how can I take this time. Do something different and something useful. I have been getting really frustrated with a lot of “Witch Natural Healers” on Instagram lately. Now I am someone who considers myself to be both Western and Eastern Medicine “inclined” I truly believe about working them together.

So I have decided to use my Instagram account, for not only mental health and books. I’ve also decided to show some witchy-poo side.

I want to talk about the good witchy side, the directions to more of a “good witch” life, rather than a selfish one. There are far too many pagans, natural healers and witches, that are promoting dangerous and selfish lives. That’s not what a Witch is all about.

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…I swear…

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Remember, to take care of yourself!

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Give yourself a goal, every week to reward yourself. A couple of weeks ago, I started to garden. Although I probably wont see the results for a couple more weeks. I am really proud of myself. I think the spring onion and chamomile bush, are going to do well. Although I know everyone has told me that you can’t kill spinach. I think I may have…

This week, my goal is to get back into exercise. I was actually doing quiet well during Summer here. Then I lost focused, so I want to start again. I’ve been even wondering if I should just start in the home. I’ve still got all the stuff. It’s Winter here right now, so the thought of going outside for a run, or heading to gym is very off putting. Though I have never actually gone to a gym to do exercises.

The biggest reason that I’m doing it is because although I’ve been taking cholesterol tablets. Apparently my cholesterol has not shifted. It’s neither gone lower or higher. Which I’m not entirely sure that’s a great thing. So my Doctor wants me to go from 20mg to 80mg. The next couple of weeks, he wants me to take the 20mg, but twice day (becoming 40mg). When I feel there are no side affects, to then go up to 80mg.

What harm can a little exercise do?

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What can you do to take care of yourself? It doesn’t even have to be anything that exciting!

Not anymore!

I refuse to keep telling people when I’m putting ear phones in to listen to something actually important. Does anyone else have the problem I have? EVERY SINGLE TIME you tell people you’re putting your earphones in, because you need to listen to something important. THAT’S the time they’ve decided, after not talking to you all day. THAT’S the time they want to suddenly have a deep and meaningful???!!


Let me guess…These guys look like dorks then? Life coach?

Nothing says “Life” like encouraging people to not protect their own life and others,lol You’d look even more dorkier, dead. Imagine a eulogy at that guys funeral?


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“Riots don’t just come out of thin air”.

I think that one of the things that was really annoyed about people like Trump, regarding the Minnesotan riots. Other than the obvious. Is that people like him, keep talking about George, like they even knew him. Or people like Trump supporters tried to justify their protests, because it wasn’t about hair. It was about small businesses not being able to open, when big business were.

Ummm, no, there were plenty of Karens making it about hair. There were literal signs and videos of them, making it about it hair. There were also a lot of Karen-type yelling “Freedom” while holding an opened Baskin Robbins or Big Gulp, who were in the background, opened. Also, a lot of small businesses (like hair dressers) are not deemed essential…Because, well, they’re not. They are also plenty of small businesses that have just put their products on websites.

Guess who can’t frequent small businesses anymore, no matter what. George Floyd.

These so-called “patriotic Americans”, decided they didn’t have to listen to POC being murdered by the people who were supposed to protect them. When Kapernick knelt, they said he should be locked up. He was a traitor. By the SAME PEOPLE who are NOW saying they should have peacefully protested first. They put Martin Luther King Jr quotes in their bios and profiles, but just as the same as when they put “Christian” in there too. They have no idea what that means.

What happened in people’s lives that makes them think a building is worth more than a person? You know who can’t walk into anymore buildings? George Floyd. He can’t walk into the building of his home, where he works, his mothers homes, his friends home. He can’t even walk into a Walmart anymore. He can’t walk into his own home anymore and hug his kids. He will NEVER be able to walk into his children’s home.

Quiet frankly I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before, and I’m surprised that people are surprised that this is happening now. It’s kind of like people who are still surprised that people don’t like Trump and never did,lol

Know yourself

One of the biggest lessons, that anyone should learn about themselves before they go on any social media platform.


There are plenty of strangers, who will tell you what they think you are. Without knowing you at all, and want to make you believe their way of thinking about yourself. It’s probably the biggest lesson that I’ve learnt with social media.

I tend to see a lot of people who go on social media, who clearly not handle it. Even thought they’re on there all the time. I know my limits. I know when to get off of it. I know when to stop responding, because it’s not doing any good for me.

For so many years now, I have heard the same thing over and over and over again “Well,your brother can’t handle Twitter. So you can’t possibly”. I don’t know if others have noticed this, clearly they haven’t. I am not my brother. I’m Lauren. Hi!

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I’m not surprised that my brother can’t handle Twitter. Like above, he has always been worshipped, no matter what he does, he got away with everything, never punished, never did the chores and still got more money than me from my Mum. I remember when she said to me once “Oh, is that how you cook two minute noodles” and I said yes, showed her the packet instructions, her reply was “Oh, well your brother cooks it this other way”…Oh well, I guess then it can’t possibly be made any other way? He won “Bitch of the Year”. Because he is good at the come backs. Yet, when someone has a go at him, personally, he’s not used to that. He used to being worshipped.

I’m not.

I remember one time, I had had enough of doing his chores. So I left the dishes for a few days, my Gran came over, had a go at me for the dishes not being done. I told her, that this is what happened when it was my brothers turn ie, it never got done. When my brother got home, she didn’t have a go at him. So I ended up doing his chores … again … and he still got more money than me.

Like I said, I have never been worshipped. Even with my romantic relationships, I have always lived in the past of an ex-girlfriend. One ex-partner, bought a chair whose name rhymed with his ex, and so he kept calling the couch by her name.

Of course my brother can’t handle Twitter. Twitter is not a place for worship. There’s not enough family on there to worship him.

Social media is not a place to be worshipped. There is always going to be that one person who wont agree with you. There’s always that one person who doesn’t agree with you and stalks everything that you say. There’s always that one person who you thought that you were on the same thought level as you, until you realise they’re not. There are bullies on there, there are gas-lighters on there. Unless your social media platform is willing to actually do something about it, that’s just the way it is.


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Before you head onto any social media platform today, ask yourself “Do I really need to go on there today?”

Bad Lolsy’s Library

So, not even one week and I stopped making myself a goal every week. For a refresher, here is the blog post here I vowed (well not literally) to make a new goal every single Monday…Crafty Craft Crafter

Too break it down, I had planned to make a goal every single Monday, to follow through with by the end of the week. My last goal was to do some gardening and then get some seeds to plant. Now, I ended up weeding, but then seeds did not happen that week. The weeds actually just really started to grow. We’ve started to get really wet weather, where the weeds just thrived. So taking a bit of the day aside, I started to weed.

So THIS week, and with the weather being as beautiful as it’s being. I am going to head out and get those seeds! I need to do some research as well, making sure I don’t buy anything that’s poisonous to cats. I don’t think that many fruits or vegetables are, but I know that there are some.

On Friday, I will write an update about it…Keeps me honest, keeps me on track…Watch this space for more!!!


International Museum Day

International Museum Day is an international day held annually on or around 18 May, coordinated by the International Council of Museums. The event highlights a specific theme which changes every year to reflect the basis of the international museum community’s preoccupations.


The theme is Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion.

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Although, most, if not all Museums are shut, only for a moment. Did you know that, for the moment, you can still virtually see Museums! Some of them extremely well known! So now you have no excuse to see some of the most famous Museums in the world!

The British Museum – Egyptian Sculpture Gallery

Amsterdam – Van Gogh Museum

Paris – The Lourve Museum

London – The Charles Dickens Museum

A lot of museums are now asking for donations, so that they can reopen when they are allowed. On my Discord channel. We’re discussing about more book or author related Museums. The Charles Dickens museum, as an example. Requires 30,000 POUNDS A MONTH to cover everything.