Sick (Pt2)

Now, I want to talk about the things that made us so happy, we got sick from the happiness! lol

We’ve all been there! Well I hope so!

You know what I mean, the getting drunk from good news, or the eating all the dessert, because you’re so happy it’s just there.

Take, as an example, when “my guy” won the election over the weekend. I felt sick the whole time it was happening, that when I found out he won. I drunk, stayed up till 2am was on adrenaline, woke up the next day with a massive headache, lol

Some nice things…

My topics this week, have been pretty intense this week and the annoying thing is, I am feeling really well. Apart from the anxiety attack I had last Thursday at work, I’ve actually been surprisingly well.

Let’s bring it down a notch, and talk about some positive things for this week:

  • As I mentioned earlier in the week, despite the transphobia throughout the UK. Despite Brexit, despite the BBC and the Tories. At least 4 people elected were trans people, and the people who were overtly transphobic lost their seats.
  • I can’t tell a lie, I have no problem with the public showing up to the SC’ houses. After the SC’s want to take THE PEOPLE’s privacy away. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
  • I know now how to handle my anxiety at work, if it should happen. Got my bags I take to work, all prepared!
  • Although it is kind of sad, it’s nice to see that Rowling is running out of options. She can’t keep attacking trans people the way she wants.
  • My partner helped me make dinner, lol
  • The new Dr for Doctor Who has been announced =D
  • I purchased all these with my birthday money =D


Magic Monday – Moaning

You know, sometimes having a good moan can actually help. Especially if you have someone to share it with. Sometimes the moan can be a little bit silly too, but you know, if you let it build up and build up, you’ll explode. And give yourself an early heart attack.

  • Twitter employees complaining about Elon Musk…Twitter has employees!!!!???? Where have they been? I’ve seen no evidence of them.
  • All the problems in the world right now, and people are STILL bringing up Depp vs Heard, even though they’re not writing about that case in the their blog. I will unfollow, not sorry. I am team NO ONE. Because they’re BOTH horrible. Don’t waste our time. Write about important stuff. Heard being an abuser does not mean Depp isn’t one, idiots.
  • In that case, I believe they are both as bad as each other. It’s fucked in the head to be angry about Roe vs Wade, but be all girl school “Team Johnny” when he literally texted that he wanted to burn Amber and stuff her in the trunk. There is something actually wrong with you, if you’re still “Team Johnny”. Use your HEADS. Why do you all *think* he keeps losing when he sues people who call him a wife beater…HE IS ONE! Twits.
  • I don’t care how mad you get reading that one. You’re the one whose “Team-Guy-Who-Literally-Wanted-Too-Burn-and-Put-Heard-in-his-trunk”. I’m not the one with the problem.
  • So the TERFs have being appropriating the Suffragette movement. Recently the UK had votes for their local elections. The TERDs decided to spoil their votes, by writing “Respect my Sex” and other transphobic stuff on their ballot papers. Good News: Four trans people were elected, and parties who were overly and openly transphobic, lost seats =D
  • The Supreme Court Justices, that want THE PEOPLE to give up their privacy and body autonomy. But they will put gates up to “protect” themselves. You want the people to give up their privacy, but you think everyone should respect yours? That’s not how the real works.

It begins…

One of the things I asked for and got a lot of for my birthday were writing pads!

Schitts Creek Reaction GIF by CBC - Find & Share on GIPHY

I am talking all sizes! Large, medium, little ones that can fit in my bag, and I am already writing in them! Probably of no interest to anyone else, but myself. But who knows what future generations in my family will think! The main reason for me wanting to start writing my thought again. Was because of my Gran.

When we had to put her into the aged care home. We had to go through her house and we found all these writings and thoughts of hers. My Great-Grandfather already had done this and we’ve got some of his writings. It’s a pity that neither of them were able to put them into books. Maybe I can start thinking about it myself!

Not a cult though, totally

I don’t know if you heard the whole who-haa about Rowling not being on the Queen’s Jubilee Lists. But she’s not on it, lol. Neither are a lot of authors that I would have excepted. What it made me do though was to go and look up a few things about authors and books. It’s quiet interesting.

You’d think that Rowling is the only female author to have ever existed.. Not true (though you all know this).

Did you know that Rowling is NOT the top selling female author of all time, and is not even the top children’s authors? Too be fair she is number 2, 3 and 4 for best selling children’s books. She is not top though for either category. For best selling female author of all time, she’s either number 3 or 4.

So, to get off that topic. Who do you think is the actual top selling female author of all time? She is a classic of all time author, still shocked she doesn’t have a novel on the Jubilee List. However, the list seems alright. This author has only been outsold by the Bible (lol) and Shakespeare.

(Answer at the bottom)

Do you know who has sold the most children’s books? Again, probably not who you think it! I thought it was her above, again though, it is not.

(Answer at the bottom)

I wasn’t that into the HP books, and now I refuse to buy anything, even second hand HP. Throughout this whole debacle though. It’s been interesting to see how many people have let her get away with a LOT of horrible things for such a long time. Every day I learn something new about the HP world, and it leaves me going … WTF, haha

Yesterday, as an example, I found out that in the books. Umbridge, is kidnapped by Centaurs and it’s implied she was sexually assaulted. At some point this memory is triggered, by Ron, and he laughs at her. Can you imagine my utter shock when I found this out? lol

So when I see people say that someone like her just suddenly fell to the wrong side. I always ask now when was she actually on the left? What had she actually done to prove that she was “left”. For years now, every time these problems, the lazy racism, the anti-Semitism, she ALWAYS brushed it under the carpet. I don’t think she’s EVER been left leaning, it’s just that, the transphobia, took.

Answer 1) Agatha Christie

Answer 2) The very hungry caterpillar – Eric Carle

World Heritage Day

This year it just happened to fall on Easter Monday!

The International Day For Monuments and Sites.

The day is observed to raise awareness about the cultural heritage that we see around us. It is also aimed at promoting historical monuments and sites through which we can actually preserve the cultural integrity of a community as well.

If you click on this link, it will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are 1154″properites”, funny, I thought that there would have been more than that. It’s even got a little legend key on the side there.

Do you have any World Heritage Sites that you would love to visit, or maybe you already have?

I do want to see all the ones on this last. – 18 Top World Heritage Sites. I really do want to see the Pyramids and the Sphynx, but everyone I know whose gone there. Gets HORRIBLE stomach bugs and it does put me off. Today, these giant monuments are the sole surviving member of the┬áSeven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Quiet honestly, the others aren’t doing so bad. I believe they mean, like Stonehenge that’s doing alright. I just don’t know if it was ever included in the Ancient Seven?

I would LOVE to visit Athens though. That is like my ultimate place. It was Disney, but you know, I think Athens Greece would much more enlightening to me. I love Ancient Greece so much, all the Gods and Goddesses, so much more human, the stories. I do feel like you’d need a good week there…One day…

I don’t care

My partner and I had the television on in the background, while we were doing other things. An entertainment show came on. What’s that one that’s been around for forever? Entertainment Tonight? Anyway, the whole Deep vs Heard “court case” came on. Can I say I just do not care, lol.

Normally I don’t care one way or the other, but with this, I REALLY just do not care.

It’s not even to do with the fact there are literal Wars, transphobia, homophobia, rich white privilege going on. It’s just that, Depp in particular has now been taking people to court for longer than he even knew Heard for.

What don’t you care about at the moment?

It’s a joke, right?

Did you know:

Harvey Weinstein lost 0 awards after he was arrested and jailed

Roman Polanski had to accept his last award from a different country. He has fled America, after a warrant is out for his arrest, for raping a minor.

In November 2017, Louis CK confirmed that a series of sexual misconduct allegations against him were true. He recently won a Grammy.

What a weekend! So many emotions right now. But this is how it started. With the “Academy” banning Will Smith for 10 years. I get what Will Smith did was wrong (despite my little glee about someone FINALLY getting what was coming). Violence is wrong.

You know what I find “funny”, the Hollywood Awards, the Governments, the mainstream media. They REALLY just don’t know the people.

*rolls eyes* and an apology

I want to first apoligise, lol. My birthday is on the 29th of April. I wrote that post on Friday in a hurry and didn’t think to really reread what I had written. I meant the 1st as in the first day of my birthday month. It’s just a pity that the first day of my birthday month, happens to be on the April the First aka April Fools. I promise I didn’t mean to fool anyone, lol

Aren’t flag shaggers the WORST!

This weekend I finally cracked, do you know the amount of times that I have had “family and friends” tell me that I should be “careful” about what I say about the Royal Family, Government Party. Why? What are you going to do? Kill me that I am pointing out facts?

So I told them, that it is utterly ridiculous to threaten me to not say what the hell I want.

The Tory Party ARE either really super evil genius, or really that dumb.

The Royal Family DO have a pedophile in their family…again.

Harry and Meghan HAVE been treated appallingly bad.

Putin IS on Rowling’s side.