How woke are you?

First off, I hope this is not offensive…But I’d rather be “woke” than “blind”!

How woke do you think you are though?

I realised how I’m not ‘woke’ woke the other day, when I couldn’t help but laugh at a article. Too being with, I got where this person was coming from, but even this was a little too “woke” for myself. I also believe though, if you really don’t like something, don’t watch it, don’t talk about it, don’t give it a voice. Instead, create what you want instead.

In Australia, we have a children’s program called “Bluey”…

Bluey is a Blue Australian Cattle Cartoon talking dog…I don’t know really know much else about the show, other than that and that it is really popular.

So a journalist came out to say that Bluey wasn’t diverse enough for children. Like I was saying before, I’m all for diversity, but Bluey is pretty set up now and is still a popular show, that doesn’t harm children in the negative. It also generally runs for only 7 minutes. I’m not exactly sure what this journalist was trying to do. But of course if you said anything, you were being racists (the journalists is Asian) and you’re a bigot.

Which is clearly silly.

I guess it’s with anything that swings too far either way, people get silly.

So I’m “woke”, but I’m not woke woke I guess, haha

The greatest gift

I have ever gotten is my Kobo, given to me by my partner. I honestly didn’t even know that Kobo even existed! What I love about it, is that unlike Kindle I can actually borrow from my Library still (considering licenses for ebooks) and it is so light! It’s brilliant!

While obviously this isn’t the greatest gift of all time, when you consider parenthood, owing a pet, having the dream career, winning the lotto, hugging a huge tree that’s not been cut down…

What do you think the is the greatest gift, you’ve ever received?

Why I find some other people weird

I was thinking about how some people out there, mainly your Conservative Christians or Conservative Religious people. How one of their complaints about trans people is that “God didn’t make a mistake, so stop trying to change your sex”. Now as we all know trans gender people know they can’t actually change sex. (Although with Science this is not actually that far off).

Whose saying though that God made a “mistake”? Apparently God doesn’t make mistakes? And who are they to question whether or not God made a mistake?

The same people who say to others to stop changing their bodies, because God doesn’t make mistakes. Are also the same people who:

  • Want surgeries done on intersex infants
  • Bleach their hair, change their hair
  • Straighten their teeth
  • By glasses and contact lenses
  • Don’t stop (and sometimes get some themselves) people from cosmetic surgeries.
  • They use make up.
  • Fight against people getting abortions.


Just be kind while you’re ALIVE people…Not so hard is it? Then no one has to argue because you served (when one had too) for a couple of years, but spent the rest of your life being a horrible person.

Too me and my brain, it’s not that hard, lol.

I had one grandfather serve and kill Nazis. He also spent the rest of his life, torturing his own children and his wife in different ways. My great grandfather also served, and I can’t stop bragging what a great man he was. All I can say about that one GF, he served in the War. Which, is a good thing, but so did everyone else’s grand fathers, and they managed to still be kind people (well not all of them).

Coming back to that video of the police surrounding the that statue of Churchill. Churchill didn’t actually win the War, the Americans did, with that horrible bomb. There have also been rumours that Churchill knew the planes were coming to Pearl Harbor, didn’t warn anyone, because he knew that that would force America to join.

It’s simple, be a kind person while you’re alive, all the time, and no problems. Remember when Chadwick Boseman died? Didn’t serve in the Army, yet, he was revered because he was KIND person, ALL the time.

Da Brain

I tell you have a couple of days without internet does the brain a world of good. It also reminds you how alone you can be with your brain! It reminds you that you need to give your brain a break from the screen. You get back to just you and your brain, which at night can be totally a problem, haha.

I have literally been writing this post, when my brain feels like it. I had such plans over the last few days and my brain has mushy. Funny thing, the one day I didn’t take my cholesterol tablet, I felt great, next day took them and felt terrible again. It could be just a coincidence.

I’ve decided to wait till next week to OPEN MY STORE!!! I am so excited! But my brain is like nup. I’ve decided to take away the tarot part though. Mainly because (and I don’t know if you remember) but I can’t find my original tarot pack. Although over the years, others have given me others. It’s not the same … It’s a Tarot thing, lol

I have also decided thought this month, I am going to do things, that I want to do. Even if it’s by myself. Like visit the Museum, maybe spend a nice day at the beach side town. You know just little things. I want to spend a couple of days just writing…things. Also I think that my posts are going to be really random this month. I want to blog, but at the moment…Like I’ve said a gazillions times before, my brain is gone, lol

Oh my goodness

Easter Monday…Oh my goodness, the Easter weekend messes myself about something shocking, lol. I have no idea what days the shops are opened, some are and some are not. This weekend we also had our daylights saving change. My brain is a little “What day is it” “what time is it”. It’s also felt like Summer all weekend, when we’re in the middle of Autumn.

30 day song challenge Day 2 – 5

As I mentioned on the first post of this challenge. My long weekend, is going to be long. So, for at least this past weekend. I am going to do a few days in one post. I’ve also been away for the last couple of days with no interwebs.

Day 2 – A song you like with a number in the title…Don’t judge me! I just like the song! Haha

Britney Spears “3”

Britney Spears

Day3 – A song that reminds you of Summertime … I get this feeling, this might be a Northern Hemisphere challenge, haha

Len ” Steal My Sunshine”


Day 4 – A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

Song by Alex & Sierra “Little Do You Know”. Video by Reigned Us In.

Reigned Us In

Day 5 – A song that needs to be played loud.

Celtic Woman – Teir Abhaile Riu


So you’ve had a bad day…

I still can’t get over that Police Chief saying “He had a bad day”. I don’t think he actually meant to be offensive, I just don’t think he was thinking at all. You know how sometimes you say something, that sounds better in your head, but as it comes out of your mouth, it’s all “oh hell, what did I say????!!!!”

I would like to know, and please share, if you feel free to do so. What do you do, on a bad day? This is what I do.

  1. Play the Sims – I think because I have total control…Well most of the time, haha!
  2. I’ll see if I can find a good comedy, if there’s nothing else on. Either a comedy or a ancient history documentary.
  3. Have a shower and a good cry.
  4. “Fight” with rando’s on Twitter, with facts of course!
  5. Colour in.
  6. Or do something like, concentrate on your report writing! Like I’m doing right now. I am actually finished, I just need to read through, format and do some referencing. Then I can hand it up =D