The only good thing I can think for a Monday is this…

(Apart from if you work in Retail, than potentially your week is your weekend)

That is a chance to make a new start, a new week, mean new potential, new things to discover. Its the potential to forgive yourself for things and dreams you didn’t do last week and start again this week…and you WILL start again!

I actually had this for next Monday, but I felt like it was appropriate with the way I feel about going to certain places today and the new Doctor =D


My Hearts Biggest Chance

Daily Post … Take a chance on me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

I can honestly saying that going on a date with someone that I met on an Internet date site after I was done with dating. When I say done, I mean done. I had all given up at the age of 30. I have to be honest my last ex I went off on because I was tired of the way I had been treated for years.

I took a huge chance on going on my first date after all that heartbreak because I was determined to set up my life by myself and if I ever fell in love again, I was so sure that it wasn’t going to be for many years. I was single and proud.

It’s been working out for me so well, I’ve been with my partner and we haven’t had a fight in all that time. My partner has given me so much more confidence and I’ve put on weight instead of losing it from being stressed out all the time, like I had been in previous relationships. It’s like that cliche saying “It always happens when you’re not looking for it”. I went on this date pretty much being pushed into it. “What’s the worse that can happen? You’ll get a free meal at least”(which didn’t happen, I paid my part).

I’m not sure anybody I know in my life that will understand how hard it was for me to go on that date.

Second Chance…A new romance?

What better magical feeling in the world than the possibility for a new romance…Another chance for love?

In case one could not guess…I have recently been bitten by the “new crush” bug (although calling it a “bug” sounds quite gross)… A completely lovely boy and one of those “I did not see this coming” moments…I truly did not! One of those I really hope he doesn’t see this post, because it will be really embarrassing (he would totally find this video lame,lol). I get shy around him, which is why he thought that I didn’t like him and we ended up in an argument…Of course =D

He thinks I’m intelligent! hehe

That terrifying freeing lovely scary…That scares your heart so much so you want to do nothing else but run…but you don’t…That moment you want to yel “Finally!” The magical moment where all of the happy songs make sense again.

BUT…They have to prove that they will be worth it, for all the future heartache that is going to definitely come…because heartache will come, it is inevitable.

Video uploaded on 19 Mar 2007
Say Ok performed by Vanessa Hudgens