Are we putting celebrities at TO high of a standard?

In case you hadn’t noticed there’s been a lot of social conservation between certain celebrities. On top of that though some celebrities seem to be coming under attack if they don’t do what the public thinks they should be talking about. I’m starting to feel sorry for people in this “celebrity” industry.

This is the thing about becoming a celebrity, 90% of the time it’s pure luck that people will love you and like what you do. It’s not like with politics where they have a background in dealing with others, negotiating, that sort of thing. A lot of the time a celebrities that will send messages on their account on their behalf.

I do find it interesting how one can do or not do the same as another and one get completely condemned, while the other is hardly mentioned. If you hold one celebrity accountable, surely you should be holding the others accountable? Do we need a reality check on what we are asking these people? If they had to talk about every single issue there was out there, they would have to literally hire someone 24/7. I get that celebrities have this amazing platform, but what happened to speaking up for causes ourselves?

Did Martin Luther or Ghandi sit around waiting for a tweet telling them what to care about? No, they just spoke up for themselves. Maybe it’s time to take our power back, for ourselves…Why in this age do we keep relying on outside influences to tell us what to care, and what to do. Why? If there’s someone who you think should be saying more, don’t harass and shove it down their throats…That NEVER works…SHOW THEM!


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