Just, enough

Before Pride starts, I just want to ask you one thing. Too stop buying ANYTHING Harry Potter. Rowling is blaming trans people for literal Nazi’s being on HER “side”, in Melbourne. You cannot make this shit up. Who could have possibly foreseen when JKRowling like the tweet of anti-trans and anti-Semitic Magdalena Burns, that Nazis would have been on her side.

This comes only a couple of weeks AFTER a male account calling himself Suffragents, was followed by Rowling and he bragged about it. Within a day she quietly unfollowed him, because it was found out he bragged about beating up his girlfriend.

Rowling was “defending” her friend KJK, who came to Australia (for some reason), paid for by CPAC. KJK’s “Let Women Speak” has BEEN constantly attended by Proud Boys, EDL and in Melbourne, Nazi’s. There are photos. While in Melbourne, it has been proven, that the Neo Nazi’s were invited, with KJK speaking with wife basher Avi Yemini.

Like, really? As someone much smarter than I said, “JKRowling is a fictional children’s author, she is not a thought leader”.

I wouldn’t even care, but its like Trump. She is causing REAL damage. This is who agrees with JKRowling so far:

Nazi’s/Proud Boys/EDL




Matt Walsh




Religious extremists

Elon Musk


She did what she did

Do you ever look back at something and think to yourself “Oh, I wish I had said that then”.

I had a moment like that recently, but I also thought to myself that they probably knew I knew what I actually wanted to say. They probably realised that I saw through them and that’s why they “cut me off”.

The thing is though, at the time, I didn’t realise I had seen through them, but they knew I had.

Where am I going with this? I had a moment where I thought if I had been who I had been know, but back then, I would have kicked my “best friends” butt and her grossness. You know something? I think she knew that. Imagine saying to your 30 year old “best friends” that you’re only happy when you’re single, when your ‘bfs’ are getting abused or are unhappy in their relationships.

After this thought I actually went and…okay…I stalked a little on my old “friends” FB pages. Except the one who said she likes hearing how her best friends are getting bullied and are having a hard time in their relationship, she blocked me.

One of them has a Eight with Kate, or whatever that show was called, haircut. Funniest thing ever. It’s a total Karen haircut! I found it even funnier because she hates kids.

The other is constantly changing her cover photo to say how confident she is, and how this is her year. You’re nearly 40 dear, it’s time to put away the 20 year old “I am confident” posts, you are not confident. I felt sorry for her actually. No one actually likes her, but she’s a useful tool at telling the narcissi’s what a good person she is. I am not surprised that at nearly 40, she still has to convince herself that she’s “confident”. She literally liked the comment when the narc said she was happier when we were miserable.

That’s the thing though, I think she knew that I got it, but I hadn’t got it, quiet yet. So she found an excuse to get rid of me, before I REALLY got it.

Not Drag Queens

The LGBT hate in America and in the UK, is becoming ridiclous!

Despite Bud Light, despite Target, despite Drag Queen hour. There is only two, mostly one group of people, DAILY, being charged or arrested for pedophilia.

That’s AGAIN…


I didn’t actually say that

In a world of people talking at each other, rather than too and with each other. I am constantly laughing at the people who say too me “I hope you’re happy to be so self-righteous” or as my mother yelled at me “SORRY WE CANT ALL BE PERFECT LIKE YOU, LAUREN”. Everything is like “fine” with my mum by the way, she keeps saying things that I’ve said, but I haven’t. For example, she keeps saying too me “I know how you wanted to do everything yourself”. I have NEVER said this. Not knowing what to do for the wedding, is not the same as not wanting people to help. She used to have a go and say that people kept asking her about the wedding and she had nothing to tell them and I’m like “And?. Tell them nothings been decided yet”. Me not having everything ready to go the moment my partner proposed, means nothing.

I don’t for a moment, think that I’m either self righteous or perfect. I just believe that spreading fear about life saving pet/animal medications is unnecessary, especially when a Vet is the one asking you not too. I don’t think I’m perfect because I think that my mother has no rights over my wedding, and that its insane to me that my immediate family actually think they do have rights over my wedding and expected me too change everything for my brother, who didn’t have the respect to say anything to anyone.

I was inspired to write this after I said to a TERF, again, was going on about how you can’t change biological sex “Can you pretty pretty please, tell us what a woman is, without reducing us to our ovaries'”. Instead of getting a sensible answer, all I got was “You believe that people can pick and choose what sex parts they want”.

Yep, that is exactly what I said, I believe that people are Mr Potato Head’s, picking and changing what our body parts are.

It’s where we are at in 2023

Stan Grant: Q+A presenter cites ‘poison’ of the media as he steps away from ABC show

The “funny” thing about this. When Stan Grants friends from the media, said they stood with him. I pointed out how they were all too blame for the predicament.

“I’m not walking away for a while because of racism,” the Wiradjuri journalist said. “We get that far too often. I’m not walking away because of social media hatred. I need a break from the media. I feel like I’m part of the problem. And I need to ask myself how, or if, we can do it better.

“We in the media must ask if we are truly honouring a world worth living in. Too often, we are the poison in the bloodstream of our society. I fear the media does not have the love or the language to speak to the gentle spirits of our land.”

So, what actually happened?

Brain tired

As you all probably aware of, if you are not, let me tell you.

A bigot is a bigot, end of story. I don’t care if you’re female, black, Asian, Jewish, trans, gay etc. I don’t care if you’re Mother Teresa. A bigot is a bigot.

I’ll tell you something else too. Your family serving their country, your family being in a concentration camp. Doesn’t mean in the slightest you understand what it’s like. Both my sides of my family served in WW2, probably WW1. I can neither deny or confirm that though. I did not, and I will not steal their valour as my own.

There was a FART who decided that she could not possibly use fascist language, because she is a Jewish lesbian who had family held in Besnel (Bergen) ….What are we 14 years old *insert laughing emoticon*

I think it was the laughing emoticon that set me off, lol.

I know I said that I blame Twitter for stuff a couple of posts, but honestly, after today. The Right have lost their damn minds on there. Screw Tiktok, just because it comes from China. The Government/s should be stepping in on Twitter. They have video of one of them screaming at a Target worker about their Pride stuff. They sent bomb threats to Bud Lights parent company. They have masked men walking to Drag Reading hour where parents and their kids are, getting the shows cancelled, due to threats. Yet, if you went on Twitter, they seem to really believe that they reasons why the companies walked back, is because they went “oops, we were wrong”. Twitter is dangerous and evil.

Like I am not even kidding, I was trying to explain to someone why saying gay people are encouraging pedophilia and beastility, means you do not like them. You do not “love” them. They were all “but I don’t hate them, I just want them to stop their agenda. Why would I hate my brothers and sisters”…I’m like…I don’t know why you hate them, but you do…Again, hate begets hate.

Then on top of all that, I saw a TERF trying to harass a friend of mine by saying that my friend was saying that a disabled person was weaponising their disability and the TERFs were also using this persons disability, and they shouldn’t do it. I don’t even really understand what happened, because the TERFs posted a screenshot of my friends conversation, proving my friend correct and not them.

And that’s just the LEFT!…Nah, I’m kidding, that is the Right…However, some of the left are not really that much better.

I hope there’s a list

I was saying to a friend the other day, I hope there is a list somewhere, that shows, in all the ways that transphobia is bad for all women.

On a “nicer” topic. I’ve come up with three topics for my new learning thing…posts

  • Fascism Language – How it’s been modernized
  • Dementia – Are they lying?
  • The 2023 Yes Vote…Is it really divisive? No, no it’s not.

As this is the first one. I would love it if you all chose which one I write about first. My plan is too, to write about issues that I think are affecting people. While I am letting you choose the first one, it’ll be my choice after this. It just means the two that are not chosen might done later in the year, or you know, not at all.

This is my first poll, so I’m not sure when it ends, lol*

Just a reminder

Elon Musk calls working from home ‘morally wrong’

A reminder* Elon Musk inherited his money from his father who was part owner of an emerald mine in Zambia. Elon Musk has a trans child who wants nothing to do with him, because of the way Musk has treated them. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning found Tesla before a majority share was bought by Musk, giving him co founder rights. Twitter is currently beyond a cess pit of hate and not just towards trans people, literally everyone, except white straight Christian men. He bought Twitter, instead of helping solve homelessness in America, which turned out to be cheaper than buying Twitter.

Why we are we suddenly having to hear what Elon Musk *thinks* morals are.

The arrogance

It will never stop surprising me the God-like complex that transphobes will have towards other people. I just saw someone write “I’ve stopped trying to have discussion with these people about who they really are”.

One, good. Two, who even are you to sit there and go “I know better than complete strangers who they are”.

And then they ended with “I pray they get help”…

Wait, wait…You’re going to sit there and tell strangers who they “really are”, but you believe in a big fairy in the sky that you can’t prove exists.

I honestly have no problems with Religion, except in these types of cases. It’s the complete and utter arrogance of these bigots. Its’ the God complex they have. When it feels like every single day, there’s another Priest, Father or Church embroiled in some form of child abuse.

I couldn’t stop responding too them, lol. I think it was just the whole “these strangers are hopeless, they wont listen to us when we tell them who they ‘really’ are”. Not shit, sherlock! Grown adults who’ve had to fight their entire lives to be who they are, aren’t going to listen to strangers over the internet, who believe in a fairy in the sky that they can’t prove, cause the Fairy, who never makes mistakes by the way, “says so”.

…Jesus Christ!

I don’t honestly know whose more annoying, the morons turning up to your door. Or the Christians all over the internet, telling complete strangers who they “really are”.