When you want stop arguing

…Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator…Doesn’t somehow exclude every time that Trump has been one?

These arguments are the reason why I feel like I should just stop arguing with extreme Trump supporters. Someone else’s bad behaviour doesn’t automatically exclude someone else’s? One day we’ll wake up and the news will be “Trump is Out”. I literally got called “a retarded bimbo” because I could see the irony in people not like other people criticising Trump and literally telling them to “shut up”. While Trump was probably Obama’s biggest critic. Basically my point of view was, if you can’t handle criticism, don’t become a President? Being President is not safe space, and every single President since the beginning of time has been criticised for something.

It was just kind of hard not laugh at the comment and not feel threatened, when the person is followed by 5 people and profile picture is a “bunny”. I’ve watched Monty Python, and I still wasn’t intimidated…yet, lots of people like their comments.


Mental Health Week <3

This whole week has been World Mental Health week and I am so happy to see so many people sharing their experiences and their help and their solutions…But mostly importantly….We’ve shared loved together…and how rare is that these days!

So I wanted to share with you a video in tribute to the one and only Robin Williams…He was always very honest with his struggles and I am actually writing a post at the moment about this show called “Autopsy” and they look at what happened to Robin Williams…What he was going through…He was the last person on this earth who deserved to go through what he went through.

Now having him a mental health hero has caused a lot of controversy because…well he died…BUT! When you know what was going on with him…Too me he still is a Hero…I still miss him…

Which one are you?

Just watching “My Little Pony” as one grown adult does.

It occurred to me that when you don’t know me very well I am very much Flutter-shy…Those who know me well though say I’m more like Pinkie Pie.

My question today is if you could take two completely different characters from a book or a tv show, to represent your “me vs me” traits…Which two would they be and why?

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“me vs me”

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Put the blame where the blame lies

It’s time we stop blaming sports or entertainers for politics being involved. It’s the politicians who keep bringing it up! Kapernick had taken the knee for a while and was not a huge issue until the POTUS brought it up…The biggest issue with Macklemore was there weren’t Australian enough to perform at the Australian NRL Grand Final until Abbott made it an issue #puttheblamewheretheblamelies

I do sometimes wonder if these politicians are secretly wanting love to win or something? Abbott’s mentioned Macklemore and suddenly “Same Love” is number one on iTunes in Australia. Bernardi mentions #doitinadress and suddenly the causes gets more donations than it ever has before….Did I mention that Abbott and Bernardi said nothing flattering about either of these causes…Because they really didn’t.

World Animal Day

So today is World Animal Day! Who doesn’t love animals?! Well some people don’t…But I am most definitely not one of those people.

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Today is not just about one kind of animal…It’s about them all!


World Animal Day website

Today is about any issues you want to find out, or what to know more about. It’s a good day to get started on any causes that you may have. Since there are probably a lot of people who are thinking the exact same things you are!