National Sorry Day

What’s the purpose of National Sorry Day?

In addition to acknowledging the trauma and loss that continues to affect Indigenous communities, families and individuals, National Sorry Day also provides a chance to focus on healing and pursue reconciliation in Australian society.

Reconciliation Australia

Because of what’s happened in Texas and this day always brings out the racist “I didn’t do anything to hurt them” Which honestly, most of the time, they have been completely racist to Indigenous Australians. They may have never “harmed” Indigenous people, but they haven’t been kind either.

Where do we go from here?

Yesterday was… was a day wasn’t it.

I feel asleep crying, woke up saw Texas wanted to cry again. Lunch break I got angry.

Waking up to the news in Texas was heartbreaking enough, but then as the day went on, it just got worse. How are we in 2022 and people are still this cruel?

Firstly someone on the right and anti-trans, decided to photoshop the picture of a completely innocent trans women, onto the body of the shooter. This trans women doesn’t even live in America, let alone Texas. It got SO bad that a lot of the anti-trans “leaders” had to tell their followers to stop sharing the picture. WHY would you have to tell your followers this? Unless you know what was happening WAS WRONG.

And then anti-trans “people” got mad at trans people who were obviously upset about it.

On top of which State Farm decided to back out helping with books for LGBT kids. Because when the Right hear “LGBT” they automatically hear “everyone’s having sex”. Of course when you point out what the books are actually about you’re called a “pervert” and asked why are you sexualising children. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, do zippo.

A little vindication

One of the reasons that I am so annoyed by the Depp vs Heard case, is because I see my Dad so much in Depp. The eternal victim, he has a pure heart, he as never done anything wrong in his entire life. It’s everybody else with the problem, not him. You don’t have to be educated to see what Depp is doing, IF, you’re paying attention.

Anyways, one of the big reasons, I dislike what Depp is doing is because I see SO much of my father in him. Anyways,

After finding out something that happened over night and in the last couple of days. You have people working on the POTC films saying that Heard’s editorial had no impact on Depp’s career. In fact what happened was Heard’s career was affected, more than Depp’s. Depp’s career has been his own undoing. Like even Heard’s supporters are saying “she’s not innocent in this” HOWEVER it’s Depp supporters who are saying that Depp did nothing wrong,

As I have said before, numerous times. Heard admitting to her part, does not mean Depp didn’t do anything.

I’m in therapy…

And have no shame about it, haha.

Seriously, if I didn’t have anxiety issues I would still go and see a therapist. It’s honestly great just to sit there and talk to someone with no real fear of judgement or repercussions, lol. I would highly recommend anyone use one. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety or the like of.

This is where I “grind my gears”.

There are far too many people out there who call Conversion Therapy, “talking therapy”. Now if Conversion Therapy was actually just “talking therapy”, it’d just be called Therapy. But it’s not, because that’s not what Conversion therapy is about. It’d be like saying that Conversion Therapy is the same as Physical therapy, putting the word Therapy in there, doesn’t make it the same.

Sick (Pt2)

Now, I want to talk about the things that made us so happy, we got sick from the happiness! lol

We’ve all been there! Well I hope so!

You know what I mean, the getting drunk from good news, or the eating all the dessert, because you’re so happy it’s just there.

Take, as an example, when “my guy” won the election over the weekend. I felt sick the whole time it was happening, that when I found out he won. I drunk, stayed up till 2am was on adrenaline, woke up the next day with a massive headache, lol


Honestly the election over Australia in the weekend, I woke the day after. Finding out just before midnight, about the results. I didn’t get to bed till about 2 in the morning, happy mind you. But the next/same day (lol) I woke up with SUCH a headache.

I knew perfectly well why. Last time Australia has an election, the guy who should have won, didn’t. So we ended with a Hillsong Christian Extremist, Murdoch play thing for the last four years, instead. Too say that I was nervous about this election was an understatement.

The other time I felt sick this week. I got blocked by an animal account on Insta, but I have no problem with this. I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but more and more people are actually having a go at people who make meme’s out of the Depp vs Heard. I have been one of them. I used to follow this dog account “Holly’s Amazing Journey” and recently Holly’s owner used Holly to make a video having a go at Amber Heard.

I felt SO sick to my stomach. No matter what “team” you’re on, don’t use your pets to make fun of a domestic violence situation. I told them this (and I reported it), and next time I came on, I was blocked. If you want to make fun of Heard or Depp, use yourself.

Noooo…It’s happening

Today is Election Day in Australia. When you see this post, I will be still tucked in bed. I just wanted to let you all know that I wont be on here for the next couple of days. No matter the results, I just think it’s not going to be nice. I already have felt ill the last couple of days.

Last time we were here, none of us thought Morrison was going to win, and it was DEVASTATING when he did. I still think, even know, that he doesn’t want to be PM. But like Trump, he’ll stay, to show face.

Take your time

This last week, has been pretty taxing. I came to a realisation earlier in the week, that everywhere is kind of bad at the moment. I have been struggling to think of topics to write about. And then I reminded myself, I don’t HAVE to post at the same times all the time. Give myself a bit of a break. I have a few new things that I have started, that I’ll be writing about on Friday.

Then the weekend is pretty busy. Australia is voting this weekend! It’s pretty scary, we all thought the other guy was going to win, and then we got this guy and it’s like a little mini-Trump. So although the new guy seems like he’s going to win, we thought the same thing about the last one!

So if I come up with a post, if I don’t, I don’t. I’m not going to stress myself out this week, trying to blog. Because then I risk not enjoying blogging anymore!

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Never been cool

I thought that this was a good one to carry on with after this mornings post.

This may astound a lot of you to know, I have never been cool. I know, it’s completely shocking, right! The thing is, I really don’t mind.

All the people who are popular, well, they seem to have a lot of issues. I guess that’s why my self esteem is pretty alright, I’ve already had to look out for me. I didn’t get excuses for my “behaviour”, in fact sometimes if my brother did something, we both got told off.

Then with my friends in high school, people liked me, I was a quite good girl. In fact, more people remember me from my Primary school then my high school! lol. I could “slip into” any group that I wanted too.

If I have children, I want them to learn that being popular isn’t the most important thing in life, it can be quiet constricting sometimes. It’s very rare to be popular and not feel the pressure to be what everyone else wants you too be. So don’t go out of your way to achieve popularity, achieve to be the best you can be =D