What I’ve learnt

It’s been just a little over a month since I’ve started taking my anxiety medications and there are some things that I have learnt over that time…I have learnt a lot! Mainly about myself, but I wanted to share my experiences with you and maybe we could learn together!

  • Coffee – I loved coffee but oh my goodness! I stopped having it for a while and I went to have a cup recently and “Oh my Goodness” You can feel how your mind becomes messed with up coffee, especially when you haven’t had it for a while. It’s almost like being on a low dosed mind altering drug.
  • Eating well – I have been a LOT better lately and I have actually been losing weight. It’s been amazing! I feel when I eat a lot of bad food I just feel sick. Probably something to do with what is altering my mind to suffer from less anxiety can’t cope with bad food very well. It needs nutrients!
  • Activity – I guess because mine isn’t a social anxiety, I have been trying to do a lot more things. So I’ve been doing a lot more things, so I’m not thinking about anxiety all the time.
  • Saying all that as well – I’ve been finding on how I’m feeling that there are certain things I just cannot watch anymore. For the moment, if I see a program regarding mental health I have to be really carefully about not setting myself off.

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  • Yourself – Sometimes it can feel very lonely to be going through this. What I’ve learnt is that even people who say “get over it” Do want too help. They just don’t understand. I’ve learnt to speak more up for myself.
  • Relaxation – I am natural worrier, it’s the hardest thing in my life to just “relax” and not worry. This is my hardest lesson. It’s also though how I am trying the hardest in my life to just “relax”. I feel if I could truly learn to do this, my anxiety would just ‘go away’. When I start to feel a bit anxious, I like to sing a song in my head and just repeat. While I find something to occupy my mind with.


I am sure by now we have all seen the many reports of alleged sexual predatory behaviour and too me it is so sad that this is just on so badly. It’s horrible!

I think what is making me the MOST angriest though is all the Trump supporters who almost seem to believe anybody who is a “leftiest” it suddenly almost makes them think that Trumps being voted in as a known sexual predator. Suddenly all these people who are being accused of being one it’s “karma” and it’s amusing, and also dissolves Trump of anything he’s done. Yet, when it’s “one of them” they are completely innocent of course.

It is NOT “karma” for criticising the fact that the President is a sexual predator…It is called people being sick and tired of seeing these people get away with being sexual predators and being voted into places of power by mindless sheep, like them.



I know that Thanksgiving is going through some controversy right now. Since everything that happened after the “initial” thanksgiving. I do wish my American friends a happy and very safe Thanksgiving. Also I hope you have great food! I was in America a few years ago and I ate myself silly, it’s the first time I ever had to have a “food nap”. Even with Christmas here, I get tired, but I’ve never fallen asleep…Maybe I’m doing Christmas wrong!lol

Secret Desires

I should probably start off with this one and saying that this is not a “sexy” secret desire type post.

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I want to chat…if you will…about secret desires that we have and we don’t necessarily share them because we are worried about what people will think. Nothing sinister either…Maybe I should explain.

One of my “secret desires” is too be a housewife. I love to make meals and I love to clean, it is amazing how fast the day goes when you’re cleaning and making meals from scratch. I’ve also though wanted to run a business from home as well. I’ve seen so many amazing people running craft types of businesses at home, but I just do not believe in myself to make it happen. In this day and age you definitely have to be doing some sort of work. Take even my Instagram, for example, I cannot figure out a “theme” or some kind of system. I also get embarrassed taking photos of myself. I’ve got a tonne, but none that anyone would see!

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