What I have to stop doing in 2019

  • Asking people if my Blog changes will be alright with people,lol…If you all don’t like it, you know where the unfollow button is,lol.
  • Replying to anything that annoys me, instead of just scrolling past.
  • Trying to change the minds of Trump supporters and wasting my time…If they are still supporting, there’s nothing.
  • Too stop worrying…I remember a couple of years ago someone asked me “Are you a Warrior or a Worrier?” Straight up said “Worrier”….Not joke. I am very lucky
  • Stop from stopping myself…I have to learn to go more with flow.
  • I stole this one, but to stop finding excuses to not move my body every day. My hip is so stiff at the moment and I don’t know why. I had sciatica a couple of years and I am so worried it’s coming back.
  • Stop telling myself it’s all easier said than done…and DO IT!

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Adult Bullies

So I’ve been watching some, clearly not all adults, adults tell teenagers to shut up…Politically…I don’t understand it…The decisions we make now are going to affect their futures more than us. Whether we like it or not, no matter how much makeup we were…We will die before them. The decisions we make NOW…WILL affect them.


Start the new calendar year with a Spiritual Cleanse — Inner Journey Events Blog

Sharing one of my favourite post-Solstice / New Year practices (and yes, I share this every year!!!) Many of us have cleansing rituals (both sacred and secular) associated with the new calendar year. For some it’s a simple clean sweep throughout the home, after all the holiday celebrations. For others, it’s a thorough decluttering of […]

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You might have noticed that I have been quiet over the last couple of days (other than scheduled posts). I can’t do social media anymore. Although I don’t necessarily consider WordPress. I don’t care, wrong is wrong. I don’t know why but I’ve been seeing a LOT of people attacking others (not discussing) for things that are just wrong. Body shaming etc and in return then I start getting called names. I’m over it. If you don’t like being called out on your bullshit, stop being so shit! I need to gather myself together so I can keep doing it.

I am losing faith in the human race, we need to stop acting SO entitled. Yet, at the same time some can’t be bothered getting off their butts and do the thing that they are complaining about. It’s dehumanising. 

My mental health has been seriously compromised…Why do people keep thinking after being so horrible, they deserve “good” things?

With friends like these…

Sorry, I pressed the Publish button instead of edit!

So, as I was writing before…I was watching an episode…of Friends…The one where Monica does some karaoke singing and the one where Rachel decides to move out from Ross’s with Emma, back to Joeys’.  “The One Where Monica Sings”.

Dismiss the Ross and Rachel thing. Phoebe let Monica keep singing even though the reason the guys are cheering is because they can see Monica’s ho-ahs. Even after she’s done singing Phoebe STILL doesn’t tell her. Then when Chandler comes by Phoebe makes a snarky comment about why the people are enjoying Monica’s singing, but STILL doesn’t say anything. Monica doesn’t even know!

Now, I don’t care that Monica doesn’t care in the end. GOOD friends will tell you even when you have a “nose things” let alone, everyone can see your boobs! GOOD FRIENDS do not make snarky comments, when they don’t even know and YOU haven’t told them!

Just don’t be this “friend!”

I’ve only just started to realise in the last couple of years how horrible these friends are actually to each other,lol.