Weeks like next week

…I have absolutely no work next week…I think it’s the curse of being the only casual working at the quietest campus…All the other casuals have at least one shift next week, and so far I’ve got nothing. As all the full time staffers are coming back. People keep saying hopefully others get sick…We’ll just have to wait and see!

However, the whole point of this post today is that it’s weeks like next week that makes me thing I really need to start seriously thinking about a side business. A lot of people in my family actually have one, or have had one…So why not me? Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be really looking into this!

I really don’t know what else to do at this point.


Would you…or would you not?

I was reading up about how Kim Catrall had at go at SJP sending her condolences about Catrall’s brother. A lot of people came to SJP’s defence. I have to say though and Kim Catrall said it as well

If we are not friends, and it is ABUNDANTLY clear that we are not friends…I would be pretty pissed at someone for sending condolences, especially on a sudden family death. I may not have a go at that person publicly, but I would certainly be pissed! If one of my ex’s friend sent me condolences, I wouldn’t say a word, but I would still be peeved. You should wait and see if the grieving person comes to you first.

Maybe it’s just me though?

Those moments

It has literally taken me all this time to realise that my ex best friend pretty much accused me of treating her WORSE than her abusive boyfriend.

Bitch had better never unblock or bump into me.

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I’m half laughing, half REALLY angry…Laughing because it’s only now just occurred to me not only did she say that, but the other two ex friends of mine would have known that she said that and STILL attacked me and said nothing to support me…There is no way on this earth she wouldn’t have told them what she had said.

I also don’t particularly like being told I’ve treated someone else worse than a abuser. When I’m the only one who was really helping her.

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Every time I talk or write about them…I end up swearing, which is not good! -.-

This is so important!

“Before you point that accusatory finger in my direction, remember this: I never asked for it.” The sun is setting and I feel the cold seeping into my bones. I feel the life bleeding out of my feet, leeching into the ground. And I stand here, breathing smoke into the sky. Because that’s all I […]

via Asking For It — Heartstring Eulogies

(I don’t even feel like I can write how great this is and do it justice…Please just read it!)


Nothing worse…

I got into so many fights over the weekend over the Florida School Shooting…Mainly I was tired of the seeing and thinking there is nothing WORSE than religious “prayers” with NO action. Those people who try to distracts with  … Who personally to me are a disgrace to their religion and their God. My God wants the mass shootings to stop and to no longer hold possessions  which IS the work of the Devil.

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They are so many “Christians” who ‘solutions’ is to send prayers, condemn others for abortions and yet do NOTHING to stop mass shootings…They want to hold onto their Guns…They don’t care a single heart for the children that were killed, let alone the ones that are still in hospital…All the nurses and Doctors that have to witness these children die..All the families that forever have been ruined…Yet these people think that they have some sort of “Godly Right” to dictate what we should be pro-life about. They get to hold onto a “possession”, but how dare think the rest of us should think they should give it up.

Everything they stand for is the complete opposite of “Pro-Life”.

You don’t get to speak about saving “lives” when you yourself are doing NOTHING to stop it.


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Personally…I am just over the Kardashians


I used to like Khloe the best…Now I think she doesn’t stick to her word. She used to be for not wearing fur. After one incident with a small group of people, she decided she doesn’t like them, so she’s going to start wearing fur again…I call bullshit!

Then I started liking Kendall best, especially since both her and I suffer from anxiety. She just NEVER gives credit to anybody!

I have NEVER liked Kim…I think her being called a “Bully” is exactly what she is. I thought it was SO petty what she was doing with the perfume, especially since she’s just had a baby…Surely she has better things to do?

Kourtney and Kylie I’ve got no real issues with…I actually really respect and like what Kylie did with, regarding her pregnancy.

Did you know the Constitution has been amended at least 27 times?

1) It is about Guns
2) It is about a President who blames “mental health” and then destroys the mental health system…To get back at the previous President…Because the current President has a maturity of a 5 year old…and even 5 year olds have more compassion!
3) It is about the clear anger that is in America
4) It is about more than ONE issue.
5) How dare ANYONE blame the students, parents and School who were the VICTIMS of an extremely broken system, and tell them to “shut up”…HOW VERY DARE YOU!
6) Anyone who wants to an assault rifle to protect their family…Who have you pissed off enough to warrant that?
7) When it’s your time to go, it’s your time…If you are a responsible gun owner, then your guns should be locked away anyways…What, you think someone who breaks in is going to allow you to grab your gun?
8) In fact the Constitution has been amended at least 27 times.
9) No one except the military…Needs a military gun
10) Protecting Guns over Children’s lives…In anti-god, anti-love, anti-everything good.

I hope students EVERYWHERE walk out on April the 20th…