Let me guess…These guys look like dorks then? Life coach?

Nothing says “Life” like encouraging people to not protect their own life and others,lol You’d look even more dorkier, dead. Imagine a eulogy at that guys funeral?


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Being off of social media

Why do people say things on social media, not to you. Then when you make a comment about everyone calling others dumb, someone it’s your fault and how dare you? Then they’ll make posts about other people who are passive aggressive on social media.

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This is the reason I am now off social media. When the app came out from the Government, I expressly said why I would not download it. I thought it was reasonable, and didn’t even mention tracking. Next thing I know all these people I know,  are calling people who don’t download the app as selfish, as ignorant, dumb fucks, conspiracy theorists etc, etc, etc. But not too me, they just wrote posts. We’re dumb and they’re laughing at us, because the Government already tracks us on our smart phones.

Nowhere has anyone said that they don’t want the Government tracking them, because  we know they already are. We’re not idiots. This app just makes it more legit. You would have to be stupid to not already know this.

When I pointed out that they’re jumping on bandwagons, and if they actually read what people are saying, who DON’T want to download the app. None of what they’ve written about, even came up. Also, not everyone has smart phones. I wrote a post about how over people I am, like overnight the Left were now bullying and condescending towards people like me, who just don’t trust the Government (and for good reasons). And don’t read what other people are actually saying.

Then the next thing I know, instead of saying anything to me about it. They decided to go on social media and how if you don’t want to download the app, fine. Then they ALL did THAT word…BUT…There is no BUT, either you’ve read why or not. Either you will listen to others or not. Either your sorry for jumping on a bandwagon and calling others stupid or not, when they have legitimate reasons.

It IS that thing of the moment you apologise and that person says BUT….Then it cancels out everything else you’ve just said. No buts about it here!

After many years of living whenever someone write buts or says buts, I immediately stop reading and/or listening. So when I tried to read what they’d written…I just well…didn’t,lol.

It has been LOVELY being off of social media. The funny thing I’ve managed to keep up to date with everybody and still everything that’s been going on. For one, I have this blog. I have gone back onto my “family” Instagram, since I know someone isn’t on there. The only problem with suddenly deactivating ones social media, every one wants to know why. You just don’t want to tell people,lol.



My Pa and the Virus

(By my Pa, I mean my Grandfather).

There seems to be a lot of  people who not understand why a COVID19 death is a COVID19 death. My mum got a cold and her dad had emphysema. So she didn’t visit him. Because the flu could have killed him. If he didn’t have emphysema, she could have gone to visit him. Get it?

As it was he died of MRSA, as it got into his lungs. If he didn’t have emphysema. Well he wouldn’t have been in the hospital, and wouldn’t have gotten MRSA. However, MRSA is what killed him.

Even if he had gotten MRSA in a hospital from something else, if he didn’t have emphysema, he would have had a better chance of fighting it off. Get it?

Read, people!

*This happened a few days ago, I just thought other things were more important to blog about*

So, I got attacked again…by someone I thought I was the on the same page…again.

Seems to mainly happen on Twitter

A few months ago, I was attacked by the Twitter account “Oh She Twint”…I swear, it was simply because she was attacking my friend who was saying to her, to take to the streets. Vote, but also get out and do something, don’t take, just to twitter. She called my friend and I, retarded and blocked us.

If she had taken an actual breathe, and actually READ what we were writing…Maybe she wouldn’t be so emotional.

It just happened again. Now I follow Stormy Daniels on Twitter, mainly on Twitter because I absolutely adore her come backs to Trump supporters. This time I also quipped back at a Trump supporters “Trump hired Stormy Daniels, what does that say about him?”. Then I got a whole barrage of “Lay off her, she’s not a prostitute, she’s a porn star”. So I said to the comment about not being hired, I said “why would you sleep with a married man, who just had a baby FOR FREE!” Then I got even more attacked, because apparently in Stormy’s book. She writes about how she felt cornered by Trump to have sex with him.

Now, if Stormy or any of her supporters had actually read what I wrote. I clearly had NO idea that that’d had happen! As I mentioned above I only follow her because of her quips on Twitter. I don’t think the people who were mad that they thought I was calling  her a prostitute, which I was not, knew either. I did apologise for not knowing (???) I also pointed out that, no one, including herself brought this up, until about 10 attacks in. That if they READ my comments at all, I clearly did not know and neither do the people who replied to me. That they were attacking someone on their side too,lol. Neither did the people who liked my comments.

So, on Twitter…I know about 5 people, maybe not even that, personally on Twitter. So basically 98% of the people I follow on Twitter…I DON’T KNOW…I haven’t read Stormy’s books, or watched any of her interviews, because I never felt the need too. She doesn’t like Trump, she’s got good come backs…I know about the mushroom reference…That’s it.

So to all the celebrities and twitter “celebrities” WE DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW YOU! If I had known, I would never have said that in a million years! Just like, if I had known that “Oh no she twin’t” would call myself and my friend, retarded, for saying vote AND get out there…I would never have followed her to begin with!lol

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I think it was just weird as well, because I clearly was having a go at the Trump supporter and somehow I was more attacked than them? What has also been interesting, despite being told this by Stormy herself, and now I know. It’s clear that a lot of people don’t know. Every-time I see a picture of collection of women, who have accused Trump of assault or rape. Stormy is never in those pictures. Because I am more aware, I always look and she’s never in the group. There are heaps of other porn stars, but not her.

Did you?