Indigenous Australia Day

Course Karl is upset about the Cricket. The guy’s big “expose” on Meghan Markle was an interview with Katie Hopkins, the UKs BIGGEST racist. #AustraliaDay I stand with #CricketAustralia and their decision to wear #IndigenousAustralia Jerseys. That IS Australian.

And if you think Sports has never been political…Are you in for a shock. Course Sports is political.

How the Black Power Protest at the 1968 Olympics Killed Careers –

Why so many White Australians have a problem with moving a public holiday to another day, that doesn’t represent colonization. It’s just weird to me, why this is such a big deal. Why is it SUCH hard work to change a day, that doesn’t represent us NOW, to another day that would represent us NOW.

Any “Australian” that wants to kills off Koala’s to make money. Doesn’t have a single leg to stand on when talking about “What’s Australian” #KoalaKiller *cough* John Barilaro MP *cough*

If we, Australians, see these hypocritical comments for stupid elite leaders, and can’t see WHY we need to change the date from these comments alone. I don’t know what else to tell you.


By the way, I just found out that the “Australians of the Year” nominee’s were a majority, are of the Christian Faith -.- However, I am happy with who won “Australian of the Year”.

2021 – Australian of the year Award recipients name

Let There Be Hope!

One of the reason I dislike Twitter so much, is because there are so many people on there that are so negative!

Every where else there is Joy and Happiness, that Trump is gone. All on Twitter is mainly well Trump is gone, but how good is Biden…On day, not even ending one! Despite Biden a whole lot of good on day one. People still were complaining that Biden would be just as bad as Trump…

So let’s ingore them, let’s ignore the stupid “Biden Erased Women” hashtag in the LGBTQIA protections. After all, aren’t LBTQIA women too?

I want to know what gives you hope? What gives you hope that never can be extinguished. NEVER!

One for me, is Biden reinstating protection for the LGBTQIA community.

TRUMP IS GONE!!! He could still run again, but I doubt he’d win.

We got to live in the time with Robin Williams in the world =D (Sort of a continuation from the last post).

Celtic Music, that’s my “fighting” music!

The magic of good in other people.

The magic of animals.

Thursday Theories – Aphrodite, Venus

This is the theory that actually inspired me to write about Theories.

You can get the link here, where I first became really interested in writing about these topics. I needed to do more research into other theories first, so I had more than just this one. Fantastic thing though, I am in love with programs from National Geographic. Always an interesting starting point

This blog post is about the Goddess, Venus.

There are three different Gods, they talk about. The one that spoke to me most though, the one that really got me, was the episode about Venus.

As you probably all know, Gods and Goddesses are generally taken from other cultures. So Venus, is more than likely based on Aphrodite.

The biggest reason why this particular video, episode of the series fascinated me was because, and in case you hadn’t noticed, I consider myself to be a trans ally. Now I had tapped the three episodes at the beginning of 2020, but didn’t actually get around to watching them until closer to the end, because we needed more space.

When I got around to watching it. The Professor, begins in Cyprus, the goddess’s birthplace, Bettany decodes Venus’s relationship to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, and, in turn, Aphrodite’s mixed-up origins both as a Cypriot spirit of fertility and procreation – but also, as a descendant of the prehistoric war goddesses of the Near and Middle East, Ishtar, Inanna and Astarte. We start to see the Venus is about desire of all kinds – malign as well as benign. Hughes meets world experts who reveal the mysterious and obscure ways this ancient goddess was imagined and worshipped (including as a bearded, gender-fluid woman and even as a giant, sinister, volcanic rock).

Which is obviously a far cry from the “set in stone” so to speak, image of Venus being a all “natural” woman. It really did peak my interest, considering how many TERFs out there, use Venus/Aphrodite as being nothing more than a woman. When you really get into it, Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Innana and Astarte weren’t necessarily worshiped because of love and chocolates. But more they were worshipped, because of the strong feelings they invoked in individuals. Strong feelings of love and hate, of desire, of sexuality.


This is one of my “Conspiracy Theories”. I do think that Epstein just committed suicide. I don’t think he was murdered or killed, I think he just committed suicide.

My basis for this?

After watching the police just let those Trump Supporters, just let them walk in. Watching the police react to peaceful BLM protestors. Believing as well, that Barr probably and more than likely told Epstein “Look, we can’t protect you”.

I don’t think for a single second that that Guards “guarding” Epstein cared enough to actually stop Epstein. I don’t think they were ever going to stop Epstein from ending his life. Nothing to do with him being clearly a sex trafficker, I just don’t think they cared enough about Epstein’s victims to stop him. I don’t think anyone who likes Trump, who supports Trump, anyone who doesn’t want Trump exposed. Would do anything to protect Justice.

TERFs and GCs = SO close to getting it!

You know what’s the funniest about TERFs and GCs? They’re either so close to “getting it” or they are getting it so completely wrong, and all at the same time. Its really weird to see.

Duncan there, is a big old transphobe and I hate how stupid he is. Everything he says is exactly what trans people want too. It’s people like Duncan though, who are the ones making it the issue. It’s not trans people, it’s people like Duncan, who are making it an issue.

One, trans people have a legal and moral right to “things” (I don’t know what Duncan is even talking about there)

Two, those medical invasive procedures aren’t done in a day. Like ANY huge surgery, there is a lot of talking and lot of information beforehand. The way Duncan talks about it, you’d think they’re going in with no chatting.

This is why it’s such a weird phenomenon. Duncan (and people like him) are the ones saying and demanding other’s be who they say they are. THEY’RE the ones with the issue, one that doesn’t even actually involve them. Duncan, as an example, will NEVER get trans surgery. So why is he trying to deny it for others? At the same time though, people like Duncan here, are the ones who are actually doing what they’re saying other’s are doing. It’s like, how can you not get how in the wrong you are, when you’re doing what you’re saying others are doing?

Also though, I don’t think gay people got their Rights, to begin with, without a fight. Duncan, needs to do some research on his own community sometime.

Update…Duncan blocked me, without responding, lol

Like I always keep saying. You can be straight, gay, trans, black, white, yellow, religious, atheist, man or women. Not a single one of those “labels” means you’re a good person, or that you can’t hate and harm your own “label” or community.

As another example, of TERFs not getting it, but at the same time “getting it”… but not… I saw one of them called themselves “Progressive”, so I asked why do you think you’re the progressive one when you’re say than trans people who call themselves lesbians or homosexual, are the homophobic ones. While also pointing out to her that there are Lesbians (I know two at least) who date trans men and trans women. Her response was hilarious!

She said to me that she was progressive, because she was saving women from Gender danger, and also called those lesbians “bi”. So basically, she’s progressive because she gets to deem what people fit what labels. And this is what I don’t get, so is she saying that women can’t think for themselves (which is not insulting at all *sarcasm*) and that she’s being progressive by putting people into labels and boxes that SHE deems fit? Seems a little Patriarchal and condescending too me, lol

What is those people?

I don’t know if anyone else gets this happen to them too, or if it is just me. Do you have people who, you never hear from (mainly social media) wise platforms. Except, to tell you when they think you’re wrong? It’s just weird. I have a few people like on that on my Facebook and Twitter. Like, “friend” why are you here? If you never post to support me, why are you here, if you’re only “job” is to tell me how wrong you think I am about something?

I’ve never claimed to be perfect, and do, in fact, get things wrong. But when you only post to me when you think I’ve done something wrong, especially times when I know I’m not. Your reading comprehension is not up too me. Why are you my “friend”? Why are on my “friends list”.

Like, why write to someone to tell them how wrong you think someone is, when you clearly haven’t read what they’ve been talking about. Or even chatted with them recently, to get where you’re coming from?


So much satisfaction has taken place.

  • All those Trump Supporters who “stormed” the Capital. Being put on terrorists lists, being arrested. (Let’s be honest, they didn’t storm…They were let in).
  • Well I wished that Trump’s platform had been shut down earlier, better late than never, I guess?
  • Tiffany “Women4Women” is GONE from Twitter! She was being followed by JKTrolling. She wished raped on myself and the women in my family. She would openly tell parents of trans kids, that if their trans girl child came into a toilet with her (she’s over 30), she would beat them up.
  • Graham Norton came out saying that trans people should be heard, not feared! ❤ I mean, I think he’s the first big celebrity to actually stand with trans people. There are couple, but they’re not very vocal about it.
  • Trump has been impeached … again!
  • Seeing the picture of that moving truck outside the White House.
  • Going to a party and just talking to my Aunt (who I had originally stop contact with) Even though she’s still into the Facebook “information”. I just sat there and was able to just chat with her. Cause, no matter what…TRUMP IS GONE!!!

Ultra Music

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Appreciate A Dragon Day

Appreciate a Dragon Day began when Donita K. Paul wanted to celebrate the publishing of her first fantasy novel “Dragonspell”, part of the five-volume series, The DragonKeeper Chronicles.

Today is the day to appreciate the Dragon in your life…All Dragons!

Facts about Dragons:

Dragon legends appear in nearly all cultures.

In China, dragons symbolize wealth, power, and leadership

In China, emperors were believed to be descendants of dragons

A little dragon is called a “dragonet.”

In mythology, a female dragon is called a drakaina, which is the feminine form of the ancient Greek word for dragon, drakon.

The word “dragon” comes from the ancient Greek word draconata, meaning “to watch” or “to see.”  The root may refer to a dragon’s reputation for guarding treasure, either real or metaphorical.

Dragons from Eastern cultures are more often depicted as kind, wise, and benevolent. Dragons from Western cultures typically are fire-breathing, evil, and symbolic of the battle between good and evil.

Red-colored stones are sometimes called “dragon stones” because they were believed to be hardened lumps of dragon blood.

The Uroboros, or tail-biting dragon, symbolizes the eternal circle of life. It is also an important symbol for medieval alchemists.

Scholars trace the dragon myth to ancient Babylon, 4,000 years ago. According to a Babylonian creation myth, Tiamat, a giant sea dragon, was murdered and his body cut in two, creating the sky and earth. From the dragon’s blood sprang the first human.

Question Mark? What did you question?

So 2020 hit us all in different way, but I would like to know. How many of you questioned something, you’d never thought of before BECAUSE of 2020. As an not an example, what makes right wingers *things*. More things like, as a example. In my state in Australia, we went into a 6 day lockdown, strict, literally only essentials opened. So hospitals, supermarkets. I can’t remember if the local GP’s had to shut down too. However, it only ever ended up being 3 days, I think? The person lied essentially.

One of the places that were opened before, but not during this 6 day lockdown were our local and big named company alcohol shops. During the 6 day lockdown they were deemed to be not essential, and places sold out! It made me wonder “How reliant is our society on alcohol?” Most people have at least one thing in their fridge or you know bourbon or rum in their cupboards. It was only going to be for six day, only one person was allowed to go to the shops, and you most definitely were not allowed to have others over.

6 days, that was going to be it.

Then I saw someone I follow on Twitter, say that her and her husbands goal for the year, was too ONLY drink alcohol on the weekends, and not during the week. They were worried! Sometimes I’ll have a glass of something during the week, but not ALL the time, and not every week. Where it becomes a problem, that I don’t know what other non-alcohol beverages there are, lol.

And what is it with people who are “not into water” How can someone not *be* into water? Unless you’re allergic or something.