Okay, I am now at the point with social media, where I am just mocking people because they are so stupid!

And I feel better. Hey, if you want to use your profile to harm people and then make REALLY dumb comments, I feel like you’ve given me permission to mock you.

I feel like everything would be fine, if I could just call these people, dumbass.

  • Why would the blue states in America, want a statue of Lenin, when they’ve been getting rid of “men” like him?
  • Really? I shouldn’t believe all I hear, do you tell me what happened. Since you are clearly a bestie of Gigi.
  • What kind of adults are STILL going onto social media posts and going “And”, and NOT just scroll past?
  • How is me asking, simply why someone felt the need to make a comment, agreeing or disagreeing with them? I’m not upset I just want to know why.
  • The pronouns taking your jobs?
  • Yes, I can totally see, how in Australia, people who make the Nazi hand signal, on tv, in front of the world, being banned from that sport, is the leftists “picking” on people and “dumb”. Totally not you celebrating facism, and disrespecting the Australians who have died in war fighting it.
  • Who hates fish? So yeah, you probably would be violent if you came across them. That’s just a weird thing to say.

I want you too wheest

This is a total opinion, but there are so many celebrities, politicians and general people who I wish would wheest. Two of the big ones are Rowling and Kanye West. Can someone please shut that danger down NOW.

Jaden Smith walks out of Yeezy fashion show over ‘White Lives Matter’ top

Kanye West is absolutely a danger to society. He harassed Taylor Swift, because he made himself look like an idiot. He harassed Amber Rose for simply existing. And now his ex-wife and his own children, including anyone she dates. Now this. White Lives Matter was used by white supremacy, for obvious reasons. For the record, Candace Owens was there too, with a top saying the same thing. How is that even allowed?

Who would you wish would wheest?

What does Wheesht mean in Scots?

demand for silence

(hwiːʃ ) or wheesht (hwiːʃt ) Scottish. exclamation. 1. a plea or demand for silence; hush. verb.

What is the most powerful word?

I was inspired to write about this post after dealing with, I am pretty sure right winger on Linkedin. They were replying to a UN post about hate speech being inflammatory and can start problems.

“What is hate speech”. This “person” kept saying just because someone says that they “hate” someone, doesn’t mean they want physically harm too them. They did a lot of writing, without actually saying much, other than it was obvious they had no problem with hate speech. So I told them that, lol.

Oh boy, lol

Then there was a whole heap of insulting towards me and just like “they have valid points”. Which one, no they didn’t. If you don’t, as an adult, don’t know what hate speech is. You either ARE stupid, which is something I was accused of calling someone. Or you need to go back to school. Anyways, I did end up saying something and reminding them that it’s LinkedIn, not Twitter or Quora.

They were acting stupid, but I didn’t say the word “stupid”. Which was funny too me. Mainly because of what I wrote above, and what they wrote too. Even if I called someone stupid, doesn’t mean I want to harm them. So when they accuse me of calling them stupid, go for it, still not hate speech according to them, lol.

Also, it’s funny how they can all mind read each other. Maybe that’s why they think everyone else can do it too? If you say “I hate this group” that group has no idea that you don’t mean them harm. On top of which, I asked them to provide me with examples of Trump, Rowling, Putin and Hitler saying they hate the people we all know they do. They couldn’t, of course.

Hate Speech is simply this:

This is what the UN posted on LinkedIn

I guess the biggest irony is, of course and always that in the entirety of what they were writing. Every single person who “had a go” at me. Was being indifferent and were writing ignorantly of what hate speech is. They all know what hate speech is.

I would love to hear though, what you think is or are the most powerful words?

The thing that “scared” me the most about that conversation, were the supposed careers of the people I was having a conversation with. One was a language mentor, one was a prevention crime analyst and called themselves a “Peace Officer” The one who “asked” the UN “what is hate speech” is a Security & Defence Consultant, Analyst, Middle East and Africa.

Changing my mind

I was going to write about how out of all the activists, that climate change ones are often the oddest. I don’t mean Greta Thunberg, I adore her. I mean the ones that are, odd, lol…I’ll write about it later.

So, I signed out of my emails and I saw this.

2nd grader kicked out of Christian school after parents refused to photograph her in the bathtub

For those who don’t want to read the article, or want to avoid the comments. I’ve written below what the article is about.

I don’t even know where to being with this.

This school is in Florida, where De Santis is Governor. The Governor with the infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill. So while, the Governor and parents are attacking LGBTQIA kids, youth and supportive parents. They are literally trying to stop gay and trans people existing, altogether. This school is just doing this “homework assignment”. And all the Christians are defending it…

The article is about a school sending out a homework assignment of children, taking a photo of themselves, doing homework…in a bath…

Only one parent saw a problem with this, and their child was “administrational removed”. We are assuming they did mean the child cover ups, but still the schools response was really dodgy. They finally got rid of the assignment all together, but only AFTER it started to come out what happened. My readers, this only just happened in 2022.

After the last few years having people in the Religious communities attack the gay community, trans and women, and after all the Churches abuse History. No one thought there was anything wrong with this?

PEOPLE, WE’RE IN 2022!!! 2022 people!!!

It’s true though

I wish I could actually find the saying. But I saw an amazing quote about “Critical Race Theory” and why so many white Governors, and parents want it banned. It’s because, there’s nothing there for white people to be “proud” of. Let’s be honest, if there was something that white people could be proud of, they would have NO problems with teaching it.

But like I say myself. I have issues with my hamstring and sometimes my sciatic nerve. Here’s the thing, it’s like the pain in my leg. I didn’t cause the pain in my leg. If I don’t do things to help heal it, not only will the pain stay, it will only get worse. So I do things to heal it. When I feel the pain, I do things to make sure it doesn’t get worse. I will probably always have it, but I know how to heal it. If I work on it, it will take time, but I might even been able to help it completely, but it will take time.

“It wont happen over night, but it will happen”.

Of course I’m biased!

I find it pretty funny when people will say to be, you have a leftist bias against Tucker Carlson


What is there to like?

Apart from the vacant stare, where he clearly is not listening to whose he talking too. And looks like Mr Potato Head, what is there to find funny or like about the “man”.

Tucker Carlson under fire for speaking at Hells Angels president’s funeral Graig Graziosi – 13h ago

He *thinks* the US should be on the side of Putin

He routinely has a go at legal migrants, but is speaking at a Hells Angels President funeral

I thought this was going to be longer, but look who I’m writing too! You all know what a terrible person he is!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Stop misrepresenting us as “weak little things” It’s demeaning and not right.

If you’re a pregnant person, why are you risking yourself becoming arrested? Stop USING your baby as a way to get out of crime. It’s disgusting’s it’s beneath us. If you want to fight for something, or commit a crime. Know that you have the potential to be arrested! This isn’t THAT difficult.

A couple of years ago, we had two “mothers” get off with nearly killing two ambulance workers. Because, they’re “mothers”.

It was disgusting, and there was such a public outcry. One of them had to retire, and the other ambulance driver has PTSD.

It’s pathetic ladies, it truly is.

We also had an anti-vaxxer, arrested for organizing an dis-information parade. All of them outrage “She’s pregnant” SO WHAT! She knew perfectly well what might happen. Didn’t stop her. She doesn’t care about her baby, or others lives. I do, so so what. There were a LOT of children used here by their parents to not be “arrested” at the dis-information parades. It was pretty gross.

Don’t do the crime, if you don’t want to do the time. We’re in 2022 ladies, you want equal rights? That includes being charged with a crime, if you commit one. Pregnant or mother

I don’t see a lot of these people saying new Fathers should be let out of jail. Why is that?

I choose, when/if I become pregnant, I will not be participating in any protests. Even if I choose to be peaceful at a protest, there’s no guarantee that one, the police, in all their power, arrest me, because I would be an easy target. Two, it wouldn’t turn violent. You can’t guarantee that, that although YOU maybe peaceful, that it would stay that way.

Free for me, not for thee

So these different “things” have been banned in America. Not in the whole of America, but enough to be a problem.

  • Books, – A surprising list of recently banned books (Penguin).
  • Abortions,
  • Trans Health/Medical Care
  • Being able to bring up your trans child/youth
  • Kinder Chocolate eggs, and not guns.
  • Trans people and sports.
  • White girls can walk around campuses with guns on their shoulders. But you arrest a Sikh for wearing a Kirpan?

I know what I said

Sometimes you cannot ignore the news. This would be one of these times.

Two more children forced to travel out of Ohio for abortions after being raped, records show


While DeSantis was flying legal asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, business owners in his state were struggling for workers

I am starting to realise that a lot of “news” today is just lazy writing really. It’s only been a week, and nearly every single “news” or media outlet were attacking Harry and Meghan, again.


I was talking to an American friend earlier this week and we were talking role playing, and I said I don’t want to role play online with characters that require “rumpy pumpy”, and they couldn’t stop laughing! They had never heard the term before.

Rumpy Pumpy basically means, making sweet love.

What is a word you say that may be either made up or something you say that people may not have heard about?