Magical Monday – Freedom

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?

I love this writing prompt. I actually whacked my head yesterday and it took me a little bit write properly, so hopefully, this makes any sense.

Freedom definitely means to something different to people. One thing I do agree with is that I don’t have freedom, until we are all free.

I think of these two quotes.

When you see what is happening now. It started with bigots, and bigoted politics targeting trans people…As it’s gone on to then abortion rights, gay rights (in general), immigrants and now they’re starting to ban books. More and more mass shooting’s. How can we say that we are free?

When I think of people saying they have the Freedom to have gun if they want too. But what does that mean? Why do we get the Freedom to have guns? Because some old dudes a couple of hundred years ago said so? What have we/I done to deserve my Freedom.

I wrote a short post a week or so ago, about how this UK journalist said that “we defeated Fascisms” I made a comment about how “we” didn’t. The soldiers of WWI and WWII did. I fight against fascism every day, as I see a lot of my readers do here as well, but it is not defeated. As is proven every day.

Fascisms History offers lessons about todays attacks on education. By Eden McLean on April 7, 2023, Scientific America

Neo-Nazis clash with police and counter-protesters at anti-immigration rally in Melbourne Nino Bucci Sat 13 May 2023 16.22 AEST, Guardian Australia

Suella Braverman tells Holocaust survivor she will not apologise for ‘invasion’ rhetoric PA Media Sun 15 Jan 2023 06.53 AEDT, Guardian Australia

Then there’s my own personal belief that anyone who NEEDS a gun, is not free. Why would they be? A lot of people feel they NEED a gun, because someone is always “after them”. That’s a fear. They are a slave to their fears. Having an addiction, or a need for something is not Freedom. That’s why even though most of the time I am okay with my anxiety. I try to handle them on my own. But that’s not Freedom either. Sometimes you need help. There is a difference between needing helping and 100% relying on someone all the time to help me.

I also think we do have to earn Freedom. We don’t just get to be free, because we’re born. Now we may not have a World War to fight. I believe we can do it in other ways. Now I know supporting someone Twitter whose being dogpiled by bigots, may seem like nothing. I have been thanked enough by people to know, that stepping in, is enough. Most of the time I don’t even know what the conversation was about. I just get an instinct about these things.

This part is not actually in the books.


Force Birthers

*Note* I will never call force birthers, pro-lifers, unless its too mock their “pro-lifeness”.

Mainly because, they are anything but pro-life.

I decided to write about this after seeing a force birther write and I quote “They just want an excuse to kill their unwanted baby”.

There’s a key word in there…Can you guess what it is?

Yep, people it is “unwanted”.

Hence why I don’t like calling force birthers “pro-life”. There’s life and there’s these thing called “quality of life”.

Now I don’t have children, I have never given birth. For me though, the first job of a parent is to give as good quality of life for your child as best you can. You don’t have to be rich, or live in a good area, or be Einstein smart. If you don’t want a kid, you should not be expected to give birth to a fetus, you don’t want. Why should a totally innocent child be given parents who they are not wanted by.

One thing EVERY child on the planet should feel is, wanted. It’s a usual human want, to be wanted. Trust me. To feel wanted is too feel safe. I feel “okay” with my family, because I know that I am wanted by my partner. Although what I’m feeling and going through right now is very lonely, I know that I am loved and wanted.

Force birthers should be the very last people with children, quiet honestly.

There was another one bragging how her sister gave birth to a baby with only half their brain. They lived for a whole year. Its fine to do that. I have no problem with people giving birth even knowing their child will die. That is entirely a personal decision. But it is not fine for everyone, and it is NOT “gotcha” either. If someone wants to terminate a pregnancy, because they don’t feel letting their child live with half a brain for a short amount of time, is a good quality of life. Then they should be able too terminate. A lot of the US abortion bans are being banned before people even know that they are pregnant.

Force birthers don’t care about life or the quality of it, for children. I am pretty over hearing anything they have too say. Especially the same one who didn’t get their “unwanted” comment, who then went on to call someone fat, because this person has stretch marks without giving birth. Men can have stretch marks too. We don’t get stretch marks because we “give birth”. We get stretch marks, because our skin stretches. Women tend to get them more because our hips widen.

Stretchmarks on men – effective treatments

“Stretch marks in men can appear if you try to lose weight or gain a lot of muscle in a short space of time. Stretch marks occur when the skin doesn’t have time to accommodate its new contents, be that fat or muscle, and the skin tears.”

Beliefs…Post gazillion

Just so you can relax a little, this post is not about religious beliefs. This more about our own personal beliefs. Our day to day general “beliefs” about things. I’ll give a couple of examples,

  • I am instantly suspicious of anyone who doesn’t think that the US needs good gun control.
  • When I write something that I clearly as written as set in my mind, and someone goes “No that’s wrong”. And for me it’s right, that’s how I feel and since I am the one affected by it. It is right for me. By that I don’t mean trans women are women, because that is a common sense fact. I stop automatically not interacting with that person
  • The question “what is a woman” is misogynistic af. Can’t wait till that goes the way of the Dodo.

Here is what my post is mainly about today:

Jewish people can be anti-semitic

POC can be racists.

Women can be misogynistic.

Etc etc, etc,

The King And I GIF by dani - Find & Share on GIPHY

What I’m saying is, if you’re bully. I am not the person to follow, you will not be “safe” here. I will call you out. While I was on Twitter, I had three big female accounts wish rape on myself and the women in my family. A couple of years ago I would have been like “we have to be nice to these people”.

That was then, this is now. We used to be able to be “reasonable” with our enemies, this is now. There is no reasoning with them. I was literally “talking” to a TERD and she really thought I wasn’t going to call her misogynistic because she is a woman. You can still be classy. When she asked me “Well I’m a woman and I agree with him, does that make me misogynistic too?” My reply was a simple “Yep”.

They called me “pathetic”. I think they genuinely thought I was going to say “No”.

We are not dealing with reasonable people anymore. We have Governments who are just turning into one big Conservative Party. The US need a President who can deal with the hate, its needs some younger with the energy to fight the Republicans. The UK, well all the major parties there are all the same now. You’ve got Governments wanting to ban TikTok, because of China. At the same time Elon Musk, the head of Twitter is hanging out with Rupert Murdoch, the Saudi Arabia family and Jared.

We have “tv court” where female actresses are being judged on how they “look”. I don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow, but come on who cares what sweater she’s wearing. Heard and Paltrow both ultimately won in the end, as well.

I was also dealing with a gay man yesterday who thought that “protecting women” means advertising a bar/pub where people’s bodies are judged by their chromosomes. That is exactly what women need. A pub/bar full of drunk people judging their chromosomes.

The ability to make friends on places like here is an added bonus…I’m not looking for a lover though, lol

Can’t believe

I am about to say this, but thank you too Brie Schmidt for writing this article.

Royal Expert Explains Why King Charles’ Latest Role Should Have Been Given To Prince Andrew

I will start off by saying, I totally disagree with the “Royal Expert”…You know something though? At LEAST this Royal Expert remembered that Andrew is kind of a working Royal still.

All freaking day, all the articles were about how “Harry and Meghan would be furious with this snub”. Since 2020, Harry and Meghan have not been part of the Royal Working Family. So, how can one be snubbed from something they’re not apart of? Of course all those “Royal Experts” were on GB Morning, which is the UKs Fox news.

It drives me really nuts sometimes. It’s like the same with trans people, just leave them alone…Like, geeze!


One of the things that I noticed over the weekend, was that there are trans people who seem to not be able to see what harm their doing to the trans community. I have noticed this in a few different kinds of different communities.

  • One had a picture of a Nazi symbol hanging in their wall.

I just want to know…why? It’s not like Right Wing, Christians Conservatives haven’t made their feelings known.

*Update* That trans person with the Nazi symbol, they deactivated their account.

We also had an Indigenous Member of Parliament, say that she backs the white billionaire who has no problem with basically, genocide of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Why? What does that benefit for her?

It’s not “woke” to not wear the logo of a white billionaire who want to wipe out your family, your elders, your mother, your father, your brothers, ,your sisters. Its human.

World Mental Health Day

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I was going to write a long post about how you should look after your mental health, how it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on it. Especially with the world as “crazy” as it, and after COVID. It’s becoming more apparent, that people are, in fact, completely losing it.

Instead of writing/saying, I have decided to “do” instead. Since I’m not working today, but do have to see my physio. I am going to take it upon myself to take the time to read as much as I want today. Sometimes I get the feeling that if I don’t “fight” the bullies and the meanies all the time, they’ll win. I can’t keep doing that too myself.

I know that the majority of people are good, and they all know how silly it is. But I also feel like people don’t want to rock the boat, as we’ve never really had too before. You know what I mean? But we should and we can in such little ways. Over the years, I will admit I’ve become braver while sitting behind a computer. It’s easy to learn and research things when you’ve got the time to sit and read the information. But now I know what I know, so it makes it easier to fight.

Before I started to take on the transphobes, I didn’t know what the difference was between cis and trans. Know I can’t shut up about it!lol. Mainly because it is just so simple!

I would highly recommend you do doing what’s best for you.

“It’s okay to lose people, but never Lose Yourself” -Eminem

This is why we can’t have nice things…

Sometimes I get so frustrated with human beings. I consider myself to be a considerate human being, but sometimes even I have problems with the extreme PC crowd. Take the Notre Dame building burning. All these people with outpouring of emotion for a building that construction began in 1163, during the reign of King Louis VII, and was completed in 1345. It represents a lot more to the people of France than a building and a Disney movie.

Of course (not all) but some Americans are making it about them and how people don’t care about the black churches that were burnt. How it was built on the backs of slaves and it should have burnt. People can care about more than one thing at at time. Humans are amazing like that. Notre Dame isn’t just some or any Church and it’s also older than the white colonised, America. Thirdly, everything that is really old, ancient and historic were built by slaves. Including the pyramids, the Colosseum, Great wall of China, the Parthenon etc. We’re just going to start burning those as well?

Youtube Video GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

People upset at these millionaires and billionaires and some governments wanting to spend money, is very frustrating. That I get. Why can’t they spend that money on something else? I am sure that the Church has money, it’s just a suspicion of mine. Or there wasn’t some kind of insurance placed on the building? (I would need to clarify that). When it first started to burn and before the people started to give money, people were making others feels bad. In the world of social media there will be somebody mad about something different.

Unless it is actually harmful to you, just stop and think before you put down someone. You don’t have any idea what that person is going through. Maybe there is an actual reason why they feel so sad.

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It’s a hard-knock life

*I am just going to start off this post with a disclaimer…I am a girl, I do like to play games. I am not a guy and so will be speaking about my perspective about it. I do not hate men, I think they are adorable. This is just something that’s been on my mind a little lately…So let’s share!*

I do believe that world of gaming and geekiness (don’t think that’s an actual word) is definitely becoming more accepting, especially those of the girl gender. We’re still hitting some blocks though, when it comes to “preference” and different opinions…Although to be honest I think that goes for a lot of what’s happening lately. It’s your way or the highway.

What disturbs me though are those people, if they don’t like, or they can’t understand what that other person is saying “your opinion is invalid”.

I HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THAT! Even if I don’t agree with what they’ve said, I HATE it when someone says that. It’s one of my pet peeves.

I was in the middle of a Twitter discussion the other day and this guy said that he found when cosplayers do characters just in their underwear, he considered it too be lazy…and OHMYGOODNESS! He was being attacked and everyone was saying they didn’t care about his opinion and it was invalid. The ironic thing was, that’s what the discussion was about. About cosplayers and what actually constitutes a “costume”. I also have too say…sometimes I agreed with him. We were both severely outnumbered, but I stand by what he and I said. Sometimes I find it cute, like there was a range of Disney Princess bathing suits that was modelled by cosplayers, and I loved it. However, sometimes I think it is lazy when they’re just wearing a wig and matching coloured underwear for a character. Especially if they didn’t even make the underwear.

It’s just an opinion though.

They just leave me uninspired. It’s JUST an opinion.

It’s also the same with games as well…There are always people disagreeing over the graphics in a game.

Trolls harass woman with death and rape threats because new game Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations ‘weren’t good enough

This however was taken to an EXTREME!…And not in a good way!

This is what I think bothers me the most. Is that this “people” were sending these threats over a game…a freaking game! A games graphics is not a life and death situation that should be affecting someones life in such a deadly way.

These “gamer’s” priorities in life are completely skewed.

You Are So Cranky Double Double Toil And Trouble GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Apart from the very obvious things that are wrong with threatening someone over graphics. Do they not want girls to get into gaming? Do they only want girls to be crept out and never allow them to play their games again? This isn’t exactly the BEST way to make other women and girls want to play. I know when I saw what was going on, I made a conscious decision not to the buy the games…BECAUSE I don’t want to run into any of those douche bags.

Plus…with the cliche saying…If you think you can do it better, then do it.

Black Panther = The Awesome!

Black Panther Marvel GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

*I wasn’t sure how many of you would have seen Black Panther at this point so I wanted to wait a bit to write about it. I have feeling I may talk about some spoilers.*

I’m not sure how I can write this without bias, because there was pretty much nothing that I didn’t love about this movie. I’m not really familiar with a lot of the superheroes and the comics. There’s only been a couple of the superheroes where I’ve read some of their comics, and Black Panther is not one I’ve read.

I am SO regretting that now! It also means that I can’t really make any fair comparisons between the two and how fair the movie was to the comics.

There really isn’t anything bad I can say about the movie…Everything about it was pretty perfect to be honest. They casting was spot on, the music was thrilling (I wanted to get up and dance…I love a good drum!) The plot, there was no real “quiet time”, it flowed perfectly. Some of the quotes I can see becoming extremely popular.

If you want to see a movie that you’ll love for both the superhero aspect and modern days issues…You will love it. I don’t if it’s because I am aware, but the only reason would feel uncomfortable honestly seeing this movie is if they are not with people of colour and some hard core facts. Then again, I don’t know why someone with issues with poc would see this movie anyways?

Family – What I loved the most about this film was the family dynamic. They weren’t just a Royal family and that was it. They were FAMILY. It is fantastic to finally an African American family not only being represented as Royal (and fantastic royals at that) but also as a family that clearly love one another. Rather than a run away father whose skipped out on his struggling family. Father and Son have such a respectful relationship, even when they are disappointed in one another, even when they don’t agree. My heart literally broke when T’Challa (THE Black Panther) realised his father is not perfect. They still LOVE each other. They understand not everyone is perfect.

Characters – I will say this one of those movies were they got the casting exactly perfect. Even the “bad characters” are perfect. Even Martin Freeman was perfectly cast as seeming so English and so white (it’s honestly the only way I can describe it) he was so on the outside. As a white girl watching the film, I got it. I have seen some people complain because they thought Martin Freeman wasn’t “black enough” and it made him look inferior, but I honestly believe THAT was the point of his character. In a good way! Of course Andy Serkis always makes a good bad guy. I felt like Michael B Jordan was “bad”, but he’s the type of villain you will feel perfectly sad for, and so one should!

Music – I LOVED it. I believe that music can change your mood and the way you feel, and I wanted to dance in the movie theatre so much in this film.

“Costumes” – I put that in quotation marks because the clothing were not costumes. They were beautiful, colourful and glorious!

No…Just No

My face every single time someone says Tonya Harding is a survivor…

Minions No GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Survivors don’t go around having people beaten up.

Sure, Tonya might feel bad. This doesn’t mean that making a movie about her, is an apology or proof that she’s learnt. I feel like that they should have made it a “Part 1 and 2”. That way they could show point of view from both sides. Glamouring physical violence is not something I am interested in.