Monday Peeves … Celebrities

I don’t know which category to put this one honestly, lol. So I thought I would add it to Paula’s Monday Peeves.

What a disappointment celebrities have been this year.

I unfollowed Orlando Bloom recently, he posted that “obligatory” I stand with the Jewish community, here’s the thing. Bloom only follows about 1,500 people on Instagram. Kane West is one of them…I had a crush on him since like High School, so over 20 years…I’m so old, lol

Then we come to his “wife” Katy Perry. Herself and other’s wanted people to vote for Rick Caruso, by stating about the “homeliness” problem. Caruso was part of the Republicans, but suddenly switched to Democrats. He also, by sources, voted against same sex marriage and abortions. That wasn’t even what got me, Katy Perry and the other celebrities who endorsed him, are worth over a billion dollars. They could literally solve the homeless problem in Los Angeles, themselves. When was the last time you saw any of them at a soup kitchen.

Caruso lost.

All these middle aged celebrities telling us that Rowling isn’t the bigot, she is. Then hound the young ones who rightly stand up and say who/what she is.


Good for him, I say

This totally an opinion blog post. I don’t know know how many of watch “Witcher“? Recently the lead from the tv series, Henry Cavill was playing him, but after they want to steer the tv series in a different direction, away from the book he likes, he “resigned”. In his stead, Liam Hemsworth is apparently taking over the role.

Despite the hate, I am sitting here thinking “Good on you Henry Cavill”. He is apparently a big fan of the Witcher books. Apparently does not like that the producers wants too take it in a different direction. If someone wants to or want to not do something, because they don’t “believe” in it. Good o, for them I say!

Thursday Theories – Those stinkin “fans”

*Warning…Long Post*

I am feeling all sorts of out of sorts folks, lol. I started yesterday morning really well. I somehow managed to see that a lot of people were giving LGB “Alliance” a go at. It was truly wonderful too see. People saying things like to their supporters, hmmm…I wonder why Labor didn’t want LGB, but the Tories did? It was glorious!

The day ended also really happily. I live in a main city in Australia, but we are probably the smallest…Maybe Tasmania…But for such a small main city, and being the “City of Churches” we are quiet progressive. So progressive in fact, you know what I saw, front and center in my local library?

In between though…

I tire of humans, I really do. I’ve already some try to ruin LinkedIn, and the only place I feel any “sanity” is on mynameisTravies instagram page. Don’t animals just make everything better?! I was so happy to see Juno Dawson’s book, I nearly cried in the Library. So I am writing to them.

I tire of humans, I really do. All day, it was stupid people talking about people they don’t know, who don’t know they’re alive. Who wouldn’t care if they lived or die, celebrating celebrities making the world worse, OR, putting people in harms way…but all with “love”, of course.

Then as I’m trying to make these people “see sense” I know, I know…One I saw an article saying that Rowling had made a swiping threat at Emma Watson. Like someone tell her SHUT UP! But then I came to a realisation, it’s the freaking fans faults!

All of this is their fault. They’re the ones winding people up, instead of speaking common sense. Imaging saying to someone whose winding someone with bi-polar “Oh, I am so glad you told him off”. No, no no no…Bi polar is a serious disease and it is not just a “mood swing”. I should know, I was attacked by someone with bi-polar, and I’ve always had a twinge of fear since. I can’t help it. I get over it though. But you do not mess someone about who has it. Then people are agreeing that being called transphobic, is the exact same thing as Salman Rushdie being stabbed…

I am sitting there and it this hits me. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this before. But I have said, maybe written before, about this. In order to have any kind of big “presence” on social media. You need to have a strong “skin” and be able to get over your own ego. You need to be able to go “I am not perfect, and that’s okay”

There are SO few people who can do it, at all. I can’t even actually think of one person off the top of my head. Maybe Selena Gomez? As I mean, she’s been through a lot and a lot of it on social media. But, unlike a lot of them, takes breaks from social media. A lot these “celebrities” don’t know when to stop. Especially the Kardashians, I don’t know what they’re going to do, when it all dies down and it’s starting too. But I don’t care, because good riddance of bad rubbish.

The celebrities having literally thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands telling them more than any of us will get in a life time. That no matter how wrong, or how bad a celebrity is. They will always have hundreds of thousands of people telling them how wonderful and perfect they are one in post. It must be SUCH an ego boost! You are not going to convince me that that is not powerful.

But we don’t have to do that. We’re adults. These people will never know us. There in lies this sickness. Too sit there and trying to impress people who don’t know whether your alive or dead, you gotta have self esteem issues.

It is a sickness and it’s a sad one. Hmmm, maybe I should look into becoming a therapist, ha!

There are approx 7.753 billion (2020) people on earth, and every single of them has an opinion. I’m sure newborns would, lol…Hump Day

This post doesn’t have that much honestly to do with It’s more to do with who I recently saw promoting it.

That Idris Elba, by the way.

He’s just so gorgeous.

But he got me thinking, I would totally go and book something on just because he told me, haha. I just think he’s gorgeous. Not just in looks, but also in personality. Like he seems just “normal”, you know what I mean? I don’t know if it’s because of his English background, but he doesn’t seem to have that “ego” that Hollywood actors seem to have.

It’s also while I am not really into Chris Hemsworth’s looks, I adore his personality. It made me start thinking of actors I’ve lost a lot of respect for over the last couple of years. While I don’t want to talk about them. I do want to say that if Elba or Hemsworth ever turned out to be horrible, I would be so disappointed.

Do you know what I mean? Like some celebrities I liked, but I didn’t ever really see them other than the characters they played. Like I used to adore Depps acting, he’s what I call a character actor. Well, he plays a lot of the same character, but…I just don’t like him at all anymore. But I wasn’t upset by it. It’s like it was obviously always there. Where as Elba and Hemsworth I would be actually disappointed if they turned out to be shocking. Like they SEEM like just normal average good guys. Just getting on with their lives and jobs.

Celebrity Worship

There is two reasons why I writing about this topic.

One, I am now content with the FACT that Depp has pretty much only got other celebrities, a lot of them abusive themselves, on his side. While Heard has got the experts. Including the woman who coined the term DARVO. I don’t care if Robert Downey Jr had a face time with Depp to congratulate Depp. Jr literally went to comfort Chris Pratt when he was “named” the worst Chris (he totally is by the way). Apparently it made Pratt cry, nawwww, the poor baby. His support when Brie Larson (she plays Captain Marvel) received death and rape threats, for being a “difficult” woman. Not a word.

And then I saw this…

I don’t like the Kardashians/Jenner, and I am FURIOUS!

A lot of people are like “it’s” just a dress get over it. It’s not JUST a dress though, is it? Less than a month after she sang in that dress, Monroe was dead.

Even in DEATH Monroe was used for publicity, and Kim Kardashian disrespected Marilyn Monroe. It’s not “just” a dress.

I am happy to say that while I might enjoy an actor, if they turn out too be rotten. That’s it for me. I don’t make excuses, I don’t try to play with the truth. I’m like that’s it. Like three of my biggest crushes in the world are Orlando Bloom, Idris Elba, Matt Smith and Tom Hiddleston. So far they have been pretty “okay” lol. OB, did say a few years ago about JD, but again, that was a few years ago and who knows what he actually thinks now. If he comes out NOW and says the same things, that’s it.

I got plenty of other crushes. I’d be sad, but I wouldn’t make excuses. Do you know what I mean?

Like Dave Chappelle, up until recently, I would have called a comedy genius, but now…I’m like, he’s past it…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

As for Rowan Atkinsons comments about “cancel culture” NO, Rowan Atkinson, if we wanted to be offended all the time, we would listen to politicians all the time. I don’t know what is happening in the land of “celebrity” but it’s definitely losing it’s allure.

And what was with Jennifer Aniston the other day? She was talking about how fed up she is with “celebrity” that’s famous for doing nothing. She mentioned Paris Hilton, which maybe fair enough. Depending how you look at things. She also mentioned Monica Lewinsky. Now, I don’t think for a second that Monica Lewinsky even wanted to be a “celebrity”. But Miss Monica Lewinsky is an EXTREMELY good spoke person when it comes to anti-bullying. Like if you actually PAY ATTENTION, Monica Lewinsky has actually done more for society than Jennifer Anniston. Who has contributed a hair style? Sitting there allowing her female friends to drag Angelina Jolie through the mud, and NOT her ex-husband?

You got, we got

So I saw a Trump supporter write this:

We’ve got…

Eric Clapton

Van Morrison

Ted Nugent

Kid Rock

Them: Neil Young Peter Frampton Bette Midler The guy who sang “Two Princes” There’s no contest who wins the rock genre.

Firstly Ted Nugent and Kid Rock?????

None of their songs are on my ipod, and never have been. Funnily enough the guy who sang Two Princes, is and always has been, lol. Also his name is Chris Barron =D

Also though we (the pro-vaccinations) also have. Also there is nothing actually wrong with Neil Young (who survived polio when there was no vaccinations), Peter Frampton, Bette Midler and Chris Barron.

We also have:

The Boss

Willie Nelson

Dolly Parton (who helped to create some of the vaccinations)


Paul McCartney

We could do this all day.

Facts are, the right could have everybody as far as I’m concerned. Having a celebrity on your side doesn’t make you more “right”, lol. On the left, we have the majority of Doctors, Nurses, Scientists etc. There are Scientists out there, for example, who don’t think climate change is real. The Majority do however. This is one of those times that I am okay with going with the majority, lol.

What I think the problem is,

Now this post is purely my own opinion and understanding things, that I “understand”.

Now, if I am wrong, I am very happy to be proven, but no labels, just the facts.

From what I’ve seen of Rowling, from what I’ve found out and what I’ve seen. This is why I am imploring people to never again worship a stranger, especially of the celebrity variety.



Russell Brand

All have the same issues. Apart from being white, they all have (or had) large social media platforms. Now from what I’ve seen of Rowling and Trump, the signs of narcissism and abandonment issues. The allure of social media platforms, can be toxic for the blue ticks of Twitter. People like Rowling and Trump were and are getting more “I love you’s” and “thank you” (for doing, nothing) in an hour every time they tweet, than 95% of the world get in their life time.

Can you imagine what that would do to someone’s ego?

Social Media platforms, if they really do care. That they will do more for the vulnerable people on their platforms.

30 Day writing challenge … Day 20

20. Post about three celebrity crushes.

  1. The one that most people know about in my life, probably my longest crush, is the lovely Orlando Bloom. As the years have gone on and we’ve all grown up a little. I think I like Bloom only for his looks. He is definitely not a bad person, he’s a good one. He’s a little…weird though. There’s just something I can’t quiet put my finger on it. I don’t think he’s a “weirdo”, just something I can’t connect with, personality wise. I can’t think what it is though.
  2. Just thinking about this man, makes my whole body “happy”, is probably the most G Rated way I can describe him, Idris Elba. Oh he really boils my potatoes. I absolutely adore his smile. How he’s just so seemingly “with it” as well. He just gets it. I don’t know if that’s just his sensible English side, but he’s lovely to look at, lovely to listen too and just a lovely person.
  3. I’m going to combine two here together, for the same reason. After seeing one of them speak Shakespeare, so turned on. The others knows how to move! Yes, I am talking about Lord David Suchet and Channing Tatum. I like a man whose REALLY good at his craft.

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Celebrity Accountable

I was inspired to write this post after I saw a “discussion” of people having a go at Shawn Mendes. The issue? There was a fan who wanted Mendes to tell her parents that she was gay. Now Mendes said “No”. That is something she’d has to do herself. That he has no right to do that for her. The other thing he was criticised for was telling her that her parents love her and they’ll still love her. I had problem with people who were criticising him:

  1. He’s completely right! This is her journey, they are not friends. If she needs someone there with her, get a friend, or even a supportive family member.
  2. I don’t understand people criticising him for telling him that her family will still love her. Yes, not everyone is that lucky, but do you seriously think he should say that her family wont love her still?