Dr Strange and Scarlett Witch

A little review

Oh, I highly encourage everyone too see this movie. I think it’s going to do really well. Most of the cinema’s were all booked out. Which was fantastic too see, I think it may be the best movie this year!

I loved seeing the mysticism and the witchery from Scarlett Witch. I honestly feel like it was a great combination together, the good and bad, the light and dark, coming together. I have to confess to you all, I think Dr Strange may be my favourite superhero of all =D I also have loved Scarlett Witch, before these movies came out.

It may not seem like a typical Iron Man, or Captain America type movie. But if you love old cultures, if you love the Spirits, love witch craft, love everything “new age” (despite it being around for centuries) I highly recommend it. I wont say too much at the moment, because it is pretty new. But it is a brilliant movie.

Oh my goodness, Emily Olsen in this movie is absolutely gorgeous! Like I said I don’t want too give too much away, but she is absolutely amazing as Wanda. I can honestly say that this has my favourite interpretation of her as “Wanda” so far. You also get to see her full powers. Of course I have adored Benedict Cumberbatch since forever. I can’t even remember where I first saw him, but he is a fantastic Dr Strange. I know that a lot of people tired of seeing him in everything, but not me.

Also if you don’t want spoilers, do not look past this GIF. I posted a gif of the favourite part of the movie, and can I say why I adore Cumberbatch.

By the way this has nothing to do with my previous post of feminism vs patriarchy, lol. You know what? I think this is more about a kind of spirit vs another kind of spirit. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much? How often do we fight within our own spirits. It’s not really good vs evil, although there are elements of that. It’s more about fighting with the good and bad within ourselves.

What makes you happy? Like even my favourite part of this movie, you could definitely take it as “The Hangman” or the “Death” card. What do I mean by that? A lot of people see the Death card in particularly as a horrible card, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing to die. It literally means about the death of something within you. Maybe a new career? Did you realise something about yourself, that changes you forever. Death doesn’t always mean “The End”.

If you don’t want to know about one of my favourite parts of the movie, don’t look down, lol.

Me and my high standards

When you grow up, you learn that sometimes, you don’t have to be team anyone. Quote – Me =D

Do you know how often I laugh to myself because I think too myself how open-minded I am, but I have incredibly high standards. Not just for myself, but for others as well.

I can totally not agree with someone, but if it’s something lame like “I believe Depp, not sorry”, I’m cutting you off. I believe that Depp texted to one his friends that he wanted to burn Amber and stuff her in his trunk, because he did exactly like that. You believe what, that he’s a horrible human being? He is.

Paul Bettany: having Johnny Depp texts read aloud in libel trial was ‘an unpleasant feeling’

83 Times Johnny Depp Lied Under Cross-Examination

Also this:

In texts Depp, 57, had described women as “sluts” and “fat ugly whores”. In one he said he would “smack the ugly cunt around” after asking whether a “worthless hooker” had arrived. In another, he described his former partner Vanessa Paradis as a “withering cunt”. Vanessa Paradis is the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN.

How idiotic do you have to be to ignore that? Why are people this dumb when it comes to celebrity? He’s lost TWO court cases now, because he IS an abuser. Yes Amber Heard did it, BUT SO DID HE.

Seriously, what is WRONG with you to ignore that?

One message, sent in 2013, made lewd reference to Heard’s “beaver”, and discussed her murder by “burning” or “drowning”.

Although I have high standards, I have them for a good reason. When you IGNORE something so obviously horrible and troubled, what else do you ignore? So yeah, I have no problem with cutting people of like that. I guess I don’t have high standards, I just have normal standards, because I’m a decent human being.

Kind of funny, I started to write this one, and the next day I saw this article. You can sign up for free.

Why do people blindly support Johnny Depp? I’ll tell you whyCharlotte Proudman

I can tell you why though, people are stupid. I literally have seen someone write “Because Heard wasn’t beaten up as badly Rihanna, I don’t believe her. But I don’t follow Depp blindly”. That’s sick. Depp has lost twice already, he has now being SUING people LONGER than he even knew Heard for. He is STILL trying to control everything. If people do not pull him up on his behaviour, he will end up like Prince, M.J. Elvis, ALL of them. Their therapists have said that there was mutual abuse.

Why am I highlighting words and sentences, because people are not paying attention.

Have some standards people.

I can’t believe I HAVE to write this. Imagine Depp was talking about your daughter like that. Depp’s own children have to hear what their Father called their Mother, because he wants to control everything. Would you really be okay with that, if that was your daughter, mother, sister, Aunt, grandmother he was saying that he wanted to burn alive, like a witch. Calling her a whore. A LOT of you seem to be alright with that. That’s scary. So get yourself some standards.

And saying all this, I will still be watching Depp and Heard films. I enjoy a lot of them. I just hope Depp let’s it go and starts to move, healthily, with his life.

Ranting =D

I am taking a page of the fascinating book that is Paula Light and doing a bit of a “peeve” post, haha.

The more I hear about Chris Rock, the more I’m glad Will Smith did what he did, and the more I get annoyed at “Hollywood”. The more and more I want to thank him. See below:

So you can’t “say gay”, but Republicans are trying to push through a Bill so you can marry under age minors.

The “Safe Too Be Me” LGBTQIA+ conference in the UK, has now had to be cancelled. As it is, in fact, NOT safe to be anyone in the UK right now.

A ban with “loop holes” is not a ban.

Nadine Dorres (spelling) sold off Ch4, despite no one wanting her too.

Lego do make Lego for adults, just like there are teddy bears, dolls, comics, anime, magna, cartoons. Everything kids have, you can get as an adult.

Why did Rowling get so much good luck, when there are far better writers.

Speaking which, she’s now denying that LGBT people were killed by Nazi’s.

What is with people asking if you’ve been raped or not? Then no matter what you say, they either don’t believe you, or somehow you hate women because you don’t hate on trans women because of it.

Then I read a report that said they got a group of Fox News watchers, to watch CNN for three days. Oh, voila, suddenly they weren’t hating on everyone…3 FUCKING DAYS!!! How stupidly led are these people. If you can change your “hardcore” life damaging beliefs in THREE DAYS…WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!

What world ARE we living right now?

What are we doing!

Tomorrow, I have work all day and then I’m going to be with my mum for a night, but I’m not taking my computer with me. Then I work again all day on Friday. So won’t have access to a computer for like over 24 hours. I will have my phone and charger, so might be able to watch a little streaming.

Let’s see

So when I went to write this post, I didn’t actually know what to write about. You see, I have a gazillion and one thoughts running through my head. Have you ever tried catching up with your thoughts, when you have a gazillion and one running through there at Superman speed!

I am also one of those people who can do three things and nothing all at once, but that’s a story for another day.

This is why I love blogging and wanting to get back into jotting down my thoughts and writings, when I cannot blog. Blogging, I can write a post like this and you all understand where I am coming from. I can write about all the thoughts that are running through my head, and not be able to write them all down at once, and you will all understand.

Too most people, well those who do not blog. I could write a whole heap of nothing, and they wouldn’t understand, you would all still understand.

Not that I’m saying this blog post is a whole bunch of nothing. It’s actually a lot of something.







Some thoughts, about the kitty

I have been getting myself in a bit of a tizzy about the kitty. I have been crying randomly on and off, but it’s been different from my chihuahua. I feel the same gaping hole of something missing, but I’ve been feeling ill telling others about the kitty, whereas I did not have the feeling about the Chihuahua. I’ve been waking up with the puffy eyes, but it’s been different.

So I thought about it, because I don’t feel like I loved one more than the other. I thought maybe it’s because he’s technically my partners cat.

I sat there and I thought about it.

The closest I can think of in my grief, is that the biggest difference was that Chihuahua was a family dog, like she got on well with other humans. But she only really loved her family. Whereas Travie, not a cuddly cat, very independent, but he was loved by everyone. The neighbours loved him, they all helped look for him, the vets loved him. Even though he was not cuddly and he didn’t really like anyone apart from his family, and he was very independent, he was a special little fellow.

He has his own Instagram account for a start, lol. Even though he was very independent and he was not a cuddly cat, he didn’t cause problems in the neighborhood either. He didn’t kill any of the birds or other animals, it was always another cat who did that. The birds would swoop him and he’d play with them, but he never hurt them, they hurt him more than the other way around, lol.

It’s like my brother said, and he’s not always the most emotionally adapted person, lol. Even at the end of the same text message, he said “You could now get a little dog” lol. But like my brother said to begin with, “He’s lived a bloody good life with two humans who loved him more than most cats gets to be loved. A very happy lucky boy”.

I will love and miss you forever my little man ❤ ❤ ❤

Funny thoughts

I thought I would share with you all the weirder thoughts that I have. See if you can relate:

  • Why would anyone get life insurance? (After watching numerous crime shows).
  • If you’ve lived MORE than half your life in #Australia, can only vote in Australia…Then NO, you are not British.
  • Why is it always the people who give no respect to others, demanding that others respect them?
  • There are lot of self victims about.
  • You can’t just not tell welfare/Centrelink that you didn’t work.
  • I just really don’t care what that signature is, lol. (Work related)
  • I am crying over kitty litter. What is up with that!

Too my babies

I don’t know how to think, there’s an emptiness, I can’t see it, but I can feel it.

Where are you?

Are you there?

Is that you in the sky? Was that your cloud? Is that your little paws kneading my stomach?

Is that paw at my knee?

Did you hide in that box?

When I think of you, that hole becomes a little more filled. You may not be here, but I will always smile when I think of you. I guess that means I’m always going to be smiling.

I am one of the lucky few, who gets to be unconditionally loved, not only once in my life, but twice! The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Breathe in and out, I can still see you there. How can it be that there are two colours winding throughout right. Blue and yellow, winding separately, never interacting. Sad and bright, bright and sad. On the breath of the wind.

Who else?

Is just sick to death of this planet?

I don’t know why so many politicians complain about the Chinese, North Korea or the Ukraine, when they all want to head down that path themselves. How on earth did we get such terrible leaders? Especially in the US, the UK and Australia? Like how stupid are our fellow countrymen?

My mum and I often joke that we wont fight climate change, because humans just do not deserve to be here.

A bit more about 2022

Well, maybe not the greatest of starts.

There must be something we’re all looking forward too though, in 2022? Personally, I am really looking forward to becoming a affiliate on Twitch. But I also want to get my partners spare room sorted out, and in the other create a little “escape” for myself. Until you know, baby makes 4…Hey, the cat is part of our family. I’m not saying I am pregnant, I’m saying if it happens. Then I can change my escape to babies room =D

Even though, it’s Summer here…I am also looking forward too the: lazy hot days where you lie around all day. Watching a favourite movie, and eating that favourite ice-cream. Taking off the bra, oh we know what I’m talking bout =D