Talk to yourself<3 Nurt Thursday

Nurt Thurs – Talk to Yourself

We are own worst critics, no doubt.

Sometimes what I think we need to do, is sit down by ourselves with a nice drink…alcoholic or non…all up too you, whatever makes you feel good. Listen to some good music and just talk to yourself. It might sound a little crazy, but sometimes when I need to talk but I don’t know what to say I do, actually talk to myself. Socially, I am awkward. Sometimes I need to speak to myself so I know what it is I am actually thinking,lol

Sing along to your favourite song, and let the feelings fall.

Get yourself in front of that mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you truly are ❤

Talk to yourself that you would with the kindness and love that you would show another ❤

Linda M Hayes


9 thoughts on “Talk to yourself<3 Nurt Thursday

  1. I agree with you .
    Me too a socially awkward person .
    Everyday after dinner I go to the terrace after dinner for a walk .
    I listen my favourite music , I sing . Sometimes I talk to myself . Motivate myself to do better .

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