RuPaul — ‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else

Cuse me, I didn’t finish writing this one and forgot to reschedule it.

My Uncle said to myself recently “You’ve grown like this massive ego recently Lauren” and you know what? I have and I don’t hate him at all for it. It’s one of the reasons I love him so much. He tells like he sees it. There is no game playing with him. When his son came out, you know what he said? That it was sad, that his son was probably gay his entire life, but because of society pressures he had to hide.

I’ve been called self righteous many a time really recently, and you know something? I like it a lot, lol.

I doubted myself for a really LONG time, and I don’t know…Something happened when I told people about my anxiety and my now ex “sisters from other misters” all decided that was the time to tell me what a horrible person they all thought I was. Something has definitely been different since then.


Thursday Theories – How to help!

Remember that Love Wins…Always, and it shall help guide.

If you see someone trying to to do the right thing, and they are getting “clobbered” for it. Give them a like ❤ No comment needed. It’s a people thing.

Even if you can’t donate, or spend money. Make sure you’re always keeping up to date and listening out on how you can help.

Fundraising for Transgender support – Chuffed

Stonewall News – United Kingdom

Social media gives support to LGBTQ youth when in-person communities are lacking ; The Conversation Published: September 28, 2021 9.57pm AEST Linda Charmaraman Director of Youth, Media & Wellbeing Research Lab, Wellesley College

Follow LGBTQIA+ Supportive media accounts

Trans Writes – Twitter

proud to be – Headspace

If you don’t understand something, ask, with care. Personally I didn’t understand about they/them, but you ask and you learn. And don’t ask because you’re going to use it to harm.

I think the whole thing is, is that it’s really not that hard to understand. Just be kind. Don’t judge straight away. I know that it is only human, but you know how to catch yourself.

Have a Happy Day

I’m not sure what to write here today.

I have never personally been a huge Valentine’s Day, single or in a relationship. Honestly, the best Valentine’s I have had, are when I’m single and I’ve gotten together with other single friends. So I’ve never really been inspired to write anything “romantical”. Honestly, I was put off of Valentine’s Day by an ex friend of mine. But that shouldn’t stop putting anyone off, buying me books =D Just saying, lol. I am spending my Valentines, looking after an injured partner…I love you, you total duffa, lol

I just hope every day has a little bit of goodness in it for you ❤ Even on the bad ones.

Today, I have made up boxes for the neighbours who helped search for Travie. I actually did want to do something like this, when we got him back. But you know, life, lol. Think about doing something a little different this year for Valentines Day. Also I just really like our neighbours, they are lovely. Very chatty (which I am not) but very lovely.

Personally, I’m more a fan of the dark and miserable romances, where they don’t really end up “together”. You know sometimes I think something is wrong with me, lol

How to love

You know what I get really quick so seeing, really quickly, like a blink of my eye. Those who talk about justice, those who talk about love, respect, dignity…But then, there’s that ONE post. That automatically cancels out the rest of them.

Now I am not saying that you HAVE to love the right wing Christian Conservatives. Be as rude as you like to them, after all, if they don’t care for others lives, why would you be polite to them? But make sure you are doing it from a good place. Like every time I’m rude to a transphobe, it’s actually not that rude. Except for a fuck here or there. It’s just the truth. Now SOME people think that it’s being rude calling a bigot, a bigot. Or a snob, a snob.

For myself personally, I think, that if you can write about how everyone has “Freedom of Expression” then not delete the comments of the transphobe, which is having ACTUAL real life consequences, but delete my comments. Aren’t my “rude” comments, just another Freedom of Expression? How DARE you delete my comments, while writing and blabbering on about “Freedom of Expression”. I bet the transphobic comments are still up there too.

And quiet honestly, every time I tell a transphobic “person” or any bigot exactly how I feel about them. I am happy, and I can be happy in the knowledge that not all women are blind sheep, just ready to like “anything”. That some women out there still have strength, and the back bone to kick ASS! And to bring down the actual patriarchy, not being another female patriarchy protector. Like all the wonderful feminists out there, right now! I get mad at the bigots, because their actions and words are having REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES. But I always feel better telling exactly how I feel about them and not running away from them, calling them out.

You can’t have Equality with just U…Hahahahaha. It’s a a Equaliweeee…Not equalimeee …. I could come up with so many of these, lol

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In the run up to 2022 … Stay Positive!

I really do feel optimistic for the trans and LGBTQIA community. It just seems to be in the UK, that it’s all turned into a schmozzle … BUT…I will always believe that LOVE WINS!

Love will ALWAYS win!

I am not even going to get into what “she who should never be named again” did or tweeted. But this is what THE Lynda Carter did, in less than 12 hours, it had nearly 80,000 likes. You should go and show some love! I saw it in the morning, before I left for work. When I got back from work and saw what I saw. I cried.

Tough Love

Have people forgotten about this all together?

Yarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh … I’m all about love and peace, but not when you’re enabling others to spread misinformation, or encouraging toxic habits.

My mum asked me the other what could she say to someone who kept sending her fake news about the COVID medications. I said just simply say “Please stop sending me this stuff”…Nope…So I said play it dumb…Nope…So I said “tell her to fuck off then”. Then later on, this group of people meet up at meditation (irony) once a month. Where my Mum said the majority of them, don’t like what she’s doing…So guess what they said to her when she brought it up…Nothing.

Now this woman’s DOCTOR son, is “threatening” to ban her from seeing his kids. I don’t blame him. She’s going around accusing people like her own son, of injecting people with fetuses. She wants to play victim?

It’s sad that her own son…whose a Doctor…Has to put his foot down, but no one else is willing to do it. She still thinks that she’s in the right, because no one is telling her how wrong she is.

You can absolutely talk to people, disagree, without being rude or unpleasant. You sometimes though, have to say SOMETHING!

A Great Big World

When love becomes blind

Just like human beings, it’s okay for you to love your country. There’s nothing wrong with it, most people do love their country.

It becomes a problem, just like with human beings, when you want to ignore how not “perfect” your country is. Nobody and no country is perfect. You can make pretty close to “perfect” though, if you actually encourage to fix what’s wrong.

“The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” You certainly can’t solve a problem by pretending there isn’t one. Nor can you find a resolution by making excuses. First you must admit there is a problem. Then you can explore what the causes are

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