Friendship…Just a perfect friendship?

This was something that I wanted to post forever ago, in the previous year to be exact…But I thought reflecting on my friendships would be better to start off in the New Year.

For me personally, a lot of my friendships have change. Even though I’m 33 now, I finally got to watch my 30th party a couple of weeks ago and it made me realise how much has changed for me friendship wise…How differently I feel from that couple of years ago.

I was thinking and talking about marriage the other day myself and too me bridesmaids are the ones who are supposed to have your back, that’s why they stand behind the Bride. How many friends do you have in your life you can honestly say that you feel you can say this confidently?

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I would love to naively say that I would love to have a girlfriend group like Sex and the City. Even though I know it’s a tv show…It seems my little group is nowhere near this. One girl has just basically dumped us for an entirely different group for the last two years. The only time we see her now is when one of the other girls visits us from Interstate. That’s It. This girl that visits us from interstate, a couple of years ago she said that we were growing apart because for some reason she’s the only person I know that’s under the impression that when I’m single I’d rather hear my friends are being abused, then happy. You know what she’s done since then? Nothing. She hasn’t said let’s hang out and chat. She has hang out with our friends partners, more than me. Not only that when we were going through the rough patch, there was another one of our “friends” who started to attack me and all that was said “That’s who she is”…I didn’t feel better.

Now they’re all upset with me because I didn’t tell them I was in the hospital for a night. Well except the one that keeps attacking me of course,lol….And these are supposedly my oldest friends!lol

I want the Romy to my Michele (I am so Michele,lol)

The Fox to my Hound

The Carrie to my Charlotte (I will always be Charlotte too)

The Rose to my Blanche

The Jack to my Karen

The Chandler to my Joey.

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4 thoughts on “Friendship…Just a perfect friendship?

  1. So I’m super late in reading this, but I definitely get what you’re saying. I feel like as you get older (I’ll be 32 a week from today), it becomes harder to nail down that tight circle of friends t.v. shows display. It’s like you have your “clique”, but you all have your attention of ten other things and it becomes hard to do everything together (as a group). As you get older your friendships change and your interests, time and hobbies all shift too. You all get in and out of romantic relationships and so on. It sounds like your friends all care deeply for you and have your back though. Hopefully you all get to have more time together soon.

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    1. Yeah, we’re not friends anymore,lol…She accused me of treating her badly over the last couple of years. After I stood up to her abusive boyfriend. Then she blocked me so I can’t even ask what I did that was so much worse then him,lol

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      1. She’s also an only child so like 95% of our “friendship” has been all about herself. I also realised that my two other ex friends who called me sister, would have known what she said about myself. So I got rid of them as well,lol…They all had a go at me while not acknowledging anything of themselves…I don’t want them as friends,lol.


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