21st Century Citizen


Here is the question:

Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

For years I always had this feeling that I was born in the wrong era, I love the hippy life…Except for not shaving…I enjoy shaving. The last couple of years I’ve felt more and more like I belong here. I can embrace my hippy lifestyle and still belong in the now. It’s weird in a way, I still feel like I’d prefer to be among the 70’s but the way with technology and even with social media, I’ve been helping others to understand how to use social media in a positive way rather than negative. Which cannot be done back in the 70s (the technology was not available thne). So I’ve been spreading the love and peace, but using it for the 21st century. It’s a whole different way of life.


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