Blogging Inspiration

I want to hear about some of the different and “weird” moment, you’ve been inspired to write a post blog. You can say the shower, but I’m thinking more along the lines of:

As an example, I was recently inspired to write a blog post about my generation and protesting, and how we’ve haven’t really had many things to passionately protest about. All while I was looking for coat hangers for clothes. But then in turned to also write this blog post.



Wow, I didn’t even notice with everything that’s been happening this week that I am now up too 600 readers!

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This is amazing too me! I am honestly surprised when I had my first reader follow me, so to get here is an amazing event for me! Not too many people in my “irl” know that I even have that Blog. It just feels like this is something just for myself.

And it’s been great!

It’s pretty appropriate that I have noticed the gain in my readers (I hate calling readers ‘followers’…I just personally don’t like the term). I want to change my Blog this year, make it more relevant, have a little more fun it. See how I can it more Library and Book related. I have been inspired by my readers that’s for sure!


Yes or No

I promise this is going to be my last Same Sex Marriage post, mainly because I think by now people have their minds pretty set. Guess What…Whether you agree with someone or not, they have a right to say what they think. We don’t actually have “Freedom of Speech” in Australia, we have an implied right to political speech.

Basically whether or not you agree with the other side, they have a right to say what they want, but you also have to accept the consequences of those actions. A lot of businesses for example have social media type clauses.

The situation frustrates me because the Government should have just let it happen. I swear, there would have been a few upset people but I truly do think it would have just died down after a few months. Other countries that have done it, are perfectly fine. So what is the problem?

Oh and if one more person brings up “paedophilia” for a reason to Vote “No”. I swear I will list every single Church since the beginning of time that have either been charged or investigated for paedophilia…George Pell anyone?

Here are some facts:

  • People had up until the 24th of August to register to Vote.
  • There is a very quick way to check where the closest post office box is to you. You’ll probably find that it’s actually within walking distance.
  • Your vote has to be back by November 7th.
  • It’s not a obligatory vote.
  • Probably the saddest fact that even if the majority Vote Yes…It still doesn’t mean that the Government have to let it pass, there will just be more of a possibility of it happening.
  • No matter what the outcome is…Gay people can already have children, whether it’s by adoption or surrogacy or…other. The outcome of this vote will NOT change that. Some people seem to still need to get this one in their heads.


I thought that I would start this new Category of “Learn something new every day (or week). I thought since I am always preaching about learning something new every day, I thought that I’d start sharing something new that I’ve learnt during the week. I could try posting something every day, but we all know that I could NEVER keep that up! Now, you may be aware of what I write about, but to me it’s new and to others it could be as well. I encourage everyone to share what they know about what I write about.

Welcome to my very new post of “Learn something new every week”!

I wanted to start off with happy facts, since it’s been such a weird couple of weeks and it seems like there has been very little happiness out there lately.

Did you know that Cat’s don’t generally meow to each other? They generally only meow to human beings. When they “speak” with each other it’s generally through eye contact, body language and smell.

Meowing and Yowling – ASPCA


That’s right folks! This is my 1000th Blog post!!! YAY!

I have actually tried uploading a video to commemorate it, but I’ve had so many problems with it. Then when I thought that I could get it done, I forget that they were doing work on our power lines today. So here I am writing it again.

Thank you to everyone who has made this Blog a possibility, you don’t even understand! I’ve got like 10, maybe 15 diaries/journals and they all have about 5 pages written, with the full intention of them being full. Which is why it’s even a miracle I wrote one more post after the first one, let alone 1000!

Here’s too a hundred thousand more!

I love…

I have been so inspired by so many different posts this week, it’s been fantastic. They have been so positive and amazing and influential, so I am sharing a couple that I’ve seen…But there have been so many amazing posts this week, must be something in the air. I feel like it’s so weird out there at the moment, so weird and pretty negative. So here are some good things that I’ve read over the past week.

Listening to your own inner voice: The Classic Feminine Woman

What I Love: Victoria Jaynes Books

Embrace Your Individuality: Curious Queendom

Usually on a Thursday evening I will share “Share Your World” but Cee’s Photography is taking a well deserve holiday this week. So I guess that I’m sharing my world of what I’ve been reading this week.

My organised mess…

Sweeping Motions: Daily Post

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.

Right this moment, they are probably just as messy as each other. Over the last year or so I have been getting rid of my “stuff”, giving it to charity, just getting rid of it all. Deleting old files, games I never play any-more. I could definitely say that both my rooms and my home screen are a bit of an “organised mess” at the moment. By that I mean, I see the clean and I know where everything is, but if someone else were to walk into my room, or see my home screen…They’d probably be wondering “What?”lol. Especially since I’ve just recently had my birthday, all the stuff I had gotten rid of, has now been replaced by all the new stuff I got for my birthday.