So it begins…

I FINALLY got around to getting something to start the Garden with.

I know I should be saving for the Wedding, but it’s just a day. However, too me, I would much rather up do the home, and make the backyard my little “sanctuary”. I want to make my home, a home.

I am kind of enjoying planning my wedding. But planning my home, is much more happier and much more meditative. Mainly because my partner doesn’t care to much of what I do. My entire life my “safest” space has been my bedroom, but now I have to share it…with a man…woooooooooooo, lol.

I need a quiet space, one I can run too when I need too. The biggest challenge will be to make it mosquito repellant. They love to suck my blood! Haha.


8 thoughts on “So it begins…

  1. I’m with you, 💯%. Many people spend so much on their weddings, they could have put a sizeable down-payment on a new house. Then, at the wedding, they get tons of stuff for their house. I’d vote make the wedding about marrying the man you want and little else, then put the money towards making both your lives lovely. 💑

    I’ve also had good luck with that silly OFF! brand “repellent fan.” Mosquitoes love me too. 😄

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