So it begins…

I FINALLY got around to getting something to start the Garden with.

I know I should be saving for the Wedding, but it’s just a day. However, too me, I would much rather up do the home, and make the backyard my little “sanctuary”. I want to make my home, a home.

I am kind of enjoying planning my wedding. But planning my home, is much more happier and much more meditative. Mainly because my partner doesn’t care to much of what I do. My entire life my “safest” space has been my bedroom, but now I have to share it…with a man…woooooooooooo, lol.

I need a quiet space, one I can run too when I need too. The biggest challenge will be to make it mosquito repellant. They love to suck my blood! Haha.


I am a noob

…in the garden

The weather has been lovely the last couple of days, so I decided to get out and do some gardening. With my leg doing alright, I did some =D And I did a lot, there is still a lot to go. I have to be in the mood to garden, and with my leg. The weeds, have become such a problem and with my leg. I have not been enthused much.

My goodness, I regretted it. I felt like, even though I did a lot. It still looks overwhelming.

Save Me Jebus!

I would love to make a lovely little garden in the back. I would love to make it so I can go and sit and be relaxed.

Meditation Garden Ideas ; Pinterest,

Collection by Lisa Frieden

National Garden Meditation Day

Well while this is a silly little holiday, it’s still a good one!

Lately, I have been working really hard in the garden. As we head towards winter, I am making sure that one) we are not over run by weeds and two) all the plants I have planted in memory of Travie, stay alive.

The weather has been lovely the last couple of days and I don’t really have an excuse to not do anything in the garden. We had two dead trees and they are nearly go. There are some areas that were covered in pines and sticks from the trees. There’s not as much, as much as I love the big tree. It does make such a mess!

I would LOVE to create a garden out the back, that looks amazing from the back bedroom. I honestly wish that it was the master bedroom. I am currently trying to turn in into my “escape” type room. It would be amazing to create something stunning out the back here! We also had a little unfortunate incident. I think the European Starling tried to take on the Raven family in the tree and lost =/

Share Your World … Week 22

Share Your World – 2015 Week #22

Share Your World

Cee Photography came up with another great idea!
“I came up with a another way of doing Share Your World for this again this week. Finish these four sentences.  You can be talk about yourself or be creative and write a piece of fiction.  It’s up to you.  Have some fun.”

Complete this sentence:  Never In My Life Have I….Wanted to be as happy as I am right now, corny or what!

Complete this sentence:  My neighbour wants me to help her…Garden, she seems to really need it!

Complete this sentence:  When I was little I wanted…to really go to Disney world (and I still do,lol)

Complete this sentence:  Will you come here to…where?lol

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?