A lot of bigot people just do not have it.

Which is why they fall very easily for propaganda.

And it never stops amazing me how many people, being rich = a good person. When most of the time, it is very much the opposite of that. How jealous we are because they’re so good looking and rich, and have successful…

Well you may be rich, good looking (well a little bit) and have a great career.

But you’re still a terrible person, haha.

Being rich, good looking and a great career, doesn’t mean for a second that you’re a good person.

I could be the poorest of the poor, no career and be “ugly”, and I would still be a better person than you.

Because that’s how self-esteem works.

The anti-trans people may have the Republicans, the Tories, the Religious Right Christians and a lot of the right mainstream media’s ear. But I have the majority of people who stand with me when I say “trans rights are human rights”. That makes me the richest, the best looking and the best life ever!

So when you say to someone like me, after your “tweet” got 3000 “likes” of people who think cis is offensive (that’s pathetic by the way). You laugh and say to me “How does it feel to be part of a minority” I can reply “I’m not”, because one, I don’t NEED Twitter likes to determine who or who not is correct. Two, I’m not part of a minority and I can show all the facts and figure. You’ve got anon twitter accounts. Thirdly, I’m a straight white cis woman, I have a LOT of privileges and that shows a distinct lack of morality to call me a “minority”, because you got a lot of Twitter likes. That’s not what a minority is.

Also there are 330million twitter users.

Do it,

So I cut another two people out of my life yesterday “family”.

One is CLEARLY a Tory supporter, and the other posted something horrifically transphobic.

I STILL don’t speak to my Dad, I WILL cut you out too.

If the ONLY time I’ve seen you make comments about women’s sports, is about how glad you are about the banning of trans gender women in Sports. Yeah, you’re a pretty terrible person.

What has shocked me though, these two “people” were raised by GOOD people. My Great Poppa Joe and Nana Doris. I think I’ve talked about them before? There’s just NO way those two would have been Tory supporters. I expect that kind of behaviour from my Dad’s side, lol

How does that even like happen?lol

Great Nana Doris, had a child out of wedlock, in like the 30’s, still called her child, hers. Had one leg cut from the knee, because of polio. Yet, if you didn’t know, you never would have thought she had a disability. And my beloved Poppa Joe, wrote things like “The world will never be at Peace, until we are all coffee coloured”. He didn’t like Religion, he questioned it all the time. These two human beings were “woke”, before we knew what that word was.

These are my Gran’s parents. The woman who went backpacking around the world, by herself, in her 50’s and helped people with Aids. How do they have such a terrible son? Mind you, I don’t think their son has been out of his town, until he came to visit his sister for the first time, last year. My Gran has been here, in Australia, since the 60’s.


Mentally Good =D

Despite everything that’s been happening lately, mental health wise, I am actually doing quiet well. I think despite a lot of people being well, not supportive of me. I know it’s not because of me, and I know it’s not because I’m doing anything wrong. In fact a lot of situations, I’m doing all the support I can. Sometimes, it’s not enough, especially when you don’t get it back.

BUT, I know I’m GOOD. Does that make sense? It’s nearly 40 years, but I know it’s not because of me, but it’s because people are just REALLY stupid. One of the big reasons that I keep coming back to blogging, I FEEL supported. Even during my rants, I FEEL supported. For a long time, I couldn’t understand why I’m never good enough for anyone else, but now it doesn’t matter. I’m good enough for me =D


So after the weekend, I started to speak about something that has been frustrating me for a long time. Places like Twitter, you see it all the time of people becoming quickly radicalized. You have to have a strong head on your body. I admit that I do go on social media a lot, especially at the moment. But it’s mostly to do with, I can’t believe the amount of shitty people!

However, one of the reasons I don’t become “either or” is because, I don’t have many friends and as I’ve said before I am not speaking to my Dad right now. The reason I don’t have many friends is because I have no problems with calling people out. The people in my life that I have, don’t put up with a lot of bull plop. Which is completely fine with me.

At this point on…

There is no good enough reason to support anything she-voldermont, anymore. I would say you have to be the next “Helen Keller” to not know what’s going on, but Helen Keller would still totally know.

So, I’m not gonna yell and fuss. If I see something and I think it’s supporting bigotry or “bad things”, I will unfollow. No yelling, no fussing. Just unfollow and if it is bad, report it. Not that I expect much to happen.

When I talk about this, I mean like everywhere…Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, here. It’s just getting too much out there. I naively thought once Trump was gone, when he was being banned from everything, I thought that the madness would stop. I’m still glad Biden got in, but if I had known then when I know now, I still wouldn’t have not cared if Biden got in.

I guess, what I’m thinking is that no one has really learnt anything from Trumps time.

Like, once Trump was gone. Once he was voted out by the people, once he was banned from a lot of stuff. And I do believe that he will get some kind criminal sentence. I thought it’d make people go “Oh, I don’t want to end up like that” Apparently not.

I am Me =D

I don’t know if I’ve told you all this before, but when I ended up in hospital after my having a massive anxiety attack. For myself, I put it down too the “real stuff” that set my brain off. The “new age” stuff helped my brain calm down again.

I couldn’t get through my anxiety without either. The “real” or the “new age” ‘stuff’.

So when I hear my own father say that the new age stuff failed me, you don’t know me. You wouldn’t say too me if you knew what I’ve been through.

I solemnly swear

…I will never bring up that horrible woman ever again, no, not that one…The other one…My gosh, there are LOT of them about, aren’t there? Hahaha.

I just don’t want to talk about specific transphobic people anymore, they are SO draining! It does affect my mental health every now and then. I just think by now, you know and I know, I don’t need to be person specific. Just gonna report, report, report.

It’s Pride Month in the UK. And currently more and more people are dropping out of the Tory’s UK Government “It’s safe to be me” conference. Especially AFTER the EHRC ( and after months of wasting time with banning conversion therapy) Will ban it, but only if trans people are still forced to participate in conversion therapy. But you know it’s totally safe to be you in the UK.

You can have a say here (until the 4th of Feb).


You know what pisses me off about women like Rowling. I think of a STRONG woman like Dr Ford who, though, she knew she would lose. Tried to stop the MALE who harmed her from having control over others bodies. THAT’S STRONG, THAT’S A SHERO. THAT’S protecting women.

Just because I suffer from it, doesn’t make me an expert about it.

I suffer from anxiety, I have a good job, good relationships (especially with myself), I have pretty good health. I still suffer from anxiety. I cannot generalise, and it does not make an expert in anxiety either. I can only speak for what works for me. It’s kind of like getting COVID, surviving, no long term conditions and calling myself an expert on COVID…

Unless you’ve spent years studying and researching, and keeping up with that researching and studying. Then no, you are not an expert.

Heck, even some of the experts aren’t that great at it either! There are about 7 Scientists (I think) who think the earth is flat. The majority though, clearly, do not believe that. So just be aware…But yeah, people like myself, even though I have anxiety issues, I am not an expert.

I bring this up, because again a transphobe has decided that because they have experienced gender dysphoria, and so they talk about it from THEIR experience. All the TERFs are like “Oh well, now I can talk about it” and this transphobe keeps liking their comments. So I’ve reminded, one person experience does not mean they are an expert and you STILL should not talk about something, because you know ONE person. Who from what we could see, didn’t even understand what gender dysphoria is, or anxiety. They actually seemed to believe, as long as your physically safe, your mind wont play tricks on you. That’s not how anxiety works.

Which is why I say, I have a good job, good relationships (especially with myself), I have pretty good health. I still suffer from anxiety. Not even being an expert, I can have anxiety attacks in a “physically safe space” and I do.

Special Sunday…World Mental Health Day!

Mental Health can affect anyone, of any age and at anytime.

I have read two of these books…So I can attest that they are really good and really helpful. You don’t even need a self help book to to read. You can read any book. That’s what is so awesome about reading!

World Mental Health Day — 5 Books to Help you with your Mental Health – Online: City Girl Network

I am going to be streaming later on today ❤ Lady Lolsy – Twitch. I wish I had a bigger audience, I could do donations for a mental health charity.


I actually had a really bad mental health day on Thursday, this week. I know perfectly why it happened, but I am still so embarrassed about it. There’s a job I applied for, I assumed and I’ve had a interview, where I realised how wrong I was about the job. I swear, everything they said, it just got worse and worse. So I was trying to put them off, but then they want me to come in for a work trial! The morning of, I just couldn’t get myself out of bed.

The only way I even fell asleep that night, was honestly by holding the “hands” of the these three. I lay on one and held onto the other two.

Name a more iconic trio