The US needs gun control … NOW

As of this moment, I am aware that the latest mass shooter is a trans MANS and not a trans woman. I am also very aware of how the right wing are trying to use this as some of sort of “proof” that trans extremist are an epidemic. In “fact”, they are such a epidemic the Right have been able to name all the trans and non-binary in all of one tweet. Even then, one of them wasn’t actually non-binary.

Now Right Wingers, type into ONE tweet all the male, mass shooters.

Of the more than 100 mass shootings that have happened in the United States in the last four decades, the vast majority have been carried out by men. – By Max Molski  Published March 27, 2023  Updated on March 27, 2023 at 6:32 pm

Of the 141 U.S. mass killings since 1982, only six were carried out by women, according to data from Mother Jones. Two of those incidents saw women acting in partnership with a man.

The Secret Service analyzed 173 targeted attacks from 2016 to 2020 and found that 172 of the 180 attackers (95.6%) were male. Three more were transgender, assigned female at birth but known to identify as male at the time of their attacks.

I think it’s clear where the epidemic actually is.

What is also annoying too me is how many “it’s mental health that’s the problem. Here’s the thing. If the right were truly concerned, why do they keep blocking all the mental health help Bills/Laws? It also seems to be that a lot of anti-gun control crowd “believe” that other countries don’t have mentally ill people. When you’re trying to “talk” to those people, it’s impossible. You try to explain to them, all countries have mentally ill people. The difference between the US and the other countries, is that, the mentally ill people don’t have such easy access to guns.

I have no doubt in my mind that these mass shooters are not well people. Well people don’t generally try to kill a lot of other people. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure that one out.

You don’t need to be Einstein though to figure any of this out.

Two things can also be true at the same time. Like it’s a mental health and a gun problem, it’s just easier to do something about gun straight away.

Not only is this picture false. The picture is of Alana McLaughlin and they’re posting a screenshot from a right wing sock account.

WHY is there SUCH a disconnect with right wing “Christian” Republican’s, and the rest of the world? 2A Conservatives wont, and don’t go for it, because they would be at the top of that list…EVERY FREAKING SINGLE TIME. #GunControlNow Republicans don’t go for gun control, because they would be the first ones to lose their guns, and they KNOW it.


Watch Your Words

I found out yesterday that one of my brothers closest friends passed away, by their own means. The anti-lgbt was too much for them too handle anymore. You probably wont hear about him on the news or any media outlet. He was just another soul lost in the world.

I’m pretty tired of it really. How many more are going to lose their lives, because bad witches speak. Because bad witches wont shut up. Because bad witches wont think of others, only themselves.

I came off of Twitter, because I couldn’t handle the stupidity anymore. People are REALLY dying though because of the anti-lgb and the anti-trans hate. People are REALLY dying. Real Human Beings are dying, because bad witch lady has an “opinion”. And she wont shut up.

I only know about three of them.

One of the last things that happened to me was someone tried to “bait me” with using the Hogwarts Legacy game. I’ll tell you what I said too them. “Go ahead, waste your money on a game that isn’t even in the top 20 in the first month its out. Thank you for proving, once again, what a weak, cowardly and quiet frankly, pathetic generation we are”.

I never met my brothers friend, but that doesn’t mean his loss is any less than Brianna Ghey’s or Eden Knights. People are actually dying from the bitch who I wont name. I don’t want your forgiveness, when I get mad about her. My anger is completely justified. I don’t understand how people can keep justifying her.

For Brianna, Eden and Liam ❤

So it begins…

I FINALLY got around to getting something to start the Garden with.

I know I should be saving for the Wedding, but it’s just a day. However, too me, I would much rather up do the home, and make the backyard my little “sanctuary”. I want to make my home, a home.

I am kind of enjoying planning my wedding. But planning my home, is much more happier and much more meditative. Mainly because my partner doesn’t care to much of what I do. My entire life my “safest” space has been my bedroom, but now I have to share it…with a man…woooooooooooo, lol.

I need a quiet space, one I can run too when I need too. The biggest challenge will be to make it mosquito repellant. They love to suck my blood! Haha.

So tired

I was going to write this as a theory, but it’s not a theory, it’s a fact.

Oh you will make #History, just on the wrong side of it #WomenWontWeesht Karen. “Space” Karen here likes to block women and likes the posts of white males who ask complete strangers what they name their body parts. #protectwomenfromKarens

I am so TIRED. I will keep fighting for trans rights. But I am SO tired, of seeing these utter LOSERS have to admit over and over again, that they’re wrong. They #lose over and over again, and yet they *think* they speak for women. I wish they would #wheest

“Sex Matters” are a big anti-trans “company” that regularly get to be heard at important discussions, like the GRR/GRC in Scotland. See, not the first time that they’ve had to admit they’re wrong either. But, they’ll keep being heard over trans supportive women, and trans people, about trans people situations. Even though they are regularly wrong and admit so.

I am not even kidding how many MORE times, do we just have to sit back and let these bigots talk over us?


I refuse too focus on negative this week. I have PLENTY to be happy about.

  • A wedding
  • A kitten
  • The backyard is looking like, a backyard, lol And I can probably do something with it.
  • Blogging and the Bloggers here
  • I actually like my work and the people I work with.
  • I have a roof over my head and within reason, can do what I like.
  • My Dad seems to be getting better too. Which of course, great. I think he might actually be seeing someone about his alcoholism…Maybe, lol
  • Making this : –
  • Making a home.

You don’t have to do it here, but I would like you to write a list of all the good things you can focus on.

Good Questions!

I saw this and I thought it is such a good question to remind ourselves. It’s like if you don’t want to share, it is a good reminder.

Christmas can be a really hard time for some, so remember to remember (haha) what you might need to get through this time. And remember, it’s okay not too be okay.


I honestly feel like I need an entire recharge, I don’t know how else to push forwards. It’s only Tuesday! I don’t know why, but II really thought maybe the Right would be kind for even a minute. I was wrong.

I just want to spend some time swapping ideas, about how one can recharge themselves.

See, I’m in funk and I would love to hear about other people’s ways to recharge. I’m going to be honest, I would totally love to see if one of you have a way that I can steal for myself, lol.

Most of the time, the first thing I do is just come off social media. Then I’ll sit for a little bit and see what either my mind or my body says it needs. That can be anything from just reading to having a bath, having a good cry, a good whine. Listening to music or watching comedies all night.

I day dream like a super hero! Sometimes, I just nap. And I always listen to at least one or two Enya songs!

World Mental Health Day

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I was going to write a long post about how you should look after your mental health, how it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on it. Especially with the world as “crazy” as it, and after COVID. It’s becoming more apparent, that people are, in fact, completely losing it.

Instead of writing/saying, I have decided to “do” instead. Since I’m not working today, but do have to see my physio. I am going to take it upon myself to take the time to read as much as I want today. Sometimes I get the feeling that if I don’t “fight” the bullies and the meanies all the time, they’ll win. I can’t keep doing that too myself.

I know that the majority of people are good, and they all know how silly it is. But I also feel like people don’t want to rock the boat, as we’ve never really had too before. You know what I mean? But we should and we can in such little ways. Over the years, I will admit I’ve become braver while sitting behind a computer. It’s easy to learn and research things when you’ve got the time to sit and read the information. But now I know what I know, so it makes it easier to fight.

Before I started to take on the transphobes, I didn’t know what the difference was between cis and trans. Know I can’t shut up about it!lol. Mainly because it is just so simple!

I would highly recommend you do doing what’s best for you.

“It’s okay to lose people, but never Lose Yourself” -Eminem

And I’m out…For now…

I cant do it anymore folks. Watching what’s happening in America, it’s too much.

I am of the thought that until we know what’s definitely happening with Trump, I don’t want to read anymore news about it. I will always fight against Trump and Trump Supporters. I just can’t read the news about it anymore.

It wont be that hard to fight against Trump Supporters anyway, they don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time anyway, lol. I’m tired of Republican’s, I am tired of Texas especially, I am tired of the Supreme Court “Judges”. They’re nuts. America will absolutely be doomed, if they’re allowed to continue.

I had to take the decision after, reading one article about a Librarian taking away all the YA books. I was annoyed at the Librarian, but then the next article I read was about this Texan YouTuber saying he was going to kill ANY teacher. Who would dare talk their child about LGBT matters. Suddenly I got why the Librarian was probably taking down the books. They clearly have no problem with violence. That is terrifying!

Then I listened to a podcast with an Australian Comedian, Toom Gleeson. He was talking about how he went over to bring entertainment to the troops, serving. He said that for the “Land of the Free”, when he went to entertain the American Troops. There was a long list of things he couldn’t joke about. All the others, the Australians, the British ect, he could joke about whatever. But America, was a no no.

You cannot be in a world and not able to laugh at yourself. You cannot heal, if you cannot accept what’s wrong.

I’m not sure how long my brain could go on, seeing bad news after bad news, after bad news. I have no intention of not speaking up if I encounter a TS or a religious extremist. I’m just not going to go and look for it. I’m going to refresh my feed. I just don’t want too know until something actually happens. I’m going to be honest, Americans Left, don’t seem to be much better. It’s just that they’re more socially “aware”. The whole “I’m not voting unless my favourite gets is” is just utterly ridiculous.

Its just too crazy. I will say though, the lovely people I’ve met here, please seriously consider moving here! I am not even joking! ❤ Come here and see how wonderful the world can be.

Poll Finds Most Americans Agree MAGA Movement Threatens Democracy–Including A Surprising Number Of Republicans

Of course! The problem isn’t the people, it’s the politicians and judges, and the media, who have nothing to do with the people! The people voted Biden in, didn’t they! 80% of Americans support abortions as well. It’s not the people with the problem. It’s the very loud, Right wing minority. Supported by very anti-social media CEO’S


Over this next week, I am going to try and re-focus my mind.

Which means, over the next week I invite you … TOO MY MIND!!! Hahahaha.

It’s more, I like to write to get my thoughts out. What I thought I’d do this week though is too write here, on the blog. Not about more personal things, I’ll leave that to my journal. Just more things, how I can focus on things around the world. What I want to do is get my mind to remember the good things. The things worth fighting for.

It’s getting mentally tough out there. I need to sit and refocus. I am still blocked on Twitter, and I am so thankful. I know what I’m going to do when I get it back. I plan to really stay off of it still, but I will be making a “post”. Then I really wont be on there anymore.

I hope you enjoy the next week of posts, because a lot are about dreams and ideas I have to make the world better. Well, how I think so anyway.

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