Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Happy Birthday to the Queen (and probable ultimate God) of Crime! Agatha Christie

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The Vatican Princess

I actually had a few people who seemed to be interested in this particular book. So I have finally sat down and wrote about this book. It’s been great to be able about this book in more detail.

The Vatican Princess: A Novel of Lucrezia Borgia:By C.W.Gortner

the vatican princess

*I just want to start this review off by writing that is purely based on my personal opinion. I have not been paid by anyone or any company to write this*

Too this day in modern History, Lucrezia Borgia, is one of the world’s most famous villainesses. Whether or not that’s completely justified, we will probably never be able to prove. Accused on incest, murder and poison vixen, luring men to their deaths. But what she just an unwilling pawn in her families games?

The biggest reason that I enjoyed this book was because, in the beginning at least. I really enjoyed the way that Gortner wrote Lucrezia, I absolutely believe that she was sweet and innocent. Someone who just wanted to love her family and their environment and just to basically be left alone. I felt like Gortner did Lucrezia Borgia a lot of justice with her character. She is written like a complete sweetheart. In other shows and books I’ve read of Lucrezia, they have written and given into the Myth of Miss Lucrezia Borgia.

Even with her rumoured romantic relationship with her brother, Cesare. A lot of other shows and books write like she enjoyed the incestuous relationship. Whereas with this book it’s written like Lucrezia, although not 100% without feelings, she has issues with it. This becomes even more apparent after Lucrezia begins to realise that Cesare is probably more obsessed with her, rather than in love with her. She does really her adore and treasure her husband in this book, Alfonso of Aragon. Which is probably a reason behind his murder by her brother.

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This is where my happy part of the review ends.

As soon as the book gets to about halfway through, it just seems to get real dark really quickly and seems to be purely for shock value. Rather than based on anything factual, and it really disturbed me. I think because I have a basic understanding of what the Borgia’s did. There was just one part that sincerely shocked me and then it put me off of the rest of the book.

I don’t mind a shock in a book, when it’s necessary, but I felt like the shock in this book was completely unnecessary. There was no proof of what was written even took place. Which I get to some extent that a lot on the Borgias are based on other people’s perspective, rather than actual fact. But I feel like, at least try. Don’t just write something completely horrible and shocking, just for the sake of it. Especially even when no one has heard this “myth” before.

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The Root of the Problem

This is also another run off of yesterdays post “The enemy’s territory”.

There are a lot of things I don’t understand about the human race, and one thing in particular grates on me as I get older. There’s a person I am close too, who is an alcoholic, wont admit it, and that’s not even the problem with them. This person is a family member and I can completely understand the whole not admitting to being an alcoholic.

What I don’t get is the abuse, and never acknowledging it. Yet, at the same time. Being proud when they stand up to people they don’t like. This person refused to go to a family Christmas because their other twin sibling called them “fat”. But yet, they abuse the shit out of me, my brother and my Mum, but we STILL are required to show them respect and talk to them. If we don’t respond the way they want either, then we get abused like they’re the victims and they can’t seem to understand why we then don’t want talk to them after.

The most recent incident I said they’d have to wait one more day for me to get an answer about if someone can take me way out my way to meet up with them. Because the person who I had to ask to take me, was sick. I knew even in a good mood, they’d probably say no. I then apparently had 30 minutes to ask them and of course the only answer was going to be “no” So then the abuse started.

Over the years, I put up with it, but lately I’ve been growing extremely tired of it. I am not doing this the rest of my life. Every time it happens, I have to turn my phone off, but it gets ridiculous. This person demands respect, but gives none back. Unless they’re deleting their messages to us while they’re drunk…again…Then how can they NOT see it? They blame my Mum for their bad relationship with my brother and I. Yet, it’s not okay to call them fat? Then they’re going on a cruise with this person who called them fat, but we keep getting abused? They had to cancel what they wanted to do for their birthday to satisfy the person calling them fat…But do you think they abuse their family member…Nope, just the people who were going to offer to get them a room for the night.

How does someone justify this in their head?

The whole reason they keep having problems is because they keep being kind to the people who are horrible to them, but are nasty to the people who are kind to them? Maybe that’s their problem?


What makes you a good person?…Magical Monday #6

Do any of you have any one in your life where they’ll do one of those inspirational type posts or quote, but they are the complete opposite of that quote? I’ve known a few people who are bad biotches, and not in the “cool” way. They’re just bad. Yet,they post things about how you treat others and how they treat others…Or at least, how they think they treat others. Our managers, as an example, at work are pretty much breaking Laws with how badly they treat their workers. Yet, they’re “skype” banners are all about how well a manager should treat their staff.

Have you ever heard of that saying about how if you have to tell everyone what kind of person you are, you’re probably not that person? Like those guys who call themselves “good guys” ALL the time, but they’re not?lol

But, here today, I want to talk to you, about what you think makes you a good person? Or what good do you look for in others? Let’s not be shy! Go for it!


Too cancel or not to cancel, that is the question…

How many of you have heard about the “cancel culture”. If you haven’t, it’s where some (usually well-known) says or does something appropriate and then every one wants to “cancel” them. I guess, it’s another way, the more “modern” way to say “boycott”.

But is the cancel culture going TOO far? Is it becoming detrimental? Where we can’t have ANY discussion?

Usually if I don’t like what someone has said or done, I back myself away from them until I feel like I am in a position to talk with them again. With the cancel culture though, it’s a in the moment type deal and then even if the person apologises or explains, it’s too late.

For myself, personally, there are just some people that I have never liked and will never liked. Justin Bieber comes to mind. He recently explained when he was younger all the drugs and stuff he was on because of the pressures of being a child star. Which I get, but I was confused. I don’t like who he is NOW.

Whereas, I’m not sure if you all heard of the #boysdance too? A reporter in Hollywood appeared to mock Prince George going to Ballet and there was an uproar. I was a dancer, for a good, half of my life and I was upset by what the reporter appeared to be doing. But then a few days later Justin from edailypop (check it out).  Who I completely respect said that he didn’t think that this reporter was mocking Prince George. That she was laughing because she thinking “good luck” trying to get a toddler to settle down to do the discipline that is needed for ballet. But now she’s having to apologise for something she didn’t even mean? Because who would believe her?

Which is a valid point.

Maybe it’s time to put on the brakes culture,lol.



When my parents split up, it wasn’t them splitting up that made things worse. It was all the adults reactions to my parents splitting up. When my parents split up, about 100% of the adults told me that I had to support my Mum and that I had to take her side. Now I don’t know if you know…That is just a no no. You NEVER tell a child to take any parents side.

  1. The children, living under the roof, are more likely to know than you what’s been going on. I know my can be Dad is shit, but I still love him.
  2. Children probably still love both their parents.
  3. The children don’t break up with their parents.

With my own situation because people kept telling me that I HAD to take my Mums side. I literally felt like I had no one to talk about my Dad and what he was going through. I was 12 when my parents split up and apart from being bullied two years before hand. I had never experienced anything bad before. Too suddenly become the parent and have to take care of one, while the other was really revelling in the attention and loving it, ignoring our pain. Was hard.

Too make matters worse, I had no ask me if I was alright. So at 12, my mum’s ignoring me, my Dad is telling me if I don’t tell my Mum he loves her, he’ll kill himself and no one is asking me how I’m coping. I’m still sure that’s the whole reason to this DAY, I can’t ask for help,lol.