You are never too old, or too young!

Goodreads – Can you be “too old” for YA?

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Of course, one is never too old or to young to really read and enjoy a particular genre. In fact sometimes I believe that it can be particularly enjoyable when you are older to read young adult. Mainly because I believe it takes you back to a younger age. In fact, I am sure that “older” readers probably can relate it Young Adult even more than actual Young Adults. Mainly because we “young adults” wish we could live a life like this, in that moment. Yet, older readers have already lived it.

It’s not like it’s my weird crush on Shawn Mendez,lol.

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Kind of reminds me of Elvis a little.

But older people reading Young Adults, there’s nothing wrong about that. Books, of all genres, are for everything. They are there for everyone to read. Even children’s books! I’ve seen/read a lot of books that are for children, that have great messages for adults as well.






The Little Mermaid

I’m just going to start this of with saying…Oh my god, sometimes, I am REALLY ashamed to have the same skin colour as some really stupid people.

I am one of those people who honestly do not give two hoots about the skin colour, or even the hair colour of Ariel. Now I admit if they had changed Belle, I would have disappointed, but that’s mainly because I relate to her in not just her personality, but her looks. However, if the main premise of the character had been the same, I would have still loved her. Then you start thinking, this is what it means to mean to be a POC in Disney.

Let’s be real here, the whole point of Disney “The Little Mermaid” is that Ariel feel excluded, from a certain part of the World. She wants to be able to participate with the same experiences that these mysterious land people do. Then she becomes apart of their World and find she has no voice…Now which group of people does THAT sound like?

Why can’t these people see the irony of telling a black girl, that she can’t be “part of their world”?


Basic…Trumpter Logic 26

I’m trying to think how to start this one off…

As an Australian, I have been astonished by the amount of “patriotic” Trump Supporters, who do not understand the very basics of  their own country. Or sometimes, even their very own words.

The whole “Freedom of Religion” thing. The US already has that, under the 1A. I actually got into a sort-of conversation because someone said which Religion was the VP talking about? We all know he means Christianity, but a Trump supporters said “Well the Religion that the US was Founded on, Christianity”. Except, it was not. The Founding Fathers fought for separation for Church vs State, for a reason. Half the Founding Fathers did not follow a Religion. Some of them would be considered Atheists and Agnostics today. But then it got even stupider because then the supporter was all “Why are you bringing up people who are dead?” Because, you stupid person, you’re the one who said “Founded”. Guess what? Founding Fathers were the ones who Founded it. And they did not Found it on Christianity.

Then there was Brit Hume who was all “What Trump said was racist, but he’s not a racist and it was not xenophobic comments”…

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He then decided to “prove his point” by saying to people to read an online thesaurus, which then continued to prove that Trumps comments were also xenophobic AND racist. So, that was a bit of “What…”? Then he brought how people were hating on him for his skin colour, which wasn’t even happening. Then a supporter agreed with him and then used Martin Luthers King Jr quote of “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” In support of Trump and Brit Hume.

I pointed to “Noah” an author apparently. That Noah, Brit Hume, Trump and all of their supporters needed to 100% believe, positively and absolutely, that we were judging them by their ‘content of their character’. Then asked Noah to explain to me how telling a group of American POC citizens to “go back to where they came from” is of good character? I also tagged Bernice King to let her know that Trump supporters who were supporting Trump comments were using her fathers words to support Trumps racism.

I want to say to these people that it’s just really obvious what they stand for. But I’m starting to believe that they really don’t understand, they are, in fact, just that dumb? And that they can’t back down now. I did see a couple of long time Trump supporters say what he said was not alright, but … that was only a couple,lol


So I was just wondering, what you, readers think which social media platform is the most toxic and why?

See, I used to really like Twitter, but now I think that’s probably the most toxic. I definitely feel like Twitters CEO is probably buddies with Trump. While I think that Instagram may be the most positive. Well, as far social media platforms go. Facebook I don’t hate as much as I used to. Despite knowing that they are listening to our conversations. Here’s the thing with that though, so what? It’s annoying, sure. Once I knew about it, it didn’t make me change anything. I’m not a raging psychopath and I have will power. Just because Facebook is re-hashing advertisements, you don’t HAVE to buy it.

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  1. 1.
    a heavy blow with the hand or a hard object.
    “a clout round the ear”
    synonyms: smackslapthumppunchblowhitknockbangcuffboxspankingspanktapclipMore

  2. 2.
    influence or power, especially in politics or business.
    “I knew she carried a lot of clout”
    synonyms: influencepowerpullweightswayleveragecontrolsaymasterydominancedominationadvantageMore


  1. 1.
    hit (someone or something) hard.
    “I clouted him round the head”
    synonyms: hitstrikepunchsmackslapcuffthumpbeatbatterpoundpummelthrashrapspankbuffethammerbangknock, box someone’s ears; More

  2. 2.
    mend with a patch.
    “he helps the women clout their pans”

I had a REALLY good laugh the other week, some called Tomi Lahren and “clout chaser” and Tomi hit back with she is the “clout”. I’ll be honest Tomi Lahren gave me a good laugh sometimes. Someone repeating what she’s heard or what she’s been told, from behind a desk and a computers. While doing nothing else, no fighting for policies, not getting out into the streets for any causes. Just sits behind a comfortable desk, spouting like a parrot.

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This is not clout my dears. Clout is when you have the power to influence the way things are done. Not only do they have influence, but they actually DO something about it. Think of people like Beyonce, (even though I despise her) Kim Kardashian is trying to get innocent people out of jail, or at least people on small charges, Alyssa Milano. People like Jimmy Carter, Mother Theresa, Obama.


You need to calm down

Yes…I am stealing Taylor Swift songs title. I feel she brought out a simple, but easy song. By easy, I mean the message is so simple and it’s so true.

I was inspired to write this post when all across the news type board…So and so received backlash, this person received backlash, so did this one and this one as well. I miss the days where it was about good things. Where people were sensible with most things. I do blame social media. I take responsibility for this myself as well. I will also be the first to admit that it can get really tiring. Too the point you do want to turn the whole world and hug your furbabies. Which is okay to a point. If you’re giving yourself a mental attack, it’s time to officially stop for a bit.