Ghosted: Love Gone Missing

I don’t normally write about tv shows, unless you know, it’s related to real life. Ghosted: Love Gone Missing is probably one of my most favourite reality tv shows. I didn’t put it in “” because I think it is actually based on reality.

It’s a really good show, and isn’t about your typical “love” stories, it’s mainly around friendship. It might be about romantic relationships, but I have yet to see any. The ones I have seen have all been about relationships.

The basis of the show is one person contacts the show, talking about how one day they were suddenly ghosted by someone. Now “Ghosted” means that you stop talking to someone day, usually someone that you are/were in a close relationship with. The hosts normally try to sus out why that person thinks they were ghosted. They normally can’t think of a reason…

That’s when they try to contact the “Ghoster”. That’s when the actual truth of the matter comes out. I have to yet to see one, where it wasn’t a REALLY good reason.

What makes this show different, is that after a conversation, that both parties get to choose whether or not they want to stay “Ghosted”. So far, I’ve only seen one friendship both say that they want to stay Ghosted, and again, it was a really good reason.

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