As I wrote last week, what a odd year 2021 is turning out to be.

Anyone else feeling kind of bi-polarish? There’s definitely a feeling that this year is a teeny weeny bit better than last year. But then it has it’s moment. Take, the whole London Sarah Everard vigil. Although lots of people ARE supporting women, and ALL women. The police are still doing what they did last year. Again, when you look at the difference between Sports Celebration, with no masks, and any white supremacy marches. They keep being a stark difference with them and the peaceful protests. All down to the police as well. Which I thought, after finding out that it was a police officer who allegedly killed Sarah, it was a little tone deaf by the police. Like last year.

TERFs are pretty much the same as ever, but the only difference now is really only that they’ve gotten dumber at hiding their bigotry’s. Which makes it so much fun for me. Like they keep bragging about things, they REALLY shouldn’t be bragging about. I got blocked by a couple, as several of them have different “lawsuits” which are completely frivolous, nothing to do with women or kids. It’s all about someone said something they didn’t like. One person actually took all the “fundraising” these women have done, added them together. Altogether people have donated $1.3million POUNDS, in the last year, for anti-trans causes. When you ask them, how does this help women. Blocked. Most of the cases, only need about $10,000 pounds.

A TERF said to me, that the one by Allison Bailey (which has raised over $150,000 pounds) her case helps women to establish women sex based rights. Which Allison blocked me for asking, how does her case help women and how that money could actually HELP women. How does a worthless defamation case, help with women’s sex based rights? Hint, it doesn’t, at all. The case is all about Allison not liking something she overheard about herself. Nothing to do with sex based rights, for men or women.

One TERF who was told to give her case up, since it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Donated the money she had left, to a Tommy Robinson supporter, the Heritage Foundation (which is very anti-lgtbqia) and a rape crisis center. Which I thought was fine, till I realised it’s the only rape crisis center who doesn’t welcome trans women, lol

Then there’s politics. I naively though after Trump was gone, other politicians who thinks he’s just the bees knees, would look at his departure as “Ah uh” moment. Nup, lol. THE POSITIVE THOUGH! Less and less people are putting up with it. That’s good to see, the people taking their power back.

Universal Pictures

Be honest, am I being overly dramatic with the Les Miserables videos? lol

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