Share Your World … Week 2

Share Your World

Share Your World … April 10 2017

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.

No I have never. I’m just not that into those kind of events. I walk and go for walks with my dog and I dance, but those are all for my pleasure and in my own time.

Name one thing not many people know about you.

A lot of people in my life don’t know about this Blog. I’m not ashamed of it. One of the problems in living in a small town, people like to gossip and not to you, but rather about you. This is just a personal thing, just for me. Where I don’t have to write about something that means something to me and get into an argument with someone because they think it’s about them…When it’s not. If it is about someone I don’t write “friend of a friend” I will literally say my friend, or a family member. My Blog is also a lot about me and what’s going on in my mind and how I’m feeling about something.

What is your favorite flower?

It would have too be between just a simply beautiful rose and a gorgeous Lily. Depending on my mood and what the occasion is. Lilies are well known more for being a “death flower” but they are simply gorgeous!

Things I want to have in my home (paintings, hot tubs, book cases, big screen tv etc)

I think a shorter answer would be “What wouldn’t I want in my home”. So I’ve come up with a list below of the things I would really just love to in my “fantasy” type home. :

  • Spa Bath
  • At least two toilets…Seems like a weird thing, but my Mum’s house has two and my partners has only one and it is amazing how more comfortable things are with two toilets.

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