National Sorry Day

May the 26th is a poignant here in Australia it is “National Sorry Day”. This day is significant because it symbolises the Day where the Australian Parliament publicly apologised to the Indigenous people of Australia (the Aboriginal people).

It’s a time to reflect on what the Settlers did to the Indigenous people of this land, not only what we did to their land when we came over to “settle” Also the “certain situations” that have happened over the years. (I’m at Work right now, but on Friday I should be able to write more about this). National Sorry Day is also a part of Australia’s Reconciliation Week.



3 thoughts on “National Sorry Day

  1. To do so no more is the truest repentance.” – Martin Luther

    I think this also falls into the category of the give a cause a day conversation we had a few days ago. Since I don’t live Down Under and don’t really follow the news there, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you whether or not the parliamentary apology has actually helped the Aborigines? Is the government, along with people in general in your country, doing something to help these people either integrate better with mainstream culture or, should they so choose, return to their traditional way of living? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing the apology itself – it’s more than American Indians ever got, as the only holiday that really celebrates them at all is Thanksgiving Day, and that only celebrates the beginning of a tradition in which European settlers gladly took whatever they could from the indigenous peoples they encountered. The reason I’m asking about what else has been done in your country is simply out of curiosity.

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    1. Oh I am not offended or anything =D They get some benefits, they can study for cheaper, might even be for free. They get extra benefits for certain things…I’ll have to look more into it. There are areas that I’m more aware of then others.

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  2. I really wish that America had something like this but instead children are still being taught that Christopher Colombus discovered America and was an important figure in history *insert angry emoji*


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