Honestly if you don’t like Harry, then please don’t read this post. He had a good day today, lol.

“Democracy fails when your press fails to scrutinise & hold the Government accountable, & instead choose to get into bed with them” –#PrinceHarry

It was so just utterly wonderful to see Prince Harry or as we call him now Good King Harry, not just stand up for his family, his mother…but for the people of England as well! I think people “forget” how his mother was killed, how they took pictures of her dying, and splashed it every where. How he was forced to walk behind the coffin of his mother and show no emotion.

I think people “forget” he’s still a human being.

As for his comments about the Tory party and the media having blood on their hands. They absolutely do! Not just about him either. If you’re English, the Tories are just plain evil, quiet frankly. When I hear about Hawklads “education” I’m not surprised, very sadly.

*They’ve just recently slipped further down, in their “protection” of the LGBT community.

*My post about “what is a woman” is something they talk about all the time in the media. They are constantly asking politicians “do women have penises”. Its completely inapprioprate

*The head of their EHRC, which is supposed to help the Government handle Equality issues, just got a legitimate investigation into them shut down, with the help of their Tory friends.

*Their “Home Secretary” is constantly being looked into abusing her position and continually let off. She dismisses actual Holocaust survivors and then goes in the papers to complain how her and her husband feelings are hurt. that they’re being called Nazis. Which they’re not, they’re being called fascists, because they are.

*The Home Secretary is also sending legit immigrants to Rwanda.

*After all that and I am not even kidding. The Home Secretary also said that being offensive isn’t illegal, so she was going to cut through “red tape” so police didn’t have to waste their time when someone was being offensive. ie using Fascist language, homophobia, transphobic etc. Not even 24 hours later, the police arrested someone for wearing an offensive t-shirt. The shirt was absolutely offensive, the police even said in their statement it was offensive. As I said “your girl just YESTERDAY said that being offensive isn’t illegal. I condemn the shirt, but according to your Home Secretary, it isn’t illegal”.

*Boris Johnson literally said during COVID “let the bodies pile high”.

*The BBC interviewed alleged sex trafficker, Andrew Tate…Why…You’d have to ask them. Everyone wanted to know why.

These are meetings that Johnson held during COVID.

This is just a little list of what people in the UK are living with, day to day.

Just because the English appear more “polite” in their bigotry, doesn’t make them any less evil than Republicans. Every single time Harry comes up as a topic of conversation the UK media always use’s a “royal expert” who don’t even like Harry or Meghan, so clearly H&M don’t talk with them. So what makes these people “experts” Its honestly like every time one of them speaks, they prove H&M correct. That was actually my last tweet. It got liked and retweeted so many times I stayed for another day.

People also forget, that from a young age, the media were constantly trying to get Harrys hair, or some kind of DNA to “prove” he wasn’t Charles son. And people are like “What, what did we do”.

On top of which. This Lawsuit that Harry is in, he’s not the only one. The media are just focusing on him. William was going to do it, but Murdoch paid him out. Yes, THAT MURDOCH. The Queen wanted to fight it, but Charles was like “Say nothing”. Murdoch have also now paid Kate to do things with them. Again, YES, THAT MURDOCH. People are starting to wonder if the reason why Harry seems to be so hated by his family, is because perhaps Harry was the Queens favourite. As much as people complain, he never actually talked badly about the Queen.



Daily writing prompt
Are you a leader or a follower?

Writing this while my nose is running…away, haha.

Very recently my State Government decided to team up with the opposition and push through, quickly, an extreme measure AGAINST peaceful protest. Three months in jail or a 50,000 fine.

I voted for our current State Government.

What ARE “politicians” doing in 2023. The PEOPLE are…were…voting Labor in, because we don’t WANT the Liberals. Apart from Tasmania, the rest are all Labor…Why do you *think* that is. Recently the UK had a local election of their own. Most of the Tories are losing their seats, and yet, again the opposition party is going to do NOTHING to stop the harm that the Tories have done. And it’s kind of the same in American, a Democrat is President.

If our current State Government doesn’t fix this up toot sweet, I wont be voting for them again.

This what I mean by I don’t believe that I am either a leader or follower. I lead myself and I follow where I think is the path. But I don’t follow and I would make a terrible leader.

So what does that make me? Is there an inbetween?

Too the UK

I don’t know what you think you were doing, but it was all wrong and just felt “icky”.

All weekend, hours before the Coronation took place the Met Police were taking people’s placards, taking rape whistles off of women. It was just bizarre.

Quiet frankly it was very disturbing too. Whoever was running the Mets Police Twitter account was also deleting and re-sharing the same messages. It was like they were trying to get rid of the negative comments, which were outnumbering the likes, by a LOT. I don’t know why it just didn’t occur to them to stop doing it. The Met Police had promised beforehand that they were not going to arrest peaceful protestors.

There are going to be SO many Lawsuits. One of the things that gets me is that the UK had local elections very recently. And a lot of the Tories lost their places. YET, Labor UK are coming out saying that they have no plans to change anything that the Tories have put in place…

What is the actual point of them then?

Firstly, Charles choose his grandsons birthday, for some reason and no Monarchist extremists mentions it. Andrew came in all full gear. After promising they wouldn’t, the @MetPolice arrested protestors hours before the #Coronation.

I cannot even begin to imagine how frustrated the every day British person is right now.

You gotta laugh

Whether you “stan” Biden or not, you have to admit. This was pretty funny. I’ve seen bits and pieces…


Be Patient, Be Kind

This is kind of a “run on” from my post “Watch Your Words”.

I don’t know how up-to-date you are all about Drag Queens and Kings. One of the, if not the most, famous Drag Queens is Ru Paul. Recently come out against the not very specific banning of Drag persons. I say not very specific, because even Dolly Parton made a joke about being banned now.

I absolutely love this video. It’s simple, and it’s simply explained, as to why its important to vote. Too not be distracted with the “glamour” of politicians. Sometimes when I see something like this though, all I see are the “what’s the point” comments. It can be incredibly depressing. The point is to keep fighting, keep voting the good people in. Never stop. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

The Whimpey Right

So the #Right are triggered by pronouns, coffee machines, gay and trans people existing, complete strangers controlling their own bodies, actual feminism, wokeness, people bending a knee and now chocolate. All from behind a screen, and they still *think* they would win at War.

And dear men, stop telling women what they should and shouldn’t be pissed about over. The entire reason women are not standing up to Hershey’s, is because we don’t want too. There is not a single logical reason why women, any women, should care that Hershey’s used a trans woman to advertise their products.

And as a chip/crisp lover. I am finding it kind of #sexist really that everything thinks #women should be upset about Hershey’s. My partner loves his chocolate, I don’t.

Whose worse?

It feels like such a shame that in 2023, I ask this question.

Between the Republicans and the Tories, there doesn’t feel like much of a difference at the moment. I called the Tories the Nazi Party 2.0 yesterday, after seeing about three different stories about all the harm they’re doing to like…everyone.

Yesterday, the UK Government announced it may stop recognising gender recognition certificates from as many as 14 countries, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. This is an unprecedented and spiteful attack on trans people who want to make their lives in Britain. This comes as the UK Government considers whether to block gender recognition reforms voted through in Scotland last month by a decisive majority of MSPs from every party. Reforms that would make it easier for trans people living in Scotland to live and work with dignity.

Being Australian, I cannot write to my MP, but if you live in England and you support trans rights, you can.

Email your MP: Treat trans people with respect

The NHS is literally dying, the Tories want to make striking workers, just illegal. The Tories are one of the only “First World” countries who wont ban conversion therapy entirely. Leaving loopholes, that abusers will use.

The Republicans House Committees have already scrubbed all hearing information and documents on their sites from when Democrats were in control. They scrubbed submitted written testimonies and committee reports. The documents should all be on the wayback machine. It’ll be much harder to find specific documents from committee hearings.

Some Republicans in Arizona turned their backs on Katie Hobbs, who was talking about standing with people who need abortions.

MTG had a go at Dr Dre saying he glorified violence and drugs in his music. I have feeling she was feeling a bit “sore” because she used his music without permission and got herself into trouble on Twitter. What the heck was her video about anyway? “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that” After going on about 9/11 conspiracies’, AND JFK Junior conspiracies’. I think she blamed the Clintons for that plane crash?

I will write something positive…

Right, from today…Only positive things until after Christmas. Then I go to a place where I can’t access the internet for a couple of days, so no problem there.

I will apologise though. Since getting back from Sydney, I’ve had to keep going. I’m still working this week and next week. This time of year, there is always someone to see or have to talk too. I haven’t had a “quiet” time yet. I am planning on that tomorrow. Wrap some pressies. Try to make myself a bit more “untired”.

Watching the transphobes melt down over the GRA/GRR in Scotland, makes me happy though =D

I absolutely love that Zelensky showed the Republican’s for the kind of people they are, mainly Putin butt kissers. I don’t know how they don’t feel so freaking stupid right now. There was one Republican…

New York Young Republican Club

So I said

Thursday Theories – Dads Army

*I’m going to swear*

I cannot with America anymore. The whole of last night I was getting angrier and angrier. Why I thought McConnell would keep his word, when it doesn’t benefit him at all. Beyond me.

I’m starting to wonder if American even has been a super power? I’m sure if Australia had come in years after the War started, with new resources, people who haven’t been fighting for years and a huge nuclear bomb, we’d probably could have “won” the War too.

Get OFF your ARSES AMERICA! You don’t have the allies to do the heavy lifting, this in YOU.

I unfollowed a Democrat American recently, because she saw a video of ONE Australian, in America. An Australian Cooker is someone who basically is a COVID denier, anti-vaxxer. She is lucky that another friend of hers had to say to her “We really don’t have any fingers to point at Australians right now”.


This Democrat hates Trump, hates Republicans and is really good at the comebacks. But they took ONE Australian, and decided that ALL Australians are that one guy.


I cannot with America, its too hard.

Why Dads Army, you may ask. There’s an episode in Dads Army, where the Americans FINALLY join World War 2, of course the Home Guard is not too thrilled when the Americans come and try to take over their little English town.


Now that things are starting to settle, and we can see things a little more clearer, I am posting this. Please excuse my bad Photoshop abilities.

For those who don’t know, Dan Andrews is a Labor/Democrat type state leader. He has been an amazing leader throughout Victoria’s COVID. They are currently about to go through another election. I can’t help but note, but despite the media being mainly right winged owned. At least the right wing leading, more and more people are voting for left wing politics.

Its one of the positives of social media, people cannot hide as they once did. Even though they complain about having no “Free Speech”, we can see their speech, we can see very freely what they’re saying. We can see when they lie, we can see their hypocrisy. The funny thing is so though, they think we can’t see it.

Youth Voter Turnout in the 2022 Midterms Delivered Key Wins for Democrats

After Uvalde, Abbott decided to increase gun usage and banned abortions,

White women have been voting against their (reproductive) interests for yearsArwa Mahdawi; Opinion, Sun 6 Nov 2022 00.00 AEDT