Shams and True Titans

I don’t know if you’ve all seen Trump supporters going on about how Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the coronavirus, because of the “sham impeachment”. I just don’t understand why they are proudly bragging about this?

Too be so wrapped up in something that he and them are calling themselves, a sham, that you just forget to tell your people about a REAL virus. It’s not a good look whether the impeachment was an actual sham or not. They don’t seem to realise that a) Nancy Peolsi is not the POTUS, Trump is and b)they’re admitting that Trump gets so wrapped in what themselves call a sham, that he just forgets to tell people about a REAL deadly virus?

I know I’m not a leader or anything, but when my ex friends accused me of the stuff they did. I laughed, I did get angry for a minute or two and carried on with life. I only ever got stopped, because other mutual friends would tell me what they were saying. I had to explain then, that the things they were saying MIGHT be about me. As I explained though, it might not be. It’s the kind of stuff they do with everyone. They had issues with everyone. They would do things like go on Facebook messenger and bitch about other people all day. So no doubt, some were about me, but probably not all.

I didn’t, in the meantime, just forgot to tell my Doctors about my panic attacks. I didn’t forgot to show up to work. Life never stopped, because what they were saying about me, wasn’t true. I still showed up to the important things.

Not really the stuff of great leaders, is it?

That brings me to the topic of “true titans”. I have been watching at this time a documentary called “Titan of the 20th Century”. One of those titans being Hitler, and suddenly watching it. I get why people fell for Hitler. If someone can fall for someone like Trump, then they definitely WOULD fall for someone like Hitler. It’s been interesting to see what a wannabe Dictator is and what an actual Dictator, does.

Cuse my french…How big of an ass was Churchill! He really was not a good person. Not Trump or Hitler “not good”. He was really wasn’t that nice either. He liked Lenin! Who likes Lenin! The Romanov’s Royal family definitely would not have. Though, according to this show, Lenin felt he made a wrong choice by nominating Stalin. Duh.

They also talk about Roosevelt and Ghandi. My goodness! What a lot that Roosevelt overcame. I knew that he had issues with walking, but I had always thought that was later in life. I had no idea how soon in his life he was unable to walk. His wife! (Yes, they talk about some of the ladies too) Without Eleanor, I don’t know how far he would have gotten.

Now, I know it’s sexist for them to not really talk about women, they did to an extent. But they were looking at the people who brought in new eras. People like Lenin, who allegedly ended the Russian Royalty, or Gandhi who taught us about peaceful protest, bringing down the Empire while doing it peacefully.  Which is why I believe they do mention Eleanor, without her. Roosevelt would not have been able to stand (quiet literally early on) and she had such a good standing in the community.

I’m glad that I’m watching the series NOW. Because it shows the huge different between Titans then and the wannabe Titans NOW. I suggest people watch it NOW, instead of when this is all over (and it will be one way or another). Otherwise it’ll just be another documentary.

It’s interesting because they talk about someone like Hitler, and you get why people fell for him. They were disillusioned, they had just the first Great World War, they were in a depression (economical) AND they had to pay back the allies, for the things they destroyed. Every promise Hitler made, he actually kept, and he didn’t change the promise. He didn’t, as an example, say “I’m building a wall and I’m getting Mexico to pay for it” Then turn around and get the Military to pay for it, Hitler would never have done that.

Someone, like Trump, is under the disillusionment that, because he was disillusioned with the black man president. Then SURELY, everyone else must have been too?


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Trump has made me hate him a little bit more, by praising Hitler,lol.


Did I do the right thing?

I’ve been trying to keep my posts pretty positive this Christmas week, but I just wanted some advice on whether or not, I did the right thing.

I left my Guild in Guild Wars 2. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the fires in Australia? With everything that’s going on everywhere else, I wouldn’t be surprised.

However, there was one night on our Guild chat area, we were talking about the lack of sympathy or empathy that our Australian politicians seem to have regarding these Fires. Especially our own Prime Minister. He took for a family holidays, 5 firies have now died. 10 year old children, whose houses have been burnt down. Peacefully protesting, are getting threatened with arrest from the police. I am absolutely disgusted by the people in charge. I know that Discord chats are not always the best place to have political type discussions. But it was nice to see people stand up for Australia, through such a really rough time.

The next morning I woke up and let my cat out and I could smell smoke. Considering the only time of year I’ve smelt smoke where I live is during Winter, with our neighbours open fireplaces. It was a pretty scary moment. So I went on to thank the people, for standing up for Australia, just to find that all the comments had been deleted.

The only explanation that we got is that one of the moderators didn’t want to see that “shit” Too keep politics private, that politicians can’t do anything anyway. Fires are fires, no one can do anything.

Now I get, politics can get annoying. But this was literally the first time that I had ever seen this stuff talked about on there. I thought it was a little extreme to not only play off what we were talking about as “annoying”, but I couldn’t even then thank the people I had been talking about it with the night before. But to DELETE the comments! Nope, that was a step too far. People are on there talk about their anxiety, how they can’t sleep and that sets me off. But you know, I don’t complain about it. Sometimes you just need to know someone cares.

So I said “I came on today to say thank you to those who stood up for Australia last night. I know it’s easy to ignore when there’s no smoke or smell of fire right outside your door. I would have thanked them privately but the comments have been deleted.”

Then I started to leave my Guild.

Did I do the right thing?

I just knew if I said anymore, if I stayed around. I would going to say something not actually nice.

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Just a thought…

Do you think that anyone from the #GOP knows what a truth even is anymore? Or in fact a majority of Politicians? Thinking of our own Liberal Government here in Australia. Or the politicians in the UK…or in a lot of places really…Jacinda Arden, I like her. Isn’t that funny, the most beloved elected – politician of the moment is a woman. Considering that all these people say “How women are too emotional. Can’t lead” The most popular and most stable politician, is a woman…Who would have seen that one coming?

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I saw a very interesting thought today and I was wondering what you all thought. I’m just going to say that I am not religious, but I am spiritual. While I have no problem with Religion as it stands alone. I do and will always have problems with extremists of any nature, or anyone who uses their Religion to hurt or discriminate. I don’t believe that’s what any religion is supposed to be “used” for.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here. But I’m pretty sure God was a Republican (that whole Old Testament thing). But Jesus was definitely a Democrat (that whole New Testament thing).

Fake Emergency

So I am sure that by now we have all heard that Trump is probably going to call a “National Emergency” on this wall…

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You know…The “emergency” that hasn’t been an emergency until Trump realized he wasn’t always going to get his way anymore. Nancy Pelosi is the QUEEN!!! It is so dire, Trump just had to go golfing and have some hambereders.

Have you ever had someone in your life pull a “fake emergency”?

Change the Day…Australia Day

Recently our most recent Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, apologised to the Church Abuse Victims of Australia…and I was like…

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Now, he’s decided that Councils who don’t agree with the date of Australia Day and have their Citizenship Ceremonies on different days, because that’s what their Councils agreed on…HAVE to have it on “Australia Day”…Nothing like the white colonies making people celebrate Australia Day with a national holiday, that’s only been a “National Holiday” since 1994.

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I swear…Politicians!

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I think we are getting to bogged down with a specific date, rather than looking at a particular day. Instead of making it a specific date, how about making it the last Monday every January, seeing as that’s the public holiday anyway for the next couple of years, like Good Friday, Monday,Easter Sunday, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, AFL Grand Final, Fathers Day, Mothers Day…Every New Years Day is a different day, if it’s on a Saturday, we don’t hold the public holiday for it on a Monday. The Queens Birthday, we don’t even celebrate it ON her Birthday, we make it every second Monday in June, her birthday is in April. Even then not all states in Australia celebrate it in June! #changetheday

Nothing says “Love Australia and Love Australia Day” like forced Patriotism.

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Auspol Stupidity

Because Australian politics can be stupid too!lol

Racist Australia: Muslims are FORCED to wear Burqa, Muslims are all about oppression!

Also Racist/Stupid Australia: We can see your arms! We can’t control ourselves! Cover them up! -.-


Does anyone do that anymore?

I’ve been noticing a sever lack of people, in charge, taking ANY responsibility.

For those who are unaware of Australian Cricket. Some of our cricketers, blatantly cheated and were banned for it. Now, some of the big cricketers are saying that they just made a “mistake”. A mistake is when you do harm, unintentionally. This was NOT unintentional. What these “men” did was intentional. There was no pressure to do it, there were no guns at their heads. They did it all by themselves.


I am Australian

I get asked this question…a lot! Especially since people have noticed that I am actually Australian, but seem to be heavily involved with American politics. I love it when people ask me “Why?”

People in America, mainly uneducated ones, don’t seem to realise that Trumps actions, his rulings, his tariffs affect people ALL AROUND THE WORLD…NOT just America. As a Globe we are far too connected to be “them vs us”. It’s just not possible anymore.

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Take the Tariffs as an example: If it does happen, Trump will end up adding BILLIONS onto Australia’s debts. Australia also has a good exchange program with the Chinese, with children’s parents sending their children to each other countries. This would be too expensive to continue. Steel to build homes have gone up by at least 7k. Yes, Australians should be angry about that.

Too deny that our Politicians haven’t been influence by Trump is ridiculous. We have the lame politician called “Pauline Hanson” if you’ve never heard of her, it’s because she is a ridiculous politician. She’s the “leader” of the One Nation party and you’ll find that a lot of people who support Trump, support her. She is the politician that very recently put forward a motion saying that she wanted the House to say that “It’s okay to be white”. She toasted Trumps “victory” on live tv and then the report on her party was that they were dangerous. Yet, she still idolises him.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Australia didn’t have their “Australian Anthem” until 1984…I didn’t even know that! (Fantastic year though!) I found that out because of this douchebag…This is a Minister for Education -.-

So if we didn’t even HAVE the Australian Anthem, how can they have fought for the “anthem”? …That didn’t exist … Fact is, they didn’t. We had to stand under “God Save the Queen”… Surely a Minister for Education should know this basic information?

As @DoodyDarren said though: (I feel a few Americans can relate to this one!)

Our veterans didn’t fight for the anthem (or flag). They fought for their friends, family and the rest of us. They fought for PEOPLE. The anthem is supposed to represent us, but when we are divided (mostly due to politicians) it fails, and protest is warranted.

Luckily, pretty much all of the respondents on the post were common sense.