Who do you feel sorry for?

Honestly, the person I feel the most sorry for at the moment is Robert Muller.

He did his job and he has already, basically told us that they did not find Trump innocent. I do not know how many more times we need him to say it. Just because Trump keeps lying about what Muller said, doesn’t mean Muller needs to keep repeating it.

It must be the most frustrating position to be Muller right now. He keeps repeating what they found and that is Trump is not innocent. But people wont listen. Democrats want him to repeat word for word the report, but to what end? Republicans clearly do not care, he could literally say it word-for-word and he could literally say “Trump did it”. Will they listen, no.

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They have just come off a whole spill of saying what Trump had said wasn’t racist. When it was the biggest racist line in the history of racism. They literally do not care about the truth. Too be completely honest with you all, I don’t think trump supporters would understand half, at least, the big words in the report.

*takes a sip of her covfefe and eats her hamberder…and if you have a problem with that I’ll smash my Keurig coffee machine*

I am so sorry Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka <3

I am so ashamed to be an Australian right now…I couldn’t even put this in a “Category…It’s not an interesting topic, it’s depressing

Where Serena is depicted in a Mammy cartoon form, jumping up and down…But Kyrgios is depicted as a “sulky” teenager…So apparently that’s owning people who call the cartoon racist and sexist…Except that the picture completely prove it IS sexist

(and #Osaka…She’s not white)…

Where people are offended by Burqas, but have no outrage over the KKK outfit…This is not MY Australia…I’ve just found out recently that a lot of people consider Australia to be racist…Are we? I am in literal tears over the support of this cartoon…It’s a disgrace! Kyrgios is definitely not known because he’s “sulky”


Kyrgios “sulk” collection video:

It’s too late to apologise

I have kept meaning to post this one! There is nothing more that makes me angry than someone who will try and hurt you by shaming you, publicly, and then not have the backbone to apologise, even privately! I honestly and really don’t care if you tell every other single soul on this planet “I shouldn’t have done that” You HAVE to tell ME! (Also I am aware of my bad spelling, but I was trying to fit it all in).


National Sorry Day

May the 26th is a poignant here in Australia it is “National Sorry Day”. This day is significant because it symbolises the Day where the Australian Parliament publicly apologised to the Indigenous people of Australia (the Aboriginal people).

It’s a time to reflect on what the Settlers did to the Indigenous people of this land, not only what we did to their land when we came over to “settle” Also the “certain situations” that have happened over the years. (I’m at Work right now, but on Friday I should be able to write more about this). National Sorry Day is also a part of Australia’s Reconciliation Week.


It’s like Radar!


Three Guesses what this Blog post is about!

I got the text…The text that you don’t see coming…You’ve moved on so far it doesn’t enter your brain that when you feel your phone vibrate there is no warning sound…No loud alarm…No warning before you swipe to say “DO NOT OPEN UP THIS PHONE UNTIL YOU ARE READY!”

So I am going to make him suffer…”All this I am so sorry stuff” So he should be! He can wait until tomorrow!

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