World Heart Day

Now, this one is a bit personal to me, a bit close to my heart, if you so will. As I’m sure that a lot of it may be to you as well.

This year the World Heart Foundation is concentrating on irradiating Covid19. I am assuming that you are aware that we don’t know, yet, the long term affects of Covid19. When it comes to the heart though, we are already seeing big problems, especially those with underlying heart and lung issues.

My family, we don’t have cancer issues. We have heart ones. High cholesterol, like me, high blood pressure (not like me). My Dad has a triple bypass a couple of years ago, originally supposed to be only a double! We’ve all got high cholesterol. Both my great grandparents on my Mum’s side, just dropped one day. My great grandmother was making a cup of tea!

Look up the #UseHeart hashtag to look up more information.

If you want to take good care of your heart, do as I do, do everything in moderation…And “avoid” getting anxiety…Because that’s my shit breaker,lol…Every time I have an anxiety attack, I swear I have to really fight my brain going into “I’m having a heart attack” vibe.

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