1. 1.
    a heavy blow with the hand or a hard object.
    “a clout round the ear”
    synonyms: smackslapthumppunchblowhitknockbangcuffboxspankingspanktapclipMore

  2. 2.
    influence or power, especially in politics or business.
    “I knew she carried a lot of clout”
    synonyms: influencepowerpullweightswayleveragecontrolsaymasterydominancedominationadvantageMore


  1. 1.
    hit (someone or something) hard.
    “I clouted him round the head”
    synonyms: hitstrikepunchsmackslapcuffthumpbeatbatterpoundpummelthrashrapspankbuffethammerbangknock, box someone’s ears; More

  2. 2.
    mend with a patch.
    “he helps the women clout their pans”

I had a REALLY good laugh the other week, some called Tomi Lahren and “clout chaser” and Tomi hit back with she is the “clout”. I’ll be honest Tomi Lahren gave me a good laugh sometimes. Someone repeating what she’s heard or what she’s been told, from behind a desk and a computers. While doing nothing else, no fighting for policies, not getting out into the streets for any causes. Just sits behind a comfortable desk, spouting like a parrot.

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This is not clout my dears. Clout is when you have the power to influence the way things are done. Not only do they have influence, but they actually DO something about it. Think of people like Beyonce, (even though I despise her) Kim Kardashian is trying to get innocent people out of jail, or at least people on small charges, Alyssa Milano. People like Jimmy Carter, Mother Theresa, Obama.



The Art of Disagreement — Levine Lowdown

There is considerable division within society today, traditional barriers of race, religion and gender still split people into groups, despite numerous attempts to reconcile differences. A typical response to these divisions, especially during conflict is: “We need to agree more” Well, ironically, I couldn’t disagree more. We do not need to agree more, we need […]

via The Art of Disagreement — Levine Lowdown

AFP and Freedom of Press

I decided to wait a while until I wrote something about this, because what happened was shocking and something that I don’t believe even Trump has done…yet. I could not believe that Australia did it. But I wanted to wait and get as many facts as I could before I made a decision about how I truly felt about the situation.

I don’t know how many people that read my Blog follow Australia news,at all. But the last couple of weeks have been HUGE in terms of Freedom of the Press in Australia. AFP stands for the Australian Federal Police, so they are the big “kahunas”. The last couple of weeks they have been raiding journalist homes and just as frighteningly the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Centre). The ABC in Australia is kind of the opposite of cable tv, it’s mainly government funded. There are also a lot more Australian programs on it, unlike a lot of the, I guess you’d call them “mainstream media” channels.

What the raids were supposedly about, was an article over a year ago that was release on the ABC channels via a show called “The Insiders”. The shows was about the war in Afghan. Now the AFP say that they told the ABC they wanted to search through email systems in relation to the people mentioned in the search warrant and were searching “data holdings” between April 2016 and July 2017.

Now this came about a week or two after our elections. Both the Prime Minister and Peter Dutton have said that they did not this was about to happen, but considering the Prime Minister already has a nickname “Liar from the Shire” not to many people believe either of them.  Scott Morrison at this point hasn’t even been Prime Minister for even a year yet. It’s either less than a year or there about. I forget to mention he’s given himself a pay raise already.

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It does terrify me, this more than anything. Mainly because Trump hasn’t even done this…yet. I think he’d like too, but he hasn’t. Someone in the Government had to have instructed them to do so. The ABC are a pretty reputable company with all the checks. They would have never have release personal information, not only that. The ABC HAVE to do checks and balances, because they are Government funded. They can’t just do a story. They are probably the most informative channel as well though. They have less biased and alt-right figures on their show. They did not, for example, have Hanson, Latham or Anning on any of their shows they day after the Christchurch attacks.

One good thing to have come out of it is that all stations, competing or not, have condemned this.


Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Today is kind of Her Royal Majesty’s of England birthday.

I saw kind of for a pretty good reason, it’s not actually her actual Birthday.

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The Queen of England was actually born on the 21st of April (A lady never reveals the year of birth).

So why the two birthdays?

The biggest reason has been around since about George III. Why she gets two birthdays though is because if a Sovereign has a birthday in the colder months, you can’t really celebrate it. Can you imagine going out in the middle of an English winter? It’s basically so they can do all the pomp and ceremony, canons going off, planes flying over etc.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. With a lot of movements like this it usually have some sort of theme or focus:

Beat Air Pollution and the host nation is China

Did you know: more people die from air pollution than smoking?

Fair – Walking the talk in beating air pollution “EDITOR:Bob Koigi, Nairobi

UN News – With a premature death every five second, air pollution in violation of human rights, says UN expert “WRITER Mungunkhishig Batbaatar”

Lolsy’s Library, what can I do to help beat air pollution?

  • Switching to walk, cycling or taking public transport. Too help reduce with fossil fuels and diesel.
  • Instead of making your backyard a pavement or cement wasteland…Think instead of planting trees and plants. Ones that are preferably native to your area.
  • Clean up trash and learn to recycle properly.
  • Check energy efficiency ratings on household items like dishwashers, heaters etc.
  • Watch your own energy outage (leaving lights on).
  • Take up or find out about “Join the Mask” challenge.

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