18th May (’22): International Museum Day — ° BLOG ° Gabriele Romano

International Museum Day (IMD) is an international day held annually on or around 18 May, coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The event highlights a specific theme which changes every year reflecting a relevant theme or issue facing museums internationally. IMD provides the opportunity for museum professionals to meet the public and alert […]

18th May (’22): International Museum Day — ° BLOG ° Gabriele Romano

Let’s be honest, the worlds a bit shit right now.

Mass Shootings,

Body Autonomy being taken away

We have the big election this weekend (can you imagine what the Murdoch media is like!)

Anti-LGBT is a lot of the Murdoch media around the world. By the way, just as an semi-curious question, is there anyone you’re waiting to die? Not related at all.

Elon Musk may or may not buy Twitter.

I would like to know, apart from turning off social media, apart from the turning off the news. How do you cope when the world is pretty much, well crap.

I, probably obviously, like to read. I will just sit and read.

Now I enjoy gardening. I’ve gotten a couple of disgruntled text messages, because I went to check on the garden, ended gardening for a couple of hours, lol. Do gardening without taking your phone outside.

I play my games, so my Sims, Planet Zoo and sometimes Age of Empires.

I have so many colouring in books, lol

I guess I like to create.

Creating things makes me feel useful, if only in my own little world. I think that’s the important bit. You have to make sure you feel useful, even if it’s only for yourself, or too protect yourself.

I’m also sort of stuck right now, I want to create a home for my partner and myself, but he’s s fussy! Like he’ll say he’s okay with me making the home more of a home, but then you know, he’s clearly not. Because it is his home. He bought it, I help out with shopping and bills, but it’s legally all his. Sometimes I have to sneak things in. Or plan a good time for a “reveal”. It puts a hamper on things, lol. He buys this beautiful house, that I don’t actually like. But then he wont let me do things, so I can make it more “homey” and a house I like, lol

I used to have baths, but the bath plug broke, lol

And of course, music. Mostly Enya when I literally need to “sail away” in my own mind, lol

International Nurses Day

The theme for the 2022 resource is Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health.

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. ICN commemorates this important day each year with the production and distribution of the International Nurses’ Day (IND) resources and evidence.

International Council of Nurses releases posters, digital promotional tools for International Nurses Day, 12 May 2022 #IND2022

Nurses, the secret superheroes of the Hospitals ❤

Australian Government – Dept of Health

Feminism vs the Patriarchy

Ugh, lol

I know that transphobes are being intentionally stupid, but sometimes.

Transphobic people are all “We’re feminists, because we don’t want males in our sports”. That isn’t feminism, that’s patriarchy. The patriarchy is all about keeping people into set boxes. Feminism is about equality, seriously, look up the definitions.

Feminism recognise’s that not all are put neatly into little boxes. It’s equality for all. Take trans athletes, as an example. People are NOT going “I’m a man/women” and then the very day they’re competing in high level athletics. Especially at the high level competitions, there are rules for trans people. They have to have a certain level of testosterone or estrogen before they’re allowed to compete, things like that.

You cannot just declare you’re the opposite sex and then the next day you’re in the Olympics in that category, it just doesn’t work like that.

There are trans people, intersex people, non-binary people. There are women who can give birth, who don’t want children, women who can’t give birth, women who want to be an surrogate. Women who adopt. Gay people, masculine looking women, feminine looking men. Like other’s have said better than me, the patriarchy likes to reduce people from human beings to nothing but bodies. This is what most bigotries do. It’s what racists, misogynists, misandrists and of course, transphobia.

Basically, every bigotry is for the patriarchy, anti-bigot is feminism, haha.

They vant to suck my blood

So I can literally go from the front door to the car and get bitten, at least 5 times.

How do mosquitoes sniff out humans to bite?

This is a completely fascinating article, if your all Science and Biology, this will intrigue!

The article takes a look at possible reasons why Mosquitoes choose their victims, and one interesting observations was that that they do seem more attracted to humans than other animals…Of course, lol

National Garden Meditation Day

Well while this is a silly little holiday, it’s still a good one!

Lately, I have been working really hard in the garden. As we head towards winter, I am making sure that one) we are not over run by weeds and two) all the plants I have planted in memory of Travie, stay alive.

The weather has been lovely the last couple of days and I don’t really have an excuse to not do anything in the garden. We had two dead trees and they are nearly go. There are some areas that were covered in pines and sticks from the trees. There’s not as much, as much as I love the big tree. It does make such a mess!

I would LOVE to create a garden out the back, that looks amazing from the back bedroom. I honestly wish that it was the master bedroom. I am currently trying to turn in into my “escape” type room. It would be amazing to create something stunning out the back here! We also had a little unfortunate incident. I think the European Starling tried to take on the Raven family in the tree and lost =/

World Heritage Day

This year it just happened to fall on Easter Monday!

The International Day For Monuments and Sites.

The day is observed to raise awareness about the cultural heritage that we see around us. It is also aimed at promoting historical monuments and sites through which we can actually preserve the cultural integrity of a community as well.

If you click on this link, it will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are 1154″properites”, funny, I thought that there would have been more than that. It’s even got a little legend key on the side there.

Do you have any World Heritage Sites that you would love to visit, or maybe you already have?

I do want to see all the ones on this last. Planetware.com – 18 Top World Heritage Sites. I really do want to see the Pyramids and the Sphynx, but everyone I know whose gone there. Gets HORRIBLE stomach bugs and it does put me off. Today, these giant monuments are the sole surviving member of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Quiet honestly, the others aren’t doing so bad. I believe they mean, like Stonehenge that’s doing alright. I just don’t know if it was ever included in the Ancient Seven?

I would LOVE to visit Athens though. That is like my ultimate place. It was Disney, but you know, I think Athens Greece would much more enlightening to me. I love Ancient Greece so much, all the Gods and Goddesses, so much more human, the stories. I do feel like you’d need a good week there…One day…

What it means to me <3

I see a lot of bloggers talking about the coming of Spring. Spring is my favourite weather =D I can’t blame them, but here, down under, we’re heading into the darkness that is Winter!

I actually used to really enjoy Winter, but in the last few years. I do not enjoy the darkness that Winter brings, but this year I want to change my entire mindset to Winter! There are many things to enjoy about Winter, it’s all about the mind. I think what I dislike about Winter the most is the darkness, how when you leave for the day it’s dark, when you go home, it’s dark.

But there’s nothing stopping me from bringing the light inside. I don’t mean the lights in the house.

I mean like, what’s stopping me from wearing light colours? Like your yellows, pinks, rainbows =D It’s not “stylish”, but I’m not stylish, lol

Make a plan a couple of nights to sit on the couch, watching t.v., reading a book. All snuggled up with a blanket, and I have a lot of those!

A lot of planning meals. Sometimes the weather is way to horrible to go food shopping after work. So planning in advance, means that there is less chance of needing to go to the shops.

And now that I have my Grans fake log heater. I can just put the light on that, I don’t even need to put the heating part on. Hot chocolate. A lot of the time, by Easter, it’s cold and a little chilly. We have the bigger heater on. It sounds so cozy already.

Long baths…with a hot chocolate.

Writing by fake log fire…with a hot chocolate, haha


March the 31st is Tran Days of Visibility!

During this week, on my Twitch Stream Channel. When I’ve been offline I’ve been hosting trans gender/sexual Twitch streamers that I follow.



Just be kind ya know? Like the entire LGBTQIA umbrella have fought their lives and for their rights. It’s tiring, just be kind. It’s really NOT that hard.

Mentally Good =D

Despite everything that’s been happening lately, mental health wise, I am actually doing quiet well. I think despite a lot of people being well, not supportive of me. I know it’s not because of me, and I know it’s not because I’m doing anything wrong. In fact a lot of situations, I’m doing all the support I can. Sometimes, it’s not enough, especially when you don’t get it back.

BUT, I know I’m GOOD. Does that make sense? It’s nearly 40 years, but I know it’s not because of me, but it’s because people are just REALLY stupid. One of the big reasons that I keep coming back to blogging, I FEEL supported. Even during my rants, I FEEL supported. For a long time, I couldn’t understand why I’m never good enough for anyone else, but now it doesn’t matter. I’m good enough for me =D