World Animal Day

So today is World Animal Day! Who doesn’t love animals?! Well some people don’t…But I am most definitely not one of those people.

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Today is not just about one kind of animal…It’s about them all!


World Animal Day website

Today is about any issues you want to find out, or what to know more about. It’s a good day to get started on any causes that you may have. Since there are probably a lot of people who are thinking the exact same things you are!


Positive Thinking

Today is positive thinking day…So for one day I am going to try and seriously limit my negative thinking…Which should be fun since today I am getting my “Aunt Flo” come and visit…If you know what I mean! At the same time though it’ll be a good test for me as well.

Last week was definitely all over the place….I had about three major things happen in the space of about 24-48 hours…Not too me personally, but it has made me realise that I need to get all my health in check.

I decided to try and start the day off with some happy facts…

  • The FBI actually take animal cruelty seriously (which more law enforcement agencies should!) They track it along right side Arson, Homicide and Assault. I feel like more agencies should do this because it is a good sign of a psychopath.
  • Cats will bring you dead animals because they don’t think you can take care of yourself….The bastards!
  • Diego, a 100 year old Galapagos tortoise single handed fathered 800 tortoise to help his species to survive from extinction.
  • Humpback whales seem to 90% of the time appear to rescue other animals from killer whales.


Learn Something New!

This post is definitely advocating for learning something new every day!

I would like to say that this post has to do with dementia and Alzheimer, if you know someone whose suffering from it. If you find the topic upsetting, please stop reading now. I actually am not enjoying writing this post,  I felt though it was a good one to share!

I learnt quiet a few interesting things over the weekend and I felt that I should share them with you.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are probably two of the scariest things to get in this world. Something that I think a lot of us can agree that we do not want anything to do with. Yes, there are other things that are just as scary to get. There is just something terrifying about forgetting and not remembering.

Over the weekend though I learnt some interesting information about it.

  • Iron in the brain boosts Alzheimer (ABC Net – Science 20 May, 2015 – Anna Salleh). Now why that sounds terrifying since we have iron in our blood, it is something the body naturally reproduces. This is mainly aimed at people who are taking iron deficiency type tablets and do not need it.
  • There is a very good truth is learning something new every day! The article talks about learning something new all the time manages to keep off Alzhemier. By new things every day, they don’t mean playing a different puzzle on Sudoku. Doing things like going to musicals, learning a new language and even learning basic home plumbing has proven to be beneficial. (Learn something new to shield your brain from Alzhemier – Jan 9th 2017, Tony Dearing)


Goals – September

Here we have it, my very first monthly goals…September version!

Let’s see how this goes!

  1. I will write at one least one Blog post under my Category “Single in a small city”. I always have trouble with this category.
  2. There are two books that I am reading at the same time…I will get through at least half of both of them and finish off at least one. The one that I finish I will write a review in October (can you believe one month from now it’ll be October!) for it. (Please see what I”m reading with my Goodreads profile)
  3. Go through my dresses and get rid of at least 3-5 of them.
  4. Head out to a movie and dinner with my partner. This is always an issue for me because of my anxiety issues. I tend to do better when we see a movie I actually want to see.
  5. Not take Panadol (Ibuprofen) for one of the long trips and start taking my new natural medicine instead.
  6. I am going to start meditating at least twice a week.
  7. I also want to buy a daily planner. My plan is to get one of these this week!
  8. I need to also work out a “planned” week off from all works that I go too. I need it!

I hope that I haven’t made to many goals! I’m kind of excited,lol

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Did you know?

This is a totally “Did you know” joke…sarcasm..satire…It’s supposed to be funny

Did you know this? Did you hear about this?

I personally thought that this was something that literally every female artist has ever done before…as a “rite of passage” thing…But did you know that apparently Beyonce “invented”  having her dancers in a “formation”? Funny, I didn’t know that either! Personally I had thought it had always been around?! I could have sworn I’ve seen it somewhere else before?

That’s just me though *sips teas*


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Don’t forget about the guys either!

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(Just so people know I love Beyonce, Janet, Taylor and all above mentioned artists…You’d just think people would have more important things to be “upset” about)