So tired

I was going to write this as a theory, but it’s not a theory, it’s a fact.

Oh you will make #History, just on the wrong side of it #WomenWontWeesht Karen. “Space” Karen here likes to block women and likes the posts of white males who ask complete strangers what they name their body parts. #protectwomenfromKarens

I am so TIRED. I will keep fighting for trans rights. But I am SO tired, of seeing these utter LOSERS have to admit over and over again, that they’re wrong. They #lose over and over again, and yet they *think* they speak for women. I wish they would #wheest

“Sex Matters” are a big anti-trans “company” that regularly get to be heard at important discussions, like the GRR/GRC in Scotland. See, not the first time that they’ve had to admit they’re wrong either. But, they’ll keep being heard over trans supportive women, and trans people, about trans people situations. Even though they are regularly wrong and admit so.

I am not even kidding how many MORE times, do we just have to sit back and let these bigots talk over us?


Invasion Day

Today I would like to #acknowledge that I am on #Kaurna Land If you would like to know, please check out this:

Map of Indigenous Australia

Some call today “Australia Day”, and some call it “Invasion Day”. I also call it, Invasion Day. Observed annually on 26 January, it marks the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip following days of exploration of Port Jackson in New South Wales.

Basically, when the white people came over to wipe the Aboriginal people.

Safe Keeping

With the “rise” of transphobia in a lot of places. So has the rise of parents not understanding why children have safety nets and places in the first place.

Mainly because of parents like them.


Who abuses children?

AIFS – Australian Institute of Family Studies


It is clear that with the exception of child sexual abuse, most abuse and neglect is perpetrated by parents and/or caregivers. This is relatively predictable given that children spend most of their time with parents and are reliant on them for care, nurture, and protection. However, research on perpetrators of child abuse and neglect is limited in Australia. To develop a better understanding of those who abuse children a large-scale prevalence study would be required.

It is interesting to note that in the case of sexual abuse, this is what was found.

Findings from the ABS Personal Safety Survey (2005) indicated that for participants who had experienced sexual abuse before the age of 15, only 13.5% identified that the abuse came from their father/stepfather, 30.2% was perpetrated by other male relative, 16.9% by family friend, 15.6% by acquaintance/neighbour, and 15.3% by other known person (ABS, 2005).

So a large percentage is still by someone they know. The other male relative mat not be a “care giver”, but it’s still someone they know.

Oh, before anyone says it. I am well aware that it’s mostly males who are the perpetrators. They do mention females in there as well.

Here’s the things, the reason why I’m writing this really.

If your child does not trust you enough, how is that anyone else’s fault, but your own? Parents who do not understand this concept, or understand why children are their own little human bean, you shouldn’t be a parent. The reason why children get to have so much privacy and safety, is because, unfortunately, parents (or someone they know) are more likely to harm them.

Trans and gay kids aren’t being kicked out of home, by someone they don’t know.

We’re not your therapist

In the wake of the terrible UK Fascism move.

Anyone who has been abused, raped, assaulted. It’s likely by someone we know, stranger attacks are rarer. If you have had this happen and you can’t be around trans people or masculine women. #Women aren’t your therapists. If YOU have a problem, seek help. Don’t use us to harm others.

I am not going to hold your hands and tell you it’s okay to hate on trans people, because YOU have a phobia. Get therapy.

I cannot believe what is happening in the UK right, over a minor Bill that EVERY party in Scotland voted for.

The GRR is for trans people, and I am assuming intersex people as well. Too change their gender/sex on personal documents, like birth certificates, passports. It has NOTHING whatsoever to do with “spaces”. Trans people can already use the bathroom of their gender, for over a decade (I believe).

Scotland is not the first country to have a GRR and it is not the only country to recognise this. Only last week, the Tories were going to essentially “trans ban” countries that did included Australia

UK review of gender recognition list risks ‘trans travel ban’

Why do cis women deserve more protections than any other vulnerable person? We’re not Gods, we’re not therapists, we’re not delicate little flowers and I refuse to be treated as such. If you have a problem with trans people, you seek help.

Dan the Man!

I am sure that I have mentioned this before, but Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, may be one of the best Premiers that Australia has.

First a bit about George Pell. George Pell, AC was an Australian cardinal of the Catholic Church. He served as the inaugural prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy between 2014 and 2019, and was a member of the Council of Cardinal Advisers between 2013 and 2018. Ordained a priest in 1966 and bishop in 1987, he was made a cardinal in 2003.

He was also nearly convicted of covering up pedophilia. He went through two courts and was found guilty, until the third court case. He was essentially Australia’s most powerful Catholic. He WAS also, one of the worst.

Dan Andrews, Victorian premier has made it “very clear” there will not be a state memorial service for George Pell, saying he couldn’t think of “anything more distressing” for abuse survivors.

“This will be a challenging time for friends and family … but also this will be a very challenging time for victim-survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, so our thoughts are with them,” he said.

While a memorial will be held at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, where the late cardinal will be buried, the NSW government is also believed to have decided against a state memorial. Can I just say, that that is fantastic. There will be something for people who actually don’t think that man is in Hell right now.

But abuse survivors can rest a little easier, they find no justice on Earth, but they’ll know, Pell is in Hell.

Poopy Brains

I think the poop in the drinking water, is finally seeping into the UK citizens brains.

And it isn’t just about the anti-trans Tories trying to segregate trans people. Oh yeah, I used that word, because that’s what’s happening right now.

  • The country of Sir Winston Churchill, suddenly doesn’t understand what a War is. Despite celebrating numerous Royal Family members for serving, including splashing Harrys face everywhere when he fought the Taliban.
  • The obsession with Meghan is quiet, odd, to be frank. It’s not normal. Would Piers Morgan even have a show without Meghan Markle?
  • The media, seemingly angrily intent on proving Harrys points about them.
  • And what is with the whole “The Royal Family are keeping a dignified silence…Here’s how they feel”
  • And why in HELL are Brits being sympathetic towards the Taliban? They splash Harrys face everywhere saying he’s fighting the Taliban, and then surprised he killed some? What do they think the Ukraine Military’s are doing, beating the Russians with hugs and love?
  • You’ve got “grown” up women asking where Meghan is, while Harry say his piece. Why do you care where she is? You’re all still blaming her anyway.
  • Lets just be honest, if Hitler said he hated Harry and Meghan, there a lot of media who’d welcome him in with open arms.

Most of these “grown ups” are also anti-trans and deny that trans and LGBQ+ youth even exist. Karen, you’re still blaming Meghan for everything Harrys saying and you care that she’s not said anything? Why?

Just so you’re aware

According to literal TERF and GC “logic” disagreeing with a woman, or women, makes you a misogynist. One of the reasons that transphobia keeps losing in a lot of places, is because although they were told that their transphobia is a protected belief. Like, that’s it. It’s a belief, it’s not based in reality, transphobia is based on a FEAR.

So, according to their own logic, they’re misogynists too. Rowling, especially. So ladles and jellyspoons, if you’ve ever disagreed with a woman. According to the transphobes … “YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST…YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST…YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST…YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST”

It is infuriating!

#Angelina Jolie IS powerful, #Princess Diana was powerful, #Malala Yousafzai IS powerful, none of them are loud. They don’t sit behind a computer, in their castle, wearing a tshirt that harasses a female WORLD leader. They get out just GET ON WITH IT.

Rowling has unlimited access to help women, she could literally make a CHAIN of female only crisis center. Why SHOULD Nicola Sturgeon have to listen to ANYTHING Rowling says? Rowling CHOOSES to sit in her castle, and tweet.


I found this really most informative page, that actually explains all the different types of genders out there.

68 Terms That Describe Gender Identity and Expression

There’s this “thing” that transphobes say that there’s only two sexes, and two genders. Neither are true. Any time you try to bring up Intersex people, they will say “Intersex people want to be left out of it” This is because there was an intersex person on Twitter, who was transphobic. Other intersex people are generally fine, because they are not transphobic.

Lets be honest, if we’re going to get things right, we have to include us all. It’s not “Scientific” to leave a group out, because it makes it inconvenient for others. It makes me infuriated that transphobic people use intersex people and that one person does not dictate the rest. Transphobes need too let it go, other people exist.

Other people exist, outside our worlds.