Good News and Bad News

I’m going to start with the good news first. The Goods New is that (even though this should already be a Law). In Queensland, at least, and hopefully will roll out. Those in the Church who do not report confessions of people who admit to child abuse, will also be arrested.

The Bad News is that a lot of the Priests wont do it.

Queensland Bishop Michael McCarthy says priests will not break seal of confession to report sex abuse, despite new Law.

Now I’m not Religious, as far as I am aware. These confessions are “private” confessions between God and the confessor. However, I have yet to find a statement also saying that not protecting children is fine. In fact, God says about how breaking the Law is immoral. So pedophilia is definitely against the Law, and for GOOD reason.

Pick Me Up: You may think that … — Cee’s Photo Challenges

See more Cee’s Pick Me Up inspirational posters on my Pinterest page. I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts. So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog. Feel free to contact me anytime. I hope everyone will be able to use my lists. Qi (energy) hugs Cee

Pick Me Up: You may think that … — Cee’s Photo Challenges


I was just wondering, because we tend to concentrate on what we know, when we blog. I would really love to hear about something that you know about, that other people may not know about. Or we tend to write about what we think others may be interested in. Well I really love to hear and learn about new things.

Do you know something interesting about flowers, or clouds or the night…or insects? Or anything!

As an example, I’ll go with flowers…Flowers did not always exist. They first appeared 140 million years ago. Before that, ferns and cone bearing trees dominated the earth.

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National Threatened Species Day (Australia) Plant a tree!

Now generally, this is a day where, in Australia (probably NZ too) we take a look and put a spotlight on threatened species within Australian, and more pacific type countries. Due to popularity, we normally look at animals, maybe insects on this day.

What I would mainly focus onto today is on plants and trees. After watching Gardening Australia yesterday, it was horrifying! Simply for our own greed, how many plants are nearly extinct or have rapidly become extinct.

As an example, there are currently over three trillion trees in the world. HOWEVER! We are currently losing 10 billion trees a year!

So get out there and plant a tree!

Farmers of the Skies the Australian Flying Fox, are now considered threatened and on the brink of endangered. They’re called the farmers of the sky, because they like fruits and flowers, then they fly great distances and you know…

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As they say in the article by Animals Australia Org

entire ecosystems could collapse

The earth, animals, plants and trees. All know how to make the planet work. We could learn something from them!

Famous Dogs for National Dog Day

I don’t know if this an specifically American day, but I have a feeling it is. However, I love the doggos…In case you could not tell. So…Why not!

I think that the three most famous dogs are probably between Lassie and Lady and the Tramp.

I’m not going to list these in what order who I think the most well-known dogs are. If you want to add to my list, please feel free.

There’s just something special about dogs. They give us so much and ask for little in return. Just love and feed them, take them for a walk every now and then…That’s it…They’re so easy and non-complicated. Even when they have something go wrong, they’re still so easy. Just love them and try to feed them ❤

  • Beethoven, I think a lot of us have watched that movie at least once!
  • Toto! Your little dog too!
  • Copper *insert tears here*
  • Bruiser
  • Otis from Milo and Otis
  • Zero – Jacks ghost dog.
  • Dodger from Oliver and Company
  • Halloweenie!

I actually still don’t feel comfortable talking about my Pipster at this time. I’ve just been feeling very hollow without her, and seeing everyone talk about how grateful they are for their doggos during the year. While feeling happy and VERY lucky, I can’t help but feel sad.


  1. 1.
    happening or developing gradually or in stages.
    “a progressive decline in popularity”











    step by step


(of a person or idea) favouring social reform.
“a relatively progressive Minister of Education”


Ego Media

I started to write this post, after witnessing some transphobic people. Also, though after watching Echkart Tolle and Brand Russell talk about this sort of thing.

As time has been going on and on more, I have been starting to see on generally all social media platforms that people’s ego’s are taking over, just a little but by little bit…Not anyone’s on here…But you know about how people who yell the loudest, get heard. That’s how I feel about social media right.

When I take a gander at Trump Supporters, Transphobia, or any general bigoted or Conservative account. They’re always “loud”. By loud I don’t mean, they’re necessarily TYPING LIKE THIS, ALL THE TIME…They generally say something really blatantly obviously stupid, but they will always get the most likes. Yet, anyone whose sane or rational will get a couple, if they’re lucky.


For all these loud accounts, when you see them do something in public, like anti-mask “protest”, anti-trans “protests”. Despite them getting thousands of “likes” for their tweets. They may actually get out in public, 20 people…at roughly the most. So WHY do they get so many likes? If you truly believe that you’re not doing anything wrong, why aren’t they getting out there?

That’s why I personally call social media “Ego Media” now. I feel like we can change that perspective though! Let them all go to Parler. They seem to want to go, but I have yet to see anyone actually delete their Twitter account. I think we can change it, but being simply and quietly positive. Be so positive, it will drive them nuts!lol


World Lion Day

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Some facts about the mighty Kings and Queen of the Savannah…NOT the Jungle!

  • Lionesses are usually the main hunters for the Pride. However, Males will join in too.
  • The Tiger is generally bigger than the African Lion. The Asiatic Lion is smaller than the African Lion.
  • Asiatic Lions are normally found in more colder climates.
  • Asiatic Lions are Asian Lions.
  • Lions are the biggest sleepers out of all the big cats. They can sleep up too 16-20 hours per day!
  • A group of male lions are called a coalition. A group of female lions and family of lions are called a “Pride”.

Some famous Lions, and Lionesses!:

Meet the Lion: Scarface -National Geographic Video

The Tsalala Lioness

Cecil the Lion

Jericho the Lion – Jericho was Cecil’s “brother” unlike Cecil, Jericho died from natural cases. Jericho also helped to allow his and Cecil’s cubs long enough to succeed on their own.

Bibi the Marsh Lioness (found poisoned)

Leo, the MGM Lion

Bbc Earth Lions GIF by BBC America - Find & Share on GIPHY

A hundred years ago over 200,000 lions roamed Africa and Asia. Today, that number is about 20,000. That’s a 90% reduction in the population. With only around 20,000 in the wild, they’re now officially classified as ‘vulnerable’.

Conservation and Funding … Reputable Business. 

Lion Recovery  – The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

GG Conservation – The Glen Garriff Foundation