Thursday Theories – Those pesky blood clots!

I have been and I am sure that you have been too, seeing a lot of news lately about blood clots with the COVID vaccines. It’s scaring some people off of getting them. I decided to write a list about other medications that also have a side affect of blood clots.

Common painkillers – Science Nordic

Birth Control Pills – Healthline

Hormone Replacement Therapy – British Heart Foundation

I don’t want to make you all frightened. I think we’re all old enough to know that all medications come with a side of risk, and not just blood clots.

My point is, what I am thankful for is hearing about the people who have gotten blood clots because of the vaccinations, I think we’ve only have had one person die so far? People are listening to their bodies again. Which is a good thing. All this information about the different medications and the risks that they carry, are making people aware and listen to their bodies now.

After May the 4th and May the 5th

Comes May the 6th!

Here’s a few things that have happened on May the 6th (over different years).

  • 2004 The final episode of Friends is aired
  • 1994 The Channel Tunnel linking the United Kingdom with France is opened
  • 1992 Marlene Dietrich passes
  • 1976 A massive earthquake hits northeast Italy
  • 1957 The last episode of “I Love Lucy” aired
  • 1937 The Hindenburg zeppelin filled with hydrogen goes up in flames – killing 36 of the 97 persons aboard.
  • 1915 American baseball player Babe Ruth, hit his first major league home run; he finished his career with 714 homers, a record that stood until 1974.
  • 1877 Crazy Horse, a leader in the Sioux resistance to European Americans’ invasion of the northern Great Plains, surrendered in Nebraska.

Learn, will you

Not a difficult concept.

So I am going to write a list of things, that in my mind make sense. But others seem to have difficulty with this concept. When trans became more legal. That is usually a sign that it’s becoming more socially acceptable as well. Other things that increased when it become legal or more socially acceptable.

  • Gay and Lesbian
  • and by extension LGBTQIA+
  • Left Handers
  • Women voting (I’m sure the numbers of women voting increased).
  • Different religions, well, some of the actual first religions, being “accepted” into Christian societies.
  • When vaccinations came along, and especially when they became safer.

Anzac Day 25th of April

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”

We usually have a parade of all Military Vets (I think the US have their … I can’t think what their day is called). Last year however, which I thought was actually even better (to be honest) People came to the end of their drive way with a candle, or some kind of solitary light and stood outside their homes while the minute silence happened. This year most will go ahead, but there will again be limits on the number of people allowed to attend

So you might see a few of these today.

I had great and grandparents serve in WW2 as well as Vietnam. Even though they all, except for my Uncle who served in Vietnam, have passed. I still feel the need to honour them all. And not just for my own family, but for all those people who have served…Animals too!

Thursday Theories – Port Royal

If you don’t know what or where Port Royal is, it actually “shows” in this movie.

The reason I put “shows” in quotation marks? On 7 June 1692, just before noon (we know this because of a watch that was found) a earthquake and then a tsunami hit the port, sinking much of the city into the sea. When it happened the people at the time said that God was punishing what was then called “The Wickedest Place on Earth”.

What we know now.

With modern day technology they “flushed” out the ocean. Where they discovered *think* giant furrows, and there are long fracture lines directing from east to west. Which also means that there is a massive fault line, that run from North America and all the way to the Caribbean South Plates. So, when a earthquake hit Port Royal on the 7th of June in 1692. There were three pulses in Port Royal, and then all Hell broke loose.

First there was a earthquake,

Which then made the sand underneath turn into quicksand, (think the liquidation in Narkata Japan in 1960),

Then the earthquake made a tsunami.

So, not really “Gods” doing, but what a coincidence huh!. Even now, I can absolutely see why people would have seen this massive act of Mother Nature, would have seen it has a act of God’s Wrath!

Earth Day

Earth Day is here!

Earth Day is an yearly event on April 22 to show support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by EARTHDAY.ORG including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries

Earth Day . org

The Biden Administration has decided to convene a global climate summit on Earth Day 2021. How exciting is that!

It sounds like it’s going to be a really exciting Earth Day this year, with many events taking place over live video! They will be multilingual. You can still do things leading up too and after Earth Day too. The Earth doesn’t just stop spinning, because we’re not “doing” Earth Day anymore.

  • Plant a tree or lots of native plants
  • Start a compost pile
  • Learn about recycling, not everything is able to be recycled. Even with the the little arrows!
  • Use less paper, and try to print less too!

First they came for…

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the anti-trans Bills, especially in the US at the moment. One of these Bills require teachers and Doctors (or any health professional) to report to parents when a child is being non-gender conforming. Despite, a teachers and health professionals first priority SHOULD be

Now, while a lot of these Bills are being portrayed as some sort of “protection” against the trans community. HOWEVER, it’s not JUST trans people you don’t always fit into a “gender norm”. So while these Lawyers and “Law” makers are saying that they’re protecting children from “experimental” medical procedures, and despite all top medical and psychology organisations saying the medical treatments are fine and HELP children.

These kind of bills don’t actually protect any children. What about the girl that is very athletic and muscly, what about the boy who looks very feminine, takes care of his hair, because while he’s straight, he really loves his hair. They don’t fit into the “gender norm”. What about gay and lesbian youth?

These kind of “Bills” don’t protect youth and actually put them at MORE risk. Children aren’t always honest with who they are with their parents, and sometimes for very good reason. I’m sure the majority of homeless teens could tell you this. Think about the more Eastern cultures, where “men are men” and aren’t gay. Many children sometimes hide their sexuality far into adulthood. However, school and at the Doctors, they are free to be who they are.

These kind of Bills, literally protect no one. I hope people sue the Law makers who made these “Laws”.


Just be kind while you’re ALIVE people…Not so hard is it? Then no one has to argue because you served (when one had too) for a couple of years, but spent the rest of your life being a horrible person.

Too me and my brain, it’s not that hard, lol.

I had one grandfather serve and kill Nazis. He also spent the rest of his life, torturing his own children and his wife in different ways. My great grandfather also served, and I can’t stop bragging what a great man he was. All I can say about that one GF, he served in the War. Which, is a good thing, but so did everyone else’s grand fathers, and they managed to still be kind people (well not all of them).

Coming back to that video of the police surrounding the that statue of Churchill. Churchill didn’t actually win the War, the Americans did, with that horrible bomb. There have also been rumours that Churchill knew the planes were coming to Pearl Harbor, didn’t warn anyone, because he knew that that would force America to join.

It’s simple, be a kind person while you’re alive, all the time, and no problems. Remember when Chadwick Boseman died? Didn’t serve in the Army, yet, he was revered because he was KIND person, ALL the time.

Thursday Theories – Changing my Religion

I was inspired to write about this after watching a documentary about Nefertiti. I know a bit about Ancient Egyptian Rulers, however, how there Religion worked, I’m not “hot” on.

I was mainly watching it to see if they found Nefertiti, which before I got tot the end of it, I thought to myself “Well that’d be all over the news”. So ultimately they did not find her…Yet.

What fascinated myself though, was under her and her husbands (Akhenaten) rule, they changed the whole Egyptian religion. From worshipping a number of Gods, like the Ancient Greeks and Rome, to worshipping, just one God, just like Christianity. After he died though, they got “rid” of his Religion and went back to the old one, where they worshipped several.

Although Nefertiti and Akhenaten governed over Ancient Egypt at a time of unprecedented wealth, their new religion unsettled the empire. … However, she was also largely hated because of her active leadership in Akhenaten’s sun-oriented religion

It’s just interesting to me within one Religion how many times they all change.