It’s where we are at in 2023

Stan Grant: Q+A presenter cites ‘poison’ of the media as he steps away from ABC show

The “funny” thing about this. When Stan Grants friends from the media, said they stood with him. I pointed out how they were all too blame for the predicament.

“I’m not walking away for a while because of racism,” the Wiradjuri journalist said. “We get that far too often. I’m not walking away because of social media hatred. I need a break from the media. I feel like I’m part of the problem. And I need to ask myself how, or if, we can do it better.

“We in the media must ask if we are truly honouring a world worth living in. Too often, we are the poison in the bloodstream of our society. I fear the media does not have the love or the language to speak to the gentle spirits of our land.”

So, what actually happened?


I hope there’s a list

I was saying to a friend the other day, I hope there is a list somewhere, that shows, in all the ways that transphobia is bad for all women.

On a “nicer” topic. I’ve come up with three topics for my new learning thing…posts

  • Fascism Language – How it’s been modernized
  • Dementia – Are they lying?
  • The 2023 Yes Vote…Is it really divisive? No, no it’s not.

As this is the first one. I would love it if you all chose which one I write about first. My plan is too, to write about issues that I think are affecting people. While I am letting you choose the first one, it’ll be my choice after this. It just means the two that are not chosen might done later in the year, or you know, not at all.

This is my first poll, so I’m not sure when it ends, lol*

Let’s Learn!

I have come up with a new topic!

At the beginning of every months, I will decide on one (or maybe more) topics. Something I am unsure about and take that month to learn what I can. At the end of each month, some time in the last week, I will present to you what I have found. It can be controversial, informational or fun. BUT, it will be presented with facts.

This will make you think!

Who is someone “famous” who you absolutely adore, but can’t watch anything they’re in. Or at least a lot of what they’re in?

Sir David Attenborough’s birthday was this week, and since his name was trending I thought he had died and I got upset. It was just his birthday though.

I adore the man, will cry when he dies. Think he is amazing and does amazing things for the planet, and only two weeks younger than Queen Elizabeth II.

But, I can’t watch about 95% of his shows, because an animal will ALWAYS die in it. The only ones I have been able to watch is one about extinct animals, being “brought back to life”.

Do you adore someone like that? How weird!lol

Blue Planet Oceans GIF by BBC America - Find & Share on GIPHY

Force Birthers

*Note* I will never call force birthers, pro-lifers, unless its too mock their “pro-lifeness”.

Mainly because, they are anything but pro-life.

I decided to write about this after seeing a force birther write and I quote “They just want an excuse to kill their unwanted baby”.

There’s a key word in there…Can you guess what it is?

Yep, people it is “unwanted”.

Hence why I don’t like calling force birthers “pro-life”. There’s life and there’s these thing called “quality of life”.

Now I don’t have children, I have never given birth. For me though, the first job of a parent is to give as good quality of life for your child as best you can. You don’t have to be rich, or live in a good area, or be Einstein smart. If you don’t want a kid, you should not be expected to give birth to a fetus, you don’t want. Why should a totally innocent child be given parents who they are not wanted by.

One thing EVERY child on the planet should feel is, wanted. It’s a usual human want, to be wanted. Trust me. To feel wanted is too feel safe. I feel “okay” with my family, because I know that I am wanted by my partner. Although what I’m feeling and going through right now is very lonely, I know that I am loved and wanted.

Force birthers should be the very last people with children, quiet honestly.

There was another one bragging how her sister gave birth to a baby with only half their brain. They lived for a whole year. Its fine to do that. I have no problem with people giving birth even knowing their child will die. That is entirely a personal decision. But it is not fine for everyone, and it is NOT “gotcha” either. If someone wants to terminate a pregnancy, because they don’t feel letting their child live with half a brain for a short amount of time, is a good quality of life. Then they should be able too terminate. A lot of the US abortion bans are being banned before people even know that they are pregnant.

Force birthers don’t care about life or the quality of it, for children. I am pretty over hearing anything they have too say. Especially the same one who didn’t get their “unwanted” comment, who then went on to call someone fat, because this person has stretch marks without giving birth. Men can have stretch marks too. We don’t get stretch marks because we “give birth”. We get stretch marks, because our skin stretches. Women tend to get them more because our hips widen.

Stretchmarks on men – effective treatments

“Stretch marks in men can appear if you try to lose weight or gain a lot of muscle in a short space of time. Stretch marks occur when the skin doesn’t have time to accommodate its new contents, be that fat or muscle, and the skin tears.”

Left vs Right

Both “sides” are starting to feel like they’re the same.

I tripped a “leftist” up the other day. You’ve probably interacted with the type, ones who call actual leftist “dictators”, has accused you of playing into the RW handbook, while demanded complete and utter obidence.

Recently our Australian PM decided to make derogatory remarks about a female aboriginal senator, went (for some reason) to a misogynistic shock jock wedding and went to the UK to be “interviewed” by Piers Morgan…Where they both agreed that the “correct” definition of women, is the transphobic one. All in one week.

Someone on the “left” kept accusing me of not helping homeless and aboriginal women, because I think their transphobia is bigoted.

Ahhh…It is geniuses. Also I would help them. That’s what makes me better than them.

You don’t just not help someone in trouble, because you don’t agree with their views. That’s just idiotic.

But one should also not expect complete and utter obedience. People on social media just make the funniest assumptions about other people. I learnt a long time ago that’s what people think. They get so wrapped in there selves and their “opinions” that they think everyone else thinks the same way they do.

Politically wise I am a leftist, otherwise I’m just human and want to do human rights, right. If at some really odd point, the Right became better at defending human rights. I would switch.

Human rights should never be a left vs right “thing”. It should be what’s best for humanity. Bigots will never get that, yep bigots on the right AND the left.

There was an incident recently where a Trans Right Activists was arrested for assault. The transphobes couldn’t rub it in our faces, because we were all saying that they should have been. The incident took place in NZ, and no, it wasn’t about the awesome tomato juice…juicing. This elderly transphobe female, started to push a female TRA, for some reason, only known to herself. This TRA “man” came along and whacked the elderly woman in the head. She was fine, she actually tried to hit him back.

Life Experience

I was “inspired” to write this post after I saw a lesbian transphobe brag how she’s spent 20 years “teaching” children and what experience did I have? All you know “I’m better than you”.

My response was and I quote “Well I’ve spent 40 years not outing children to their potentially abusive parent and I have also not spent nearly 40 years reinforcing homophobic tropes to children or adults”.

Bigot are like, totally odd

I don’t know if you all know but bigots are having literal break downs over Dylan Mulvaney advertising a sports bra, make up and beer.

Of course though, bigots being what bigots are…stupid…they keep saying they’re going to other brands that are also trans inclusive, and LGBT+ generally.

It’s getting to that point now though, where it’s actually getting really annoying. Because while the bigots are screaming about a woman advertising merchandise will be the end of women. Women and children are still being murdered and raped by people they know. We’re still facing a higher rate of homelessness, especially for older women who’ve lost their partners. We’re losing bodily rights everywhere in the USA.

And you’re screaming into the ether that Sharron Davies is standing up for “biological women” by freaking out about sports bras?

Then people are purchasing Bud Light, just to destroy it, because a trans person is advertising it? You can’t catch trans dingle berries.

I’m with the Tennessee 3

Here are some things that I’ve learnt over the last few days.

The KKK was born in Tennessee and its members sat in the state legislature. Martin Luther King, jr. was assassinated in Tennessee. Today, in the state legislature the KKK spoke again and dismissed two black legislators wanting to discuss gun control.

More than 5.55 billion people worldwide have received a Covid-19 vaccine, equal to about 72.3 percent of the world population.

I present the Twitter “files”…

It’s almost like people have NO idea how marketing works, and it’s really kind of annoying.

Re: Nike. Right now Dylan is hot property. Brands want EVERYONE to buy their clothing, not just professional athletes. It would be incredibly dumb of Nike, to advertise to ONLY athletes. Its good marketing to get ‘average’ people.