It’s all about the Bats

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No, not “that” Bat.

This Bat.

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Bats have gotten such a bad wrap over the years. Myths and legends, like Vampires, have been based on Bats for centuries. They’ve been blamed for the spreading of rabies. Yes, Bats can have a real weird and alien like appearance, but they are actually quiet docile and quiet mammals. Just doing what bats do.

  • Bats belong to the order Chiroptera, not Rodentia; they’re actually more closely related to primates than they are to rodents.
  • Their bug-eating prowess is carries economic importance. A recent study showed that bats provide “nontoxic pest-control services totalling $3.7 billion to $53 billion per year.” Bats also pollinate plants and distribute seeds, and their droppings—called guano—are used as fertiliser.
  • Three of the roughly 1200 existing bat species are vampire bats, and none of them live in the United States or Canada (probably in Australia). Those bats mostly feed on cattle.
  • If they do have rabies, it’s different than in raccoons or foxes. Rabies-infected bats become paralysed, can’t fly or roost. If you see a bat on the ground that is behaving weirdly, just stay clear.
  • Bats wont make a next in your hair, they’d don’t really make nests to begin with.
  • At the Des Moines concert, a bat was hurled at Ozzy Osbournes feet, where it laid stunned by the bright stage lights. Ozzy, thinking it was made of rubber, bit its head off and learned quickly that it was real. Who brings a LIVE bat to a show?

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