Thursday Theories – Animal

Daily writing prompt
What animals make the best/worst pets?

I saw this prompt a few days ago, and it really did make me think.

I don’t think there is such a thing as the worst or best pet, yes even animals I don’t like or am scared of. It’s honestly who you are as a person.

But this is where my mind started to wander and started to really think. Now just go with me, because I am just thinking “out there”.

I don’t think of pets as “pets”, pets are, for me, another member of the family. Whether that be dog, cat, rat, hamster, bird, snakes, horse, sheep, cows etc They are family, we are members of their packs, herd etc. Neither of us are “pets”. We’re all part of one big group.

People who abuse animals, however, are not only the lowest scum on earth. But I highly doubt that people who abuse animals, see animals as anything other than property. Not pets, not family, not part of their group.

Don’t even get me started on people who have “exotic” animals as pets. It makes me cringe every single. Most dogs and cats have been breed over literal centuries to help humans. Animals like Lions, Tigers and Bears … oh my … have not. They have not been breed over centuries to be domesticated. I would bet that 90% of the time if you see a human hugging and petting a Lion, Lioness or cub, there’s a really good chance that animal has been declawed and had their canines taken out.



Soooooooooooooooooo, I went to Sydney over the last few days and it was such fun. Up until the end, but that was mainly due to a storm in Sydney, but my goodness! What chaos ensued then, we ended up waiting in the airport for nearly 10 hours overall. It nearly ruined a great weekend, … nearly …

I’ve posted some pics below with a little writing. If you don’t want to read what I’ve written, that’s totally cool. Unfortunately as well, I don’t have a WP where I can post videos.

Can I just say how “human” that Gorilla looks in that first picture?

We were not allowed to touch any of the animals through our tour. The echidnas were absolutely gorgeous! They didn’t really have much fear of us, and I suspect that’s why you’re not allowed to touch them. All the echidnas, were brought in, because they were hit by a car, or something similar, so would never survive in the wild. The Taronga Wildlife retreat, currently have 5 and the one pictured above is called Sporky and is estimated to be about 50 years old!

Just going to throw this one in there too.

We honestly had some amazing weather and views, right up until we had to leave. The heart by the way, is a replicated t-rexs heart, and yes II am talking to the trees, haha.

Do I really? Like really?

God, I am over the human race, not you all, just the other ones, haha.

I sometimes use Facebook still, one of the big reasons I use it is for the missing pet/animals pages. They are actually really amazingly useful.

And yet, people are still judgmental a-holes on there, thinking they can just say whatever it is that they want.

There’s a cat who went missing, and the cat is not de-sexed, which is too most people a big no-no. However, it came out that the owner is a breeder. Well, of course grown women had made judgements. But it went for over a day, whether these “people” or not, believed that the owner is a breeder or not. It had nothing to do with the missing cat. And no matter how many times I pointed out what they were doing wrong, they didn’t care.

One person literally said, and I quote “We’re just taking a look at all the facts before us”…THE FACTS BEFORE YOU??? This is a missing cats page, unless it is facts about the missing cat. No other information is needed. Like literally. If you HAVE a problem contact the local breeders in the area. Contact the council.

Like…what are you doing?

I know I was taking it a little personally, but holy moley, who does that??!!!

One person started going on about how if the owner was TRULY a breeder, you wouldn’t let such an expensive cat, escape! It’s called life, and shit happens every day. Again, it’s called a missing cats page, because cats go missing. Because I love Maine Coon cats, I have looked into what a breeder would expect from a purchaser of one (there’s a whole contract) They expect to be able to look over your property, to make sure it’s hard for a cat to escape. In these contracts though, you are expected to notify them if your Maine Coon cat goes missing. It happens!

Beatrix Potter Day <3

The 28th of July, is/was Beatrix Potter birthday. As probably my most favourite children’s author, I want too celebrate her. I have more than likely done this on previous years as well.

Helen Beatrix Potter was an English writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist. She is best known for her children’s books featuring animals, such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Born into an upper-middle-class household, Potter was educated by governesses and grew up isolated from other children

Wikipedia – Beatrix Potter

The Beatrix Potter Society – UK

It is kind of odd to think that Beatrix Potter was born in a completely different century, as well as died in one. Her books are still loved by so many.

When I was younger I loved Beatrix Potter, and I really loved the Beatrix Potter Ballet movie. I was obsessed. I’ve got it on DVD and my cousin even found a vinyl record of the soundtrack. That Owl still freaking scares me by the way. I also played Mrs Tittlemouse, in a ballet production when I was a child. Mrs. Tittlemouse made her debut in 1909 in Potter’s The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies where she rescued the six children of Benjamin and Flopsy Bunny from Mr. McGregor’s grasp and was rewarded for her heroism with a quantity of rabbit wool at Christmas.

If you wont do it for the humans … Do it for the animals! <3 FACE Foundation Rise in Pet Heart Inflammation Cases Linked to Covid Infection — FACE Foundation Blog

Veterinarians have been noticing an uptick in the number of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) cases in pet dogs and cats, which has been making news recently. Investigation into these cases has shown that in many instances, this heart condition in pets developed after contact with owners who tested positive for Covid infection. A […]

Rise in Pet Heart Inflammation Cases Linked to Covid Infection — FACE Foundation Blog

The Best Fables by Aesop Everyone Should Know — Interesting Literature

Aesop wasn’t the first person to write animal fables. Several centuries earlier, Hesiod had written one about a hawk and a nightingale, while a poet named Archilochus penned several, including one about an eagle and a vixen, and one about a fox and a monkey. But Aesop, a writer about […]

The Best Fables by Aesop Everyone Should Know — Interesting Literature

World Animal Welfare Day

Why do we celebrate World Animal Welfare Day?

Image result for world animal welfare day

The mission of World Animal Day is “to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

Celebrated annually on October 4, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

The theme for the World Animal Day 2021 is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.”

Wikipedia – World Animal Day

World Animal Day was originated by cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann. He organized the first World Animal Day on 24 March 1925 at the Sport Palace in Berlin, Germany. Over 5,000 people attended this first event. The event was originally scheduled for 4 October, to align with the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology, however the venue was not available on that day. The event was moved to 4 October for the first time in 1929.


World Animal Day 2021: History, Significance, Quotes and Wishes – OCTOBER 04, 2021, “WORLD ANIMAL DAY 2021: QUOTES AND WISHES”, News 18/Lifestyle

Do you have a favourite animal, wild or domesticated that you’d like to share with us?

World Endangered Species Day

…Is not actually today, but on Friday the 21st. However, I do feel that Endangered Species are sometimes forgotten, especially when humans are experiencing global issues, like global viruses. There are also different dates for National campaigns in your country, so look those up some time!

This may be the saddest article I’ve read so far…Mainly because it was written at the beginning of May 2021, and actually that before you even finish reading the article, some of the animals may have gone extinct already.

42 Most endangered Animal Species – Owlcation, May 3:2021 – Kelley Marks

I just wanted to also say that you don’t have to spend money to help endangered species either. It’s more about being aware. For example, Orangutans. Their habitats are being destroyed because the plants in their area, can create palm oil. Which is used in a LOT of products.

Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is being ploughed to the ground across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps.

Palm Oil – The Orangutan Project

It can be just as simple as being aware of what is in each of the products you’re buying, and then deciding whether or not if that product is worth it.


One of the things that I REALLY love about Christmas is how much more people are willingly to donate or help others out. So I thought that I would post about a couple I’ve heard about or have donated too. This year and definitely more than other years, I’ve been donating. $5 dollars can make a lot of difference, especially if a lot of people do!

The first is for the animals, because who doesn’t love the animals.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The next is for the Rape Crisis Centers in Scotland. Now normally, I wouldn’t speak about just one rape crisis center. The way though the Centre was run OFF of social media by so called “concerned women”. It literally made me want to throw up. Especially when these “women” accused the Rape Centers of being on the wrong side of History. After though, people donated to them like you wouldn’t believe!

It made me believe in the GOOD in people again.

Just Giving Fundraiser – Brenna Jessie – 16 Swims for 16 Days.

One for the children. This was actually really hard to find, because a lot of charities that support children, have come under scrutiny for not supporting anyone who doesn’t fit their “criteria”.

I’ve gone with UNICEF, mainly because I don’t *think* I’ve heard of them being bad. How terrible is that? You might need to look at your local charities for the kids. In my state, in Australia, a lot of retail stores do what is called a “Christmas Wishing Tree”. Where you can either give a gift (has to be new or not ruined), donate money, or you can donate money to buy a gift to be put under the tree.