12th Amendment…

After I read the lovely’s Proud Trans Lady blog post about “Dame Strumpet Administration” I became very annoyed, very quickly.  Too break it down VERY quickly. Trump and his cronies want to change the 12th Amendment so they don’t have to afford the same protections to Transgender people as every other single person on Earth. They’re trying to get around it by going to the Supreme Court with it first.

You know Trump and cronies? The EXACT SAME PEOPLE who keep saying you can’t changed Amendments. So what is it Trump and Co. can you or can you not change an Amendment…Despite the fact that that is exactly what the word means. *coughs 2A “protectors* Shouldn’t EVERY American have the right to feel safe? Whether you agree with someone and how they live. Shouldn’t EVERY American have the right to feel safe?


They have the RIGHT to keep a gun to make themselves feel safe. So why not the same for Trans humans? Shouldn’t every human on the planet have the RIGHT to feel SAFE from their own Government! Why do guns seem to have more Rights, than human beings?

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I guess I want this post to be about how do HUMAN BEINGS no longer have the right to feel SAFE from their own Government? Why does a gun have more rights? Why do we live in such a backwards world!

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5 thoughts on “12th Amendment…

  1. Wonderful & very passionate post! I read Dawn’s post & feel the same way. How disgusting to argue that people, PEOPLE (!), do NOT have the same rights as others under the Constitution of the U.S.
    Unlike the “person” in the WH who thinks he has the right to break laws & trample on the supreme laws of the land & abusing every right he claims to have.
    It’s 2019! NOT 1819, 1919 or even 1989, ’99 or 2000. That this is happening in the 21st century is despicable.
    We should all be able to be who we are, have the same rights, & have flying cars by now.

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