I don’t get it…Part 3 =P

I know that a LOT of Trump supporters generally contradict what they say ALL the time…

Why do they say, when it comes to gun control…That it’s too protect themselves from the potential “tyrannical government”…But if Trump is making MAGA and he’s making everything safe again with the wall and just “who he is”…He’s not dividing the nation, everyone is coming together because of him and he’s going to be around for years and years…

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Why all the extra guns then?…How are people showing up to school day after day, even though they live in fear of being killed, the cowards?…Yet, the people who want to buy all the extra guns, to protect themselves from the supposed non-tyrannical government, not?

By admitting they want the guns to protect themselves from a “tyranny government” Aren’t they just admitting that Trump IS a tyrant, not to be trusted? I’ve asked several Trump supporters this, but they never respond,lol


One thought on “I don’t get it…Part 3 =P

  1. couldn’t agree more. I really despise him as our president. He’s the most irresponsible and self righteous human being. His supports are on an entirely different level of outrageous.

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