The bully hits the elephants in the face…

I am SO angry today…I KNEW this was going to happen!

Screw Trump and screw anyone who supports this monster! Stop calling yourself animal lovers if you continue to support this “man”. We’re literally about to bring sub species of Rhino to extinction and he does this?!!! I am so angry right now! The bully hit the elephants right in the face…

Speak up for the voiceless!

Support with and via:

 #SaveTheElephants #TheEllenShow The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


7 thoughts on “The bully hits the elephants in the face…

  1. Quite honestly, I was shocked when Trump said he was going to keep the ban on trophies entering the US in place. It’s not surprising at all that he ultimately reversed it. He doesn’t care about animals any more than he cares about the environment or really, anything that doesn’t directly effect his bottom line. The man is a menace and he is bringing this country down — faster than I ever imagined possible.

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      1. I’m not. Not where Trump is concerned, anyway. He’s destroying our country and while we have unfortunately always had our problems, he has encouraged the most base citizens among us to come out from under their rocks and into the light as if their appalling behavior is perfectly acceptable. It’s a horrible thing to witness up close.

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