What did they actually think they were voting for?

I came across a meme from a Trump supporter, I’ve posted it below and this is exactly what I wrote back to them underneath.

70 million

If he is, America is doomed. Did you just not care what he did before he was running? How many times he was sued for discrimination, stiffing his workers. Trumps charity was just shut down due to illegally funding. If that’s all of you…Wow, when did you all lose your souls?

That’s a genuine question by the way. Like, if you’re saying that’s all of you. How do you not get why we don’t like you? That you all don’t follow the Law, that you’re all just racist, sexists pigs? How many affairs do you allow your husband/s to have?

That you’re all just emotional twitter fanatics, who get upset by 16 year old children…Children who just want to help the planet you live on. Rather than sitting inside all day, doing drug, playing computer games. A child old enough to be your grandchild. That’s who you all are?

…I got blocked,lol


The bully hits the elephants in the face…

I am SO angry today…I KNEW this was going to happen!

Screw Trump and screw anyone who supports this monster! Stop calling yourself animal lovers if you continue to support this “man”. We’re literally about to bring sub species of Rhino to extinction and he does this?!!! I am so angry right now! The bully hit the elephants right in the face…

Speak up for the voiceless!

Support with and via:

 #SaveTheElephants #TheEllenShow The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Protect Africa!

I’ve been trying not to write anything political at least for another month or so, but today…today…I just have to say…

Does anyone else see any irony in Trump calling other countries (especially African countries) *sh%tholes? I thought all the money from the hunting and “conservation” that these Americans hunters (ie Trumps) were going over to do, were going back to the people? They keep using it a their big thing, that it’s really helping these countries? You mean, it’s NOT happening? I don’t know whether that’s just insulting or infuriating, considering the rate these hunters and people who want animals like Rhinos. The rate that are killing off the African animals at.

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Someone should probably tell Trump as well that the people of Norway don’t want to leave Norway because it’s actually a really fantastic country to live in.

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