Good Girls gone…Well they were always simply…Bad

This Friday I had a particularly rough day. One of those days where you cannot understand how people can be so thoughtless and can they not see how much they are betraying you.  Sometimes I wonder if there is even room to be a good girl any-more in this ‘modern’ world? One of those times where you could easily take that cookie and give in.

All day I was really struggling to find something to make myself feel better. For the last couple of years I have really been struggling to get my self-esteem to where it was before I was 21. So as I mucked up about Google and I found this image, probably one of the most popular images I’ve seen around lately.

Anyone for a joyful game of Cards?

It made me think, I wonder if these ladies had just been hurt so badly that they saw no other way to be. They needed to protect themselves or had the world just made them feel so bad about themselves. Should I feel sorry for them? Were they simply understood and trying the best they could to heal a broken…Witch.

So this weeks edition of Magic Monday is dedicated to those poor unfortunate souls. This video is amazing! Please watch it, especially if you are feeling like you need to bring out your inner Villainess. It will make you feel a lot better, promise!

Song: Cell Block Tango
Soundtrack “Chicago” 2002
YouTube user: Luca Tanganelli


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