The Legacy of Lolsy

Daily writing prompt
What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

I am starting to enjoy these word prompts.

I would like to leave legacy behind of kindness to others and ourselves.


4 thoughts on “The Legacy of Lolsy

  1. I guess I’ve been thinking about this very question recently given my health issues of late. What sort of legacy would I like to leave behind? I think that for me, my children are a huge legacy, I’ve shared parenting with their father for the past twelve years since we broke up but for a large part of that I felt like a single mother. So I hope the life lessons I taught them will set them up to become wonderful, caring human beings (I’m already seeing signs of this) whose contributions to society lift the lives of others. On a personal note, I hope I’ll be remembered as a caring person who had people around her who loved her and will miss her. That’s all I can be hopeful for, really.

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