Normally, I love all thing second hand. I probably will one day, have a wardrobe full of second hand stuff, when I’m moved in with my partner.

Honestly, I can see it happening. Most people would balk at that thought, including my Mum, which is why I have to wait. You can get some really amazing clothes, good quality clothes, at second hand shops. op shops.

What this blog is about though, is about second hand talk or gossip. It is REALLY annoying, especially when you know that the information is second hand AND by people who don’t like the people, others are talking with the second hand information. It’s gross. I actually recently sent and email to two co-workers who sit behind me, and they were talking about Meghan Markle’s podcasts, but, from second hand information.

Which, if any of you have read my blogs, know that I can’t stand haters of Meghan Markle, because I can totally get where she’s going from. What REALLY disgusts, they’re talking about second hand information of when Meghan Markle was a first time NEW mother. They even had the audacity to say “Did she was was “traumatized” I don’t know ladies, why don’t you go and actually listen to the podcast. Just an idea. I didn’t say that, but I did say be careful of what you’re saying and around who.

Funny thing was, the morning after I saw all these news articles about how “news” readers were (like Piers Morgan) getting completely blasted for what they were saying about her. Which made me feel better, because I thought I was being “crazy” thinking it was wrong.


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