Get rid of the lot of them (Politicians)

So America is having a normal one, I see. First the segregation with trans people and then the “Heart Beat Bill” signed in by a hella lot of men and about 3 possibly fertile women.

I follow Good Law Projects on Twitter. They are currently trying to hold the UK Government to account when it comes to their COVID response, specifically looking at how much the Johnson Government lied. Australia isn’t doing any better.

But get rid of the lot of them, start over. Nothing like a new beginning. Have politicians always been this bad? Or is this just a new trend? I’ve always felt like, there’s always been at least one or two horrible politicians, but lately it’s like a bad bunch of dozens of burnt cupcakes.

Recently the new head of the EHRC in the UK ( Equalities and Human Rights) came out with a whopper. That gender critical women should be allowed to question and mis-gender trans people with no repercussions. Which of course, is horribly wrong.


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