Trumpter #32 – Curious and curiouser

It may or may not come as a shock to some, but here, in the land down under. We have American and Trump worshipers. The thing that I find curious about them is, they love the American way of life AND they worship Trump. Think he’s the “bees knees”.

However, what makes me the most curious about them, is that they are also the FIRST people to always say “Love Australia, or leave it”. Except if you worship and love the leader and followers of ANOTHER country, then you can’t possibly really love it here. Lately, I’ve been telling them that if they want to worship foreign leaders and foreign countries…LEAVE! We are Australia! Not America! Sometimes I have legitimately gotten confused, not realising that they’re are actually Australia.

If you’re worshipping a foreign leader, foreign countries and using their “lingo”. That people that live in your country, have to question if you are citizen of your own country…GO LIVE THERE!


4 thoughts on “Trumpter #32 – Curious and curiouser

  1. Oh wow!! What is their reasoning? And Trump? Really?

    Over here people get excited to visit Australia … from what I hear is beautiful and people are friendly – is a lot of fun… Amazing experience – from what I have heard. Sounds really exciting and awesome there, in many ways.

    Although we do have people here who get mad at government for whatever reason… and say they will leave – but they don’t … they won’t lol.

    Is good here for most part – sorry I am an American – I love being American

    I love the freedom we have here – but I have not really been to other countries – just my own.

    In a similar way … states here are different … I grew up in many states … and one day my father came to me and my brother and said he had a choice … which did “we” want?

    His choice was to move to Washington (the actual state… not DC) OR move to California

    Ok well I knew that Washington – it rains constantly 🤨😝 no thank you

    And California was like “Golden” … is the home of movie stars and Hollywood … you think of either LA or San Francisco … you imagine this just “Golden” state…

    Is normal… the streets are not paved in gold, it is no different other than the weather and California is probably the one state that has almost every climate and all kinds of different types of areas … we have forest and mountains … and we have deserts and plains

    So California does have a lot – but is not how we imagined when my father first asked up – we had dreamy eyes lol ✌️😄

    Over here – most Americans are strong and loyal to their country for most part and we have freedom and then also “rights”… which sometimes I feel they take too far but whatever

    We love our country and it’s people…

    I would think Australia would be same? I imagine you all to be so happy over there! Lol ✌️

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    1. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with being an American. I have lots of American friends. But I just can’t stand the…what would you call them?…Nationalist? People who are all “you have to love the leader, you can’t question the leader”. Those sorts of extremists. If that makes sense?

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