Looking back

There is a song that I really love “Wings” by Delta Goodrem. I love pretty much all of her songs. I don’t know, we just always seem to be going through similar things when her music comes out and I can completely relate. One line in the song always makes me think “I don’t look back, it’s just a trap”.

While I agree with to a certain extent, there’s another part that doesn’t. Like the other day I looked at my mum when I realised my ex friends birthday had past and I was fine and she was like “Are you okay”? So we talked a little but about past birthdays in general and I said to her “God, she treated me like dirt. How was I friends with her for so long” My mum and I had a good laugh about it. Normally, I am pretty good at “clocking” people, yet my so called “best friend” was atrocious and not just to me.

I do believe that sometimes you need to look back, even if it’s just to see how far you’ve come.

Delta Goodrem – Wings

Published on 7 Aug 2015


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